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January - December 2004


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Submitter: June SMITH (
Date: Oct 10, 2004

I have been told that there is a Bible record showing Aaron BARNES, of Butler County, Ohio was the parent of Jonathan and Samuel BARNES, of Mercer County. Does anyone have that record? I would appreciate a copy. I will share information on STANTURF and STUDEBAKER families, also of Mercer County.

Surnames: BRINEY
Submitter: Judy Bos-Parsons(
Date: Jul 13, 2004

My grandfather, John Nelson Briney, owned a cafe in Princeton, MO, in 1933. I'm wondering if anybody remembers the cafe. I believe it was near a gas station. Don't know how large Princeton was back then, but don't believe the cafe had a name, just a sign showing the word "Cafe". I'd like to find out where the cafe was located. Is there a census I can check for that year? I do have a photo of the cafe, but will have to submit it later. Thank you.

Surnames: BRYAN, JUDD
Submitter: William Rogers(
Date: 16 Jul, 2004

I am looking for the father and mother of Eliza Jane Clementine BRYAN JUDD, born 10 Apr 1877 in Ravanna, Mercer Co., MO. Eliza was married 13 May 1891, to Heman William "Bill" JUDD, Jr. of Alton, Oregon Co., MO.

Her grandfather as shown in the 1880 census is Benj. A. BRYAN of Ravanna, Mercer Co., MO. Her death certificate in 1959, states only: Father "Unknown BRYAN" & Mother "Amanda Unknown".

Benj. A. BRYAN had a daughter named Amanda C. BRYAN born 1859. We find no record of Amanda C. being married or having children.

Any information that can shed light on this family and/or their spouses would be appreciated.


Submitter: Samuel L. Crabb(Hawk0944@netzero. com)
Date: Sep 04, 2004

Kenneth Claire CRABB and Helen Lucille KENNEDY were my parents. They were married on 8 June 1941 in Princeton, Missouri. I'm looking to locate where I can find and request a copy of their marriage certificate.

Thank you.

Surnames: CRAWFORD
Submitter: Dee Curran(
Date: Aug 23, 2004

I have been told by both the state and Mercer County that I will not be able to find a birth record for 1858. There must be a way! Please help me find the birth record for Mary Eliza (or Elizabeth) CRAWFORD born November 4, 1858 in Ravanna, Mercer County, MO. She is shown as a 3-year-old with her family there in the 1860 census. Her parents were Henry E. and Phoebe (Cousins) CRAWFORD. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Bob King(
Date: Aug 28, 2004

Ben F. or B. F. King died in 1895 and is buried at Half Rock Cemetery in Mercer Co. beside his wife, Mary Ann (Wendt) King and their son, Bill. He is my Grandfather. I would like to find out his parent's names and where he lived before Mercer Co.

The following 3 men are all buried at Salem Cemetery in Mercer Co.:

W. R. (William?) Applegate born in 1866 died in 1910 and is buried beside his wife Cora (Cast) Applegate. They are my Grandparents. I would like to find out his parent's names and where he came from.

Lewis C. Cast born in 1848 died in 1917 buried beside his wife Isabelle (Yates) Cast.They are my Great Grandparents. I would like to find out his parent's names and where he came from.

Elza Yates died on 12-26-1903 at age 79 buried beside his wife Rachel C. Yates. They are my Great Great Grandparents. I would like to find out his parent's names and where he came from.

Any information on these 4 men or their wives and families would be very helpful to me and I thank you in advance.


Surnames: LAWS
Submitter: Ottie Owens (
Date: 10 Dec, 2004

I am looking for Roy Linn LAWS, the son of Lee LAWS and Laura Linn LAWS. He was born about 1925? He was in the service in WW2, I believe.


Submitter: Martha (
Date: 18 Feb, 2004

I know that James Albert NIDA married Sarilda Ann CLEMENS in Mercer County Missouri . That is about all I know on James and Sarilda . Seeking anyone who can help me on Nida & Clemens family history .

Thank you . Martha


Submitter: Tracie McBroom(
Date: 15 Nov, 2004

I am looking for a SEYMOUR / OXFORD family. My gg grandfather was James Harvey "Harve" EASTIN who married Sarah Ellen "Ella" SEYMOUR according to Harve's obit. However, in my great grandfather's obit, Ella is listed as Sarah Ellen "Ella" OXFORD. My grandmother remembers a "Grandma SEYMOUR" who was a very old shriveled-up old lady who took care of Ella when she was growing up. Apparently, Ella was born an illegitimate child. Her mother later married an "OXFORD" as I have been told. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


Surnames: WASHBURN
Submitter: J. Johnstone(
Date: 14 Jun, 2004

I am seeking information regarding Rebecca WASHBURN, daughter of Lemuel. She was born about 1843 in Ohio. She is on the 1850 (District 56) and 1860 (Morgan) census for Mercer Co., Missouri. I am seeking information regarding Rebecca's birthdate and marriage to check possible link to a family I am researching. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Submitter: Diane Schroeder (
Date: 15 May, 2004

Seeking anyone with a connection to the following family: John WYATT (b. 1807 Ky d. 1849 Illinois) m. Mary Ann DISBURY (DISBERRY) (b. 1810 Ohio d. Oct 28 1898 Mercer County - buried Brantley Cemetery). MaryAnn moved to Mercer County by 1850. Children - Eliza Jane (b. Oct 28 1828 d. Jan. 26 1906) m. George McWilliam STARR; Sophia Wyatt (b. June 13 1830 d. Feb. 1 1897) m. Benjamin Oliver ELLIS; George W. Wyatt (b. 1831 d. bef. 1898) m. Sarah; Emeline (b. 1833 d. bef. 1920) m. Morilla Cameron KEITH; Chancey B. Wyatt (b. Jan. 22 1836 d. Dec. 10 1894) m. Sarah Lucinda KEITH; Mary (b. 1838 d. unknown).