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Submitter: Lola Weber (
Date: Oct 9, 2006

Looking for marriage record bet Apr 1863 and Aug 1864, Princeton, Morgan Twp, Mercer County, MO for George W. ARNEL/ARNOLD who was married to Sarah (SWENGEN RUTAN) in "western Missouri" by a minister. Religion not known.

By Aug 1864, George W. ARNEL enlisted as a private in Co. D 44th Missouri Infantry from Princeton, MO.

In his Civil War Pension papers, he replied when asked, "What record of marriage exists?", "None, as in MO they do not keep records".

Need help in finding this record.

A family searcher


Submitter: Gailen Evans (
Date: Jan 17, 2006

I am looking for information on Charles Z. BAXTER who was married to Clara or Clarissa Emeline ELLIS. Clara was the daughter of Benjamin D. ELLIS and Sophia WYATT. I have the birth records of two of their children, born in Mercer County in 1883 and 1885, but cannot find the birth record of John Curtis BAXTER born near Princeton in 1882. Also have 1850 Census verifying Clara's age, parents' names, and location in Mercer County. One birth record listed Chas. Y. BAXTER, but this was obviously a transcription error, as the other record is correct and I have conclusive evidence that his full name was Charles Zebulon BAXTER, born in Erie, PA. Some people did call him Ezra later, when he lived in Oklahoma. So far, I have found him married to five different women in his life, and Clara ELLIS was the second. Any information would be appreciated, and I would be happy to share what I have with others as well.


Submitter: Scott Fisher
Date: Dec 9, 2006

Possible marriage in Princeton MO. apx. 1930's-1940's of John Francis "Jack" Bromley to Opal Glendoris Gabel


Surnames: CHENEY
Submitter: Shawn Bachman (
Date: Apr 1, 2006

Looking for information on William Carmel Cheney. Born, 19 May 1833 Milford, Worcester County, Massachusetts, last known living in Mercer County 1910

Submitter: Kelli (Safarik) Proehl (
Date: Oct 25, 2006

I am a great great granddaughter to Elijah Jackson "Dock" Henley who was married to Mary Ann "Polly" Collings. Other members in my ancestory are Joseph and Mary Collings, Lydia and Abraham Collings and William and Mary F. Collings. Although I know names and some dates, I'm very new to this and want more history if possible. Stories would be excellent and I would especially like to seek out a picture of Mary Ann "Polly" Collings if possible. Thank you


Submitter: Maria Dillon (
Date: Mar 11, 2006

Elsie Victoria Eggleston, daughter of John W. and grandaughter of Milton Eggleston, married Albert Herriman/Harryman. son of James W. Herriman and grandson of J.S. Herriman/Harryman. Milton Egleston also had sons Ezra, Hansford, and Hadley. If anyone has info on these families it would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Maria Dillon


Submitter: Terri Hill (
Date: Dec 18, 2006

I am looking for information on all of these people: Julia Powell who was married to Charles Mullins. Their daughter Rosa May was born August 16, 1873 in Goshen, Mercer Co, MO. Rosa was married to Albert Denison, then to a Burton (1st name possibly Frank or Pete), then to a Clark (1st name unknown). Rosa M. (Mullins) Clark died February 26, 1950, in Princeton, Mercer Co, MO.


Submitter: Connie Spindel (
Date: Feb 24, 2006

I have a photo in my family album taken Feb 2, 1902 listed as “Our Old Home taken by Mill Grove”.
I believe pictured in the photo are the James Leander ROBISON family. They must have moved from Worth Co., MO some time after the 1900 census and returned to Worth Co. a year or 2 after the photo was taken. James dying in Worth Co. in 1913.
But… It is also possible pictured are from my GIBSON family who were known to be in Mercer Co., MO.
I would love to speak with any who are aware of either of these families.


Surnames: SHELTON
Submitter: Shanna Davis (
Date: Jan 1, 2006

I am looking for any information on the Cyrus Shelton Family located in Washington Township, Mercer County, Missouri, on the June 1880 Federal Census. The family members were Cyrus, Mary, Eldora, George, Mandy, Lyra, John, and Samuel. Additional family members who had already left home by that time were Arminda, Flora, and Mary E. (Ella?).


Surnames: THOMAS
Submitter: Duane Thomas (
Date: Nov 5, 2006

I am looking for any information on the Thomas surname. Joseph, William, Anderson, and John came from Ray County, abt 1847 or 1848, to Mercer County and farmed in the area many years. Anderson Thomas was magistrate, I think, about 1847 or 1848, and moved to Cass County, Illinois abt. 1864. Two brothers Joseph and William, are buried in Mercer County, Missouri. I think John moved back to Ray County and is buried there. I am a decendent of Anderson Thomas, and am seeking any information on the other brothers: Joseph born 1814 Campbell County, Tennessee; William born 1815 in Campbell County, Tennessee; John born 1810 in Virginia; Anderson born 1822 in Campbell County, Tennessee,. and any of their decendents.


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