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Ahart Cemetery

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To get to this cemetery follow the directions to Airhardt Cemetery. This cemetery lies down the hill, about .5 miles, from the Airhardt Cemetery. The road is difficult and the owners and their children graciously drove us to a place where we could then walk to the cemetery. It is untended and the stones are down as one prior owner had let pigs run through their resting place.

Mr. Hamilton told us that there were 4 brick markers lain in a row with no information on them denoting who was buried there, but the weeds and grass was too tall for us to find them.

A special thanks to the Hamilton family for all their help.

Personally inventoried by Dianna Hale-Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford & Vera (Clark) Strutton.

For any information or corrections please contact me at Dianna Hale-Mattingly


Ahart, Julia S. 
23 Mar. 1875 - 18 Nov. 1883 

Ahart, Mary A. 
15 Jan. 1861 - 23 Feb. 1882

Ahart, S. E. 
footstone S E A only info

Ahart, Sarah G. 
29 Dec. 1858 - 24 Dec. 1862

Ahart, Sisley 
16 Oct. 1806? - 19 Sept. 1867

Bays, Rebecca A. 
3 July 1833 - 19 May 1885

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