Mount Mora Cemetery Records






Mount Mora Cemetery is located at

824 Mount Mora Road , Saint Joseph

Buchanan County, Missouri .  On July 19, 2006 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

 If you find an error in your family records please e-mail Suzanne Lehr at   She would also like to have any history of your family that you would like to add to her files for future generations. We are updating the information at this site:  It takes time to get all of the changes made so please have patience.

She is the founder of Mount Mora Preservation and Restoration.  If you would like to donate to preserve this old cemetery, please e-mail her. 

The records are in alphabetical order.  The interment dates are the final date.  Sometimes people were moved from one part of the cemetery to another or were moved to Mount Mora from another cemetery.  Some people were shipped to other cemeteries and you will find that under "Other" as well as relationships and other added information.

Mount Mora Book or Mount Mora Endowment

c/o Nanette Corso

1125 Krug Park Place

Saint Joseph, Missouri 64505

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