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Morgan County, Missouri – Land Patents
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Township Map

Township 40-N, Range 18-W

Topographical map
NW-NW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01NE-NW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01NW-NE-6: Lane, Austin E., 1859-11-01NE-NE-6: Lane, Austin E., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01SE-NW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01SW-NE-6: Lane, Austin E., 1859-11-01SE-NE-6: Lane, Austin E., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01NE-SW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01NW-SE-6: Merrifield, John S., 1859-11-01NE-SE-6: Merrifield, John S., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01SE-SW-6: Glessner, Ross A., 1859-11-01SW-SE-6: Merrifield, John S., 1859-11-01SE-SE-6: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-5: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01NE-NW-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01NW-NE-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01NE-NE-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-5: Glass, Jacob, 1843-04-10SE-NW-5: Earnest, Amos W., 1896-01-04SW-NE-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01SE-NE-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-5: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01NE-SW-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01NW-SE-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01NE-SE-5: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-5: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01SE-SW-5: Glass, Jacob, 1843-04-10SW-SE-5: Bowen, Edwin A., 1859-11-01SE-SE-5: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01NE-NW-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01NW-NE-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01NE-NE-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01SE-NW-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01SW-NE-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01SE-NE-4: Augustine, Jacob, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-4: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01NE-SW-4: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01NW-SE-4: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01NE-SE-4: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-4: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01SE-SW-4: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01SW-SE-4: Baker, Henry, 1859-11-01SE-SE-4: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01NE-NW-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01NW-NE-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01 +NE-NE-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01SE-NW-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01SW-NE-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01 +SE-NE-3: Levy, Jonathan, 1859-11-01 +
NW-SW-3: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01NE-SW-3: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01NW-SE-3: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01NE-SE-3: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-3: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01SE-SW-3: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01SW-SE-3: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01SE-SE-3: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-2: Thomas, Lewis, 1859-11-01NE-NW-2: Thomas, Lewis, 1859-11-01NW-NE-2: Thomas, Lewis; Trowbridge, Henry, 1859-11-01 +NE-NE-2: Thomas, Lewis; Trowbridge, Henry, 1859-11-01 +
SW-NW-2: Thomas, Lewis, 1859-11-01SE-NW-2: Thomas, Lewis, 1859-11-01SW-NE-2: Thomas, Lewis; Trowbridge, Henry, 1859-11-01 +SE-NE-2: Thomas, Lewis; Trowbridge, Henry, 1859-11-01 +
NW-SW-2: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01NE-SW-2: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01NW-SE-2: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01NE-SE-2: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-2: Fisher, James A., 1859-11-01SE-SW-2: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01SW-SE-2: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01SE-SE-2: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-1: Parke, Abiram P.; Thomas, Lewis, 1859-11-01 +NE-NW-1: Drummond, David B.; Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01 +NW-NE-1: Drummond, David B.; Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01 +NE-NE-1: Drummond, David B.; Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01 +
SW-NW-1: Parke, Abiram P.; Thomas, Lewis, 1859-11-01 +SE-NW-1: Drummond, David B.; Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01 +SW-NE-1: Drummond, David B.; Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01 +SE-NE-1: Drummond, David B.; Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01 +
NW-SW-1: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01NE-SW-1: Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01NW-SE-1: Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01NE-SE-1: McFarland, William, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-1: Palmer, Gideon, 1859-11-01SE-SW-1: Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01SW-SE-1: Parke, Abiram P., 1859-11-01SE-SE-1: McFarland, William, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-7: Armstrong, James, 1859-11-01NE-NW-7: Armstrong, James, 1859-11-01NW-NE-7: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01NE-NE-7: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-7: Armstrong, James, 1859-11-01SE-NW-7: Armstrong, James, 1859-11-01SW-NE-7: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01SE-NE-7: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01NE-SW-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01NW-SE-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01NE-SE-7: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1859-06-01
SW-SW-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01SE-SW-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01SW-SE-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01SE-SE-7: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-8: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01NE-NW-8: Wilson, Samuel M., 1859-06-01NW-NE-8: Wilson, Samuel M., 1859-06-01NE-NE-8: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-8: Burns, Patrick, 1859-11-01SE-NW-8: Wilson, Samuel M., 1859-06-01SW-NE-8: Wilson, Samuel M., 1859-06-01SE-NE-8: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-8: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1859-06-01NE-SW-8: No informationNW-SE-8: No informationNE-SE-8: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1843-04-10
SW-SW-8: Barnes, Abram, 1841-01-09SE-SW-8: Wilson, Samuel M., 1859-06-01SW-SE-8: Welch, James, 1859-11-01SE-SE-8: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-9: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01NE-NW-9: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01NW-NE-9: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01NE-NE-9: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-9: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01SE-NW-9: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01SW-NE-9: Bell, Mordecai, 1859-06-01SE-NE-9: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-9: Silk, Edward J., 1859-11-01NE-SW-9: Bell, Mordecai, 1859-11-01NW-SE-9: Bell, Mordecai, 1859-11-01NE-SE-9: Piltz, Gottlieb H., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-9: Bell, Mordecai, 1859-06-01SE-SW-9: Bell, Mordecai, 1859-06-01SW-SE-9: Moore, John, 1859-11-01SE-SE-9: Piltz, Gottlieb H., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-10: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01NE-NW-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01NW-NE-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01NE-NE-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-10: Carroll, John, 1859-11-01SE-NW-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01SW-NE-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01SE-NE-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01NE-SW-10: Mastin, James T., 1859-11-01NW-SE-10: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01NE-SE-10: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-10: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01SE-SW-10: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01SW-SE-10: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01SE-SE-10: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01NE-NW-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01NW-NE-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01NE-NE-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01SE-NW-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01SW-NE-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01SE-NE-11: Kelly, John, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01NE-SW-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01NW-SE-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01NE-SE-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01SE-SW-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01SW-SE-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01SE-SE-11: Gahan, Michael, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-12: Wood, Asher T., 1859-06-01NE-NW-12: Wood, Asher T., 1859-06-01NW-NE-12: McFarland, William, 1859-06-01NE-NE-12: McFarland, William, 1854-02-15
SW-NW-12: Bond, Hezekiah P., 1859-11-01SE-NW-12: Bond, Hezekiah P., 1859-11-01SW-NE-12: McFarland, William, 1859-06-01SE-NE-12: McFarland, William, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01NE-SW-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01NW-SE-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01NE-SE-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01SE-SW-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01SW-SE-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01SE-SE-12: Clarke, Flora A., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01NE-NW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01NW-NE-18: Leyser, John, 1859-11-01NE-NE-18: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01SE-NW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01SW-NE-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01SE-NE-18: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1859-06-01 +
NW-SW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01NE-SW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01NW-SE-18: McFarland, Benjamin, 1841-01-09NE-SE-18: McFarland, Benjamin, 1841-01-09
SW-SW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01SE-SW-18: Dieder, John, 1859-11-01SW-SE-18: McFarland, Benjamin, 1841-01-09SE-SE-18: McFarland, Benjamin, 1841-01-09
NW-NW-17: Wilson, Benjamin F., 1843-04-10NE-NW-17: Welch, James, 1859-11-01NW-NE-17: Welch, James, 1859-11-01NE-NE-17: Welch, James, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-17: Wilson, Samuel M., 1859-06-01SE-NW-17: Welch, James, 1859-11-01SW-NE-17: Willson, Benjamin F., 1859-11-01SE-NE-17: Willson, Benjamin F., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-17: Wells, Dolphin, 1841-01-09 +NE-SW-17: Wells, Dolphin, 1841-01-09 +NW-SE-17: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09NE-SE-17: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09
SW-SW-17: Wells, Dolphin, 1841-01-09 +SE-SW-17: Wells, Dolphin, 1841-01-09 +SW-SE-17: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09SE-SE-17: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
NW-NW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01NE-NW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01NW-NE-15: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01NE-NE-15: Freeman, William, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01SE-NW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01SW-NE-15: Shelly, Patrick, 1859-11-01SE-NE-15: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01NE-SW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01NW-SE-15: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01NE-SE-15: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01SE-SW-15: Carroll, Thomas, 1859-11-01SW-SE-15: Crook, Millward, 1859-11-01SE-SE-15: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01NE-NW-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01NW-NE-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01NE-NE-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-14: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01SE-NW-14: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01SW-NE-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01SE-NE-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-14: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01NE-SW-14: Knapp, Daniel B., 1859-11-01NW-SE-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01NE-SE-14: Sanderson, Charles H., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-14: Day, Josiah F., 1859-11-01SE-SW-14: Day, Josiah F., 1859-11-01SW-SE-14: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01SE-SE-14: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-13: Logan, Robert, 1859-11-01NE-NW-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01NW-NE-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01NE-NE-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-13: McCarty, John, 1859-11-01SE-NW-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01SW-NE-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01SE-NE-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-13: McCarty, John, 1859-11-01NE-SW-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01NW-SE-13: Wilder, Lucian, 1859-11-01NE-SE-13: Woods, Daniel E., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-13: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01SE-SW-13: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01SW-SE-13: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01SE-SE-13: Woods, Daniel E., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-19: Moore, Seth R., 1841-01-09 +NE-NW-19: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01 +NW-NE-19: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01 +NE-NE-19: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-19: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01 +SE-NW-19: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01 +SW-NE-19: Daggett, William C., 1859-11-01 +SE-NE-19: McFarland, Benjamin, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-19: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01NE-SW-19: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01NW-SE-19: No informationNE-SE-19: McFarland, Benjamin, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-19: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01SE-SW-19: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01SW-SE-19: No informationSE-SE-19: Daggett, William C., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-20: Earnest, Amos W., 1859-06-01NE-NW-20: Dowling, Richard, 1859-11-01NW-NE-20: Dowling, Richard, 1859-11-01NE-NE-20: McFarland, Levina, 1845-07-01
SW-NW-20: McFarland, Benjamin, 1859-11-01SE-NW-20: Ivey, George A., 1859-06-01SW-NE-20: Ivey, George A., 1859-06-01SE-NE-20: McFarland, Levina, 1845-07-01
NW-SW-20: McFarland, Benjamin, 1859-11-01NE-SW-20: Ivey, George A., 1859-06-01NW-SE-20: Ivey, George A., 1859-06-01NE-SE-20: McFarland, James, 1841-01-09
SW-SW-20: Daggett, William C., 1859-11-01SE-SW-20: Daggett, William C., 1859-11-01SW-SE-20: Ivey, George A., 1859-06-01SE-SE-20: McFarland, James, 1857-10-30
NW-NW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +NE-NW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +NW-NE-21: Hold, Robert, 1859-11-01NE-NE-21: Hold, Robert, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +SE-NW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +SW-NE-21: Hold, Robert, 1859-11-01SE-NE-21: Hold, Robert, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +NE-SW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +NW-SE-21: Haswell, James, 1859-11-01NE-SE-21: Hold, Robert, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +SE-SW-21: Campbell, Ezekiel M., 1841-01-09 +SW-SE-21: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01SE-SE-21: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01NE-NW-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01NW-NE-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01NE-NE-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01SE-NW-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01SW-NE-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01SE-NE-22: Main, James, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-22: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01NE-SW-22: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01NW-SE-22: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01NE-SE-22: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-22: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01SE-SW-22: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01SW-SE-22: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01SE-SE-22: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-23: Day, Josiah F., 1859-11-01NE-NW-23: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01NW-NE-23: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01NE-NE-23: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-23: Day, Josiah F., 1859-11-01SE-NW-23: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01SW-NE-23: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01SE-NE-23: Parker, James W., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-23: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01NE-SW-23: Jenkins, Reuben, 1859-11-01NW-SE-23: Jenkins, Reuben, 1859-11-01NE-SE-23: Walden, George, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-23: Yeates, George, 1859-11-01SE-SW-23: Jenkins, Reuben, 1859-11-01SW-SE-23: Jenkins, Reuben, 1859-11-01SE-SE-23: Walden, George, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-24: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01NE-NW-24: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01NW-NE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01NE-NE-24: Woods, Daniel E., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-24: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01SE-NW-24: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01SW-NE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01SE-NE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-24: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01NE-SW-24: Carpenter, Davis, 1859-11-01NW-SE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01NE-SE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-24: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01SE-SW-24: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01SW-SE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01SE-SE-24: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-30: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01NE-NW-30: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01NW-NE-30: Daggett, William C., 1859-11-01NE-NE-30: Coffman, Harmon H., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-30: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01SE-NW-30: Daggett, John D., 1861-02-01SW-NE-30: Daggett, William C., 1859-11-01SE-NE-30: Hart, John, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-30: Coffman, Harmon H., 1859-11-01 +NE-SW-30: Coffman, Harmon H., 1859-11-01NW-SE-30: Scott, William C., 1835-11-04 +NE-SE-30: Scott, William C., 1835-11-04 +
SW-SW-30: Frisbie, John R., 1859-11-01SE-SW-30: Coffman, Nicholas, 1859-11-01SW-SE-30: Scott, William C., 1835-11-04 +SE-SE-30: Scott, William C., 1835-11-04 +
NW-NW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01NE-NW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01NW-NE-29: Ivy, Henry, 1845-05-01 +NE-NE-29: Ivy, Henry, 1845-05-01 +
SW-NW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01SE-NW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01SW-NE-29: Ivy, Henry, 1845-05-01 +SE-NE-29: Ivy, Henry, 1845-05-01 +
NW-SW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01 +NE-SW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01 +NW-SE-29: Brugmer, Joseph H., 1861-02-01NE-SE-29: Brugmer, Joseph H., 1861-02-01
SW-SW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01 +SE-SW-29: Lyles, Robert T., 1845-10-01 +SW-SE-29: Brugmer, Joseph H., 1861-02-01SE-SE-29: Coffman, William, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-28: Haswell, James, 1859-11-01NE-NW-28: Haswell, James, 1859-11-01NW-NE-28: Haswell, James, 1859-11-01NE-NE-28: Coffman, Jacob, 1896-03-31
SW-NW-28: Gracey, Adam, 1859-11-01SE-NW-28: Coffman, William, 1860-04-02SW-NE-28: Coffman, William, 1860-04-02SE-NE-28: Coffman, Jacob, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-28: Coffman, William, 1854-07-15NE-SW-28: Coffman, William, 1860-04-02NW-SE-28: Lynn, Abraham, 1859-11-01NE-SE-28: Caffman, Jacob, 1859-11-01
SW-SW-28: Caffman, William, 1859-06-01SE-SW-28: Lynn, Abraham, 1859-11-01SW-SE-28: Lynn, Abraham, 1859-11-01SE-SE-28: Lynn, Abraham, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-27: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01NE-NW-27: Parker, Israel S., 1859-11-01NW-NE-27: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01NE-NE-27: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-27: Coffman, Jacob, 1859-06-01SE-NW-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01SW-NE-27: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01SE-NE-27: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01
NW-SW-27: Caffman, Jacob, 1859-11-01NE-SW-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01NW-SE-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01NE-SE-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01SE-SW-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01SW-SE-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01SE-SE-27: Sherman, Samuel H., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-26: Bacon, George W., 1859-11-01NE-NW-26: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01NW-NE-26: Jenkins, Reuben, 1859-11-01NE-NE-26: Walden, George, 1859-11-01
SW-NW-26: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01SE-NW-26: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01SW-NE-26: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01SE-NE-26: Sterling, Almon N., 1872-04-01
NW-SW-26: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01NE-SW-26: Trimbell, John, 1859-11-01NW-SE-26: Hennessey, Michael, 1859-11-01NE-SE-26: Sterling, Almon N., 1872-04-01
SW-SW-26: Hennessey, Michael, 1859-11-01SE-SW-26: Hennessey, Michael, 1859-11-01SW-SE-26: Hennessey, Michael, 1859-11-01SE-SE-26: Hennessey, Michael, 1859-11-01
NW-NW-25: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01NE-NW-25: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01NW-NE-25: Russell, Edward, 1859-11-01NE-NE-25: Facey, Samuel J., 1859-11-01
SW-NW-25: White, Patrick, 1859-11-01SE-NW-25: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01SW-NE-25: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01SE-NE-25: Facey, Samuel J., 1859-11-01
NW-SW-25: Sterling, Almon N., 1872-04-01NE-SW-25: Ryan, Michael, 1859-11-01NW-SE-25: Seburn, John D., 1859-11-01NE-SE-25: Facey, Samuel J., 1859-11-01
SW-SW-25: Sterling, Almon N., 1872-04-01SE-SW-25: Sterling, Almon N., 1872-04-01SW-SE-25: Hanrahan, John, 1888-05-28SE-SE-25: Facey, Samuel J., 1859-11-01
NW-NW-31: No informationNE-NW-31: No informationNW-NE-31: No informationNE-NE-31: No information
SW-NW-31: No informationSE-NW-31: No informationSW-NE-31: No informationSE-NE-31: No information
NW-SW-31: No informationNE-SW-31: No informationNW-SE-31: No informationNE-SE-31: No information
SW-SW-31: No informationSE-SW-31: No informationSW-SE-31: No informationSE-SE-31: No information
NW-NW-32: No informationNE-NW-32: No informationNW-NE-32: No informationNE-NE-32: No information
SW-NW-32: No informationSE-NW-32: No informationSW-NE-32: No informationSE-NE-32: No information
NW-SW-32: No informationNE-SW-32: No informationNW-SE-32: No informationNE-SE-32: No information
SW-SW-32: No informationSE-SW-32: No informationSW-SE-32: No informationSE-SE-32: No information
NW-NW-33: No informationNE-NW-33: No informationNW-NE-33: No informationNE-NE-33: No information
SW-NW-33: No informationSE-NW-33: No informationSW-NE-33: No informationSE-NE-33: No information
NW-SW-33: No informationNE-SW-33: No informationNW-SE-33: No informationNE-SE-33: No information
SW-SW-33: No informationSE-SW-33: No informationSW-SE-33: No informationSE-SE-33: No information
NW-NW-34: No informationNE-NW-34: No informationNW-NE-34: No informationNE-NE-34: No information
SW-NW-34: No informationSE-NW-34: No informationSW-NE-34: No informationSE-NE-34: No information
NW-SW-34: No informationNE-SW-34: No informationNW-SE-34: No informationNE-SE-34: No information
SW-SW-34: No informationSE-SW-34: No informationSW-SE-34: No informationSE-SE-34: No information
NW-NW-35: No informationNE-NW-35: No informationNW-NE-35: No informationNE-NE-35: No information
SW-NW-35: No informationSE-NW-35: No informationSW-NE-35: No informationSE-NE-35: No information
NW-SW-35: No informationNE-SW-35: No informationNW-SE-35: No informationNE-SE-35: No information
SW-SW-35: No informationSE-SW-35: No informationSW-SE-35: No informationSE-SE-35: No information
NW-NW-36: No informationNE-NW-36: No informationNW-NE-36: No informationNE-NE-36: No information
SW-NW-36: No informationSE-NW-36: No informationSW-NE-36: No informationSE-NE-36: No information
NW-SW-36: No informationNE-SW-36: No informationNW-SE-36: No informationNE-SE-36: No information
SW-SW-36: No informationSE-SW-36: No informationSW-SE-36: No informationSE-SE-36: No information
Colors indicate the decade in which the earliest patent was issued.
1820s 1820s
1830s 1830s
1840s 1840s
1850s 1850s
1860s 1860s
1870s 1870s
1880s 1880s
1890s 1890s
1900s 1900s
1910s 1910s
1920s 1920s
School land School land
Click on the county map to view a different township.Mouse over the township map to see names and dates; click to view the details for each section.Under the General Land Ordinance of 1785, Section 16 of each township was set aside to support public schools. The records of the disposition of school lands are in the Missouri State Archives and are not available online.