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Morgan County, Missouri – Land Patents
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Township Map

Township 41-N, Range 16-W

Topographical map
NW-NW-6: No informationNE-NW-6: Madole, John S., 1858-01-15NW-NE-6: Madole, John S., 1859-06-01 +NE-NE-6: Roe, James M., 1859-08-01 +
SW-NW-6: Madole, John S., 1858-01-15SE-NW-6: Madole, John S., 1858-01-15SW-NE-6: Madole, John S., 1859-06-01 +SE-NE-6: Roe, James M., 1859-08-01 +
NW-SW-6: Kelsey, James, 1858-01-15 +NE-SW-6: Kelsey, James, 1858-01-15 +NW-SE-6: No informationNE-SE-6: No information
SW-SW-6: Kelsey, James, 1858-01-15 +SE-SW-6: Kelsey, James, 1858-01-15 +SW-SE-6: No informationSE-SE-6: No information
NW-NW-5: Roe, James M., 1859-08-01 +NE-NW-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1853-04-15 +NW-NE-5: Strong, William R., 1859-06-01 +NE-NE-5: Corwin, Charles L.; Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-08-01 +
SW-NW-5: Roe, James M., 1859-08-01 +SE-NW-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1853-04-15 +SW-NE-5: Strong, William R., 1859-06-01 +SE-NE-5: Corwin, Charles L.; Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-08-01 +
NW-SW-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-08-01NE-SW-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1840-01-10NW-SE-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1840-01-10NE-SE-5: Kelsay, William, 1841-11-10
SW-SW-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1857-12-01SE-SW-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1853-04-15SW-SE-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-06-01SE-SE-5: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-4: Kelsay, Hugh, 1859-06-01 +NE-NW-4: Corwin, Charles L., 1859-08-01NW-NE-4: Corwin, Charles L., 1859-08-01NE-NE-4: No information
SW-NW-4: Kelsay, Hugh, 1859-06-01 +SE-NW-4: Corwin, Charles L., 1859-08-01SW-NE-4: Corwin, Charles L., 1859-08-01SE-NE-4: No information
NW-SW-4: Kelsey, Hugh, 1856-01-15NE-SW-4: Bunker, Isaac, 1845-06-01NW-SE-4: No informationNE-SE-4: No information
SW-SW-4: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-06-01SE-SW-4: Kelsay, Hugh B., 1859-06-01SW-SE-4: No informationSE-SE-4: No information
NW-NW-3: No informationNE-NW-3: No informationNW-NE-3: No informationNE-NE-3: No information
SW-NW-3: No informationSE-NW-3: No informationSW-NE-3: No informationSE-NE-3: No information
NW-SW-3: No informationNE-SW-3: No informationNW-SE-3: No informationNE-SE-3: No information
SW-SW-3: No informationSE-SW-3: No informationSW-SE-3: No informationSE-SE-3: No information
NW-NW-2: No informationNE-NW-2: No informationNW-NE-2: No informationNE-NE-2: No information
SW-NW-2: No informationSE-NW-2: No informationSW-NE-2: No informationSE-NE-2: No information
NW-SW-2: No informationNE-SW-2: No informationNW-SE-2: No informationNE-SE-2: No information
SW-SW-2: No informationSE-SW-2: No informationSW-SE-2: No informationSE-SE-2: No information
NW-NW-1: No informationNE-NW-1: No informationNW-NE-1: No informationNE-NE-1: No information
SW-NW-1: No informationSE-NW-1: No informationSW-NE-1: No informationSE-NE-1: No information
NW-SW-1: No informationNE-SW-1: No informationNW-SE-1: No informationNE-SE-1: No information
SW-SW-1: No informationSE-SW-1: No informationSW-SE-1: No informationSE-SE-1: No information
NW-NW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01NE-NW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01NW-NE-7: No informationNE-NE-7: Madole, Hiram M., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01SE-NW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01SW-NE-7: Donaghue, James, 1859-08-01SE-NE-7: Madole, Hiram M., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01NE-SW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01NW-SE-7: No informationNE-SE-7: No information
SW-SW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01SE-SW-7: Barrett, Charles L., 1859-08-01SW-SE-7: No informationSE-SE-7: No information
NW-NW-8: Madole, Hiram M., 1859-06-01NE-NW-8: Madole, Hiram M., 1857-04-15NW-NE-8: No informationNE-NE-8: No information
SW-NW-8: Madole, Hiram M., 1859-08-01SE-NW-8: Madole, Hiram M., 1857-04-15SW-NE-8: No informationSE-NE-8: No information
NW-SW-8: Madole, Hiram M., 1857-12-01NE-SW-8: Madole, Hiram M., 1857-12-01NW-SE-8: No informationNE-SE-8: No information
SW-SW-8: No informationSE-SW-8: No informationSW-SE-8: No informationSE-SE-8: No information
NW-NW-9: Veatch, Peter L., 1859-08-01NE-NW-9: Veatch, Peter L., 1859-08-01NW-NE-9: No informationNE-NE-9: No information
SW-NW-9: No informationSE-NW-9: Veatch, Peter L., 1859-08-01SW-NE-9: Veatch, Peter L., 1859-08-01SE-NE-9: No information
NW-SW-9: No informationNE-SW-9: No informationNW-SE-9: Johnson, Milton, 1859-06-01NE-SE-9: Johnson, Milton, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-9: Johnson, Jeremiah, 1859-06-01SE-SW-9: Johnson, Jeremiah, 1859-06-01SW-SE-9: Johnson, Milton, 1859-06-01SE-SE-9: Johnson, Milton, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-10: No informationNE-NW-10: No informationNW-NE-10: No informationNE-NE-10: No information
SW-NW-10: No informationSE-NW-10: No informationSW-NE-10: No informationSE-NE-10: No information
NW-SW-10: No informationNE-SW-10: No informationNW-SE-10: No informationNE-SE-10: No information
SW-SW-10: No informationSE-SW-10: No informationSW-SE-10: No informationSE-SE-10: No information
NW-NW-11: No informationNE-NW-11: No informationNW-NE-11: No informationNE-NE-11: No information
SW-NW-11: No informationSE-NW-11: No informationSW-NE-11: No informationSE-NE-11: No information
NW-SW-11: No informationNE-SW-11: No informationNW-SE-11: No informationNE-SE-11: No information
SW-SW-11: No informationSE-SW-11: No informationSW-SE-11: No informationSE-SE-11: No information
NW-NW-12: No informationNE-NW-12: No informationNW-NE-12: No informationNE-NE-12: No information
SW-NW-12: No informationSE-NW-12: No informationSW-NE-12: No informationSE-NE-12: No information
NW-SW-12: No informationNE-SW-12: No informationNW-SE-12: No informationNE-SE-12: No information
SW-SW-12: No informationSE-SW-12: No informationSW-SE-12: No informationSE-SE-12: No information
NW-NW-18: Eldridge, William, 1859-08-01NE-NW-18: Eldridge, William, 1859-08-01NW-NE-18: Jones, Thomas V., 1848-05-10NE-NE-18: No information
SW-NW-18: Eldridge, William, 1859-08-01SE-NW-18: Eldridge, William, 1859-08-01SW-NE-18: Jones, Thomas V., 1848-05-10SE-NE-18: No information
NW-SW-18: Eldridge, William, 1859-08-01NE-SW-18: Eldridge, William, 1859-08-01NW-SE-18: Wood, Joseph, 1845-06-01NE-SE-18: No information
SW-SW-18: Landrum, James W., 1859-08-01SE-SW-18: Landrum, James W., 1859-08-01SW-SE-18: Wood, Joseph, 1845-06-01SE-SE-18: No information
NW-NW-17: No informationNE-NW-17: No informationNW-NE-17: No informationNE-NE-17: No information
SW-NW-17: No informationSE-NW-17: Buzan, William, 1859-06-01SW-NE-17: Buzan, William, 1859-06-01SE-NE-17: No information
NW-SW-17: No informationNE-SW-17: Gates, Elizabeth, 1843-04-01NW-SE-17: No informationNE-SE-17: No information
SW-SW-17: Wilson, Lorenzo D., 1859-06-01SE-SW-17: No informationSW-SE-17: No informationSE-SE-17: No information
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
NW-NW-15: No informationNE-NW-15: No informationNW-NE-15: No informationNE-NE-15: No information
SW-NW-15: No informationSE-NW-15: No informationSW-NE-15: No informationSE-NE-15: No information
NW-SW-15: No informationNE-SW-15: No informationNW-SE-15: No informationNE-SE-15: No information
SW-SW-15: No informationSE-SW-15: No informationSW-SE-15: No informationSE-SE-15: No information
NW-NW-14: No informationNE-NW-14: No informationNW-NE-14: No informationNE-NE-14: No information
SW-NW-14: No informationSE-NW-14: No informationSW-NE-14: No informationSE-NE-14: No information
NW-SW-14: No informationNE-SW-14: No informationNW-SE-14: No informationNE-SE-14: No information
SW-SW-14: No informationSE-SW-14: No informationSW-SE-14: No informationSE-SE-14: No information
NW-NW-13: No informationNE-NW-13: No informationNW-NE-13: No informationNE-NE-13: No information
SW-NW-13: No informationSE-NW-13: No informationSW-NE-13: No informationSE-NE-13: No information
NW-SW-13: No informationNE-SW-13: No informationNW-SE-13: No informationNE-SE-13: No information
SW-SW-13: No informationSE-SW-13: No informationSW-SE-13: No informationSE-SE-13: No information
NW-NW-19: Landrum, James W., 1859-08-01NE-NW-19: Sidebottom, William, 1859-06-01NW-NE-19: Sidebottom, William, 1859-06-01NE-NE-19: No information
SW-NW-19: Bunker, William, 1840-01-10SE-NW-19: Merry, David S., 1840-01-10SW-NE-19: Merry, David, 1840-01-10SE-NE-19: Merry, David, 1840-01-10
NW-SW-19: Morriss, James, 1833-10-01NE-SW-19: No informationNW-SE-19: No informationNE-SE-19: No information
SW-SW-19: No informationSE-SW-19: No informationSW-SE-19: No informationSE-SE-19: No information
NW-NW-20: Wilson, Lorenzo D., 1859-06-01NE-NW-20: No informationNW-NE-20: No informationNE-NE-20: No information
SW-NW-20: No informationSE-NW-20: No informationSW-NE-20: No informationSE-NE-20: No information
NW-SW-20: No informationNE-SW-20: No informationNW-SE-20: No informationNE-SE-20: No information
SW-SW-20: No informationSE-SW-20: No informationSW-SE-20: Logan, Patrick, 1859-08-01SE-SE-20: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-21: No informationNE-NW-21: No informationNW-NE-21: No informationNE-NE-21: No information
SW-NW-21: No informationSE-NW-21: No informationSW-NE-21: No informationSE-NE-21: No information
NW-SW-21: Thorpe, Alonzo V., 1859-06-01NE-SW-21: Thorpe, Alonzo V., 1859-06-01NW-SE-21: Stout, John L., 1860-04-02NE-SE-21: Stout, John L., 1860-04-02
SW-SW-21: Thorpe, Alonzo V., 1859-06-01SE-SW-21: Williams, Eli M., 1859-06-01SW-SE-21: Magines, David, 1859-06-01SE-SE-21: Magines, David, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-22: No informationNE-NW-22: No informationNW-NE-22: No informationNE-NE-22: No information
SW-NW-22: No informationSE-NW-22: No informationSW-NE-22: No informationSE-NE-22: No information
NW-SW-22: No informationNE-SW-22: No informationNW-SE-22: No informationNE-SE-22: No information
SW-SW-22: No informationSE-SW-22: No informationSW-SE-22: No informationSE-SE-22: No information
NW-NW-23: No informationNE-NW-23: No informationNW-NE-23: No informationNE-NE-23: No information
SW-NW-23: No informationSE-NW-23: No informationSW-NE-23: No informationSE-NE-23: No information
NW-SW-23: No informationNE-SW-23: No informationNW-SE-23: No informationNE-SE-23: No information
SW-SW-23: No informationSE-SW-23: No informationSW-SE-23: No informationSE-SE-23: No information
NW-NW-24: No informationNE-NW-24: No informationNW-NE-24: No informationNE-NE-24: No information
SW-NW-24: No informationSE-NW-24: No informationSW-NE-24: No informationSE-NE-24: No information
NW-SW-24: No informationNE-SW-24: No informationNW-SE-24: No informationNE-SE-24: No information
SW-SW-24: No informationSE-SW-24: No informationSW-SE-24: No informationSE-SE-24: No information
NW-NW-30: No informationNE-NW-30: No informationNW-NE-30: No informationNE-NE-30: No information
SW-NW-30: No informationSE-NW-30: No informationSW-NE-30: No informationSE-NE-30: No information
NW-SW-30: No informationNE-SW-30: No informationNW-SE-30: No informationNE-SE-30: No information
SW-SW-30: No informationSE-SW-30: No informationSW-SE-30: No informationSE-SE-30: No information
NW-NW-29: No informationNE-NW-29: No informationNW-NE-29: No informationNE-NE-29: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-29: No informationSE-NW-29: No informationSW-NE-29: No informationSE-NE-29: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-29: No informationNE-SW-29: No informationNW-SE-29: No informationNE-SE-29: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01
SW-SW-29: No informationSE-SW-29: No informationSW-SE-29: No informationSE-SE-29: No information
NW-NW-28: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01NE-NW-28: Williams, Eli M., 1859-06-01NW-NE-28: Downing, William, 1859-06-01NE-NE-28: Cole, Leonard, 1859-06-01
SW-NW-28: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01SE-NW-28: Williams, Eli M., 1859-06-01SW-NE-28: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01SE-NE-28: Cole, Leonard, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-28: Lansdale, William M., 1859-06-01NE-SW-28: Williams, Eli M., 1859-06-01NW-SE-28: Cole, Leonard, 1859-06-01NE-SE-28: Cole, Leonard, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-28: No informationSE-SW-28: No informationSW-SE-28: No informationSE-SE-28: No information
NW-NW-27: No informationNE-NW-27: No informationNW-NE-27: No informationNE-NE-27: No information
SW-NW-27: No informationSE-NW-27: No informationSW-NE-27: No informationSE-NE-27: No information
NW-SW-27: No informationNE-SW-27: No informationNW-SE-27: No informationNE-SE-27: No information
SW-SW-27: No informationSE-SW-27: No informationSW-SE-27: No informationSE-SE-27: No information
NW-NW-26: No informationNE-NW-26: No informationNW-NE-26: No informationNE-NE-26: No information
SW-NW-26: No informationSE-NW-26: No informationSW-NE-26: No informationSE-NE-26: No information
NW-SW-26: No informationNE-SW-26: No informationNW-SE-26: No informationNE-SE-26: No information
SW-SW-26: No informationSE-SW-26: No informationSW-SE-26: No informationSE-SE-26: No information
NW-NW-25: No informationNE-NW-25: No informationNW-NE-25: No informationNE-NE-25: No information
SW-NW-25: No informationSE-NW-25: No informationSW-NE-25: No informationSE-NE-25: No information
NW-SW-25: No informationNE-SW-25: No informationNW-SE-25: No informationNE-SE-25: No information
SW-SW-25: No informationSE-SW-25: No informationSW-SE-25: No informationSE-SE-25: No information
NW-NW-31: No informationNE-NW-31: No informationNW-NE-31: No informationNE-NE-31: No information
SW-NW-31: No informationSE-NW-31: No informationSW-NE-31: No informationSE-NE-31: No information
NW-SW-31: No informationNE-SW-31: No informationNW-SE-31: No informationNE-SE-31: No information
SW-SW-31: No informationSE-SW-31: No informationSW-SE-31: No informationSE-SE-31: No information
NW-NW-32: No informationNE-NW-32: No informationNW-NE-32: No informationNE-NE-32: No information
SW-NW-32: No informationSE-NW-32: No informationSW-NE-32: No informationSE-NE-32: No information
NW-SW-32: No informationNE-SW-32: No informationNW-SE-32: No informationNE-SE-32: No information
SW-SW-32: No informationSE-SW-32: No informationSW-SE-32: No informationSE-SE-32: No information
NW-NW-33: Lamb, Lewis, 1859-08-01NE-NW-33: No informationNW-NE-33: No informationNE-NE-33: No information
SW-NW-33: Lamb, Lewis, 1859-08-01SE-NW-33: No informationSW-NE-33: No informationSE-NE-33: No information
NW-SW-33: No informationNE-SW-33: No informationNW-SE-33: No informationNE-SE-33: No information
SW-SW-33: No informationSE-SW-33: No informationSW-SE-33: No informationSE-SE-33: No information
NW-NW-34: No informationNE-NW-34: No informationNW-NE-34: No informationNE-NE-34: No information
SW-NW-34: No informationSE-NW-34: No informationSW-NE-34: No informationSE-NE-34: No information
NW-SW-34: No informationNE-SW-34: No informationNW-SE-34: No informationNE-SE-34: No information
SW-SW-34: No informationSE-SW-34: No informationSW-SE-34: No informationSE-SE-34: No information
NW-NW-35: No informationNE-NW-35: No informationNW-NE-35: No informationNE-NE-35: No information
SW-NW-35: No informationSE-NW-35: No informationSW-NE-35: No informationSE-NE-35: No information
NW-SW-35: No informationNE-SW-35: No informationNW-SE-35: No informationNE-SE-35: No information
SW-SW-35: No informationSE-SW-35: No informationSW-SE-35: No informationSE-SE-35: No information
NW-NW-36: No informationNE-NW-36: No informationNW-NE-36: No informationNE-NE-36: No information
SW-NW-36: No informationSE-NW-36: No informationSW-NE-36: No informationSE-NE-36: No information
NW-SW-36: No informationNE-SW-36: No informationNW-SE-36: No informationNE-SE-36: No information
SW-SW-36: No informationSE-SW-36: No informationSW-SE-36: No informationSE-SE-36: No information
Colors indicate the decade in which the earliest patent was issued.
1820s 1820s
1830s 1830s
1840s 1840s
1850s 1850s
1860s 1860s
1870s 1870s
1880s 1880s
1890s 1890s
1900s 1900s
1910s 1910s
1920s 1920s
School land School land
Click on the county map to view a different township.Mouse over the township map to see names and dates; click to view the details for each section.Under the General Land Ordinance of 1785, Section 16 of each township was set aside to support public schools. The records of the disposition of school lands are in the Missouri State Archives and are not available online.