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Township Map

Township 42-N, Range 18-W

Topographical map
NW-NW-6: May, Silas, 1840-01-10NE-NW-6: May, Silas, 1840-01-10NW-NE-6: Barnett, William S., 1840-01-10NE-NE-6: Mudd, Henry T., 1866-11-01
SW-NW-6: May, Silas, 1840-01-10SE-NW-6: May, Silas, 1840-01-10SW-NE-6: Barnett, William S., 1840-01-10SE-NE-6: Mudd, Henry T., 1866-11-01
NW-SW-6: Murray, George W., 1849-03-30NE-SW-6: Barnett, William, 1840-01-10NW-SE-6: Barnett, William S., 1840-01-10NE-SE-6: Wilson, Mary, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-6: Murray, George W., 1849-03-30SE-SW-6: Barnett, William S., 1840-01-10SW-SE-6: Barnett, William S., 1840-01-10SE-SE-6: Wilson, Mary, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-5: Everett, Peter, 1856-01-15NE-NW-5: Everett, Peter, 1856-01-15NW-NE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15NE-NE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15
SW-NW-5: Everett, Peter, 1856-01-15SE-NW-5: Everett, Peter, 1856-01-15SW-NE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15SE-NE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15
NW-SW-5: Everett, Peter, 1856-01-15NE-SW-5: Everett, Peter, 1856-01-15NW-SE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15NE-SE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15
SW-SW-5: Fuqua, Thomas, 1859-08-01SE-SW-5: Minor, Garritt; Minor, Henrietta J., 1858-01-15SW-SE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15SE-SE-5: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15
NW-NW-4: McClanahan, John, 1840-01-10NE-NW-4: McClanahan, John, 1840-01-10NW-NE-4: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02NE-NE-4: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02
SW-NW-4: McClanahan, John, 1840-01-10SE-NW-4: McClanahan, John, 1840-01-10SW-NE-4: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02SE-NE-4: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02
NW-SW-4: McClanahan, John, 1837-11-02NE-SW-4: McClanahan, John, 1840-01-10NW-SE-4: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02NE-SE-4: Thruston, Street, 1837-11-02
SW-SW-4: McClanahan, John, 1837-11-02SE-SW-4: McClanahan, John, 1840-01-10SW-SE-4: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02SE-SE-4: Thruston, Street, 1837-11-02
NW-NW-3: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02NE-NW-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02NW-NE-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02NE-NE-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02
SW-NW-3: Eubank, Achilles, 1837-11-02SE-NW-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02SW-NE-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02SE-NE-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02
NW-SW-3: Thruston, Street, 1835-11-14NE-SW-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02NW-SE-3: Barnett, William S., 1835-11-14NE-SE-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02
SW-SW-3: No informationSE-SW-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02SW-SE-3: Barnett, William S., 1835-11-14SE-SE-3: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02
NW-NW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02NE-NW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1840-01-10NW-NE-2: Tutt, William J., 1856-01-15NE-NE-2: Tutt, William J., 1856-01-15
SW-NW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02SE-NW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1840-01-10SW-NE-2: Tutt, William J., 1856-01-15SE-NE-2: Tutt, William J., 1856-01-15
NW-SW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02NE-SW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1840-01-10NW-SE-2: McClanahan, Samuel G., 1841-11-10NE-SE-2: McClanahan, Samuel G., 1841-11-10
SW-SW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1837-11-02SE-SW-2: McClanahan, John M., 1840-01-10SW-SE-2: McClanahan, Samuel G., 1841-11-10SE-SE-2: McClanahan, Samuel G., 1841-11-10
NW-NW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NE-NW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NW-NE-1: Thruston, Street, 1840-01-10NE-NE-1: Thruston, Street, 1840-01-10
SW-NW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SE-NW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SW-NE-1: Thruston, Street, 1840-01-10SE-NE-1: Thruston, Street, 1840-01-10
NW-SW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NE-SW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NW-SE-1: Thruston, Street, 1837-11-02NE-SE-1: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02
SW-SW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SE-SW-1: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SW-SE-1: Thruston, Street, 1837-11-02SE-SE-1: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02
NW-NW-7: McFarland, David, 1848-05-10NE-NW-7: Rutherford, Josiah, 1854-03-10NW-NE-7: Rutherford, Josiah, 1856-01-15NE-NE-7: Wilson, Mary, 1859-06-01
SW-NW-7: McFarland, David, 1848-05-10SE-NW-7: Rutherford, Josiah, 1856-01-15SW-NE-7: Rutherford, Josiah, 1859-06-01SE-NE-7: Rutherford, Josiah, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-7: Grills, Byrd, 1859-06-01NE-SW-7: Jones, William H., 1857-04-15NW-SE-7: Jones, William H., 1857-04-15NE-SE-7: Rutherford, Josiah, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-7: Grills, Byrd, 1859-06-01SE-SW-7: Jones, William H., 1857-04-15SW-SE-7: Jones, William H., 1857-04-15SE-SE-7: Carmichael, Peter, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-8: Martin, Andrew J., 1857-04-15NE-NW-8: Martin, Andrew J., 1858-01-15NW-NE-8: Napier, Carrel, 1859-06-01NE-NE-8: McClanahan, John, 1836-06-15
SW-NW-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01SE-NW-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01SW-NE-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01SE-NE-8: Minor, Garrett; Minor, Henrietta J., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01NE-SW-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01NW-SE-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01NE-SE-8: Minor, Garrett; Minor, Henrietta J., 1859-06-01
SW-SW-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01SE-SW-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01SW-SE-8: Orth, Lewis, 1859-06-01SE-SE-8: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-9: Wordin, Ebenezer, 1850-06-01NE-NW-9: Chism, Howard, 1840-01-10NW-NE-9: Chism, Howard, 1835-11-14NE-NE-9: Chism, Howard, 1837-11-02
SW-NW-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01SE-NW-9: Chism, Howard, 1840-01-10SW-NE-9: Chism, Howard, 1835-11-14SE-NE-9: Chism, Howard, 1837-11-02
NW-SW-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01NE-SW-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01NW-SE-9: No informationNE-SE-9: Chism, Howard, 1836-06-15
SW-SW-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01SE-SW-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01SW-SE-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01SE-SE-9: Ingram, John P., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1840-01-10NE-NW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02NW-NE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02NE-NE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02
SW-NW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1840-01-10SE-NW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02SW-NE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02SE-NE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02
NW-SW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1837-11-02NE-SW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1835-11-14NW-SE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1835-11-14NE-SE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1836-06-15
SW-SW-10: Chism, Jacob C., 1840-01-10SE-SW-10: Chism, Jacob, 1835-11-14SW-SE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1835-11-14SE-SE-10: Chism, Jacob, 1841-11-10
NW-NW-11: Chism, John, 1840-01-10NE-NW-11: Chism, John, 1840-01-10NW-NE-11: Chism, John, 1840-01-10NE-NE-11: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02
SW-NW-11: Chism, John, 1840-01-10SE-NW-11: Chism, John, 1840-01-10SW-NE-11: Chism, John, 1840-01-10SE-NE-11: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02
NW-SW-11: Chism, John, 1835-11-14NE-SW-11: Chism, John, 1836-06-15NW-SE-11: Chism, John, 1836-06-15NE-SE-11: Chism, Hardin, 1836-06-15
SW-SW-11: Chism, John, 1835-11-14SE-SW-11: Chism, John, 1856-01-15SW-SE-11: Chism, John, 1856-01-15SE-SE-11: Hughes, Joseph S., 1840-01-10
NW-NW-12: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02NE-NW-12: No informationNW-NE-12: Gorden, Noah, 1836-06-15NE-NE-12: Gordon, Noah, 1837-11-02
SW-NW-12: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02SE-NW-12: Gorden, Noah, 1836-06-15SW-NE-12: Gorden, Noah, 1836-06-15SE-NE-12: Gordon, Noah, 1837-11-02
NW-SW-12: Chism, Hardin, 1836-06-15NE-SW-12: Chism, John A., 1841-11-10NW-SE-12: Crook, William W., 1859-06-01NE-SE-12: Crook, William W., 1859-06-01
SW-SW-12: Hughes, John, 1837-11-02SE-SW-12: No informationSW-SE-12: No informationSE-SE-12: Snyder, Daniel S., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-18: Scoggin, David C., 1856-01-15NE-NW-18: Durnil, James A., 1857-04-15NW-NE-18: Durnil, James A., 1857-04-15NE-NE-18: Durnil, James A., 1857-12-01
SW-NW-18: Scoggin, David C., 1856-01-15SE-NW-18: Gattermeir, Matthias, 1858-01-15SW-NE-18: Gattermeir, Matthias, 1858-01-15SE-NE-18: Carmichael, Peter, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-18: Argenbight, John, 1857-12-01NE-SW-18: Argenbight, John, 1857-12-01NW-SE-18: No informationNE-SE-18: Carmichael, Peter, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-18: Argenbight, John, 1857-12-01SE-SW-18: Argenbight, John, 1857-12-01SW-SE-18: No informationSE-SE-18: No information
NW-NW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01NE-NW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01NW-NE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01NE-NE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01SE-NW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01SW-NE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01SE-NE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01NE-SW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01NW-SE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01NE-SE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01
SW-SW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01SE-SW-17: Rains, Malan, 1859-06-01SW-SE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01SE-SE-17: Rains, Amos W., 1859-06-01
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
School landSchool landSchool landSchool land
NW-NW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01NE-NW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01NW-NE-15: Chism, David H., 1856-01-15NE-NE-15: Chism, David H., 1856-01-15
SW-NW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01SE-NW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01SW-NE-15: Chism, David H., 1856-01-15SE-NE-15: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01NE-SW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01NW-SE-15: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01NE-SE-15: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-15: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01SE-SW-15: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01SW-SE-15: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01SE-SE-15: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-14: Chism, John, 1859-06-01NE-NW-14: Chism, John, 1856-01-15NW-NE-14: Chism, John, 1856-01-15NE-NE-14: Hughes, Joseph S., 1840-01-10
SW-NW-14: Chism, John, 1859-06-01SE-NW-14: Chism, John, 1859-06-01SW-NE-14: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15SE-NE-14: Thruston, William, 1856-01-15
NW-SW-14: Chism, John, 1859-06-01NE-SW-14: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15NW-SE-14: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15NE-SE-14: Thruston, William, 1856-01-15
SW-SW-14: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15SE-SW-14: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15SW-SE-14: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15SE-SE-14: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15
NW-NW-13: Thruston, William, 1856-01-15NE-NW-13: Gould, William, 1858-01-15NW-NE-13: Gould, William, 1858-01-15NE-NE-13: Gould, William, 1858-01-15
SW-NW-13: Gould, William, 1858-01-15SE-NW-13: Gould, William, 1858-01-15SW-NE-13: Gould, William, 1857-04-15SE-NE-13: Robinson, Frederick E., 1841-11-10
NW-SW-13: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15NE-SW-13: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15NW-SE-13: Gould, William, 1857-04-15NE-SE-13: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10
SW-SW-13: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15SE-SW-13: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15SW-SE-13: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15SE-SE-13: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10
NW-NW-19: No informationNE-NW-19: No informationNW-NE-19: Rains, Henry, 1856-01-15 +NE-NE-19: Denton, Andrew J., 1859-08-01
SW-NW-19: No informationSE-NW-19: No informationSW-NE-19: No informationSE-NE-19: Byler, Jacob, 1836-06-15
NW-SW-19: Arledge, Carey P., 1859-06-01NE-SW-19: Rains, Henry, 1856-01-15NW-SE-19: White, Williamson, 1859-08-01NE-SE-19: Rains, Henry, 1856-01-15
SW-SW-19: Arledge, Carey P., 1859-06-01SE-SW-19: No informationSW-SE-19: Rains, Henry, 1856-01-15SE-SE-19: No information
NW-NW-20: Rains, Henry, 1856-01-15NE-NW-20: No informationNW-NE-20: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10NE-NE-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10
SW-NW-20: Rains, Henry, 1856-01-15SE-NW-20: No informationSW-NE-20: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10SE-NE-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10
NW-SW-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NE-SW-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NW-SE-20: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10NE-SE-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10
SW-SW-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SE-SW-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SW-SE-20: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10SE-SE-20: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10
NW-NW-21: Holtzwart, Charles F., 1840-01-10NE-NW-21: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NW-NE-21: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10NE-NE-21: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10
SW-NW-21: Angelrodt, Ernest C., 1840-01-10SE-NW-21: Bertelmann, Carl, 1840-01-10SW-NE-21: Warfield, Charles A., 1840-01-10SE-NE-21: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10
NW-SW-21: Kropff, Caspar, 1840-01-10NE-SW-21: Kropff, Caspar, 1840-01-10NW-SE-21: Rains, John, 1859-08-01NE-SE-21: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10
SW-SW-21: Rains, John P., 1859-06-01SE-SW-21: Angelrodt, Ernest C., 1840-01-10SW-SE-21: Block, Eleazor, 1840-01-10SE-SE-21: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10
NW-NW-22: Letchworth, Jacob C., 1859-06-01NE-NW-22: No informationNW-NE-22: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01NE-NE-22: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01
SW-NW-22: Fletcher, Thompson, 1859-08-01SE-NW-22: No informationSW-NE-22: Howard, Lot, 1859-06-01SE-NE-22: Mariott, William, 1858-01-15
NW-SW-22: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01NE-SW-22: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01NW-SE-22: Mariott, William, 1858-01-15NE-SE-22: Mariott, William, 1858-01-15
SW-SW-22: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01SE-SW-22: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01SW-SE-22: Mariott, Thomas C., 1858-01-15SE-SE-22: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01
NW-NW-23: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15NE-NW-23: Letchworth, Joseph H., 1858-01-15NW-NE-23: Marriott, William, 1859-06-01NE-NE-23: Moore, Ezra B., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-23: Mariott, William, 1858-01-15SE-NW-23: Mariott, William, 1859-06-01SW-NE-23: Marriott, William, 1859-06-01SE-NE-23: Moore, Ezra B., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-23: Mariott, William, 1858-01-15NE-SW-23: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01NW-SE-23: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01NE-SE-23: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-23: Gamble, Robert L., 1859-06-01SE-SW-23: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01SW-SE-23: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01SE-SE-23: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-24: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15NE-NW-24: Tutt, William J., 1858-01-15NW-NE-24: Hulett, Rice, 1858-01-15NE-NE-24: Hewlett, Rice, 1859-06-01
SW-NW-24: Moore, Ezra B., 1859-06-01SE-NW-24: Hulett, Rice, 1858-01-15SW-NE-24: Hulett, Rice, 1857-04-15SE-NE-24: Hulett, Rice, 1857-04-15
NW-SW-24: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01NE-SW-24: Hulett, Rice, 1858-01-15NW-SE-24: Hulett, Rice, 1858-01-15NE-SE-24: Brim, Daniel, 1857-04-15
SW-SW-24: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01SE-SW-24: Hulett, Rice, 1858-01-15SW-SE-24: Brim, Daniel, 1858-01-15SE-SE-24: Brim, Daniel, 1857-04-15
NW-NW-30: Crisp, Atlanta A., 1859-08-01NE-NW-30: Crisp, Atlanta A., 1859-08-01NW-NE-30: No informationNE-NE-30: No information
SW-NW-30: Crisp, Atlanta A., 1859-08-01SE-NW-30: Crisp, Atlanta A., 1859-08-01SW-NE-30: Crisp, Atlanta A., 1859-08-01SE-NE-30: Coonce, George, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-30: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01NE-SW-30: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01NW-SE-30: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01NE-SE-30: Hutcherson, George W., 1857-04-15
SW-SW-30: Southwell, Charles, 1859-06-01SE-SW-30: Southwell, Charles, 1859-06-01SW-SE-30: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01SE-SE-30: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01
NW-NW-29: No informationNE-NW-29: No informationNW-NE-29: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10NE-NE-29: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10
SW-NW-29: Coonce, George, 1859-06-01SE-NW-29: Coonce, George, 1859-06-01SW-NE-29: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10SE-NE-29: Johnson, Arthur L.; Johnson, Charles D. W.; Wright, Uriel; Wright, William, 1840-01-10
NW-SW-29: Nash, Ira; Saling, Peter, 1840-01-10NE-SW-29: Coonce, George, 1859-06-01NW-SE-29: Coonce, George, 1859-06-01NE-SE-29: White, Richard, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-29: Nash, Ira; Saling, Peter, 1840-01-10SE-SW-29: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01SW-SE-29: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01SE-SE-29: White, Richard, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-28: Rains, John P., 1859-06-01NE-NW-28: Duncan, Cary K., 1840-01-10NW-NE-28: Holtzwart, Frederick, 1840-01-10NE-NE-28: White, Joseph, 1857-04-15
SW-NW-28: Duncan, Cary K., 1840-01-10SE-NW-28: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01SW-NE-28: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01SE-NE-28: McFarland, James, 1840-01-10
NW-SW-28: Rains, William F., 1857-04-15NE-SW-28: Rains, William F., 1857-04-15NW-SE-28: Marriott, David, 1857-04-15NE-SE-28: Burlingham, William, 1859-08-01
SW-SW-28: Rains, William F., 1857-04-15SE-SW-28: Rains, William F., 1857-04-15SW-SE-28: Marriott, David, 1857-04-15SE-SE-28: Odell, Jeremiah C., 1837-11-02
NW-NW-27: Ritchie, Milas L., 1859-06-01NE-NW-27: Murray, Andrew, 1859-08-01NW-NE-27: Graham, James, 1859-06-01NE-NE-27: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-27: No informationSE-NW-27: No informationSW-NE-27: Graham, James, 1859-06-01SE-NE-27: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-27: Yale, Barbee B.; Yale, John, 1840-01-10NE-SW-27: Mariott, David, 1859-06-01NW-SE-27: Graham, James, 1859-06-01NE-SE-27: Graham, James, 1859-06-01
SW-SW-27: Yale, Barbee B.; Yale, John, 1840-01-10SE-SW-27: Blain, Emeline S., 1857-04-15SW-SE-27: Graham, James, 1859-06-01SE-SE-27: Graham, James, 1859-06-01
NW-NW-26: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01NE-NW-26: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01NW-NE-26: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01NE-NE-26: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-26: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01SE-NW-26: Marriott, Thomas C., 1859-06-01SW-NE-26: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01SE-NE-26: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-26: Graham, James, 1859-06-01NE-SW-26: Graham, James, 1859-06-01NW-SE-26: Sisco, John W., 1859-08-01NE-SE-26: Sisco, John W., 1859-08-01
SW-SW-26: Shadrick, Joseph, 1859-06-01SE-SW-26: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28SW-SE-26: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28SE-SE-26: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28
NW-NW-25: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01NE-NW-25: Robinson, William, 1859-06-01NW-NE-25: No informationNE-NE-25: No information
SW-NW-25: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01SE-NW-25: Atkinson, Andrew J., 1859-06-01SW-NE-25: Fisher, Stephen H., 1859-06-01SE-NE-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15
NW-SW-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15NE-SW-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15NW-SE-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15NE-SE-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15
SW-SW-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15SE-SW-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15SW-SE-25: McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15SE-SE-25: Major, Samuel C.; McCoy, James W., 1856-01-15
NW-NW-31: Southwell, Charles, 1859-06-01NE-NW-31: Southwell, Charles, 1859-06-01NW-NE-31: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01NE-NE-31: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01
SW-NW-31: No informationSE-NW-31: No informationSW-NE-31: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01SE-NE-31: Crisp, William R., 1859-08-01
NW-SW-31: No informationNE-SW-31: No informationNW-SE-31: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01NE-SE-31: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01
SW-SW-31: Southwell, William, 1859-06-01SE-SW-31: Southwell, William, 1859-06-01SW-SE-31: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01SE-SE-31: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01
NW-NW-32: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01NE-NW-32: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01NW-NE-32: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01NE-NE-32: Bowers, Reese B., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-32: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01SE-NW-32: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01SW-NE-32: Crisp, Hersillia G., 1859-08-01SE-NE-32: Bowers, Reese B., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-32: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01NE-SW-32: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01NW-SE-32: Crisp, Hersillia G., 1859-08-01NE-SE-32: Bowers, Rees B., 1859-06-01
SW-SW-32: Crisp, Perseus R., 1859-08-01SE-SW-32: Bradbury, Thomas, 1859-06-01SW-SE-32: Crisp, Hersillia G., 1859-08-01SE-SE-32: Marriott, David, 1859-08-01
NW-NW-33: Bowers, Reese B., 1859-06-01NE-NW-33: Bowers, Reese B., 1859-06-01NW-NE-33: Marriott, David, 1857-04-15NE-NE-33: Brewer, Gilbert, 1859-06-01
SW-NW-33: Bowers, Reese B., 1859-06-01SE-NW-33: Bowers, Reese B., 1859-06-01SW-NE-33: Lynes, Hamlin, 1859-08-01SE-NE-33: Brewer, Gilbert, 1859-06-01
NW-SW-33: Bowers, Rees B., 1859-06-01NE-SW-33: Marriott, Samuel, 1859-08-01NW-SE-33: Marriott, Samuel, 1859-08-01NE-SE-33: Marriott, Samuel, 1859-08-01
SW-SW-33: Marriott, David, 1859-08-01SE-SW-33: Marriott, Samuel, 1859-08-01SW-SE-33: Mariott, John, 1859-06-01SE-SE-33: Meriott, John, 1857-04-15
NW-NW-34: Blakeslee, Nelson, 1859-06-01NE-NW-34: White, Joseph, 1859-06-01NW-NE-34: Hannon, John T., 1841-11-10NE-NE-34: White, Joseph, 1859-06-01
SW-NW-34: White, Richard, 1857-04-15SE-NW-34: Crosswhite, Golding, 1848-05-10SW-NE-34: Crosswhite, Golding, 1848-05-10SE-NE-34: Thruston, William R., 1843-04-01
NW-SW-34: Marriott, John, 1859-06-01NE-SW-34: Williams, Edmond, 1859-08-01NW-SE-34: Crosswhite, William D., 1856-01-15NE-SE-34: McFarland, Jacob H., 1840-01-10
SW-SW-34: Meriott, John, 1857-04-15SE-SW-34: Marriott, John, 1859-06-01SW-SE-34: Marriott, John, 1859-06-01SE-SE-34: Waterman, John F., 1859-08-01
NW-NW-35: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28NE-NW-35: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28NW-NE-35: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28NE-NE-35: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01
SW-NW-35: Shadrick, Joseph, 1903-02-28SE-NW-35: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01SW-NE-35: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01SE-NE-35: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01
NW-SW-35: Hutcherson, George, 1857-04-15NE-SW-35: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01NW-SE-35: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01NE-SE-35: Reed, Norman, 1856-01-15
SW-SW-35: Hutcherson, George, 1857-04-15SE-SW-35: Hutcherson, George, 1857-04-15SW-SE-35: Reed, Norman, 1859-06-01SE-SE-35: Reed, Norman, 1856-01-15
NW-NW-36: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01NE-NW-36: Merritt, Thomas, 1859-06-01NW-NE-36: Merritt, Thomas, 1857-04-15NE-NE-36: Merritt, Thomas, 1857-04-15
SW-NW-36: Irvin, John M., 1859-06-01SE-NW-36: Merritt, Thomas, 1859-06-01SW-NE-36: Merritt, Thomas, 1859-06-01SE-NE-36: Merritt, William, 1857-04-15
NW-SW-36: Reed, Norman, 1856-01-15NE-SW-36: Gunn, Andrew J., 1897-08-16NW-SE-36: Marriott, William, 1861-06-05NE-SE-36: Merritt, William, 1857-04-15
SW-SW-36: Reed, Norman, 1859-06-01SE-SW-36: Gunn, Andrew J., 1897-08-16SW-SE-36: Marriott, William, 1859-06-01SE-SE-36: Rowe, Joseph, 1858-01-15
Colors indicate the decade in which the earliest patent was issued.
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School land School land
Click on the county map to view a different township.Mouse over the township map to see names and dates; click to view the details for each section.Under the General Land Ordinance of 1785, Section 16 of each township was set aside to support public schools. The records of the disposition of school lands are in the Missouri State Archives and are not available online.