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Sources of Farm Income.

The sources of income for the average Morgan county farm include both grain and live stock. Wheat represents about the only grain crop sold direct. Corn, oats and hay crops are fed on the farms.

From the timbered sections in the southern part of the county there are sold each year thousands of railroad ties, also large quantities of hardwood lumber.

Alfalfa has been tried out, generally in a small way, in forty-six school districts of the county. The entire alfalfa acreage is placed at 593 acres. Practically all of this has been seeded during the last four years.


Parts of the county are well adapted to the growing of fruits. Reports show 1,045 farms having small family orchards. There are no large commercial orchards in the county, and only one or two containing five or more acres. Spraying has not come into general use. In thirty-one districts of the county there was still some open range for live stock, but practically all of this is in the southern section.

The poultry industry is one of the large sources of income for the county. The, survey shows an average of 109 chickens on the farm, and the number of chickens raised, per farm, during the year is placed at 119. On farms where turkeys were raised the report shows an average of 28, but is indefinite as to the number of farm women who raised turkeys.

Taking the farms of the county as a whole, the largest number of eggs gathered during any one day averaged 71 per farm. Eggs sold during the year brought $77,088, an average of about $1,000 to the school district, according to the reports of the pupils. Sales of butter and cream (and in more than ninety per cent of these reports butter rather than cream is considered) averaged $152.27 per district for the year.

Most of the honey is consumed on the farms where produced, yet a small per cent finds its way to the local markets.

The number of hogs butchered on Morgan county farms averages 4 per family. Of the farmers reporting, 898 provide enough meat for their own use, but 286 depend upon buying some meat. There are no reports on this question from other farm homes in the county. Less than ten per cent of the farmers have a surplus of bacon to sell. Where pork products of
Modern school building, church and playground in thriving little town of Stover.
Modern school building, church and 
playground in thriving little town of Stover.
[p.30] any kind are sold, bacon and "side meat" and fresh sausage make up the bulk. Beef clubs supply fresh meat to many farm homes during the summer season.


Missouri State Board of Agriculture Monthly Bulletin Vol. XIV, No. 2 (February, 1916): A Rural Survey of Morgan County Missouri. Digital version 2001 Peter Binkley; permission to reproduce for non-commercial purposes is granted.