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The Missouri State Board of Agriculture herewith presents a "different" country life investigation in the form of a "taking stock" of a county by its own people.

The facts are carefully and thoughtfully edited and presented without effort to arrive at special conclusion, with open mind, frank summing up of a Missouri county.

So far as the writer has seen or read, this bulletin is unique and indeed "different." It may mark a somewhat new departure in country life surveys. No effort is made to conceal or to emphasize any feature of the county—facts as they existed were sought out without fear or favor.

Seldom (if ever) in Missouri have so many individuals had a part and portion in the writing of a localized bulletin, for every district school and so nearly every rural pupil in Morgan county contributed to the gathering of the data and the information.

No partiality was shown in the selection of county, for no other county offered or suggested such a thing, and for two years or more this work has been in contemplation and preparation since Morgan "volunteered."

A vast amount of work—a labor of love—this has been to one and all to whom credit is given in the text. To Mr. W. L. Nelson is due much individual consideration for his large share in the making of this bulletin, which is not simply of Morgan county alone, but rather of country life in Missouri, the "Land of Opportunity" and practical progress.

Does not every county in Missouri need such a bulletin? Does not Missouri need a condensed handbook or bulletin that summarizes and localizes every county truly and correctly, telling what the homeseeker and investor should learn, setting forth the remarkable state opportunities for home building and real estate advancement? Does not Missouri need a bulletin telling how this commonwealth won against the world in international battle for honors at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco? Does not Missouri need a bulletin that portrays the beauty, health, opportunity for growing live stock, developing dairy farming, and general agriculture in the Ozarks of this Center State? Does not Missouri need a bulletin setting forth the advantages of using Missouri-mined, Missouri-grown, Missouri-made products? Does not Missouri need a bulletin or bulletins that include directories of the breeders of the sev- [p.6] eral lines of pure-bred live stock, that the world may know where and of whom to buy the best that's grown in America?

Again suggesting that you carefully file and keep your copies of this monthly bulletin series, owing to the limited supply printed, please permit the concluding phrase of

Yours pleasantly,

[Jewell Mayes signature]


Missouri State Board of Agriculture,

112-124 Agriculture Building, Columbia, Mo.


Missouri State Board of Agriculture Monthly Bulletin Vol. XIV, No. 2 (February, 1916): A Rural Survey of Morgan County Missouri. Digital version © 2001 Peter Binkley; permission to reproduce for non-commercial purposes is granted.