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National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Ozark Mountain Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution
P. O. Box 4123 GS
Springfield, MO 65808

The Ozark Mountain Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution meets the third Saturday of each month (except August) at 12:00 noon with lunch served, at Mrs. O'Mealey's Cafeteria, 210 E. Sunshine, Springfield, MO. Wives and guests and CARs are welcome.

Contact David Appleby, President, P.O. Box 158, Ozark, MO 65721
phone (417) 581-2411 (day); (417) 725-2727 (evening); (417) 724-2411 (FAX);

Ozark Mountain Chapter Officers for 1998

President: David Appleby

Vice-President: Mel McNeal

Secretary: William M. Bishop

Registrar/Genealogist: Gary Bishop

Sergeant at Arms: Lem Compton

Chancellor: John Hulston

Chaplain: Seth Caperton

Treasurer: Samuel Fields

Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR E-Mail Directory

David Appleby:

Gary Bishop:

William M. Bishop:

Lem Compton:

Glenn Gohr:

Robert L. Grover:

Lyndon Irwin:

Keith Johnston:

Gerald McCoy:

Mel McNeal:

Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR Member Web Pages

Glenn Gohr's Genealogy Page

Lyndon Irwin's Genealogy Page

Chapter Projects

One of the biggest projects that Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR has been involved with over the last two years is the MOSSAR Linked Lineage Data Base which is a part of the NSSAR Patriot Index Project (A CD-ROM index of Revolutionary War Patriots and their lineal descendants down to approved applicants of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution) which was completed in the summer of 1998.

We are proud that this project was spearheaded by our own Compatriot Gary E. Bishop. Out of the volunteers who entered the information on the database for the MOSSAR Linked Lineage Data Base, 5 of these were our own chapter members: Gary E. Bishop, Mel McNeal, Gerald McCoy, Lemuel Compton, and Glenn Gohr. Many thanks to Gary and these other inviduals who spent countless hours transcribing information from original SAR applications dating from 1889 to the present. For more information on the MOSSAR Linked Lineage Data Base, see the article that Gary included in the Missouri Compatriot magazine at:

Another ongoing activity of our chapter is the color guard. Four of our members, Robert Grover, Mel McNeal, Gerald McCoy, and Glenn Gohr, each have uniforms from the Revolutionary War period. Bob Grover is a dual member and is a co-chairman of the MOSSAR color guard. He is also the Executive Vice President of MOSSAR for the 1998-1999 term. These uniforms have been worn at various parades and other functions. In recent months the chapter color guard has given several talks about the American Revolution to grade school children in Springfield and has served as the color guard for one of the SMSU Lady Bears games. We hope to participate in more activities like this in the coming months. The chapter color guard is also participating in MOSSAR color guard events as well. See the Ozark Mountain Chapter Color Guard Activities Page and the MOSSAR Color Guard Page for more information:

Still another important project is the organizing of a local society of the Children of the American Revolution. Membership is open to any child from birth to age 21 who can trace their lineage back to someone who rendered assistance to the American troops during the American Revolution. The local C.A.R. society meets 4 times a year at the McDonald's on Battlefield Rd. next to the Battlefield Mall. The chartering ceremony is slated to take place in February of 1999. Pending N.S.C.A.R. approval, the local society will be known as the William Freeman Society C.A.R. after local patriot, William Freeman, who is buried in the Springfield National Cemetery. The liaison for the local C.A,R, chapter is Compatriot Gerald McCoy:

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