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Vessels Family Letters


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Vessels Family Letters

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Pat Bishop Obrist writes:

These letters are priceless! I took some time to check on the folks mentioned in Mary A. VESSEL'S letter (called Letter #1), and figured out who most of them were. I could not get Levy C. Vessels wife.

See below:

we are all getting well at present but Levy C. Vessels his wife is sick and has been for three months and we do not think she ever will get well and tell Selvester Moore that Joseph Miles [** Joseph Benedict Miles **] is dead. (HOW is he related to Sylvester: kin? friend?) an tell Rosa Manning that Eddy Moore's wife[**Ann Elizabeth Layton**] is dead and tell Vince Tucker that his father [**John W. Tucker**] is dead 

truly friend. Mary A. Vessels.



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