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Vessels Family Letters


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Vessels Family Letters

Contributed by Darrell Vessell 


The following 6 letters are copies of letters sent from brother's and sister-inlaws of Priscilla Vessell Brown. Who with her husband Thomas Brown moved to Texas about 1850. They contain information about several Perry County families. Priscilla Vessell Brown was the daughter of Charles Vessell and Catherine Howard who were both born in Maryland. The spelling and grammar are as written. The first letter is from my G-G Grandmother telling her sister-in law of the death of my G-G Grandfather. The original letters are in the State of Texas.

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Letter One:

Perry Co. Mo.
April the 20th 1866

My Dear Brother and Sister I take my pen in hand to let you know the misfortune we have had this spring. Your dear brother is dead. George W. Vesels died February 21th He had not been well since last harvest.  He was taken bad on monday and died on wednesday at eight o'clock, he had priest and doctor with him the day before and we have had two hi masses said for him and please all pray for him. I have settled all the debts and affairs except what the estate owes you and I wish if you please you would send me your note and I will send you your money.

I don't know how much it is owed I would send it now. He has left me plenty to live on. thank you. We have all been sick nearly all fall and winter. but we are all getting well at present but Levy C. Vessels his wife is sick and has been for three months and we do not think she ever will get well and tell Selvester Moore that Joseph Miles is dead an tell Rosa Manning that Eddie Moore's wife is dead and tell Vince Tucker that his father is dead and there has been so many deaths this fall and winter it is to teagest to tell all their names. I hope there has not been so many deaths in Texas and Hilers family is all well and Rosella (???)ilen we have not heard from her for months.  We have a very  fine spring, we have planted one field of corn. The two girls send your girls their best love and respect and tell their Aunt they would like to see her, as you know they don't remember her. I must bring my letter to a close by telling you to write to me as soon as you get this letter but I will send you a peace of his vale and his hair remember.  truly friend. 

Mary A. Vessels.

Letter Two:

Perryville Perry County Missouri 
March the 29th. AD 1860

Dear kusins

I received your letter on the 8th day of March which gave me great pleasure to here from you. And now I take the oppertunity of writing to you to inform of our present situation and health at home. We are all well at present but Wilson has been very bad sick since you have been gone. He was taken sick a week after you left home, and I thought he might die most any time. I sent for the Doctor and Priest and he was assisted for death. he was for six days that I thought there was no posible hope for his getting well. and I saw a great deal of trouble and uneaseros with him. But he has recovered his Health and strenth again. Mr. John Brown has gone after six weeks troubles with him his son John came after him and I suppose he is getting well again. the weather is very pleasent here at this time. and the boys are all in the bottom a plowing and sowing of Oats. Our affairs at home are all a going on rite at present. You need not suffer with any uneasiness about them. But I would be glad to see you if you could get your Broud out and come home.  Catherine Flynn says she would be thankful to you if you would inquire in to what circumstance her Uncle Cota has left his family. So no more at present.

Remaining yours Truly.

Mary Ann Vessels & George W. Vessels

Letter Three:

Perryville Mo. May 29 1854
Thomas Brown

Dear Sir:

Received your letter of the 18th. May. I was very much pleased to hear from your friend. It is with great pleasure and affection of this reply to your effationate letter. My family are well and living in Bois Brull bottom at the old Kennison place. The hand of unwelcome death has delined us of your friend Dr. Robinson who departed this life about thest. of March last. Requiescut in Paci. His widow began to look again.  No doubt hist she will get Married again. Sister Alodier lives in Hardinsburg, Kentucky, she also told me that she had seen several of her cousins who she did not know before. She was well.I am much oblogead you for your affection for me in soliciliy me to accompony you to Texas, and shall when I think of you in after times with the deepest emotions, Circumstance are here incumbent upon us in such a manner that I can not propely count. I want to aid and assist you in the toils and fatigues of your journey to Texas. You say that pensions are scarce in your country, they are not more scarce than will you than with us here, Your Uncle Thomas Rurey filled the important seat this last session in the House of Repersentive as Repersetive of our county. He acquitted himself in a like manner. Andrew Holster has not gone to Texas, he lives oppsite to the Dick Howard spring, Washington & Hillary are both well and are living, Washington is living at the same old place, and Hillary is living at the Frank farm. John Ireland & Rosella are living in Illanois about 8 miles back of Chester xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Varice Riney died last week from the comsumption, he was lingering some weeks. We all wish to be remembered by you My wife is well at present and sends you togather with an daughters their best and sincere affections.

Your Most affection 

Brother Clement Vessels

Letter Four:

Well my Dear Nephews James, Robert and William, Erastus and Bearnard.

I hope it will not be very long before I shall have the pleasure of seeing some of you as it is not very impressive travling at present and as you could see many of your friends and famlies of modouran myself I shall be delighted to see you, as I have near at hand this of living one of nephews or yet with nephews of James whom he has a bayby. I find him a nice looking boy. And I am shoure I should be delighted to see him now. I hope you are all good and obediant boys to your parents. And if you are you will desire the grace on a friendship of God. you will be the joy and consolation of your parents, a comfort and to each other and I hope you have a school near you and if you have I beg you to appreciate it. Your Sister Mary AllodiaI hist say a forward to my dear little nieces though I know they are allgood children. I hope you have all made your first communing if not I know you are preparing to do so as you are living near a chure be good you know god loves those that love him be obediant to your parents, go often to confession and at the hour of your death you will be that sweet and consoling word of your savior. you have been good in life come with me to heaven, what a comfort it will be for us then to see love and enjoy the presence of the holy souls for all eternity. I hope you will write me seasonally as it will give me much pleasure to hear from you often. I incloses some pictures I to find.  Those of your parents, but I have not been able to secure them. I am well pleased with all of your will often think of me and pray for me.  And be assured you all have a part in my poor prayers.

I remain Yours 

Sister Mary Allondia

Letter Five:

Well dear Brother and Sister:

I have not lost all hope yet of seeing you both. I should be really delighted to see you both once more in life if it was the holy will of God if not I must be resigned to his holy will. Well I must say a fews words about S. Mary Allondia her heralth is not very good at present as you know I am pretty far advanced in years. I think I am something fleshier than I was when you saw me last year ways was affected wha the handshake I have it yet, but I must say I suffer from my feet at present than I do from my head. I have had two severe attacks of newpnonia. I thought the time had arrived for me to be numbered among the dead. The good and fond father of pleased to grant me a few months more to prepare myself for that awful moment. I beg of you all not to

forget to pray for our dear brothers and sisters that are dead. You know our dear little was not beside she assilane Holy death. I must say I feel disre of heal dear children as living with their Uncle. I do not know if they have been baptised. I hear from her daughter after day that say she is a good child. She is going to school to McFlurdick poor orphans. I feel responsible for her. I hope God will protect her and preserve her from all my fortuns. I have some thought of asking permission to pray a vesit to St.Janevieve then I should have an opportunioty of seeing some of them I should do it in this next vacation. If I have the means to pay my expenses oftraveling but i must have patience and trust in provience. Well I think you must have to excuse all mistakes as my eyes are very weak. I hope the next time I write I shall have somethiong of more than I have at present.  

I hope you will write me soon. I have the chance to remain your affectionate sister till death.

Sister Mary Allondia

Letter Six: 

April the 20th 1855

Dear Brother and Sister

I received your letter April the 3 which give me great satisfaction to here that you was all well and satisfied and has not forgotten me yet I have nothing of importance to write to you only that we are all well at present hoping these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing. we have had a very long and tegious winter but now every thing looks quite flurishing the prospect appears quite faverable for a good crop season last year crops was very indiferent good horses is worth here from fifty to eighty dollars. ?????? is worth fifty dollars cows and calves is worth from fifteen to twenty dollars Wheat is worth one dollar and seventy five cents per bushel corn is worth seventy five cts.  per bushel --- bushel oats is worth fifty cts per bushel---- Well now I will commence another subject there is none of our relations that has married or died lately except Harriet Vessels Eligas daughter she married last winter to a man by the name of Jeramiah Williams and was taken sick and she died one month after she married. Brother Washington and family is well John Ireland and family is well.John Williams Cox and Susan Cox parted last fall I judge they will never live together again as he has suied for divource.Surrelda Crips maried John Edwards they are living in the bottom and are doing tolerable well. Melvina Flynn lives with James Hurrel. Sister Mary Aladia is now at Cape Gerideau convent and was well the last time I received a letter from her. Old Uncle Richard Howard and his wife and Josiah and his wife and two of his other sons Charles and Aloysus paid me a visit fall before last and are all in good health and the old man talked of coming to see Texas Now I have told you all I know about our relation.  It is time now to talk about work I just finished planting corn yesterday and are resting today. These people you spoke of in your letter to me that moved to Texas and are coming back again gives Texas a dreadful name but I think they did not stay long enough to know whether they liked or not I have no doubts but I should like Texas if I was thare but I think as I have a farm in old Missouri and can make a good living I had better stay here as I live handy to Church, Mill and market and can get a good price for everything we make to sell. Daniel Meradith has just started his saw and grips mill at the Strickland Fourd and it is supposed it will do good bisness. I still live on the saim place I lived when you left here.

Washington lives at the saim place he did. John Ireland lives on George Vessels place in the bottom times is very healthy now more so that I ever saw it this season of the year thare has been very little winter fever this spring.I Think this is a going to bea great spring fruit year the propect looks faverable for it now at this time tell James that I received his letter he wrote to me sometime ago and I did not answer it he must not think hard but write again. I will answer the next one. I would have liked to of taken new years with you all very well tho we got the news to late but I rather take it hear with you all in this cutry write to me as soon as you can me and my family sends our compliments to you and family and to all our relations and inquiring friends So nothing more at present but still remaining your Brother and Sister until death.

Hillary Vessels

Monica Vessels



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