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Pettis County, Missouri

Taken from a larger compilation by Homer R. Ficken

Pettis County Soldiers in the
Benton County Missouri Home Guards
(German Regiment, Missouri Volunteers)

June 13 - Sept 13, 1861

Name-----Rank----Company---Age---Birthplace----Residence-----Roster Notes-----Pension Data-----Death Date

Bahner, Edward--Pvt--F--26--Rhineland--Pettis Co--pension 1904--died 1909
Brandt, Claus--Sgt--B--55--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1872
Brauer, John Henry--Pvt--F--31--Hanover--Pettis Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1904
Bruehl, Carl--Cpt--F--40--Rhineland--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle
Bruehl, Christian--Pvt--F--28--Rhineland--Pettis Co--pension 1904--died 1919
Bruehl, John Gerlach--LtCol--F--58--Rhineland--Pettis Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1878
Brünjes, Claus--Pvt--B--46--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Eichholz, Christian--Pvt--A--19--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension applic 1889 (5th MSM) denied--living 1913
Eichholz, Ferdinand--Pvt--F--42--Nassau--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1880
Ficken, George--Pvt--F--36--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1908 Ness Co, Kansas
Gäde, Henry--Pvt--F--24--Germany--Pettis Co--"Lost single-bbl gun"--no pension data--fate unknown
Goetze, George L--Pvt--A--14--Pettis Co--Benton Co--pension 1929--died 1935
Goetze, John--Pvt--F--48--Hesse--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1865
Hahn, Daniel--Pvt--F--42--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Harlein, Christian--Pvt--F--42--Germany--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1865 "Harnlein"--died 1860's
Hoehns, Herman--Pvt--F--23--Hanover--Pettis Co--pension 1890 (41st Inf)--died 1902
Imhauser, Henry--2Lt--F--48--Prussia--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--died 1875
Jost, Anton--Pvt--A--21--Rhineland--Pettis Co--pension 1880 (5th MSM "Yost")--fate unknown
Jost, Ferdinand--Pvt--F--27--Rhineland--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--pension 1891 "Yost"--fate unknown
Jost, John Adam--Pvt--F--32--Rhineland--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Klein, Louis--Pvt--F--31--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1902
Knoop, John--Pvt--A--20--Hanover--Pettis Co--pension 1890 "Knop" (5th MSM)--died 1920 Kansas
Mahnken, Diedrich--Pvt--B--18--Hanover--Benton Co--Pettis Co later--pension 1879--died after 1883 Mail, John--2Lt--F--49--Germany--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--no pension data--fate unknown
McFatrich, George--Pvt--B--21--Missouri--Pettis Co--no pension data--killed C.C. battle
McFatrich, William--Pvt--B--22--Missouri--Pettis Co--pension 1890--died 1917
Merkes, Mathias--Pvt--F--31--Prussia--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Momberg, Louis--Pvt--F--46--Hesse--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1900 Kansas City
Monsees, John--Pvt--E--18--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Müller, Peter--Pvt--A--16--Pettis Co--Morgan Co--Enlisted 30th Mo 1862, lost arm 1863, disability 1864 --d 1914 Sedalia
Ringen, Cord--Pvt--F--31--Hanover--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle
Schröder, Christopher--Pvt--F--56--Hanover--Pettis Co--pension 1890 Nebr--fate unknown
Schupp, Carl --Pvt--F--29--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension 1896--living 1913
Schupp, William--Pvt--F--27--Nassau--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1897--died 1896
Simon, Jacob--2Lt--F--42--Nassau--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1862 Boonville
Staus, Jacob--Pvt--F--36--Germany--Pettis Co--widow's pension 1864--killed C.C. battle
Timken, Herman--Pvt--F--26--Hanover--Pettis Co--no pension data--died 1870
Townsley, Channel P--RgtAdj--28--Penn--Pettis Co--pension applic 1891; denied--died 1907 Kansas
Traugott, William--Pvt--B--16--Benton Co--Pettis Co--no pension data--fate unknown
Viets, Claus--Pvt--F--25--Hanover--Pettis Co--"Lost gun valued $8"--no pension data--died 1926
Von Bargen, Henry--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Pettis Co?--pension 1887--died 1924 Franklin Co
Weller, Daniel--Pvt--F--37--Prussia--Pettis Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--fate unknown
Weller, Peter--Pvt--F--42--Prussia--Pettis Co--"Prisoner"--no pension data--died 1908
Weymuth, George--Pvt--F--28--Hesse--Pettis Co--"Disability discharge"--no pension data--died 1897
Zimmerschied, John Adam--Pvt--F--56--Nassau--Pettis Co--(see pension footnote)--died 1860s
Zimmerschied, John Adam--Pvt--A--26--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension 1884--living 1913
Zimmerschied, Louis--Pvt--A--22--Nassau--Pettis Co--pension 1890 (5th MSM)--died ca 1894
Zimmerschied, Philipp--Sgt--F--25--Nassau--Pettis Co--(see footnote)--pension 1900--died 1923

Died in Pettis County:

Clausen, John--Pvt--B--25--Hanover--Benton Co--pension 1890--died 1903 Pettis Co
Kellner, Diedrich--Pvt--C--25--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891 "Kelner"--died 1914 Pettis Co
Leischel, William--Pvt--D--35--Saxony--Benton Co--pension 1884--died 1899 Pettis Co
Lück, Gerlach--Pvt--E--40--Prussia--Morgan Co--pension 1890 "Lueck"--died 1894 Pettis Co
Schlüsing, Henry W--Pvt--A--22--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension 1891--died 1922 Pettis Co
Schlüsing, John F--Pvt--F--17--Hanover--Morgan Co--pension--died 1930 Pettis Co


Brauer, John Henry: Widow's pension 1904 "Henry"; John Henry Brauer on federal service record.
Bruehl, John Gerlach: No pension data; name omitted from roster at own request, per statement on file.
Imhauser, Henry: "Wounded 6-19-61, lost revolver and sword, elected Colonel 7-21-61 and given command of the Regiment." His signature appears on the discharge certificates issued 1864-1865.
Jost, Ferdinand: "Lost trumpet valued $3.50."
Mail, John: "Lost gun valued $14."
Zimmerschied, John A (58): Widow's pension application 1865 and Minor's application 1900, but no certificates listed.
Zimmerschied, Louis: "Lost blanket valued $5."

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