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Pettis County, Missouri


Sedalia Township, Section 14. South on New York Avenue to 40th Street, turn east. Pass Goodwill Chapel Road on the right and then cross a small stream known as Breakfast Brook. A lane will appear on the north side of 40th St. just after passing the branch, take a left into it and go to the end. The cemetery is ne of a shed structure. If you reach Marshall, you've passed it.

Like Rabourn and Abell cemeteries, this cemetery has too many surnames to just be a farm cemetery. I don't know who named this the "Allcorn Cemetery" but thats unlikely to be its name. The oldest burials are Gunnells and then Dumsdays...Harriet Dumsday married W. S. Allcorn, and then the Allcorns appear, but the majority of interments are Dumsdays. Speddens are earlier than the Allcorns also.

This recording appears in Mrs. J. R. Carter's first book of Pettis County cemetery recordings, but its not her recording. Haven't seen this style elsewhere in Mrs. Carter's work (changed here to comply with accepted standards). Likely she gathered it up among things already done before she started her quest to record the county's rural cemeteries, while the other ladies of the DAR worked on Crown Hill. GCW

Allcorn, Charles C.; 1888 - 1918

Allcorn, Harriett, wife of W. S.; died 1868 - aged 38y

Allcorn, Lottie, wife of G. E.; 1886 - 1912

Allcorn, Martha; 1847 - 1924

Dorris, Wm. B.; 1868 - 1879

Dumsday, Abigail, wife of Wm.; died 1863 - aged 52y

Dumsday, Alcy; 1835 - 1859

Dumsday, Alonzo Leander; died 1874 - aged 2y

Dumsday, Amanda Victoria; died 1875 - aged 10m

Dumsday, Archey, son of G. W. & L. D.; died 1873 - aged 11m

Dumsday, Charles E., son of G. W. & L. D.; 1870 - 1886

Dumsday, Dorothy; died 1884 - aged 78y

Dumsday, George W.; 1838 - 1918 - aged 80y

Dumsday, Gertrude A., dau of W. S. & M.; died 1873 - aged 3y

Dumsday, James B.; 1856 - 1858

Dumsday, Leonora D., wife of G. W.; died 1873 - aged 32y

Dumsday, Nancy E., wife of G. W.; died 1878 - aged 29y

Dumsday, William; died 1911 - aged 78y

Enos, Nancy, wife of Abner; Dec 10, 1850 - Aug 25, 1873 - age 22y

Franklin, Joel; 1829 - 1895

Franklin, Laura, dau of J. & A.; died 1880 - aged 14y

Gunnell, Lizzie, dau of T. & M.; died 1852 - aged 2y

Gunnell, Manlius, son of T. A. & M. W.; died 1854 - aged 9m

Hathaway, Millie, wife of Richard; 1806 - 1879

Hathaway, Richard; died 1866 - aged 60y

Humphrey, Givens, son of W. M. & Katie B.; 1890 - 1891

Magoffin, Manlius, 2nd son of Beriah & M. A.; 1873 - 1876

Patterson, J. S.; (stone broken) died 1876 - aged 29y

Paxton, Henry; 1860 - 1913

Ransdell, Alonzo E., son of B. F. & M.; b 1873 - d aged 6m

Ransdell, Benjamin F.; 1838 - 1879

Ransdell, Lewis, son of B. F. & M.; died 1866 - aged 2y

Ransdell, Richard W., son of B. F. & M.; died aged 7

Reeves, Alvin A.

Reeves, Bessie, dau of....

Reeves, Reuben A.

Reeves, Shelton D.; CO H, I US R G MO HQ

Singleton, Mary Edward, wife of Edwin L,; 1830 - 1862

Spedden, Edward T., son of R. R. & M. E.; 1862 - 1863

Spedden, Milton Sherwood, son of R. R. & M. E.; b&d 1845