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Pettis County, Missouri

HAGGARD cemetery

Sedalia Township, Section unknown...but likely 17. By process of elimination, this almost has to be a cemetery marked on the Pettis County map due west of the junction of Limit and Elm Hills Blvd...or, said another way, on the west side of south Hwy 65, about a quarter mile north of Sacajawea. It would be west of the commercial properties fronting Hwy 65. [I stay at a motel near here and questioning locals hasn't turned up a location for this cemetery as yet. GCW]

Recorded by Mrs. J. R. Carter.

Baker, Sara Ann, dau of Jacob & Sarah; d Sept 1, 1858 - age 5m & 1d

Gentry, Almeda M., wife of Joshua; d Nov 3, 1870

Gentry, John M., of Marion Co., Mo.; Aug 22, 1843 - July 13, 1878

Haggard, Americus V., son of Andrew; d Jan 19, 1855 - aged 18y, 11m, & 22d

Haggard, Andrew; Jan 5, 1807 - Mar 1, 1887 [footstone A.H.]

Haggard, Martha E.; d Feb 28 1862 - aged 22y, 5m, & 24d

Haggard, Mary A., wife of Andrew W.; May 26, 1813 - Feb 18, 1886

Haggard, Nettie E., dau of A. L. & Bettie; Aug 6, 1888 - Apr 12, 1890 [footstone N.E.H.]

Haggard, Richard, son of Andrew & Mary Ann; d Dec 23, 1853 - aged 2y

Other footstones recorded as --- S.C.H --- A.F.G --- A.D.H.