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Pettis County, Missouri

The Schlomer & Pilkenton Family of Longwood

Contributed by Dianna Pilkenton Viebrock

Reinhardt Christian Schlomer was born September 1, 1832 and died November 17, 1895. He married Carolina Wilemena Butterwick who was born January 25, 1837 and died June 16, 1918. They lived in the Longwood, Pettis County, MO area most of their lives. At one time they were in KY, as that is where their children were born. The only two that I know of are Charles William Schlomer, born November 25, 1857 in Louisville, KY and Annie Cornelia Schlomer, born May 21, 1865 also in Louisville.

The Schlomer family changed the spelling of their name from Schloemer to Schlomer. This was a common practice among our ancestors. Iím not sure when they did this though. In the St. Paulís German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cooper County, MO it is spelled Schloemer. This is where Charles William Schlomer and Margaret Philipiana Schupp were married in 1888. Their children who were baptized there have their names spelled Schloemer also. In my great grandmotherís Bible it is spelled Schlomer. She was Maude Louise Schlomer, a daughter of Charles and Margaret Schlomer.

Charles William Schlomer and Margaret Philipiana Schupp were married October 31, 1888 in Cooper County, MO as I stated above. She was born August 9, 1865 in Clear Creek Township to Christian S. Schupp and Anna Maria Schupp nee Masel. They were from Germany originally and came to America in 1847. Charles and Margaret Schlomer moved to the Longwood area sometime after their children were born. There are records of them in the Cooper County area while their childen were young, so they must have come to Pettis County somewhere in the early 1900ís. Their children are as follows:

Many of these Schlomers are buried in Longwood Cemetery.

Maude Louise Schlomer married Filo R. Pilkenton on April 10, 1928. He was born September 12, 1881 in Chathom County, NC to Wesley R. Pilkenton and Tempie Mae Perkins. The Pilkenton family moved to Wise County, VA between 1884 and 1885. Filo, his first wife Mary Elizabeth Perkins, and his sister, Rebecca Jane Mullins nee Pilkenton, came to the Pettis County, MO region in the early 1900ís from Pound, VA. Filo and his first wife, Mary, had five children:

    Millard Pilkenton, b. October 3, 1905
    James Veldon Pilkenton, b. October 23, 1908
    Teddie Ray Pilkenton, b. November 13, 1910
    Nena ĎLenaí Pilkenton, b. November 18, 1912
    Nora Pilkenton, b. January 30, 1915

After Maude Schlomer and Filo Pilkenton were married in 1928 they lived at Longwood for a long time. Some of the Pilkentons remained in the Sedalia, Longwood, and Hughesville area for years to come along with many of the Schlomers. Many of them were farmers. Filo and Teddie Pilkenton are also buried in Longwood Cemetery. Many of their descendants are scattered throughout the United States at the present time.