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Pettis County, Missouri


This is a "Stick'm up - Start'm up" page, without a plan...we'll just let your submissions point the way. These scans remain the property of the owners. Use no less than 100 dpi (dots per inch) nor more than 300. A general rule of thumb is 100 dpi for 8X10s, 200 dpi for 5X7s, and 300 dpi for those little contact prints used in the 1920s. Remember, a small blurred photo, when copied, will be a large blurred make sure the photo is sharp to begin with.

To send photos, you just attach the file to an email. If you don't have a scanner, Wal-Mart will scan them for you and record them as .jpg files to a floppy disk that you take along for the purpose. Bring the floppy disk home and send them along. No rules here on content (except maybe old pet pictures are banned). Individual and/or family shots are fine. Unidentified shots of a local event, team, or class are fine.

La Monte Band - 1910

La Monte Central HS Class of 1899 looseleaf:
Page 1, Page 2, & Page 3

La Monte Ladies Group - Circa 1906

La Monte School - Circa 1888-9

La Monte School - Circa 1893-4

Montgomery's Pool Hall - Circa 1920s

Sedalia HS football team - 1916 State Champions

Sedalia HS Seniors in 1916 (need IDs)

Unknown Sedalia area Couple

William Duke Family

William Duke Family #2

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