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Barry Cemetery


A List of Platte Countians Buried There

Names and dates of Platte Countians buried in Barry Cemetery not recorded in Volume 1 of Platte County Cemetery Records. See pages 13, 14, 15 and 16.

According to Mrs. Marguerite Ford Mosby, the Barry Cemetery was founded in 1840, when a three acre plot was purchased from the Chevis and Dooley land near the Platte-Clay County line. Many stones show dates prior to the founding date. In this plot are 800 to 1000 graves, including Indians, slaves and Pioneers. The first Platte Countian buried there was Tucker Williams, who was killed in 1849 while building a cabin on the homestead he had occupied since 1843. He was a great grandfather of Mrs. Mosby, who has surveyed this cemetery twice.

David, b: in Kentucky, 9/26/1806, d: Platte County, 7/8/1870
Tabitha, his wife, 1813-1882 (The Andersons were great-great-grandparents of Mrs. Beulah Vest Hamilton, who submitted their names)

Charley, b: 1910, d: 2/25/1862, son of Mahlon and Agnes
Mahlon, b; 2/1/1875, d: 4/10/1961, husband of Agnes
William, b: 1903, d: 4/1965, son of Mahlon and Agnes

David, b:???, d: 12/11/1863
Rosanna, wife of David, d: 10/1951, age 71 years

Lewis, b: 2/12/1845, d: 12/18/1901

Pearl Williams, wife of Adam Craig, b: ???, d: 1959

Etta Witt, wife of Robert Drennon, b: 6/13/1867, d: 4/14/1953

Nonnie, d: 2/21/1868, age 81 years

Adaline Williams, wife of Walter Ford, b: 1/5/1873, d: 2/27/1958 Arthur Lee, son of Walter and Adaline, b: 5/14/1904, d: 3/27/1958

Givins Mary, b: 1771, d: 8/1865
N. Givins, no dates, husband of Mary

Elizabeth Jacks (Lizzie), wife of Henry Johnson, b: 2/24/1865, d: 11/1957

Raymond W., unmarried, 1904-1953

Rose Williams, 1923-1958

Thomas, killed by overturned tractor, 1891-1959

Pinkie Cox, b: 9/26/1876, d: 1/25/1962

Dora E., b: 10/17/1876, d: 11/24/1953
John E., b: 9/7/1903, d: 2/18/1960, son

Richard, b: 10/22/1895, d: 12/8/1961

Richard, b: 9/6/1934, d: 4/3/1954, killed in car wreck

Mamie B. wife of Robert Samuel, b: 1/5/1873, d: 10/10/1964

Jimmy B., b: 1863, d: 12/25/1955
Roy B., b: 1883, d: 1960
Sally, wife of Roy, b: 1882, d: 1/1/1956

John, no data

Francis, b: 1895, d: 1/1/1955
George, father of Francis, 1861-1949
Virginia Ruth, b: 1924, d: 1932, age 8 years, granddaughter of George

Arthur, b: 3/5/1884, d: 10/3/1954
Edward, b: 1877, d: 3/22/1956
Emmett, b: 4/27/1870, d: 6/8/1964
Gladys, b: 1901, d: 4/1965
Hersie B., b: 1/1871, d: 4/8/1958, wife of Lee, mother of 8 children
J. Waller, b: 4/8/1866, d: 12/8/1952, husband Harriet I. Williams, 12 children
Lee (Leonides), b: 10/14/1865, d: 11/1/1957
Malida, b: 6/29/1881, d: 5/9/1964, wife of Willie A.
Marion, b: 1900, d: 4/13/1960, son of Waller and Harriett
Russell (Shuk), b: 10/2/1895, d: 2/10/1961, son of Ben and Kate
Willie A., b: 10/3/1873, d: 7/27/1959