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Blankenship Family Cemetery


Located in the North part of Platte county, On the Blankenship Farm, Highway E, NE of Skinner Bridge. This farm is the homestead of Sylvester Blankenship, who came from Virginia around 1840. (See Paxton's Annals of Platte County, Missouri, page 705). First survey by Mrs. Rolla St. John, see page 50, Vol. 1, Platte County Cemetery Records. This survey by Mrs. Juanita P. Blankenship 1966. Some duplications.

Alex, son of Sylvester and Ann D. Edson, b: 1855, d: 11/11/1861
Almeda, daughter of Lon and Josephine, b: 1873, d: 10/12/1873
Ann D. Edson, 1st wife of Sylvester, who split 200 rails to buy a postage stamp for a letter to her in Virginia, b:???, d: 1846
Britamart, son of Lon and Josephine, d: 3/8/1880, 12 days old
John R., son of Lon and Josephine, b: 9/22/1877, d: 4/1861
Josephine Endicott, daughter of Doc and Dicie Cartwright, b: 11/9/1849, d: 11/28/1891, wife of Lon Blankenship
Lewis, son of Lon and Josephine, 1886-1937
Lon, son of Sylvester and Margaret, b: 10/17/1849, d: 2/22/1933
Margaret Sims Brown, 2nd wife of Sylvester, b: 1/10/1823, d: 10/12/1881
Matilda, daughter of Sylvester and Ann, d: 7/16/1842
Sylvester, b: 11/1806, d: 3/22/1880
William H., son of Sylvester and Margaret, b: 18542, d: 1912

Tom, son of Margaret S. Brown, d: 1864 in Civil War Battle at Ridgeley

Mary A., wife of John Carnell, daughter of Sylvester and Margaret Blankenship, b: 1863, d: 1885
Walter, son of John and Mary, d: 8/3/1885, age 1 year, 2 months, 28 days

Georgie Bell, daughter of Joseph & Sallie Blankenship, d: 7/10/1880, age 8 months, 11 days

Hattie Blankenship, wife of W. H., b: 8/22/1875, d: 9/10/1901

A relative of Margaret Sims Brown (grave unmarked)