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John and Elizabeth Brenner Memorial Cemetery


Located South of St. Matthews Cemetery, just past the Post Office, on NW Gateway Ave, Riverside, Platte, MO. between NW Florance Ave and NW 47th Terrace, on the West side of NW Gateway Ave.

Brenner, Henry, b: 1789, d: 1863, born in Germany, came with children in 1843
Susanne Brenner, b: 1799, d: 1877

Brenner, John, son of Henry Brenner, b: 1835, d: 1911
Elizabeth Brenner, his wife, b: 1839, d: 1913
Son, Louis F. R., b: 1873, d: 1890
Son, Philip H., b: 1858, d: 1860
Son, Philip M., b: 1870, d: 1973
Son, George B., b: 1876, d: 1917
Son, J. Edward, b: 1887, d: 1937
Daughter, Emma J. Ditzon, b: 1880, d: 1923
Two sons of Emma Ditzon, b: 1914, d: 1918

Maria Magdalene, wife of Peter Brenner, b: 1824, d: 1862
Suzanna Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Brenner, b: 1847, d: 1862
Brenner, Philip, son of Henry Brenner, b: 1838, d: 1881
Catherine, wife of Philip Brenner, b: 1848, d: 1901
Tressler, Susan K., daughter of Philip Brenner, b: 1861, d: 1934

Seeling, Paul H., b: 1910, d: 1930
Steinkamp, Frank, b: 1820, d: 1895
Zimmerman, Joseph b: 1823, d: 1851
Battaglia, Christian, b: 1813, d: 1872

Schoonover, Eliza May B., b: 1880, d: 1881
Schoonover, George, b: 1872, d: infant
Schoonover, John W., b: 1873, d: infant
Schoonover, William, b: 1879, d: infant