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Brightwell Cemetery


This cemetery is in Pettis Township 32, Range 34, Section 29 on the Waller L. Brightwell homestead "about four miles SE of Platte City". Roy Brightwell, the present owner, lives on Rural Route 2 out of Platte City. Since annexation by Kansas City, it is necessary to travel 1/2 miles S, after passing Hickory Grove Church, on Brightwell Road from its intersection with 126th Street.

Addison J., son of W. L. & P. Brightwell, d: 1/24/1860, age 19 years, 8 months, 29 days
Annie G., daughter of W. P. & Mary E. Brightwell, d: 5/24/1860, age 11 days
Charlie, son of J. B. & Ada Ferrel, b: 8/16/1889, d: 5/7/1890
Granville L., b: 1836, d: 1919
Henry C., b: 3/24/1871, d: 7/6/1946
John W., d: 6/6/1858
Lewis B., son of John Brightwell, d: 10/19/1854, age 3 months, 5 days
Lula E., b: 2/2/1877, d: 3/3/1932
Martha, wife of G. L. Brightwell, b: 1/25/1835, d: 10/24/1896
Napoleon T., son of W. L. & P. Brightwell, d: 12/30/1853, age 29 years, 2 days
Permelia, wife of W. L. Brightwell, b: 7/24/1801, d: 1865
Waller, b: 5/1/1795, d: 7/8/1868
William J., b: 2/22/1814, d: 1/14/1869

Lurena Thomas, b: 1892, d: 12/10/1941

Melia, b: 10/27/1867, d; 4/22/1933