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Clay Family Burial Plot


Located about 4 1/2 miles South of Dearborn and about 8 miles North of Platte City, Missouri

The two Clay brothers, Johnson and William, whose wives were sisters, camped on Plattsburg Prairie with their families (one had seven children the other six), awaiting the day in February, 1837 that they might enter the Platte purchase. They setted on farms about 1 mile apart on the old Turnpike. William's farm is now owned by Elmer Blankenship and the 120 year old house, later weather (boarded-over), was torn down in February 1957, and a new home built on the same site. Johnson Clay's farm, a mile east, is now owned by John Richard Owens. The Clay burying ground is located on this farm. A handsome gray granite stone marker indicates the graves of the two brothers and their wives. These are the names found on the stones in October, 1958. -Susan Matney

Clay, Abraham
b. Dec. 13, 1824 d. Sep. 21, 1846

Clay, Andrew J
b. Oct. 7, 1839 d. Oct. 13, 1839

Clay, Eleazer
b. Dec. 24, 1839 d. Feb. 25, 1842

Clay, Johnson
b. Feb. 19, 1798 d. May 24, 1860

Clay, Martha J
b. Jan. 25, 1841 d. Feb. 19, 1842

Clay, Rebecca Collett
b. Jan. 6, 1805 d. Sep. 15, 1857

Clay, Sarah "Sallie" Collett
b. Jan. 16, 1807 d. Jun. 26, 1871

Clay, William
b. Mar. 4, 1800 d. Feb. 27, 1875

Clay, William H
b. Mar. 9, 1833 d. May 13, 1863

Clay, William J
b. Jan. 23, 1842 d. Feb. 16, 1842

Loman, Henry
b. 1813 d. 1847

Osborn, Annie F
b. May 15, 1866 d. Jul. 6, 1870