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Collier Cemetery


The Collier Cemetery lies N of Weston, Missouri near H Highway. Simeon Collier, who died in 1885, left his farm to his two daughters. One acre in the NW corner, extending to the public road, was set aside for a cemetery. He also left money to build a rock wall around a half acre. His son, T. S. (Dud), was appointed to have the wall built. Mr. Priar of Camden Point built the wall four feet at the base and four feet high. The fence was built with hand laid stones and it has been described as beautiful. The farm is now owned by Marvin Vice and it is about 7 miles NW of Weston.

Alfred A., son of S. & E. Collier, b: 6/10/1844, d: 1/16/1845
Alfred F., b: 9/25/1872, d: 4/5/1918
Allie Verdie, daughter of R. S. & M. A. Collier, b: 2/7/1885
Daughter of J. H. & Sally Collier, b: 9/29/1897, d: 11/27/1898
Drewsilla, b: 11/25/1812, no death date (name listed by Miss Anna Collier)
Edwin Wade, no data (name listed by Miss Anna Collier)
Elizabeth, wife of Simeon, b: 11/25/1808, d; 3/2/1871
Hanna, b: 6/27/1807 (name listed by Miss Anna Collier)
infant child of T. S. & M. A., b&d. 5/20/1879
infant children of R. S. & Margaret Collier, no dates
infant son of T. S. & M. A. Collier, b&d. 8/20/1880
Isham, son of T. S. & M. A. Collier, b: 3/31/1884, d: 5/8/1940
James, b: 6/1769 (Miss Collier's list)
James, no dates, (Miss Collier's list)
James I., d: 3/29/1884, age 49 years, 5 months, 11 days
John Simeon, son of T. S. & M. A., d: 9/27/1887, age 21 years, 9 months, 8 days
Joseph S., 1881-1950
Lewella, b: 10/30/1799 (Miss Collier's List)
Little Ellen, daughter of T. S. & M. A. Collier, b: 3/28/1879, d: 3/29/1879
Margaret A., wife of R. S. Collier, d: 9/6/1893, age 48 years, 2 months, 26 days
Martha Ann Burge, wife of T. S. Collier, b: 6/22/1841, d: 3/27/1929
Mary A., daughter of S. & E. Collier, b: 11/14/1849, d: 12/2/1850
Mary Ann, b: 11/27/1818 (Miss Collier's List)
Nancy, b: 9/26/1776 (Miss Collier's List)
R. L., b: 3/10/1889 (Miss Collier's List)
Robert S., d: 8/16/1920, age 83 years, 9 months, 11 days
Simeon, b: 8/18/1804, d: 4/25/1885
Stewart, b: 1/19/1801 (Miss Collier's List)
Thomas, no dates (Miss Collier's List)
Thornton S., b: 8/5/1839, d: 10/20/1910
William James, son of T. S. & M. A. Collier, d: 10/4/1891, age 21 years, 1 month, 19 days