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"Betty Ammerman Research Collection"


AGI-003-12 Betty Ammerman Collection
This collection consists of 4 boxes of research done by Mrs. Ammerman on many surnames in Southwest Missouri, focusing on Polk County names. Because of the vast number of families researched, we have only listed surnames in death notices, census records, marriages, etc. The collection came to us already sorted alphabetically and by families. Most of the collection is handwritten and abstracted from many sources. The collection contains many strips of paper so that the information could be alphabetized. Information on those strips usually consist of one or two lines. The collection includes 50th wedding anniversary announcements that were published in newspapers. Almost all of these have a picture of the couple. The maiden name has been included if it was given in the announcement. The death notices from 1944-1979 also include burial location and may include some family information. The collection came to us in five boxes that were not completely full so we were able to condense the material in to four boxes. All folders are labeled as they were; however, the papers were sorted and additional folders used as needed. Names appear as they were written on the page. No corrections have been made.

Box 1




  1. Couple to celebrate 50th anniversary – Harley and Marie Keuper Arnold
  2. Abstracted Ashlock information from various sources – Marion, Esther, Alonzo, Eva Jane
  3. Scott Atkins information abstracted from Goodspeed
  4. Washington Armor information abstracted from Greene County 1915 Vol. 2
  5. Appleby (possibly Thomas) killed by horse 1871
  6. Anna Apperson Ferguson celebrates 90th birthday
  7. Walter Alley biographical sketch Benton County, Arkansas Goodspeed
  8. Perry Truman Allen Biographical sketch 2 pgs. Missouri-The Center State Vol. 3 1915
  9. William Elijah Albright, MD biographical sketch Greene County by Fairbanks and Tuck 1917
  10. Joseph and Narcissiah Abbot family abstracted information 2 pgs
  11. Affidavit of residence of Jacob Abbot heirs 3 Dec 1866 Mt. Vernon Circuit Court
  12. Abels celebrate 64th anniversary (Fred & Loah)
  13. Mary Anderson’s town pride merits her good neighbor award w/ photo BHFP 5 Apr 1979
  14. 128 and counting – 5 generations live on land that’s been in Ables family since 1859 w/photo Tanya, Robbie Garretson, Dorothy Phillips Farmer, Mary Ables, Lillie Ables Phillips, Stephanie Farmer, Jim Garretson BHFP 30 Mar 1988
  15. Ancestor Chart—Barbara Aileen Agee Felt 2 pgs Midwest Historical and Genealogical Register 1983
  16. George H. Ailstock information abstracted from various sources 7 pgs.
  17. Reminiscence of Polk County by Jeremiah Acuff 1874 Ozar’kin Summer 1885 8 pgs.
  18. Atwoods buried in Pleasant Hope Cemetery 2 pgs.
  19. Antioch/Brick Church cemetery information
  20. Obituaries: Mary E. Abel, Nelson Acuff, Jesse F. Adams, Mrs. Laura Galyon, Charles Lucian Allen, Homer O. Appleby, Charles W. Armstrong, Dicy M. Armstrong, Betty Jane Ashlock, John Anderson, Alice Atkinson 9 pgs.
  21. Miscellaneous abstracted information on: Ashlock, Able, Acock, Ables, Andrews, Agee, Akins, Adams, Akard, Askren, Ashworth, Atkinson, Austin, Ahart, Allmon, Amerman, Acuff, Arnold, Appleby, Anderson, Abernathy, Aiken, Alexander, Ashby, Atwood, Ayers, Adams, Ahart, Asbell, Atchley 16 pgs.
  22. Newspaper articles: Adams, Acuff, Andrews, Alexander, Armstrong, Anderson, Allen, Asbell, Ailstock, Austin, Ankrom 14 pieces
  23. Miscellaneous abstracted information on Ables, Armstrong, Akins, Affleck, Atkisson, Agun, Andrews, Askren, Allen, Acock, Arnold, Aker, Abbe, Avilla, Abel, Ahart, Alexander, Ackerman, Akard, Anderson, Ashlock, Arnold, Abbott, Acuff, Abernathy, Alcorn, Ayers 36 strips


  1. Allison information abstracted from various sources 11 pgs.
  2. Allegar information abstracted from various sources includes history of Lea family 11 pgs.
  3. Acock information abstracted from various sources 22 pgs.
  4. Akard and related(McGee, Jackson) information abstracted from various sources 25 pgs.
  5. Miscellaneous abstracted information on: Aven, Akard, Adams, Atwood, Askren, Ashey, Armstrong, Ankrom, Ammerman, Allyn, Akins, Affleck, Anderson, Acock, Allen, Alexander, Atwood, Ashlock, Adair, Acuff, Ayers, Alley, Arnold, Arrington, Appleby 18 pgs.
  6. Taping adds another dimension to family histories w/photo Eugenia Hale, Virginia Warren and Mary Anderson BHFP 7 Apr 1983
  7. Teacher spends summer teaching adult school – John H. Anderson Education in Polk County 1888 BHFP 29 Nov 1984
  8. Anniversary announcements: James & Adeline Bell Altic, Dixon & Wilma Creed Acuff, Joe & Ella Mae Appleby, Alvin & Betty Austin, Frank & Barbara Carpenter Artz, Lee & Orlena Abel Armstrong, Jim & Mollie Wilkerson Ahlers, Charles & JoAnn Nielsen Aug, Paul & Bernice Hedgpeth Atkinson, Afton & Freeda Rovenstine Apperson, Vernon & Erva Peterson Andrews (2), Elgene & Lorene Goldsberry Andrews, Lawrence & Marilyn Burchett Ahart, Duaine & Shirley Miller Ahart, Bradford & Chestine Mincks Ahart, Dorman & Wanda Cribbs Agee, Winton & Marcella McNeely Allison, Joe & Fern Young Allison, Ed & Hazel White Akers, Charles & Norma Jean Clark Ankrom, Gene & Mary Davis Ankrom, Harold & Ethel Alexander Ashlock, Kenny & Lenora Darnell Ashlock, Derrell & Nadean Stewart Ashlock (3) Harley & Luceil Hampton Ashlock, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Abels, Huston & Margaret Cuzick Anderson, Finis & Ruth Anderson, Glen and Bernice Lauson Anderson
  9. birthdays—Mary Josephine Albert, Van Anderson, William Agee, Lon Agee
  10. Miscellaneous articles: Greenberry Adams, Gene E. Asbell, Ellison-Asbell


A Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
  1. 1944—Akins, Alcott, Altic, Arnold, Amis, Austin, Attwood
  2. 1945/46—Acuff, Armstrong, Ahrensfield, Anderson, Ayers, Altic, Adams, Agee, Akins, Albright
  3. 1947—Armstrong, Appleby, Alexander, Apperson, Ardrey, Abbott, Akard, Adams
  4. 1948—Alexander, Ayres, Adams, Anderson, Ammerman, Abel, Ankrom, Akin, Albert
  5. 1949—Andrews, Armstrong, Allen, Ammerman, Alexander
  6. 1950/51—Allen, Agnew, Austin, Allen, Ahart, Angel, Ayers, Ashlock, Armstrong, Atwood, Altic
  7. 1952—Ankrom, Askren, Abbott, Arnold, Adams, Abels
  8. 1953—Armstrong, Atwood, Ankrom, Anderson, Ater, Ackeles, Ahart, Ayers
  9. 1954—Asher, Almond, Anderson, Atwood, Ardrey, Anderson, Ahart
  10. 1955—Acock, Abbott, Andrews, Ardrey, Alexander, Angle, Austin
  11. 1956—Anderson, Ayers, Armstrong, Atkinson
  12. 1957—Ables, Allen, Abel, Ahart, Aubrecht, Anderson, Acuff, Abbe, Ayres
  13. 1958—Abbott, Allendorph, Altic, Adams, Atwood, Andrews, Armstrong, Alexander, Alcott, Ankrom, Ashlock, Aker, Angle
  14. 1959—Atwood, Anderson, Aken, Acock, Alexander, Abel, Asbell, Armstrong, Angle, Akins
  15. 1960—Arnold, Akins, Ashlock, Austin, Adams, Addington, Acton, Abel, Ahart, Allen
  16. 1961—Alexander, Ankrom, Ayers, Agee, Abel, Armstrong
  17. 1962—Ables, Anderson, Allen, Alexander, Armstrong, Ayres, Ashlock, Atwood, Akins, Alley, Asbell 2 pgs.
  18. 1963—Arthur, Ayres, Alley, Almond, Akins, Aspey, Abels, Ashlock, Altic
  19. 1964—Atwood, Ayres, Apperson, Akins, Anderson, Armstrong
  20. 1965/66—Altic, Alden, Ankrom, Anderson, Ashcraft, Ashlock, Allison, Alcorn, Ater, Alexander, Atwood, Armstrong
  21. 1967/68—Addams, Armstrong, Anderson, Allegar, Ackels, Alger, Abbott, Ankrom, Acker, Akins
  22. 1968/69—Altic, Acuff, Akins, Abel, Agee, Ables, Alexander, Alley, Allen, Ashlock
  23. 1970—Anderson, Akins, Alley, Allegar, Allen, Ammerman, Alexander, Acuff, Ankrom, Adams
  24. 1971—Altic, Ahart, Armstrong, Acuff, Adams, Austin, Anderson, Abel, Agee
  25. 1972—Amis, Abel, Atwood, Ammerman, Andrews, Allen, Alexander, Adams, Alley
  26. 1973—Abbott, Apperson, Allen, Anderson, Acuff, Ashlock, Appleby
  27. 1974—Atwood, Autrey, Anderson, Ashlock, Altic, Apperson, Asbell, Alley, Ables, Austin
  28. 1975—Andrews, Aragon, Altic, Atwood, Asbell, Austin, Aspey, Agee, Armstrong, Auften, Acker
  29. 1976—Alexander, Agee, Atwood, Altic, Ayers, Ankrom
  30. 1977—Addison, Austin, Wright, Asbell, Altic, Alley
  31. 1978—Anson, Altic, Ashlock, Arnold, Abel, Ardrey, Ankrom, Akins
  32. 1979—Ankrom, Altergott, Abel, Adams, Altic, Armstrong, Angle
  33. Abstracted/transcribed obituaries—Bertha Aven, Raymond Anderson, Nancy Abbott, James Allison, Marie Agee, Nancy Ashlock, Shirley Ankrom, Olive Anderson, William Ashlock, David Ashby, Canzady Anderson, James Duff Akins, John H. Affleck, Susan Ayers, William Atwood, Geneva Apperson, Silva Altic, Maude Acuff 9 pgs.
  34. Abstracted deaths from various sources: Acuff, Ashlock, Anderson, Ashworth, Ayers, Appleby, Acock, Atwood, Adams, Akard, Archer, Albright, Anthis, Anthers, Affleck 13 strips
  35. Abstracted deaths from various sources 1882-1947: Ables, Appleby, Adamson, Breeden, Lunsford, Adams, Affleck, Armstrong, Altic, Akins, Ashworth, Austin, Ayers, Alsup, Albright, Austin 4 pgs.


B Abstracted information on –
  1. Bass census, birth, death 3 pgs
  2. Moses Batton query
  3. Bayles(s) census
  4. Boyts/Beaman query
  5. Bailey
  6. Barker births, deaths
  7. Ballew query
  8. James Ballenger birth
  9. James Banta family
  10. Barkleys buried in Turkey Creek cemetery, census
  11. Barker families, birth/death, census 4 pgs.
  12. Barnes census, family information
  13. Barnett census, biographical sketch Judge J.B. Barnett 6 pgs
  14. Barr census, biographical sketch Rev. A.L. Barr 3 pgs.
  15. Beckner
  16. Bell biographical sketch William E. Bell, MD
  17. Benge census 2 pgs
  18. Bennett census, births, query, burials 6 pgs.
  19. Berger query
  20. Best census, query
  21. Bird census, birth, death 2 pgs
  22. Birdsong census
  23. Benson query
  24. Black census, reunion 1971, Black-Dempster Bible records 7 pgs.
  25. Blake biographical sketch Thomas K. Blake
  26. Blanton census, query
  27. Blankenship census, burials 2 pgs
  28. Barker census, marriage, birth, burials 4 pgs
  29. Barnett census, burials 2 pgs
  30. Ball census 2 pgs
  31. Barnes census, burials 5 pgs.
  32. Blecha burials
  33. Billingsley family of Basil, will of Elizabeth, deeds 13 pgs
  34. Biggs, Baker, Bryant 3 strips
  35. Taking off—Sam Bruce Brown III BHFP 8 Feb 1989
  36. Who was Lydia Bonham? BHFP 10 July 1985 w/photos
  37. Three dead, two wounded in incidents here Lydia Bonham, Donald Skinner, Richard Ritschke, Dennis Piper, Mary Skinner BHFP 3 July 1985
  38. Corner business now has new family-selling of Blue’s w/3 photos BHFP 5 June 1985
  39. Lasting Love Richard & Jeannie Buffalo SNL 16 Jan 2005 w/4 photos
  40. History on the auction block—Sam Bruce Brown estate BHFP 4 Apr 2001
  41. Anniversaries announcements from newspaper: Arlie & Evelyn Hendrickson Bacon (2), Lee & Charlene Choate Ballinger, Russell & LaMoine Gourley Baldwin, Charley & Minta Cooper Bays, Everett & Sylvia Bryant Baumgarden, Cecil & Lea Taylor Baumgardner, Bob & Donna Rotramel Baker, Don & Pat Hoffmeister Baker, Bud & Jo Francis Bays Baker, Charles & Louise Warner Barker, Ernest & Zelma Lawson Barker, Ray & Evea Barker, Joseph & Vieta Barker, Harold & Glenda Lamb Ball, Earl & Helen Litle Ball, Wilbur & Winnie Coffee Ball, Max & Floradell Quick Barham (2), Randy & Janice Vincent Barham, Bufford & Marjorie Underwood Barnes, Bheuford & Lois Teters Barnes, L. Truman & Maurine Rainey Barnes, Robert & Ellen Davenport Barnes, Bill* Deloris Smith Beatty, Dave & Brenda Steinshour Berry, Asa & Shirley Arnold Beehler, Billy & Wanda Edmondson Beersman, William & Bonnie Miller Bigler, Danny & Jane Beals Bishop, Arnold & Elva Ford Blackwell, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Blackwell, Ray7 Doris Barnhouse Blankenship (2), Warren & Mary Jane Latham Blake (2), Dent & Lily Lahey Blickhan, Verna & Freeda Malicoat Bond, Thomas & Marian Yarbrough Bosh, Dale & Ruby Cruse Boyd (2), Aubra Jr. & Opal Boyd, Hubert & Virginia Borgstadt, James & Opa Wilson Booth, Carol & Beatrice Miller Bough, Larry & Starlene Bortvit, James K, Jr. & Wanda Snell Bozarth, Harold & Ruby Cathey Box, Berry & Betty Tankersley Bolen, Olin & Ruth Page Boatwright, Marvin & Marjorie Rink Breshears (2), Glen & Pat Love Breshears (2), Charles & Virginia Wolfe Breshears (2), Mr. & Mrs. Everett Breshears, Bill & Helen Covert Brakebill (2), Jack & Shirley Farmer Brakebill, Glenn & Anita Stewart Bruce, Ruel & Irene Bruce, Jay & Ada Hannah Bruce, Joe & Vivian Denhart Brooke, Leon & Nora Hamp Bruegman, Haskell & Dixie Cate Britton, Jim & Alice Mitchell Bryson, Eldon & Josephine Eddy Bridges, Forrest & Vanda Smith Brooks, Bob & Ruth Brooks, Mr. & Mrs. John Brashear, Marvin & Dorothy Bell Brown, Rex & Ann Chappell brown, Earl & Clesta Prater Buckner, William & Helen Miller Burry (3), Mr. & Mrs. J. Melvin Burts, Merman & Joyce Flohr Burns, Ira & Mamie Standley Buffington, Ralph & Frances Gee Burdette (3), Roy & Dorothy Seiner Butler (2), Leo & Doris Peterie Burton (3), Robert & Paula Revels Burlison, Richard & Jeannie Munro Buffalo, George & Jewell Simmons Byers, Claude & Faye Bybee, Woodford & Veda King Bybee, Raymond & Mildred Ankrom Bybee, Hubert & Sylvia Clark Bybee, Clarence & Ruth Hinkle Blakey, John & Dessa Henderson Bell
  42. Five generation photos—Cleta Burdette, Ada Barnard
  43. Birthdays—Ralph Boyd (92), Mattie Batten (101)
  44. Engagement—Keila Combs and Kevin Hall
  45. Eugene Blue—military
  46. queries on Botts, Burks
  47. Wishart School graduation ‘legal’ after half-century James Becker


  1. Letter to Office of Adjutant General (MO) seeking information on Alexander Bates’ service’ service in Mexican War and reply (no information available) 2 pgs.
  2. Pedigree chart—Margaret Alice Byers
  3. Poster of Soldiers and Patriots of Revolutionary War buried in Tennessee—Bean, Billingsley, Blair, Bowen, Bradford, Brockus 4 pgs.
  4. Letter to Betty seeking information on John/Daniel Boone Brown 2 July 1972
  5. Biographical sketch on Wm. H. Batten, Mattie Batten celebrates 93 birthday w/photo 2 copies 3 pgs.
  6. Martin Best family information abstracted 2 pgs.
  7. Pedigree chart—Roy Raymond Roberson (Barker, Best)
  8. Boswell families information abstracted 6 pgs.
  9. Obituary for Colleen Belk
  10. Query on Alexander Brown
  11. Letter to Betty seeking information on Christine Byers
  12. Brown family information abstracted Same Bruce Brown III-Polk County People, Mr. & Mrs. Ray L. Grown celebrate 60th 3 pgs.
  13. Bohannon families information abstracted includes Fox, Lewis Bohannon families 21 pgs.
  14. Biographical sketch of Henry Booker Bowen 3 pgs.
  15. Brittain families information abstracted 3 pgs.
  16. Barham families information abstracted 11 pgs.
  17. Botts family outline 3 pgs.
  18. Box families information abstracted 4 pgs.
  19. Biographical sketch Solomon Ernest Bronson
  20. Children of John & Margaret Wilson Burns 12 pgs.
  21. Bowman – Wallen descendant chart beginning w/James Mattison Bowman 15 pgs.
  22. A.C. & Betty Boone Vaughn family
  23. Burchett families information abstracted 3 pgs.
  24. Information abstracted on the following: Barber, Bearden, Beam, Barclay, Bewley, Beck, Blue, Boyts, Brush, Best, Bateman, Bartels, Beale, Barbour, Baker, Bennett, Batten, Burns, Braswell, Burdette, Black, Blakemore, Burkhart, Bates, Beamon, Bannister, Box, Bridges, Bird, Bowen, Barr, Blakey, Bond, Bryant, Brooks, Breshears, Brim, Ball, Bigbee, Blevins, Breesawitz, Burchett, Bondurant, Bond, Briggs, Bloomer, Barnhouse, Bodine 31 pgs.
  25. Information abstracted on the following: Ball, Bennington, Burns, Black, Broyles, Brink, Barns, Browning, Brim, Bradley, Banfield, Bailey, Bryant, Bills, Butcher, Bushnell, Boswell, Ballinger, Brown, Brock, Bicknell, Beam, Blackburn, Bowman, Benham, Barnett, Bewley, Box, Burk, Barrett, butts, Bostic, Breshears, Bird, Beerka 39 strips of paper
  26. Information abstracted on the following: Brown, Bond, Burk, Bishop, Barnes, Breshears, Blackburn, Bozart, Brashear, Burns, Ballew, Burney, Bolt, Barnett, bates, Box, Beckner, Botts, Burris, Beal, Barham, Barclay, Black, Baker, Burdett, Bridges, Baughman, Bryant, Blum, Baynham, Bronson, Benson, bean, Bewley, Booker, Ball, Blevins, barker, Becker, Brollier, Best 23 half pgs.
  27. Newspaper articles
  28. Queries on Blanton, Boren, Bishop, Baker, Blevins, Boswell, brown
  29. Birthdays: Mary Ester Barnett (98th & 99th), Morlia Baker (90th), Alberta Brich Whalen (80th), Mattie Batten (99th)
  30. photos—Buckner (4 generations) Burdette (5 generations)
  31. Reunions; Barger, Basham-Ellis, Barnes, Bean-Marshall
  32. Miscellaneous articles; Sally Rand (Helen Beck), Henderson Boone, Fleete Barham, Mattie Batten
  33. Bolivar woman survives being struck (by lightning) 70 years ago Berniece Jenkins BHFP 28 July 1993
  34. Anniversary announcements: Vergil & Marjorie Pickel Batten, Melbie & Zelma Bridges (2), William & Trassie Fleetwood Ball, John & Erma Phillips Baker, William & Paulette McGill Blankenship, Lt. & Mrs. E.B. Burnam, Robert & Patricia Ferguson Blair, Ruel & Irene DeGraffenreid Bruce (2), Bob & Alice McGuire Butler, J. Melvin & Hazel Burt, Glen & Anita Stewart Bruce, Max & Floradell Quick Barham, Bill & Helen Burry


B Abstracted information on the following families
  1. Blevins census "The Country Doctor" and "Times Past" by Carrie Switzer 5 pgs.
  2. Bodenhamer census
  3. Bollinger census, biographical sketch Dr. Jacob Bollinger 2 pgs
  4. Holbert Bond family
  5. Boswell census
  6. Botts census, burials, G.M. Botts family 3 pgs.
  7. Bowen census, burials, query Wm. Bean descendants (3 pgs), Bowens of VA & TN (2 pgs) 7 pgs. total
  8. Box census, burials, queries 16 pgs.
  9. Brady Mary, Millard, Harve
  10. Brant census, query
  11. Brandt census
  12. Brenniage ? census
  13. Brenner burials
  14. Breshears census, queries 8 pgs.
  15. Family group sheet-- ___ Brewer/Julia Ann Perry Dodd
  16. Bridges query
  17. Brim census, biographical sketch J. A. Brim (2 pgs), and John Allen (Al) Brim (3 pgs.) 8 pgs. total
  18. Brittian Joseph, Jeremiah, census
  19. Biographical sketch Charles Brock
  20. Brochus census, burials, query, Dan. T. Brochus family 4 pgs.
  21. Brollier census, burials
  22. Broyles marriages, census 2 pgs.
  23. Bruce
  24. Bryant David 2 pgs.
  25. Buckner census, burials, biographical sketch Burrow Buckner 5 pgs.
  26. Burchett census, marriage, burials 3 pgs.
  27. Burdette census 4 pgs.
  28. Burks
  29. Burnham
  30. Burns 13 pgs.
  31. Butcher 15 pgs.
  32. Butler 9 pgs.
  33. Bunch 26 pgs.
  34. Burdette family 20 pgs.
  35. Basham
  36. Beck/Burris 5 pgs.
  37. Blythe
  38. Burros
  39. Brown, Brock, Beal 3 pgs.
  40. Boone, Burchett, Bland
  41. Ballentine
  42. Bridges


B Obituaries/Death Notices all abstracted or transcribed
  1. Alexander Bates
  2. Roberts Burks
  3. Margaret Blevins
  4. Mary Burks, Mary F. Byrd, Daisy Boswell
  5. John W. Burks, Oliver Blurton
  6. Eliza Butler
  7. Ed Burleson
  8. Elizabeth Bentley
  9. Catherine Bewley
  10. Elizabeth Bills
  11. Ellen Brewer Hughes
  12. Larkin Lafayette Blake 2 pgs.
  13. William McKinley Box, Mary S. Brich
  14. Charles H. Bauman
  15. Ruth Lea Barker
  16. Ida Florence Biven
  17. Darlene Brich
  18. Ed Brim, E.H. Byers
  19. Ora May barker, Ida Brock, Verbele Buckner
  20. Walter Bidler, Charles Boos
  21. Hazel Bloomer, George Boyles, Jennie Elizabeth Burns
  22. Levi Boswell, Jennie Blades
  23. W.P. Brewer, Alice Bolen
  24. Ida Black, Milton Barkley
  25. Elmer Barnes, Hale Baugh
  26. Carl Blue, John R. Brown
  27. Samuel Box, Lydia A. Bell
  28. Anna L Brim, Craig Nesbit Bloomer
  29. Shirley Ann Bacon, A.J. Baker
  30. Vivianna Becker, Millie barker, Barbara S. Breshears
  31. Dorothy Banks, Alice Blonde, Walter Buresh, Sr.
  32. Victor Barnell, Joe Brown
  33. Albert Blaketer, James P. Breshears, Sarah Busker
  34. Avalee Bruce, William Bell, Hattie Lee Burns
  35. Fred Bridges, Ethro Bays, Ulysses Boswell
  36. Mary C. Bush, Louis Albert Boos
  37. Anna Beaman, Ellen Bronson
  38. Rev. Joseph Babb, William Burton
  39. Theodore Burns, Cora Blackburn
  40. John Bagley, Mary Blakemore, Louis Beezley
  41. B.A. Bitzer, William Bogt
  42. Maude Buckner, Theodore Biven
  43. Lorn Ballinger
  44. Minerva E. Boaz
  45. Matting Bollinger
  46. Laura Brich
  47. William Wesley brown
  48. Mrs. Hugh Brittain
  49. Buy Buchannan
  50. J.B. Bridges, Jasper Buchell, Fran Blake
  51. Viola Buchannan
  52. Soloman Bronson
  53. N.A. Brock, Mrs. W.C. Brockus, Everett Balls, W.R. Brown, James Baker, Lyde Bell, Emma Bushnell, J.M. Bullard, Thomas Bentley, Ann Brochus, Dr. William H. Burns, Janad Butts, Wm. Burris, Della Barker, Willie Bridges, J.J. Bryning, Miss Willie Blevins, Frank Brenner, Guy Buitt, John W. Baxter, W.G. Baynham, Libbie & Mollie Blue, S.H. Bass, Sarah Langston, General Lyman Beeman, Hannah Box 24 strips
  54. Jake Buckner, K.L. Burdette, Mr. Bremner, Maude Sperry, Mary Buitt, Mrs. Ben Buitt, Eberle C. Burns, Sarah Burdit, Rosanna Bryant, Clara T (consort of Thomas Blake), Dr. Elias Blake, Hezekiah Brown, Rebecca Brown, Wm. E. Burns, John Ballinger, Orlena Berlew, Thomas Betts, Lester Bircher, John James Boswell, Hon. John M. Botts, Thomas Butner, Mrs. C.S. beagle, Mrs. Thomas Box, Mrs. David Brockus, infant Blackburn, Mrs. E.L. Blackburn, Eliza Beaman, Eliza Baxter, B. Berry, Lafayett Burdett 14 half sheets
  55. Death Records 1854-1860, 1913-1923: Baker, Bentley, Black, Blake, Blankenship, Bomar, Bowman, Boxley, Brown, Bruton, Bryant, Burdett, Burns, Butts, Brockus, Bruer (Brewer) Breesawitz, Burdette, Ball, Berry 2 pgs.


B Deaths abstracted from the Springfield newspapers
  1. 1944—Becker, Busby, Best, Brewer, Barnett, Bloomer, Ball, Brown, Bybee, Bingham, Bellman, Brooks
  2. 1945—Bellman, Brown, Bridges, Burns, Boyer, Brakebill, Bryan, Brobisky, Bell
  3. 1946—Ball, Box, Baxter, Blackburn, Bryant, Bicknell, Blankenship, Beesley
  4. 1947—Burdette, Butts, Braithwaite, Burney, Bruner, Bays, Busby, Breshears, Burrell, Boyce, Burns, Bumpas, Bloomer, Bennett, Barker, Barnes 2 pgs.
  5. 1948—Bowser, Bushnell, Blankenship, Brines, Blue, Brenner, Burks, Boyce, Box, Bell, Boone, Boswell, Bridges, Bacon, Black, Brooks
  6. 1949—Brown, Blaketer, Baxter, Bailey, Belcher, Burchett, Barnhouse, Ballinger, Blackman, Beamon, Bond, Barham, Brines, Ballard, Baker, Box, Bradford, Bruce, Bigler, Bacon, Brewer, Blakey, Ball, Butler 2 pgs.
  7. 1950—Brakebill, Blurton, Brewer, Bridges, Brown, Burrows, Batten, Blair, Braithwait, Barker, Burton
  8. 1951—Barbee, Box, Burns, Bates, Brown, Black, Beaty, Ballinger, Bishop, Barger, Brewer, Baxter, Bishop, Brobisky
  9. 1952—Blanton, Bean, Blackwell, Boatman, Buckner, Boggs, Ball, Burrows, Box, Bitzer, Boyd, Boren, Blackburn, Bryant, Bentley, Brown, Beesley, Blanchard, Breshears, Bolen 2 pgs.
  10. 1953—Barger, Butler, Bowers, Bohaty, Ball, Broaddus, Brown, Brooks, Bounds, Barham, Box, Bowlware, Beal, Bromley, Burns
  11. 1954—Breshears, Bridges, Burwell, Boyd, Brown, Barker, Barham, Brollier, Bewley, Bates, Bell, Beatty, Branham, Ballinger, Briggs, Brenner, Braithwaite, Black 2 pgs.
  12. 1955—Barnes, Boles, Bryant, Beaty, Buckle, Bowen, Brashear, Beem, Brackney, Bauman, Blakey, Bradley, Buresch, Brenner, Boren, Ballinger, Bloomer, Baker, Bean 2 pgs.
  13. 1956—Bryan, Bishop, Blackburn, Box, Brady, Barnhouse, Baldwin, Burks, Barker, Beaman, Bond, Boos, Brown, Breesawitz, Black Branham
  14. 1957—Butcher, Bounds, Barrick, Beesley, Bowlware, Black, Bruce, Blackburn, Bloomer, Buster, Breeden, Bean, Brown, Byrd, Bugh, Beaty, bridges, Bridger, Batten, Bingham, Brakebill, Ball, Baldwin, Beckerdite, Buckner 2 pgs.
  15. 1958—Brown, Box, Bitzer, Black, Ballinger, Bell, Burke, Beesley, Burdett, Brollier, Braye, Bowser, Booher, Brock, Bigler, Bruchey, bridges, Brooks, Butler, Blakemore, Burleson, Bertrand, Baker, Busby Boren, Blankenship 2 pgs.
  16. 1959—Bennett, Beem, Bascom, Bounds, Booher, Brooks, Busker, Batten, Bake, Beavers, Butler, Barker, Burros, Broyles, Brown, Brayfield, Breshears, Burnside, Blake, Benge, Birdsong, Buchanan, Barber, Blanchard, Burnam, Bush, Barnes, Barham 3 pgs.
  17. 1960—Brakebill, Bond, Brundege, Bingham, Brown, Brooks, Bucholz, Brayfield, Barton, Bicknell, Blair, Breshears, Baker, Barnett, Boehm, Bates, Butler, Boos, Ball, Brich, Barkley, Byrd, Burks, Buitt 2 pgs.
  18. 1961—Brown, Blair, Bruchy, Blackwell, Bradshaw, Black, Bronson, Burns, Brakebill, Brashear, Brock, Bennett, Bass, Boswell, Bybee, Breshears, Baty, Booher, Bruce, Ball, Brenner, Blacketer 2 pgs.
  19. 1962—Blanton, Bowser, Berry, Bryant, Breshears, Blakey, Baker, Bean, Barrett, Butcher, Boyer, Browning, Burns, Benton, Burchett, Brown, Bright, Burros, Barker, Ball, Bailey, Boos, Boyle, Beem, Briggs, Boyles, Beecher 2 pgs.
  20. 1963—Blair, Box, Brooks, Butcher, Blevins, Brown, Barker, Bays, Brakebill, Bruner, Bucholz, Brumley, Brock, Beem, Butler, Bingham, Bailey, Black, Braithwait, Bush, Birdsong, Bridges 2 pgs.
  21. 1964—Beard, Bray, Baetke, Brown, Barker, Breshears, Boggs, Brandt, Burk, Bush, Boyce, Blair, Brooks, Bays, Beams, Batten, Barnes, Bucholz, Brockus, Barnhouse, Bohaty, Box, Brewer 2 pgs.
  22. 1965—Brown, Boatman, Breesawitz, Baker, Brockus, Bridges, Burns, Bell, Boren, Blackburn, Burros, Bruce, Boyce, Bailey, Berry, Brown, Brick, Bean, Braithwait, Bridges, Boswell, Beasley, Bradshaw, Brannock, Bullock, Bateman, Blackwell, Bothwell, Barker 2 pgs.
  23. 1966—Burnum, Bellman, Barker, Boswell, Bray, Barber, Blackwell, Bauman, Buckner, Brakebill, Ball, Bishop, Beecher, Baker, Bodine, Bebout, Breshears, Beason, Brashears, Boren, Bynum, Ballinger, Bewley, Boone, Brown, Braithwait, Bloomer 3 pgs.
  24. 1967—Baker, Bays, Belcher, Barkley, Bucklinger, Bennett, Busby, Buresh, Barnes, Bullock, Buchan, Briggs, Burks, Brewer, Black, Birdsong, Bullington, Barham, Beehler, Babb 2 pgs.
  25. 1968—Baker, Bartholomew, Breesawitz, Bitzer, Brim, Boyce, Brown, Bowles, Ballinger, Burns, Bilyeu, Bodenhamer, Brooks, Bunch, Bishop, Benton, Bullard, Boyd, Bowers, Barkley, Bennett, Brandt, Barnes, Buresh, Bullock, Bugg, Blackburn, Buckner, Bays, Bryan, Brashear 2 pgs.


B Deaths abstracted from the Springfield newspapers
  1. 1969—Brashear, Blacketer, Barker, Brobisky, Baugh, Birt, Bacon, Bischoff, Boyer, Box, Bowser, Blankenship, Brown, Blackwell, Ballinger, Ball, Bynum, Bennett, Belcher, Brewer, Brock, Boyle, Bulger, Barber, Barnett, Blair, Barnhouse, Butler, Burleson, Buchanan, Breeze 3 pgs.
  2. 1970—Bowles, Brown, Breshears, Baxter, Ballinger, Barnes, Baldwin, Beeghley, Bugg, Boggs, Beach, Barnes, Barker, Brashears, Black, Baker, Buckle, Box, Burrell, Bellman, Bishop 2 pgs.
  3. 1971—Burnum, Bucholz, Bodenhamer, Brenner, Brakebill, Ballinger, Brown, Barclay, Blair, Ball, Barber, Bewley, Bell, Buckner, Boone, Bellman, Butler, Breshears, Bloomer, Boyd, Bayne, Black, Brobisky, Blackwell, Bridges, Batten, Breeze, Bugg, Buzzard, Blake, Bell, Buchanan 3 pgs.
  4. 1972—Brown, Boswell, Booher, Blackburn, Butler, Brakebill, Benton, Brogdon, Bates, Box, Bacon, Boyd, Brooks, Barclay, Bays, Batten, Beck, Barrett, Beason, Bybee, Bradshaw, Babb, Buckner, Bruner, Baker 2 pgs.
  5. 1973—Ballard, Burleson, Brock, Ballinger, Burchett, Best, Barnes, Barclay, Burns, Bradshaw, Barton, Bass, Black, Bruce, Burks, Barrett, Blanton, Ball, Bowser, Beckner, Buresh, Bates, Birdsong, Babb, Bingham, Brown, Bridges, Box, Blackwell, Bigler, Bateman 3 pgs.
  6. 1974—Beeler, Breshears, Brown, Bingham, Boon, Bridges, Bell, Bailey, Batten, Blurton, Bewley, Brakebill, Boyer, Bird, Bacon, Butler, Ball, Brenner, Burchell, Baumgardner, Blankenship, Blackwell, Blond, Bebout 2 pgs.
  7. 1975—Bays, Blair, Bean, Brown, Bruce, Beason, Bond, Burney, Bates, Bowman, Ball, Brich, Bishop, Breshears, Butler, Buckner, Brakebill, Burchett, Browning, Ballinger, Boos, Burleson, Brown, Bailey 2 pgs.
  8. 1976—Bond, Brim, Bauman, Ballard, Black, Beem, Bridges, Blair, Bays, Bigler, Beckerm, Brashear, Bradford, Buitt, Bell, Barker, Bruton, Benedict 2 pgs.
  9. 1977—Brown, Bugh, Bond, Bewley, Breesawitz, Bonham, Breshears, Brooks, Baker, Barham, Brogdan, Branham, Burros, Belcher, Baumgardner, Bishop, Bailey, Boos, Beardon, Butler, Brewster, Barker, Blackwell, Butcher, Burrell, Bradford, Bennett, Brashear, Brush, Butts 2 pgs.
  10. 1978—Bisom, Brown, Barnett, Boston, Box, Blackburn, Baxter, Black, Bell, Bailey, Beams, Bishop, Buck, Ball, Blakemore, Bigler, Barker, Batten, Barnes, Buchannan, Bridges, Brannon, Beehler, Bradford, Bruce 2 pgs.
  11. 1979—Buchanan, Burney, Benge, Butler, Brown, Brenner, Barham, Burklow, Bausch, Bullard, Bacon, Bowan, Bishop, Box, Bean, Burk, Burgan, Boos, Bell, Ballinger, Blackwell, Boone, Brich, Bryan, Blue, Boyd, Blair, Baker, Bond,
  12. Email w/information on John Burns b. 1789 2 pgs.
  13. Abstracted information on Dr. George R. Barnett
  14. Abstracted from the Springfield newspapers - death/marriage
  15. 1894—Barham, Barr, Brown, Buckner
  16. 1924—Brown & Hurd, Bugg, Bateman, Barker, Lowe & Ball, Bitzer, Benton & Benton 2 pgs.
  17. 1925—Bishop, Gideon & Bushnell, Bingaman, Butts
  18. 1926—Beckner, Harbstreet & Barrow, Brashers, Blakely, Barnett & Gordon, Batten, Brown, Bugg, Bond, Bates & Holbert, Berkshire, Ballinger, Blue & Adams, Nickerson & Basham, Bowles, Bond, Burney, Box, Barnette 3 pgs.
  19. 1927—Ball & Anderson, Burns, Booher
  20. 1928—Burnside, Box & Smith, Boswell, Bellwood, Browning, Bewley, Beazley, Broch & Rodgers 2 pgs.
  21. 1929—Buck, Batten, Burks, Boyden, Bruton, Bishop, Blanchart, Devin & Wilson, Barnett, Bowman, Bradford 2 pgs.
  22. 1930—Brown, Blakey, Bays, Yarbetty & Browning, Brazele, Bridges
  23. 1931—Birchler, Bewley, Battreall, Blakey
  24. 1932—Bloomer, Barnes, Brashear, Buckner, Baty, Blackburn
  25. 1934—Boswell, Boyd & Gullick, Bevin, Buckle & Harpool, Buitt, Beason, Beattey, Becker, Brobisky, Brundege, Box, Bryan, Donovan & Baker, Brim, Hay & Blakey 3 pgs.
  26. Abstracted from St. Louis Christian Advocate 1858 Bewley, 1868, Brient, Bond


C Abstracted information from various sources on:
  1. John Riley Collier
  2. John Chastain
  3. David Clements, John Comegys
  4. Christian Caplinger (Kleplinger)
  5. Carson F. Corum
  6. Wm. Johnson Clark
  7. Wm. Clemmons
  8. James H. Cansler
  9. Jas. Chriswell 2 pgs
  10. Robert Cowden
  11. John C. Chitty
  12. John Cook 3 pgs.
  13. James Cusick
  14. Jesse J. Culp
  15. John L. Chriswell 2 pgs.
  16. Roy Cox
  17. William H. Cowden, MD
  18. James A. Cowden
  19. Cornelius – Adam, J.H., Edward, J.C. 2 pgs.
  20. Leonard cook
  21. George B. combs
  22. Grim/Cavin, Wm. R. Childers, John M. Chamberlain, Joseph Cavin, S.S. Carrier, John Cantlon 6 strips
  23. Pedigree chart for Arthur Nelson Cauble
  24. Nathan Henderson Cansler
  25. Clarks buried in Pleasant Hope Cemetery
  26. pgs. 18-19 Marriages in Campbell County, VA 1782-1810 Callaway to Carver
  27. RFD mail carriers – Cowan, Cremer, Carter, Carneal, Cunningham, Camp
  28. Miscellaneous abstracted information on: Carrico, Skinner, Cowan, Carter, Carneal, Cunningham, Camp, Cates, Campbell, Curl, Combs, Cossey, Cowell, Critcher, Covington, Coursey, Combs, Cherington, Clinton, Cox, Cresap, Camp, Choate, Coward, Cross, Craighead, Craft, Caldwell, Case, Cofman, Copeland, Cups, Coats, Cannon, Caldwell, Covness, Coffman, Cornelius, Chitty, Caplinger, Cawthorn, Cavin, Clark, Carlock, Cleveland, Chandler, Creed, Coy, Crane, Cutbirth, Collins, Cook, Carthell, Curtis 20 pgs.


C Obituaries abstracted from various newspapers
  1. Palmer Crain
  2. Jewell C. Campbell
  3. Myrtle Scott Hocker Crain
  4. Horace Roger Copeland
  5. Thomas A. Churchman
  6. Juliett Cooper
  7. Mary P. Cowan, Susan C. Cate, William Riley Chapman, Rachel Clark
  8. J.H.W. Cunningham
  9. Dr. William Bowie Cowan
  10. Isabella Cunningham
  11. Thomas J. Cooper
  12. E.R. (Buddy) Crain
  13. Amy Nancy Crain
  14. Martha Mackey Cunningham
  15. Martha Laurinda Clemmons
  16. Madge Cossins, Thomas Choate, Ira Windfield Chaney
  17. William Cook, William Craig, Mary M. Campbell
  18. Cleo Cox, James W. Coates, Andrew J. Cornelius
  19. George Crites, Martha C. Cats
  20. Sarah Ann Coursey, Grace Cowden, Jesse H. Colvard
  21. Nerva Campbell, D.H. Campbell, Sherman Cowden
  22. E.E. "Elmer" Childers, William Chism
  23. Monta Lee Comegys, John T Cansler
  24. Dr. Fred Crume, John L. Clark
  25. Eva Lena Case, Rev. Charles E. Craig, Roland J. Choate
  26. Isaac Elmer Cushman, Charles Conrad, Ida Mae Capper
  27. Iva Cornelius, Hiram Amos Cantrell, Emerson J. Cady
  28. Charles A. Clingman, Ernest C. Clark, Anna A. Cagle
  29. Allan L. Crain, Henry A. (Bud) Clemmons
  30. Roy E. Crain, Callie L. Claypool
  31. James E. Coffman, Ella A. Cowden
  32. Minerva Coffman
  33. Edward J. Carneal, Alva Sims Chalker
  34. Frank H. Claypool
  35. Abstracted death notices—Colson, Coleman, Cook, Clark, Campbell, Curtis, Coffman, Cash, Crail, Collins, Chittim, Cox, Carter, Cavin, Cowden, Cory, Copeland, Colbert, Cowan, Cline, Chitty, Courser, Colvard, Cummings, Crocker, Cumpton, Claypool, Cross, Cardington, Cheek, Chittie, Clanton, Cooper, Crock, Christian, Crow, Crozier, Canady, Conley, Caldwell 31 strips


C Newspaper articles/photos
  1. Marriage of Anna Cunningham and Ben Campbell no date/source
  2. Missouri trip was lovely Letter to Editor by Bill and Gloria Crow, Bob and Faith Crow BHFP 12 Aug 1879
  3. Meleah Meador born into world of ‘greats’ w/photo L. Pitts, D. Hutcheson, L. Wimberly, R. Mustain BHFP 18 Feb 1982
  4. Covered wagon memories w/photo Bessie Crisman BHFP 12 Jan 1978
  5. Campbell descendants gather BHFP 26 July 1989
  6. Copelands hold family reunion at park BHFP 12 June 1980
  7. Longtime Empire man retiring w/photo Olen Copeland BHFP 17 Mar 1983
  8. No chipping off the stone block w/photo Elma Choate SNL 21 Mar 1976
  9. Polk County People—Lowell Churchman BHFP 12 Oct 1978
  10. Polk County People—Virgil Claypool BHFP 24 May 1979
  11. At 87, Flemington whittler turns out intricate gadgets, entertains with magic w/photo Eugene Clymore SDN 20 Nov 1978
  12. Bolivar natives may be oldest living twins Oscar Covington and Mary Scurlock 12 Aug 1971 no source
  13. Photo—Adam makes five Gertie Cochran, Ray Cochran, Dan Cochran, Dana Lynch, Adam Lynch BHFP 1980
  14. Photo—Five Generations Vergie Coffey, Reva Williams, Nicholas Williams, Reva Forbes, Peggy McMillan BHFP 8 Feb 1981
  15. Photo—Five Generations Mike Cloyd, Derek Cloyd, Coesie Cloyd, Gary Cloyd, Ed Cloyd BHFP 7 Aug 1980
  16. Cowden to mark 103rd birthday w/photo Verna Cowden BHFP23 Oct 2002
  17. Copelands to celebrate 80th birthday May 24 (Bertha) BHFP 19 May 2004 Copeland to celebrate 89 years Nov. 22 (Olen) BHFP 18 Nov 2009
  18. Gertie Choate to observe birthday w/photo BHFP 28 Aug 1980
  19. Coesie Cloyd receives greeting from President w/photo no date
  20. Chancellor (Patrick) celebrates 100th birthday w/photo P. Chancellor, O. Day, F. Chancellor, F. Christy, G. Chancellor BHFP 13 Aug 1986
  21. Aug 31 means 91st year for Mrs. Choate w/photo Gertie Choate BHFP 30 Aug 1979
  22. Letters to Editor seeking information on families of: John W. & Agnus Atkins Crow, Polk-Campbell descendants, Carter relatives (2), Cowden, Benjamin Carroll, Cooley, Ransom Cates, Thomas George Coffman
  23. Anniversary announcements w/photos
  24. Larry & Dana James Caffey, Kenneth & LaVeda Donaldson Callaway, Vernon & Faye Campbell, Earl & Gail Hicks Campbell, Clifford & Willa Roberts Cansler, Johnny & Iva Lightfoot Cansler, Ed & Margaret Armstrong Carpenter (2), Orville & Alice Melton Carr (2), Oren & Thelma Morris Carson (5), Vernon & Elma Jean McColm Carter, Lloyd & Lela Cates.
  25. Bert & Edna Pitts Chaney (2), Grant & Zelma Chastain, George & Erma Chilcutt, Ralph & Mary Hensley Childress, Joe & Faye Vincent Childs, Richard & Myrna Chism, Samuel & Reva Hoover Choate, Willard & Jean Farmer Choate, Novie & Irene Brakebill Choate, Harry & Wanda Andrews Choate, Virgil & Eunice Ridenour Christian, Lowell & Frances Williams Churchman
  26. Phil & Visa Zumwalt Clampitt (3), Pearl & Altha Coble Claypool, Lee & Marie Dodenhoff Clayton, Robert & Rose Mary Asbell Clemons, Elmer & Mildred Brooks Close, Ed & Florence DeGraffenreid Cloyd
  27. Mr. & Mrs. Clell R. Coble (3), Lester & Velma Wilkerson Coble, Thomas & Ruth Wilson Coffey, Mack & Mary Clark Colvard, Paul & Shirley Sisco Cofer, James & Virginia Cossins Cole, Earnest & Udah Simrell Combs (2), Lawrence & Wilma Brown Combs, George & Sylvia Morris Condren, Jess & Betty Davis Cooper (2), Lloyd & Jean Trower Cook, Olen & Bertha Haney Copeland (3), Max & Barbara Manes Copeland, Lowell & Celestine Vodicka Corbin, Lee & Lois Kirk Cornelius, Daniel & Frances Frieze Cornelius, Bob & Arevenna Lynch Cortner (2), Albert & Novella Lynch Cortner (2), Chester & Larella Kilburn Cossins, Loyal & Pearl Armstrong Cossins (2), Otis & Gertrude Durham Cowden, Allen & Jewell Caywood Cornell
  28. Raymond & Rosalie Robertson Craig, Audie & Floycie Eidson Crain (4), Oval & Ernestine Seiner Crain (2), Ira & Vivian McDonald Crain, Raymond & Katy Holman Crain (2), Horace & Gennieve Wallace Cribbs, Darrol & Judy Acuff Cribbs, Raymond & Irene Mitchem Crites, Jack & Bluebell Crozier, Dennis & Pearl Butler Crum, John & Gennie Hays Crumpton, Jack & Linda Fowler Crawford
  29. Lee & Mary Carver Cummings, Clem & Gertie Strong Cunningham, Luther & Myrtle Cunningham, Don & Pat Gilden Cunningham, Russell & Mary Dunn Cutler
  30. Bud & Barbara Reynolds Chappell, Leslie & Betty Lightfoot Crook, Lester & Lois Patch Cockrell, Ralph & Sue Chism Clayton, Joe & Ada Lockard Combs, Ronnie & Deanna Medley Cook, Vernon & Jean McColm Carter, Dan & Francis Frieze Cornelius, W.J. & Delcie Kibby Choate, Efton & Helen Mann Campbell


C Abstracted information on the following surnames
  1. Crain
  2. 1.1 John Crain family 3 pgs.

    1.2 Elisha & Martha Crain Abbott

    1.3 Census records 11 pgs. 4)Descendants of Elizabeth Simmons and John Crain

    1.5 Pleasant Crain family 4 pgs.

    1.6 Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Crain anniversary

    1.7 Crains buried in Polk County cemeteries 4 pgs.

    1.8Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources 5 pgs.

    1.9 Charles Crain 4 pgs.

  3. Carrier 3 pgs.
  4. Copeland
  5. 3.1 David Copeland 21 pgs.

    3.2 Copeland-Reavis solemnize vows in March wedding

    3.3 Copeland Family beginning with Capt. David Copeland 6 pgs.

    3.4 Census records 12 pgs.

    3.5 Copelands buried in Polk County 2pgs.

  6. Coats
  7. 4.1 Benjamin Watts Coats 13 pgs. My Coats Family Staples 1990

    4.2 Census records/Coats burials 7 pgs.

    4.3 Coats Family Bible in San Jose, CA

    4.4 Wilson Coats

    4.5 Wash. D. Coats

    4.6 Rebecca Coats Neil, Mary Coats Patterson, Sarah Coats Slatten, Charley Coats 2pgs.,

    4.7 Benjamin Coats 2 pgs.

    4.8 Wm. Henry Coats 3 pgs.

    4.9 Abstracted Coats in Polk County Deed Book N (1869) 2 pgs.

    4.10 Thomas Benton Coats

  8. Claypool
  9. 5.1 Jeremiah Claypool 9 pgs.

    5.2 Claypool marriages Books A & B in Polk County

    5.3 Claypools buried in Polk County 2 pgs.

    5.4 Reuben Claypool 2 pgs.

  10. George Coberly (1788-1855) Virginia Migrant to the Midwest pgs. 217-221 & 256-260 Virginia Genealogist Vol. 28 & 29 6 pgs.
  11. William Mansfield Crisp family 11 pgs.
  12. Cantwell
  13. 8.1 Letter from Altie Bird about John Cantwell

    8.2 Family group sheet—John Cantwell and Sarah McCorkle

    8.3 Letter to Altie with information on William Owens family 2 pgs.

  14. Clark and Lucas
  • 9.1 William Clark & Sarah J. Clark family 6 pgs.

    9.2 Baptist Church record 1882 Sarah J. Clark, William Clark 2 pgs.

    9.3 William & Nancy Davis Clark family

    9.4 Clarks buried in Polk County 2 pgs. 5) Miscellaneous records 4 pgs

  • 14

    C Abstracted information on the following surnames
    1. Coffey
    2. 1.1 Gilbert Coffey family 3 pgs.

      1.2 Thomas Coffey family

      1.3 Census records 2 pgs.

      1.4 Coffeys in Polk County cemeteries 2 pgs.

      1.5 Miscellaneous records 3 pgs.

    3. Carter
    4. 2.1 Census records, births, deaths on John, Henry, Moses, Joseph, James, ML, Charles, Dedric, Wm. 10 pgs.

      2.2 "New printing available of Chief Carter’s book" (Russell Sage Carter) BHFP 4 May 1978

    5. Cates
    6. 3.1 Charles Cates

      3.2 Family group sheet—Charles Henry Cates and Elizabeth Needham

      3.3 Family group sheet—Thomas Cates and Sarah Manley

      3.4 Family group sheet—Charles Cates and Elizabeth Lloyd

    7. Cavender
    8. 4.1 Pedigree chart for Peggy Jeanette Cavender

      4.2 obituary for Mary J. Tygart

      4.3 Miscellaneous records 4 pgs.

    9. Curl John Tyre Curl, Wm. Henry Curl 2 pgs.
    10. Caldwell Children of Andrew and Nancy Farrar Caldwell; James Patton and Ann Caldwell Caldwell; James Patton and Margaret Givens Smith Caldwell
    11. Chandler
    12. 7.1 John Chandler family 2 pgs.

      7.2 Census, marriage, death records 9 pgs.

      7.3 Wm. Chandler family

    13. Coble
  • 8.1 Daniel Coble family 8 pgs.

    8.2 John Luther Coble family 12 pgs.

    8.3 Miscellaneous records 15 pgs.

    8.4 Paul Coble family

  • 15

    C Abstracted information on the following surnames
    1. Carlock
    2. 1.1 Asahel Carlock 2 pgs.

      1.2 1840, 1850 census Isaac, Lemuel, Asahel Carlock

      1.3 death notices for James Madison Carlock, Asahel Carlock

    3. Chumley/Chumbler
    4. 2.1 1850 census Robert Chumly, 1860 census Samuel Chumler, 1900 census Albein _ Chumbley, Benj. Chumbley

      2.2 Robert Chu __ey in King Cemetery

    5. Crain Crains buried in Sutherland Cemetery and Crain Cemetery
    6. Chappell
    7. 4.1 Census records: Stephen, Riley, C.N., Martha, Loftin 2 pgs.

      4.2 Chappell (Chapal) marriages

      4.3 Census records, marriages and Chappell buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery 2 pgs.

      4.4 Chappells in Enon, Pleasant Hill, Greenwood, Chappell cemeteries

      4.5 Chappells married 70 years w/photo Mr. & Mrs. Charley Chappell (1971)

    8. Creed Miscellaneous records – census, marriage, birth, burial 3 pgs.
    9. Chitty
  • 6.1 Letter to Betty from Patricia Poshard seeking information on A.H. and Ida S. Chitty

    6.2 census records 2 pgs.

    6.3 A.H. Chitty opens Chitty House (History of Webster Co.), marriage of Lorenzo Chitty and Emily Davidson, death of Mollie Chitty 2 pgs.

    6.4 Biographical sketch Anderson H. Chitty pg. 837 Goodspeed for Webster Co. 6.5 Mary B. Nicholson Pickering family 3 pgs.

    6.6 Letter to Betty from Patricia Poshard with information on Perry Pickering 2 pgs.

    6.7 Letter from Patricia Poshard with Chitty family notes beginning with Jesse Chitty 4 pgs.

  • 16

    C Abstracted information on the following surname
    1. Campbell
    2. 1.1 photo—Settler’s descendents –Mrs. Jones Polk Campbell holding photo of Campbell home BHFP 30 Oct 195

      1.2 County’s earliest family yet holds land w/photo Mrs. & Mrs. Jones Campbell, John Polk Campbell BHFP 30 Oct 1975

      1.3 Polk County founders photos Ezekiel & Rebecca Campbell BHFP 12 Aug 1971

      1.4 Preserving 40 acres of prairie w/photo Polk County prairie SLP 27 Sep 1974 1.5 Bible records Ezekiel Madison Campbell 2 pgs.

      1.6 John Campbell (1768) family information 4 pgs.

      1.7 Miscellaneous Campbell information abstracted from various sources-mainly census but also includes tax, probate, marriage and deaths 27 pgs.

      1.8 William C. Campbell family 8 pgs.

      1.9 Ezekiel Madison Campbell family 5 pgs.

      1.10 Matthew G. Campbell family

      1.11 William Campbell family

      1.12 Campbells buried in Polk Co. cemeteries 4 pgs.

      1.13 Letter from Ann Campbell with information on Sarah Humphrey Campbell, wife of James Campbell 2 pgs.

    3. Clouse-Bateman-Melton
  • 2.1 Pedigree chart for Herston Clouse

    2.2 George W. Clouse family 10 pgs.

    2.3 Bird Bateman family 6 pgs.

    2.4 Bateman, Eslick, Shelby, Allen census 3 pgs.

    2.5 David Melton family 15 pgs.

    2.6 Abstracted census records for Melton, Allgood, Kincannon 4 pgs.

  • 17

    C Abstracted information on the following surnames
    1. Cowden, Caldwell, Catheart, Cribbs, Chauncey, Clifton, Cox, Crenshaw, Cook, Coats, Cantwell, Cruse, Campbell, Cordell, Carthel, Crank, Childress, Cross, Coggins, Coonrod, Chapman, Childers, Clifton, Crowell, Chappell, Canfax, Clark, Coleman, Covert, Case 25 strips
    2. Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    3. 1944—Coward, Cook, Crosslin, Crabtree, Cecil, Crow, Clark, Crain, Claborn, Creed, Chism, Cavin, Carter, Corder, Cornell, Campbell, Cunnyngham 2 pgs.
    4. 1945—Cossins, Combs, Christian, Carter, Cook, Caulk, Clark, Caldwell, Crain, Colvard, Chism, Collins
    5. 1946—Courtney, Cowden, Campbell, Clark, Coffman, Cacy, Corder, Clouse, Choate, Claypool, Cross, Cole, Carter
    6. 1947—Cowden, Crawford, Cribbs, Cunningham, Cantrell, Combs, Cox, Cavin, Coble
    7. 1948—Caldwell, Chapman, Cheek, Creed, Carns, Claypool, Crow, Cowden, Cummings, Carter, Childress, Carpenter, Cunnyngham
    8. 1949—Cowden, Cox, Cavender, Caldwell, Crussell, Chapman, Crevier, Connor, Cossins, Crosswhite, Crockett, Coffelt, Crain, Casey, Cochran, Campbell, Capehart, Creed, Cowan 2 pgs.
    9. 1950—Comann, Carneal, Cheek, Cowden, Cunnyngham, Curl, Crumm, Cates, Cross, Castle, Crawford, Cartmill, Cunningham, Cowan, Crain, Comer, Carter 2 pgs.
    10. 1951—Coberly, Copeland, Crawford, Carneal, Coy, Curl, Case, Chaney, Crozyer, Crowe, Cansler, Claypool, Chism, Campbell, Capehart
    11. 1952—Conner, Cowden, Caldwell, Cornelius, Copeland, Cooley, Clark, Choate, Carneal, Curl, Coffey, Carson, Challes, Cacy, Culp, Cussick, Crain, Cowles, Childress 2 pgs.
    12. 1953—Crane, Carns, Cowden, Cooper, Clark, Craven, Conley, Cornell, Cross, Cox, Choate, Cook. Capper, Carter, Case 2 pgs.
    13. 1954—Cooper, Choate, Chaney, Carter, Cavin, Clark, Conley, Cagle, Campbell, Coffelt, Cox, Cribbs
    14. 1955—Cansler, Coffman, Claypool, Covert, Curl, Case, Chamberlain, Crain, Cronin, Churchman, Crabtree, Cheek, Cowan, Cunningham, Cherrington, Clem, Craven 2 pgs.
    15. 1956—Copeland, Chaney, Claspill, Claypool, Cansler, Cavin, Climer, Cochran, Childers, Choate, Clark, Cruse, Cherrington, Cowden, Cummins, Campbell, Crowell, Chaney, Cunningham, Cain, Cordell, Campmire
    16. 1957—Cunnyngham, Crisp, Claypool, Creed, Cowan, Cunningham, Craig, Cates, Cross, Callaway, Cribbs, Churchman, Creasey, Coy, Curry
    17. 1958—Cross, Connelly, Choate, Crabtree, Cowden, Copeland, Claypool, Cochran, Cossins, Chaney, Coble, Carter, Campbell, Cain, Cheek, Crain, Chesser, Cooper 2 pgs.
    18. 1959—Coile, Covington, Cowan, Clayburn, Cox, Covert, Coffey, Cates, Chilton, Capps, Cole, Case, Carmichael, Cochran, Carson, Crozier, Conner, Combs, Cruse, Childers 2 pgs.
    19. 1960—Carter, Curtis, Coffee, Cooper, Caldwell, Crites, Claypool, Carroll, Clark, Cowden, Carneal, Coble, Crain, Craig, Crockett, Compton, Cowan, Cavendar, Case 2 pgs.
    20. 1961—Calhoun, Corson, Cox, Callaway, Carden, Cheffey, Campbell, Copeland, Cooksey, Chilton, Choate, Crain, Caldwell, Chaney, Cavin
    21. 1962—Cowan, Conley, Cramer, Clayton, Cooley, Cowden, Carlock, Conner, Cantrell, Clymens, Choate, Cochran, Campbell, Case, Chapman, Clark 2 pgs.
    22. 1963—Cunningham, Conner, Cowen, Cowan, Coy, Coffey, Cribbs, Chappell, Cooper, Choate, Cross, Cole, Carlson 2 pgs.
    23. 1964—Casteel, Campbell, Conley, Chalker, Coffman, Cross, Collins, Carter, Crain, Calvird, Clark, Cooksey, Clingman, Christian, Criger, Cavin, Capehart, Crain, Curl, Cox, Crawford, Copeland, Creed, Callaway, Chaney, Crane, Creed 2 pgs.
    24. 1965—Crites, Carroll, Copeland, Cyrus, Clark, Chatterton, Covert, Cash, Calvin, Chaney, Campbell, Caulk, Cox, Coursey, Cates, Covey, Cunnyngham, Charlton, Chaney, Conley 2 pgs.
    25. 1966—Christian, Coffman, Cowden, Case, Corson, Carnagey, Carpenter, Crawford, Coffman, Callaway, Cortner, Cavendar, Cunningham, Cavin
    26. 1967—Cochran, Cossins, Coursey, Clark, Corder, Copeland, Coy, Carrier, Chilton, Coats, Cowden, Cahill, Combs, Crain, Carter, Cox, Coberly, Coffman, Collins, Campbell, Camey, Cooksey, Cooper 2 pgs.
    27. 1968—Crain, Campbell, Camey, Choate, Coleman, Combs, Coffin, Crawford, Cyrus, Cunningham, Claypool, Copeland, Coble, Childers, Cox, Currie, Callahan, Courtney, Chastain 2 pgs.
    28. 1969—Crawford, Cavin, Claypool, Crussell, Copeland, Cossins, Cox, Coffin, Cowden, Campbell, Cunnyngham, Carpenter, Carter, Crank, Chaney, Cribbs, Cobb, Cadwallader, Creech, Callaway, Clemons, Culwell 2 pgs.
    29. 1970—Covey, Casteel, Chapman, Choate, Copeland, Cates, Cooksey, Clark, Carpenter, Covert, Combs, Childress, Callaway, Cox, Cossins, Cheek
    30. 1971—Cross, Cloyed, Corder, Conley, Crusha, Crain, Crockett, Cooper, Capps, Comer, Cansler, Cushman, Coffin, Carter, Copeland, Chaney, Coleman, Crooks, Cornell, Culwell, Culbertson, Cooksey, Cowan 2 pgs.
    31. 1972—Cowden, Chappell, Cowan, Carns, Chaney, Clemons, Cribbs, Cunnyngham, Choate, Carpenter, Crevier, Cheatham, Claypool, Cornelius, Callaway, Courtney, Crawford, Crow, Crain, Cooksey, Cates 2 pgs.
    32. 1973—Cochran, Crabtree, Crain, Cowden, Clouse, Crawford, Cunningham, Chaney, Cole, Crocker, Claypool, Condray, Carson, Cheek, Cozard, Cavendar, Curry, Crance, Cady, Carns 2 pgs.
    33. 1974—Cates, Camey, Crain, Callaway, Cowen, Combs, Courtney, Caney, Clouser, Charleton, Cowden, Coburn, Chism, Crain, Comstock, Carnagey, Calhoun 2 pgs.
    34. 1975—Conley, Chism, Copeland, Cowan, Capehart, Cunningham, Close, Crain, Culbertson, Cunnyngham, Cutler, Chandler, Coffey, Cook
    35. 1976—Cansler, Clymer, Cates, Chastain, Crain, Cochran, Conner, Cruse, Cates, Choate, Chesser, Clemons, Cavin, Collins, Claypool, Coble, Cheek, Carter, Coffman 2 pgs.
    36. 1977—Clark, Cowan, Childress, Combs, Coffee, Crain, Carpenter, Caldwell, Campbell, Coppage, Conley, Carter, Christian, Cherwonic, Caviness, Crance, Copeland, Cheek, Chaney, Cody 2 pgs.
    37. 1978—Cowden, Coffey, Cunnyngham, Carter, Claspill, Childers, Cruse, Carlander, Currie, Chappell, Coffman, Cooksey, Chastain, Coker, Courtland, Cunningham, Cox
    38. 1979—Carpenter, Carter, Combs, Choate, Conner, Curl, Cowan, Cooksey, Cline, Cunningham, Campbell, Cole, Crow, Christian, Coffey, Coats, Crowell, Compton, Chalker 3 pgs.


    C Abstracted information from various sources on the following surnames:
    1. Crane, Carrier, Childers, Courtwright, Cochran, Compton, Coy, Clyton, Clark, Crow, Calvin, Combs, Crank 8 strips
    2. Chauncey, Carthel, Cossey, Cowan, Cook, Carnall, Carlock, Chitty, Clark, Callaway, Coble, Campbell, Claypool, Conner, Coy, Cathal, Craig, Carter, Curl, Chapman, Coon, Courtney, Cowden, Corbin, Cox, Caldwell, Calvard, Conner, Carrier, Craine 16 strips
    3. Newspaper abstracts (Springfield)
    4. 1894—Cunningham, Creed
    5. 1924—Cross, Claypool, Crosswhite, Chaney, Caldwell
    6. 1925—Crank, Caldwell, Cunnyngham, Cady
    7. 1936—Conley, Cloud, Churchman, Creed, Chamberlain, Cox, Coy, Challes, Crocket, Chamberlain, Clampitt, Cannady 2 pgs.
    8. 1927—Calvin, Cavin, Combs, Cunningham, Crow, Choat, Curl, Clark, Cross, Cowden, Cox, Cates, Courtney 3 pgs.
    9. 1928—Cox, Campbell, Cobb, Cowden, Claypool, Coy, Clements, Couttherd 2 pgs.
    10. 19*29—Cross, Crain, Cossins, Carroll, Crosswhite, Cash, Crigier, Crane, Case, Claypool, Courtney 2 pgs.
    11. 1930—Coalson, coy, Caldwell, Conley, Cossey, Carter
    12. 1931—Cowden, Choate, Coy, Campbell, Cunningham, Christian, Cross, Crank 3 pgs.
    13. 1932—Crosswhite, Cossins, Choate, Cheek, Claypool, Campbell, Colvard, Cowden, Cochran, Coy, Crone 3 pgs.
    14. 1934—Caldwell, Cortner, Crosslin, Coursey, Campbell, Creed, Cowden, Carskadden, Chilton, Claypool, Crain, Coleman, Cavin, Choate, Craigg, Cowan, Cossins 6 pgs.
    15. 1858—Cornwall, Cowan 1868—Covey


    C Covington family information
    1. Direct lineage chart for Reta Lee Douglass 5 pgs.
    2. Ancestor chart of J.C. Daugherty 3 pgs.
    3. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Eugene Gibson and Reta Lee Douglass
    4. Family Group Sheet—John Oscar Covington and Margaret Jane Ailey
    5. Obituary—Margaret Jane Covington
    6. Obituary—John Oscar Covington photocopies of photos of Oscar and Margaret
    7. Family Group Sheet—David William Covington and Susan Fields
    8. Obituary (transcribed)—David Covington
    9. Obituary and death certificate for Sarah Covington
    10. Obituary—Charles B. Covington
    11. Marriage record/photocopied photos of David and Sarah Fields Covington
    12. Family Group Sheet—William M. Covington and Francis Ann Payne
    13. Family Bible records—Wm. And Francis Covington 2 pgs.
    14. Abstracted information from military pension papers of William M. Covington photos Francis & William
    15. Obituary—Francis Ann Covington
    16. Family Group Sheet—David C. Covington and Judith Kindrick
    17. Abstracted information on David Covington
    18. Family Group Sheet—Edmond Covington and Annie or Mary --
    19. Family Group Sheet—John Covington, Sr. and Jane Davis Hankins 2 pgs.
    20. Family Group Sheet—John Covington, Jr. and Jane Martin
    21. Family Group Sheet—Thomas Covington and Mary --
    22. Family Group Sheet—William Covington II and Rosamund --
    23. Family Group Sheet—William Covington III and Ann Coleman (?)
    24. Family Group Sheet—William (Coventon) Covington I and Dorthy --


    C Coffman family information
    1. Abstracted information on families in David Coffman line 37 pgs.
    2. Family of John C. Neil 2 pgs.
    3. Susan Coffman (Susanna Bunch) pgs. 257-8 Ozark Migration Project 2 pgs.
    4. Coffman death certificates available on-line (1910-1955) 2 pgs.
    5. 1930 Polk County Census—Coffman (abstracted)
    6. Coffmans buried in Coffman Cemetery
    7. Coffman marriages abstracted from Polk, Dad, Greene, and Cedar County records 4 pgs.
    8. Coffman deaths: Emma Coffman, Lydia Coffman, Elmer R. Coffman, Dollie Coffman, Erith E. Coffman, Samuel L. Coffman, Minerva Coffman, James E. Coffman 2 pgs. abstracted
    9. Coffman burials in Polk County, 1900 Census James Coffman, Charles Coffman 4 pgs.
    10. Obituary—Laura Mae Coffman Beason
    11. Abstracted census, Probate, David and Susannah Bunch Coffman family 2 pgs.
    12. Public Notice concerning title to Coffman land in Polk County
    13. Abstracted obituary—Addie Coffman Strain
    14. Photocopied photos: Robert Combs, Millie Coffman, Opal Higginbotham, Buel Margason
    15. "Pioneer cemetery-weathered tombstones mark forgotten graves of earliest settlers" (Coffman) BHFP 6 Jan 1977 "Descendant of pioneer responds to article (no date) 2 pgs.
    16. "On the Coffman farm in the 1930s" w/photo James Coffman family BHFP 1 Nov 2002
    17. James Coffman family (very little information)
    18. Letters (2) to Betty from Shirley Yarick with information on David Coffman 4 pgs.
    19. Miscellaneous information/notes 2 half sheets


    D Abstracted information on the following surnames
    1. Doke
    2. 1.1 Pedigree charts for Galen Clay Doke (3), Merrick Doak (Doke)

      1.2 Doke family records beginning w/ Alexander Doak 2 pgs.

      1.3 Abstracted information on Doaks of Virginia

      1.4 Family Group Sheet—Alexander Doak and Margaret Hanna

      1.5 Will of Alexander Doak

      1.6 Family Group Sheet—John H. Doak and Clarinda Herrington

      1.7 Family Group Sheet—Merrick Herrington and Virginia Mary Mahaney

      1.8 Probate/Settlement Record John H. Doak

      1.9 Marriage and land records Doak/Doke Warren County, KY

      1.10 Family Group Sheet—Merrick Doak and Mary Ann Gott

      1.11 Marriage record—Merrick Doak and Mary Gott

      1.12 Land record—Peter Gott to Mary Doake

      1.13 Family Group Sheet—James H. Doke and Jackie Louise Harralson

      1.14 Marriage record—James H. Doke and Jockey L. Herrelson

      1.15 Family Group Sheet—Willard Wester Doke and Rhoda Mae Edmisson

      1.16Abstracted census, marriages, burials Doke 3 pgs.

    3. Dowell
      1. Dowell family outline (as related to Higginbotham and McKinney families 4 pgs.
      2. 1870 census listing James G. Dowel
    4. Derossett
    5. 3.1 John Derossett family information 2 pgs.

      3.2 Abstracted Derossett census records 4 pgs.

      3.3 Abstracted Derossett marriages from Polk County Marriages Book A & B

      3.4Samuel Derossett family

    6. Davidson/Davison
      1. Miscellaneous abstracted Davidson census, marriage, tax, burials, pension William Davidson, Armstrong T. Davidson families 16 pgs.
      2. Joshua Davidson family
      3. Bracket Davison 3 pgs.
      1. John H. Davison
      2. Will of Joseph Reyburn

    5. Devin

      1. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Benton Devin and Elvira Pickel 3 pgs.
      2. Abstracted census, marriage records 7 pgs.
      3. Clayton Devin family information 8 pgs.
      4. Devin burials in Polk County 2 pgs.
      5. William R. Devin family information 10 pgs.
      6. Pedigree chart—Martha Mitchell Devin
      7. Nathaniel Madison Devin information

    6 Dobbins

  • 6.1 Miscellaneous abstracted information on Joshua, John D. James F., Thomas

    Dobbins 4 pgs.

    1. Biographical sketch of George W. Davies
    2. Biographical sketch of Francis Marion Donnell
    3. Davis
    4. 9.1 Obituary/Death of a Veteran of 1812—Lewis Davis

      9.2 Abstracted information on John Davis

      9.3 Pedigree Chart for Kathy Jeanette Davis

      9.4 Miscellaneous abstracted information on Alexander Davis, Eugene Davis,

      Mary Perryman Davis Grayson Davis, N.A. Davis, Byrd Davis 3 pgs.

    5. Dihel
  • 10.1 Joseph Henry Dihel family

    10.2 Worksheet chart from published records: Dihel, Hamlet, Hutchins, Russell,

    Smith, Worthon, Abbott 2 pgs., 2 copies

    10.3 Letter from Diane Dihel Heryford

    10.4 Old Age Assistance application for Alice Mahalia Dihel 5 pgs.

    10.5 "Mrs. Alice Dihel to note birthday hundred and one" FPA 26 Oct 1967

  • 22

    1. Dodson/Dotson
    2. 1.1 Clayborn Dodson family 2 pgs.

      1.2 James A Dodson family 2 pgs.

      1.3 Dodson/Dotson marriages abstracted from Marriage Books A-K 7 pgs.

      1.4 Abstracted census records 7 pgs.

      1.5 Dodsons buried in Dodson Cemetery 2 pgs.

    3. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on the following surnames: Denby, Derossett, Dunaway, Dent, Davis, Douglass, Dabney, Dame, Duffner, Draper, Dooley, Dixon, Dickerson, Deaverhoff, Delarue, Devin, Dunnegan, Degraffenreid, Dryer, Ditmars, Darby, Dean, Dyal 15 pgs.
    4. Abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    5. 1924—Dyle, Drake, Dunnegan, Davis
    6. 1925—Deaver, Dwyer, Delarue, Davis
    7. 1926—Delarue, Douglas, Davis, Dunsethe, Drewry
    8. 1927—Dunnegan, Davis, Drake, Dalzell, Deavers, Dukes
    9. 1928—Dodson
    10. 1929—Devin, Dixon
    11. 1930—Obituary of Amanda Dotson
    12. 1931—Drake, Dunaway, Duncan, Dickerson, Denton, Davenport, Doke, Davis 2 pgs.
    13. 1932—Dotson, Drake, Dodd, Dunnegan, Drumwright
    14. 1934—Dodd, Douglas, Dunaway, Dunnegan, Davies, Denby, Davis 3 pgs.
    15. Abstracted from Bolivar papers
    16. Delaplain, Davis, Drake, Dunlap, Dunnegan, Duncan, Doty, Davidson, Davison, Dial 2 pgs.


    D Miscellaneous abstracted information as follows:
    1. Abstracted from various sources: Devin, DeBruen, Danforth, Denis, Carne, Davis, Dickerson, Douglass, Doner, Dunnegan, Dobb, Drake, Durnell, Dean, Daniel, Dodson, Dillard, Dwyer, D’Zearn, Duncan, Derebery, Derossett, Dickey, Dickerson, Delarue, DeFrese, Denney, Dudley, Delaplain, Davison, Delo, Depew, Dryden, Dowell, Degraffenreid, Durham, Davenport, Dukes, Dorman, Davison, Dailey, Dilda, Dixon, Dill, Dake, Dunham, Dotson, Dollison, Dickey, Dysart, Danner, Danfarth, Doyle 50 strips
    2. Newspaper articles from BHFP (2-12)
    3. Longtime banker, T.H.B. Dunnegan, dies at age 91 30 June 1983
    4. T.H.B. Dunnegan…Polk County Gentleman (editorial) 30 June 1983
    5. Dunnegan family a part of Bolivar for more than a century ‘Mr. Benton’ remembered as a friend, advisor 30 June 1983
    6. John Dunnegan dead at 90 4 Dec 1985
    7. New garage – 1926 For Coupe has new home at Northward w/photo Agatha Duncan 24 May 1989
    8. Photo—Centennial Celebration Dunnegan brothers 10 April 2002
    9. Polk County People—Maude Davis w/photo 7 June 1979
    10. Photo—Happy 100th birthday Bertha Davison 15 May 2002
    11. Photo—Five Generations John Delmont, Jack Delmont, Sr., Jack Delmont, Fr., Jack Dean Delmont, Jeremy Dean Delmont 8 Sep 1982
    12. Dryer family meets at park 28 Sep 1980
    13. Durhams have reunion at park w/photo 12 Aug 1987
    14. Letters to Editor (13-17)
    15. Looking for descendants—Mary Nance and John Decker
    16. Dryers seek ancestors—Columbus and Mary Lou Dryer
    17. Genealogist thanks those who helped with information – Richard and Lucy Compton Dwyer
    18. History of some Polk Countians – Dwyers
    19. Promises more ‘oldie’ snapshots by Mrs. Jerry K. Divin
    20. Obituary—Elva Mae Dobbins
    21. Anniversary announcements
    22. Lowell & Trevie Dryer Davis, Gene & Irene Krtek Davis, Oscar & Wava Hood Davison, Vernon & Martha Walker Davison, James & Neta Barker Davison, Gerald & Bonnie Glover Davison, John & Lula Frieze Davison, Raymond & Mary Copeland Davolt, Bob & Ruth Harris Dawes, Joe & Sarah Dayringer
    23. Ernie & Jean Mitchell DeGraffenreid, Gene & Betty Watt Degraffenreid, Millard & Loreta Wright Degraffenreid, Charles & Dorothy Bates DeGraffenreid (3), Richard & Frances Pickett Derossett, Henry & Mary Beth DeShazo
    24. Maurice & Ruth Dickensheet, Hadley & Esther Alexander Dixon, Charles & Wanda Lindsey Dixon, Wayne & Wanda Stokes Dillard
    25. W.D. & Helen Tillery Dodd (3), David & Jean Dodson, John & Mardel Dohle, Henry Louis & Wanda Mae Dodd Dohle, Leonard & June Doke, Clyde & Mary Ellen Standley Doke, Gary & Judy Dooley, Gerald & Nancy Walters Dornan
    26. David & Evelyn Williams Dryer (2), Earnest & Lena Patten Dull


    D Abstracted death notices/obituaries
    1. Death notices for: Elijah Davis, Matthew Davis, Mary R. Davis, Mrs. Milton Davidson, Annie Davis, Ellison Davis, John Davis, Joshua Davis, Nathan avis, Martha Dinwiddie, Frances Douglass, Nancy Dudley, Margaret Durington, Margaret Duvington 4 pgs.
    2. Obituaries
    3. Mary C. Dowell
    4. Mary J. Disert, Emma C. Duncan, Frances Douglass
    5. Matilda S. DeLozier
    6. Clifford T. Durham
    7. Harvey S. Doggett
    8. Margaret Dotson, Emma Dixon
    9. Jewell Dickerson Stiles
    10. Herman Dunaway, Lessie Victoria Davis
    11. John Duncan
    12. Jane Dysart Howe, Elizabeth Dysart
    13. Alan Davison, Allie W. Dodson, Hugh Dunn
    14. Noah Davison, June Drumright
    15. Jesse M. Duke, Mary M. Davis, Lucia Dodge
    16. Margaret Derossett, Sarah Ella Dickinson, T.N. Degraffenreid
    17. William Davis, Elijah C. Devin
    18. Mary E. DeGraffenreid, May Davis, Etta P. Derossett
    19. Mary Doering, Matthew H. Davis, Elijah A. Dunaway
    20. Mattie Forest Dodd, Laura Dale, Alta May Delaney
    21. Harry Dodson, William Delarue
    22. Emma C. Delarue, I.H. (Bob) Doke
    23. Rachel P. Dodd, Mary Elizabeth Dotson
    24. Hanna Davidson
    25. James Anderson Davis, Viola Davis
    26. Letta M. Degraffenreid
    27. Amanda Catherine Devin, Elijah C Devin
    28. James David Dickerson


    D Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    1. 1938-43—Davison, Dodson, Dunn, Drumright, Duke, Davis, Dodge, Derossett, Dickinson, Degraffenreid, Devin, Doering, Dunaway, Dale, Delaney, Delarue, Doke, Dotson 2 pgs.
    2. 1944—Davis, Drury, Dixon, Donnell, Dowell
    3. 1945/46—Durham, DeGraffenreid, Daries, Dodson, Doggett, Dunn, Davis, Defriese, Doke, Derossett, Davison
    4. 1947—Denby, Dodd, Dodson, Dickerson, Davis, Davison
    5. 1948—DeLooze, Dobbins, Duvall, DeWitt, Dodd, Derossett, DeGraffenreid, Davison, Dooley
    6. 1949—Dodd, Devin, Denby, Davis, Dickey
    7. 1950—Dickey, Durden, Duffek, Dickerson, Dodd, Dixon, Doke, Davis, Drake, Dickinson
    8. 1951-52—Dart, Drake, Dickerson, Dotson, Davolt, Davis, Davison, Dean, Duke, Dickinson, Dunblazier, Degraffenreid, Devin, Divin, Daiss 2 pgs.
    9. 1953—Dodd, Derr, DeGraffenreid, Dotson
    10. 1954—Davis, Delaplain, Dotson, Dodd
    11. 1955—Dickerson, Durbin, Dyer, Dozier, Dohn, Donaldson, Devin, Darby
    12. 1956—Dodd, Durham, Dooly, Dunaway, Degraffenreid, Duncan, Delarue, Davison
    13. 1957—Dickerson, Dean, Dozier, Dodd, Derossett, Dobbins, DeWitt, Dunnegan, Denton
    14. 1958—Dunaway, Davis, Davison, Dixon, Dotson, Duryee, Derossett, Dana, Davidson, Dickerson, Davolt
    15. 1959—Degraffenreid, Davis, Dixon, Dean, Durham, Dunham, DeRosset, Dodd, Dotson, Dyer, Dyal, Deal, Downing 2 pgs.
    16. 1960—Dennis, Davison, Dodd, Davis, Dinkle, Dickerson, Dunham, Degraffenreid
    17. 1961—Degraffenreid, Dickerson, Douglass, Dotson, Davis, Dobbins
    18. 1962—Dickerson, Devine, Durham, Dodson, Drake, Davis, Duff, Dunham, Davison
    19. 1963—Dodd, Dilday, Dooley, Davis, Derossett
    20. 1964—Dorith, Davies, Davis, Doke, Duncan, Douglas, DeWitt, Darby, Downing, Davison, Dunaway, Dodd, Degraffenreid
    21. 1965—Dunn, Davis, Duncan, Drumwright, Deragowski, Day, Delaney
    22. 1966—Day, Dysart, Daniels, Dickinson, Davison, Degraffenreid, Doke, Dorth, Dodd, Dukes, Dixon, Dotson
    23. 1967—Dickerson, Davis, Dotson, Duryee, Derossett, Duncan, Dickerson
    24. 1968—Dannels, Daum, Donnell, Davolt, Davison, Duncan, Dickes, Durnell
    25. 1969—Dodd, Darnell, Dixon, Dihel, Dysart, DeGraffenreid, Dwyer, Dotson, Duvall, Dover, Davis, Dickerson, Dooley, Dillard, Dunlop[
    26. 1970—Dilday, Dickinson, Dixon, Dorman, Dean, Duncan, Delay, Durnell, Dodson
    27. 1971—Drake, Doyle, DeRossett, Dickinson, Davis, Durnall, Delaplane, Dewhirst, Dragoo, Dotson
    28. 1972—Day, Daves, DeWitt, Delarue, Durham, Dodd, Dickerson, Davison, Davis, Daniel, Duncan
    29. 1973—Doke, Dooley, Derossett, Dohle, Dale, Duncan, Dryer, DeWitt, Dickerson, Davidson, Dowes, Dotson, Dane, Davis
    30. 1974—Dedman, Derose, Devine, Denison, DeGraffenreid, Dohle, Davis, Dooley, Duckering, Dotson, Dingle
    31. 1975—Dooley, Davolt, Dickerson, Dunseth, Dillion, Duryee, Dryer, Daugherty, Derrenger, Davis, Dodson, Denby
    32. 1976—Douglass, Degraffenreid, Davis, Durham, Ditmars, Dooley, Dickerson
    33. 1977—Dunnegan, Dodson, Davis, Derossett, Drumright, DeGraffenreid, Duryee, Devin, Dishman, Dotson
    34. 1978—Dodd, Dobbins, Davis, Ditmars, Dotson, Davison, Dohn, Doke, Dean, Divin, Dryer
    35. 1979—Dean, Davolt, Dobbins, Dodwell, Durham, Divin, Douglas, Doran, Deeds, Duffner, Dickinson, Davis, Davison, Drumright


    D Dunnegan family
    1. The Memoirs of T.H.B. Dunnegan (written in 1903) 4 pgs.
    2. A community-minded man – THB Dunnegan BHFP 15 June 1972 special section on 100th anniversary of Polk County Bank 2 copies
    3. 110 years of service from family to Bolivar 1st annual Bolivar Civic Service Award 9 Mar 1978
    4. Abstracted information on the following
    5. John Dunnegan family 2 pgs.
    6. Francis Dunnegan family 2 pgs.
    7. William F. Dunnegan family 2 pgs.
    8. Dr. John A. Dunnegan family
    9. Martha J. Dunnegan Paynter family
    10. Frances Ann Dunnegan Noffsinger
    11. Laura H. Dunnegan Brown family
    12. Joseph Dunnegan
    13. Martha P. Dunnegan Kennedy 2 pgs.
    14. Matthew Dunnegan 2 pgs.
    15. Keziah Dunnegan Akard 2 pgs.
    16. Rhoda Pricilla Akard Marshall 2 pgs.
    17. Mary Elizabeth Dunnegan Holmes 2 pgs.
    18. Napolon B Duigin (Dunnegan)
    19. Dunnegan Families of Southwest Missouri pgs. 1-8 Ozar’kin Spring 2002


    1. ‘Buch’ Erwin always wanted to be an undertaker abstracted from Boyhood Ambition Realized by Lucile Morris Upton column SNL 4 April 1954
    2. Easley brides and grooms Tennessee marriages 3 pgs.
    3. Family Group Sheets on: Colonel Warham Easley & Elizabeth Latham, Miller Woodlow Easley & Sophronia Akard, James B. Easley & Mary Louise Renshaw, Joseph Addison Renshaw & Sarah S. Griffis
    4. Easley Family compiled by Betty Ammerman 4 pgs.
    5. Obituary—M.W. Easley – founder of Fair Play 3 pgs.
    6. Biographical sketch M.W. Easley, James B. Easley from Goodspeed
    7. Miscellaneous Easley information abstracted from various sources 8 pgs.
    8. Ransom Elliott miscellaneous abstracted information 4 pgs.
    9. Emanuel Edmisson and his family 2 pgs.
    10. Henry Evans family
    11. Thomas Evans family 2 pgs.
    12. Miscellaneous abstracted Evans information 12 pgs.
    13. Letter from Marsha Hoffman Rising with information on Robert Evans 5 pgs.
    14. Miscellaneous abstracted information on Robert Evans and family 11 pgs.
    15. Robert Evans pgs. 413-14 Ozark Migration Project 2pgs.
    16. Eddy Family (John Alfred Eddy)
    17. Pedigree chart for Lula Helen Edge
    18. Miscellaneous abstracted information on Edge
    19. Biographical sketch on Walter Eugene Edmonson
    20. Biographical sketch on Finis Ewing Engleman 2 pgs.


    1. G. W. Engleman family
    2. Pedigree chart—David Andrew Scroggins
    3. Henry S. Euliss family information 2 pgs.
    4. Bill Evans family
    5. Abstracted from Death Records – Missouri Papers 1854-1860 Matthew Edwards, Olivia Ellis, John Ethridge, Robert Evans, Samuel Evans, Mrs. Arthur Ewing
    6. Man publishes first novel at age 86 David Estes Community Free Press 2010
    7. Obituary—Morris Edward Ewing Masonic Magazine Fall 1978
    8. Polk County schools serve as lawyer’s legacy Marion C. Early SNL 18 Nov 1981
    9. Who was Marion C. Early? w/ photo BHFP 16 Aug 1983
    10. Polk County People—Pamela Engleman BHFP 14 Sep 1978
    11. Days afield remain source of pleasure for Lester Edwards w/photo BHFP 20 Jan 1983
    12. The man who was scalped and lived to tell about it Al Edwards BHFP 30 Dec 1971
    13. Eagon family met BHFP 29 July 1971
    14. Grandparents got married in a car w/photo Fred & Bertha Eagon Engle Letter to editor by Linda Hileman BHFP 17 Nov 1993
    15. Looking for ancestors Erwin/Ervin, Evans Letters (2) to editor 1989, 1995
    16. Anniversary announcements
    17. Charles & Shirley Newland Early (3), Cleo & Jewell Cooksey Eagon, George & Martha Easterly, Clarence & Ruth Johnston Eagon, Wayne & Rosalea Skidmore Eastburn
    18. Bill & Gladys Belk Edwards, Marshall & Pauline Elliott Eggert (2), Andrew & Ethel Norman Ely
    19. Doran & Jeane May Emmert, Glen & Wilma Shelton Emmert, Howard & Mary Kirksey Emmert, J.L. & Gladys Mashburn Emory, Roscoe & Mildred Jenkins Erven, William & Betty Davis Erbe
    20. Cecil & Helen Adams Euliss, Leonard & Marcella Francka Euliss, Harold & Millie Ross Eversoll, Bud & Dorothy Domingez Everly (2), Jesse & Glenda Agee Evans, Joe & Ruth Adams Ewing, Norman & Lora Lee Boss Eherhart
    21. Ruth Ewing to note 90th birthday 4 Feb 1987


    1. Miscellaneous abstracted information (birth/death/marriage) on: Ewing, Edmisson, Easley, Emerson, Evans, Edge, Engleman, Elliott, Ellis, Euliss, Estes, Earnest, Edwards, Eaton, Eastridge, Erwin, Early, Enyart, Edmonson, English, Ellison, Everly, Emerson, Eagon, Erwin 31 strips
    2. Miscellaneous abstracted information (birth/death/marriage) on: Earnest, Ellis, Evans, Ezell, Elliott, Emerson, East, Engleman, Edwards, Emory, Easton, Eaton, Emmons, Estes, Emery, Eagon, Easley, Erwin, Early, Eagleburger, Emberson, Edge, Eledge, Engle 19 pgs.
    3. Obituaries/death notices/births/anniversaries abstracted from Springfield newspapers 1894, 1924-34
    4. William Evans
    5. Elizabeth Emerson
    6. J.L. Ewing, Harlan Embrey, Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Erwin
    7. T.A. Ewing & Edith Miller
    8. Virginia Chamberlain & Adam Engle, Clive Estes, G.W. Erwin, Mary Eidson, G.W. Erwin & Sarah Cowden, Mary B. Eidson
    9. Mrs. Ernest Euliss, S.W. Easley
    10. James B. Easley
    11. Helen Edge, Wilma Lewalta Early, D.E. Erwin & Hester Lindsey, Edgar Edwards & Hazel Minor, Mrs. S.B. Evans
    12. Rebecca J. Ewing, Dr. J.T. Evans, Lula N. Euliss, Mr. & Mrs. John H. Eastburn
    13. A.N., Edwards, George W. Erwin, Magnus T. Easley, Perry Euliss, Dr. B.H. Emerson
    14. Vincent Lockman Eddy, John H. Eastburn, Hiram W. Emmitt


    E Abstracted Obituaries
    1. Dr. John B. Ellis
    2. Franklin Pierce Engleman, Cynthia M. Everly
    3. Ina Marie Engleman, Ernest Vird Erwin
    4. David K. Eastridge, Charles J. Edmonson
    5. William Jennings Erwin, Claudine Euliss
    6. William Engle, William J. Edwards
    7. Dennie L. Edwards, Mary A. Edwards, Sallie Jane Ewing
    8. Robert Taylor Ellis, Earl J. Edmonson
    9. Lula Belle Engleman, Malinda Eaton
    10. Mrs. Kezziah Edge, Mrs. Byrl Emmons
    11. Leslie Emmons, Sarah J. Enyart, George W. Enyart
    12. Marion C. Early
    13. Mary Ann Early
    14. George Early, Augustus Early (Lodge Resolutions)
    15. Lizzie A. Edmonson, Charley Jay Edmonson
    16. P.H. Emshwiller
    17. Julius Erler
    18. Marshal L. Elzey, David McDonald Ellsworth
    19. Marshal L. Elzey, Mrs. J.H. Easley
    20. Death Notices abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    21. 1944—Edmondson, Eagon, Emerson, Erwin, Eidbles, Edmonds
    22. 1945/46—Everly, Eaves, Eagon, Ellis, Erwin
    23. 1947/48—Eagon, Euliss, Erwin, Eastburn, Ellis
    24. 1949—Evans, Ehrhardt, Emerson, Ecton, Ealy
    25. 1950/51—Eagon, Elwyn, Erwin, Essex, Eidson, Easley, Ellsworth, Earl, Evans, Enyart
    26. 1952—Euliss
    27. 1953—Euliss, Ethridge, Evans
    28. 1954—Ellison, Emmett, Eaves, Engle, Ellsworth, Ellison, Engleman, Easley 2 pgs.
    29. 1955—Everly, Emory, Elliott, Easley, Enyart, Emery, Edwards, Ethridge
    30. 1956—Elliott, Elrod, Evans 2 pgs.
    31. 1957—Ecton, Elliston, Edge, Evans
    32. 1958—Erwin, Ellis, Edmonson, Endecott, Ellsworth, Emory
    33. 1959—Emery, Ellis, Erwin, Emmett, Earnest
    34. 1960—Euliss, Everly, Erwin, Earp, Edwards, Elliston
    35. 1961—Erwin, Eidson, Elliott
    36. 1962—Evans, Everly, Ellsworth, Enns, Edge
    37. 1963—Everhart, Early, Edwards, Eidson
    38. 1964—Ellerman, Enyart, Evans, Earnest, Emshwiller, Eyre, Erwin, Engleman, Ellsworth
    39. 1965—Elliott, Eade, Essex, Erwin, Emerson, Evans, Ealy
    40. 1966/67—Evans, Eccles, Erwin, Ellis, Eagon, Eaves, Eyre, Everhart, Ewing, Ealy, Echols, Evans
    41. 1968/69—Eagon, Edgington, Edwards, Eads, Engle, Eaves, Enyart, Evans, Euliss, Ehrhardt, Easley, Ellis
    42. 1970—Emery, Ealy, Enyart, Eidson, Elliott, Emory, Engleman, Ewing
    43. 1971—Engleman, Ethridge, Erwin, Embrey, Edge, Edgington, Early, Endecott, Ealy, Evans, Etheridge
    44. 1972/73—Elrod, Eldred, Ellison, Edmonson, Emory, Edmondson, Ethridge, Erwin, Engledow, Euliss, Eastburn, Edison
    45. 1974/75/76—Ellis, Erwin, Elliott, Eidson, Eagon, Edmonson, Evans, Earnest, Ethridge, Embrey
    46. 1977/78—Enterline, Ellison, Erwin, Everly, Elliott, Engleman, Ewing, Entlicher, Euliss, Ezell
    47. 1979—Eaves, Edwards, Evans, Erwin, Eidson, Emshwiller, Engleman, Eades


    1. Abstracted Faulkner information from various sources – begins with James Faulkner, B. 1799 in VA 24 pgs.
    2. Abstracted Fisher information from various sources 4 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on John Forgey (1809) family 5 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Samuel Forgey (1811) family 4 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Forgey census, marriage, newspaper, burials 13 pgs.
    6. Family Group Sheet—Charles Foster and Rebecca Bishop
    7. Family Group Sheet—Daniel Franklin Foster and Denizie Effa Sparks
    8. Family Group Sheet—Edward Marsh Foster and Zilphia Leoda Foster
    9. Family Group Sheet—Charles Elmer Roberts and Bessie Lucile Foster
    10. Letter to Mrs. Ammerman from Rene containing information on Roberts/Foster 4 pgs.
    11. Family Group Sheet—William Fields and Sarah Hillbrants
    12. Photocopies of photos (3) Caroline Fields and husband, David Covington and – Fields, Susan Fields
    13. Fullerton-Garner Bible Records pgs. 29-30 St. LGS Quarterly 1973 2 pgs.
    14. Fullertons in 1850, 1860 census records
    15. pg. 323 The William L. Fenix Papers
    16. Pedigree chart—Betty JoAnn Franklin
    17. Miscellaneous abstracted information on the following surnames: Farmer, Farrier, Farrar, Franklin, Forgey, Fender, Frieze/Freeze, Fausett, Fisher, Friedlorder (or Friedlander), Fleener, Frensdorf, Finn, Fox, Freeman, Friend, Fullbright, Fenley, Flesher, Faulkner 15 strips
    18. Miscellaneous abstracted information on the following surnames: Franklin, Frost, Francka, Farr, Fenby, Fuller, Frieze, Ferris, Forgey, Fisher, Fink, Fleeman, Farmer, Fox, Farnham 6 pgs.


    1. Sam R. Farrar biographical sketch pg. 202 Missouri, The Center State
    2. Hiram Fisher family information abstracted from obituary
    3. Abstracted information from various sources on the following surnames: Fullerton, Ferguson, Farmer, Fielden, Fisher, Fenley, Finch, Fisk, Freeman, Fender, Fink, Franklin, Frieze, Friend, Finney, Freeman, Flint, Fox, Francis, Ford 18 pgs.
    4. Abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    5. 1894—Farmer
    6. 1924—Fisher, Farmer, Fox, Fittro, Fox 2 pgs.
    7. 1925—Fox
    8. 1926—Farmer, Farrar, Franklin
    9. 1927—Fisher, Farmer, Freestone, Forrester
    10. 1928—Franklin, Fencher
    11. 1929—Fisher, Frady, Frost
    12. 1930—Faulkner, Faulkenberry, Finkbinder
    13. 1932—Franklin, Fisher, Fergerson, Fender
    14. 1934—Forest, Fisher, Fowler, French, Fittro, Freeman, Fender, Fulk 2 pgs.
    15. Death notice—Martha J. Foster
    16. Jacob Frieze family
    17. "Finding family – Eight year project ends with production of 460 page genealogy" Judy McKinney BHFP 15 Nov 1995
    18. "Judge S.E. Fish: "I just never thought about quitting"" w/photo S.E. Fish and Elvin Douglas BHFP 22 Nov 1978
    19. Polk County People—Wayne Fish BHFP 20 Sep 1979
    20. "The Francka Four" James & Tracy, Ivan & Cellia w/photos BHFP 8 Feb 2002
    21. "A passel of Franckas – 325 descendants of Czechoslovakian family meet" BHFP 18 July 1990
    22. "Cellia Francka lived in Bohemian community" BHFP 28 Sep 2007
    23. "Who says ‘old folds’ can’t be in love? Not these two couples" w/photos Luther & Elsie Forgey, Helen & Roy Phillips Gray Is Grand 28 Oct 1987
    24. Newspaper clippings: Reunions—Frieze (2) Fite, Fosters 4 articles
    25. 5 generations w/photos Fisher, Fowler, Frieze 3 articles
    26. "Beth Frieze celebrates 100th birthday" w/photo nieces and nephews BHFP 27 Sep 1984
    27. "Pat Frasers have new son" 10 July 1980
    28. Anniversaries
  • Dwight & Lilly Breshears Farmer (2), L.J. & Shirley Roweton Farmer, Garland & Blanche Dotson Farmer, Clifford & Gladys Farmer, Roy & Jean Duryee Farmer, Archie & Dorothy Eastburn Fausett

    Ralph & Lois Fields, W.R. & Fern Bacon Fisher, Horace & Helen Hayward Fite

    Wayne & Lavonne Camp Foster (2), Rex & Ronni Fowler, John & Janet Fox, Finis & Hazel Hudson Fox (6), Nealie & Clara Gannaway Fox (2)

    Frank & Nancy Jones Francka, Bernard & Barbara Horton Francka (2), Carl & Sylvia Loy Franklin, Bob & Nellie Barker Franklin, Kent & Mary Sue Harrison Frieze, Keith & Shirley Frieze

    Hubert & Jessie Newman Fugitt, Mike & Brenda Stansifer Fuhrman

    Earl & Ava Lee Jones Flint

  • 32

    F Abstracted Obituaries
    1. William M. Franklin
    2. Iva Pearl Fox
    3. Martha E. Ferree, Caroline Fisher
    4. Samuel Faulkner, Katherine Fisher, Sarah Fields
    5. Ada Frazee French
    6. Daniel W. Faulkner, Dora A. Faulkner
    7. Susan V. Freeman
    8. Earl Franklin
    9. Leota E. Fox, Charles A. Fox
    10. Nannie Florence Mead Forgey
    11. Mary D. Summers Farr
    12. Dr. John W. Farmer
    13. John Francka, Asa Elizabeth Fender, Cecil Fox
    14. Ozoro Farmer, Peggy Floyd
    15. Sarah J. Farmer, Charles W. Fawkes
    16. Charles Fellers, Walter Freeman, John Harvey Felthoff
    17. James Darl Fullerton, John Nelson Frady, Vera Frieze
    18. Lona Frought, James Arthur Frieze
    19. James Tom Fox, Elvira Fox, Anna Dee French
    20. Alta May Foster, Msgr. C.J. Francka, Martha E. Fox
    21. Jane Farmer, Simon Willis Foster
    22. Death notice: J.W. Farmer, Dr. L.C. Frazer, Thomas L. Fenix, Thomas W. Freeman, Michael P. Fitzgerald
    23. Abstracted deaths from Springfield newspapers
    24. 1945—Frieze, Farmer
    25. 1945—Fiddler, Fulk, Forgey, Francher, Fox, Fisher
    26. 1946/47—Frady, Fisher, Farmer, Faulkner, Frieze, Foster, Franklin
    27. 1948—Faulkner, Fellows, Fulbright, Fox, Francka
    28. 1949—Francka, Fox, Foster, Fisher, Fellers, Frieze, Fergerson, Flint, Faulkner
    29. 1950/51—Fisher, Foster, Fox, Frieze, Farmer, Fullerton, Fuller, Farrar
    30. 1952—Frieze, Francka, Fisher, Franklin, Ferry
    31. 1953—Fisher, Fellers, Fuller, Ford, Farris, Farmer, Fletcher
    32. 1954—Felthoff, Fisher, Fuller, Francka, Farmer, Fender, Farrar
    33. 1955—Fowler, Faulkner, Fullerton, Franklin, Fletcher, Fisher, French, Ford
    34. 1956—Fuller, Fullerton, Faulkner, Frieze, Francka
    35. 1957—Frieze, Farling, Faulkner, Ford, Foster, Felthoff, Firestone, Farmer
    36. 1958—Fox, Fisher, Franklin, Frady, Fields, Frieze, Floyd, Faussett, Fraser, Fender, Fauscett
    37. 1959—Farmer, Fox, Fellows, Fellers
    38. 1960—Fleenor, Fleeman, Foster, Fender, Frieze, Francois, Francka, Fisher, Fuller, Flint
    39. 1961—Farrar, Faulkner, Fisher, Franklin, Francka, Fite, Forgey, Fleming
    40. 1962—Faulkner, Fisher, Fowler, Fellows, Farmer, Foster, Fox
    41. 1963—Fulbright, Foster, Francois, Fowler, Fisher, Fullerton, Fite, Floyd, Frady, Ferguson
    42. 1964—Fields, Fidler, Fox, Frieze, Firestone, Fisher, Farmer, Fite
    43. 1965—Fisher, Farmer, Fellows, Farris, Fish, Fritts, Francka
    44. 1966—Fellers, Firestone, Fisher, Fox, Frieze, Freeland, Foster
    45. 1967—Fulks, Fender, Farmer,, Frost, Fullbright, Foster, Fite
    46. 1968—Flint, Fullerton, Fleeman, Farmer, Fisher, Frisby, French, Flint, Farrens
    47. 1969—Forsyth, Farmer, Frieze, Farless, Flint, Fowler, Fulks
    48. 1970—Frieze, Farmer, Franklin, Fisher
    49. 1971—Foster, Fox, Fidler, Francka, French, Farmer
    50. 1972-73—Farmer, Fox, Foster, Fullerton, Francka, Fisher, Felthoff, Frieze, Francois
    51. 1974—Francka, Fuller, Frieze, Francois, Fox, Fisher, Farmer, Foster
    52. 1975-76—Farmer, Fellows, Fisher, Fowler, Fox, Frazier, Fields, Fleeman, Flint, Faulkner, Farrar, Fite, Ford 2 pgs.
    53. 1977—Fiala, Farmer, Fisher, Fugate, Fite, Foltz, Frieze, Freeman, Fergerson, Fuller, French, Forgey
    54. 1978—Frieze, Fowler, Fisher, Fields, Fischer
    55. 1979—Fisher, Farmer, Fowler, Fiore, Fellows, Fergerson, Fields
    56. Abstracted from Death Records – Missouri Papers 1854-1860—Fenley, Fisher, Ford, Franklin


    F Fox Family
    1. W.N.C.C.A. Fox death, family information abstracted from Springfield newspapers 1925
    2. James Fox family lineage 20 pgs.
    3. Austin Fox family information 10 pgs.
    4. Hugh Fox family information 4 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Fox marriages Polk, Cedar Co. MO, Maury Co. TN 16 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Fox census records Polk, Cedar, Dade, St. Clair counties 15 pgs.
    7. Abstracted Fox burials in Akard, Barren Creek, Hopkins, Pleasant Ridge, Plum Grove, Humansville, El Dorado Springs, Stockton, Lindley Prairie, Fox Cemeteries 8 pgs.
    8. Thomas Fox Bible Record, Plinn Fox Bible Record pg. 36-37, 44-45 Maury County Cousins Vol. I 4 pgs.
    9. Family Group Sheet—Thomas Fox & Delilah Jane Walker also a group sheet for each of their children 9 pgs.
    10. Elijah Fox family information 9 pgs.
    11. Pedigree chart—Elijah Milton Fox 2 pgs.
    12. Family Group Sheet—Elijah Milton Fox & Pricilla Potts
    13. Family Group Sheet—Hugh Alexander Fox & Peggy Wakefield, Ann Blackman, Tennie Adkisson
    14. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Wakefield & Margaret ---
    15. Family Group Sheet—Thomas Milton Fox & Nancy Jane Givens 2 pgs.
    16. Family Group Sheet—William Pinkney Cherry Fox & Plina Elizabeth Wakefield
    17. Family Group Sheet—Andrew G. Smith & Sarah Fox
    18. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Woods & Nancy Christine Fox
    19. Family Group Sheet—Collin McIntosh & Mary Jane Fox
    20. Family Group Sheet—Jarvis Rhodes & Pricilla Fox
    21. Family Group Sheet—Elijah Milton Fox, Jr. & Nancy C. Wakefield
    22. Family Group Sheet—Elijah Thomas Fox & Minnie Warf
    23. Family Group Sheet—Clark Robinson & Effie Fox
    24. Family Group Sheet—John R. McIntosh & Cynthia Fox
    25. Family Group Sheet—John Fox & Elizabeth Loving 2 pgs.
    26. Family Group Sheet—John Fox & Patsy Harris
    27. Family Group Sheet—James Fox & Rachel Church
    28. Family Group Sheet—Silas Fox & Martha Ann Akard
    29. Family Group Sheet—James A. Fox & Harriett V. ---
    30. Family Group Sheet—Thomas Alexander Fox & Mary Ann Baker
    31. Family Group Sheet—Joseph W. Fox & Mary N. ---
    32. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Fox & Nancy Hannah Church
    33. Family Group Sheet—Hue Fox, Sr. & Susanna --- 2 pgs.
    34. Family Group Sheet—Henry Hugh Fox & Nancy ---
    35. Family Group Sheet—Miles Fox & Abigaile Wakefield
    36. Family Group Sheet—Hugh Fox & Elizabeth Fox
    37. Family Group Sheet—Henry Fox & Margart ---
    38. Family Group Sheet—Henry Fox & (H) Rissiah
    39. Family Group Sheet—Hugh Fox & Margaret Thompson
    40. Family Group Sheet—Milus Fox & Mary Wakefield
    41. Family Group Sheet—Hugh Fox & (living but not named)
    42. Miscellaneous Fox information abstracted from various sources 11 pgs.
    43. Newspaper clippings—wedding of Peggy Fox & James Tedlock, Dianne Fox


    F Fraker Family
    1. Family Group Sheet—Michael Fraker & ---
    2. Family Group Sheet— --- Fraker & --- (children listed-Richard, Joseph, George, William, R.L)
    3. Family Group Sheet—Michael Fraker, Fr. & Margaret Shehan
    4. Family Group Sheet—John Fraker & Elizabeth Purtlebraugh
    5. Family Group Sheet—Christian Fraker & Mary (Polly) Sands
    6. Family Group Sheet—George Washington Fraker & Melvina Taylor
    7. Family Group Sheet—Richard Randolph Fraker & Mary Jane Hutchison 2 pgs.
    8. Family Group Sheet—Benjamin C. Fraker & Martha D. "Dovie" Strickland
    9. Family Group Sheet—Adam Fraker & Elizabeth Lloyd
    10. Family Group Sheet—Nelson Williams & Jane Fraker
    11. Family Group Sheet—John Miller --- & Edna Michael
    12. Michael Fraker & ---
    13. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Fraker & Mary Elizabeth Miller
    14. Family Group Sheet—Frederick Fraker & Betsy Armstrong (2) Diane Collins
    15. Pedigree chart—Elsie Pearl Crawford
    16. Pedigree chart—Adam Fraker
    17. Pedigree chart—Victoria Jo-Ann Heil
    18. Pedigree chart—Joseph Fraker
    19. Fraker records abstracted fro Dallas County
    20. Fraker marriages abstracted from Polk Co. Marriage Book B
    21. List of burials in Fraker Cemetery, Dallas Co. 5 pgs.
    22. Abstracted probate record for Christian Fraker, Knox Co., TN
    23. Miscellaneous Fraker information from various sources TN & PA 6 pgs.

    Box 2


    1. Family Group Sheet—Alfred Webster Grant & Martha H. Peck
    2. Alfred Webster Grant family 3 pgs.
    3. Death certificate (copy) W.G. Grant
    4. Death certificate (copy) Fletcher Mack Grant
    5. Cemetery information on Wm. T. Jenkins and Pearl Grant Jenkins
    6. Abstracted information from various sources on Gregory families 2 pgs.
    7. "Mrs. Gregory (Barbara) says that her husband (C.W. Gregory) is a bigamist" Springfield Republican 1897
    8. Abstracted Estate Settlement for Marietta G. Williams, Peden, Simpson Co. KY (Greer)
    9. Confederate Service of America—Joseph McElroy Griffith 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted obituary—Charles Clinton Garton
    11. Galbreath notes abstracted from various sources 2 pgs.
    12. Pedigree chart—Dorothy Frances Gott
    13. Pedigree chart—Peter Gott
    14. Abstracted information on William H. & Elizabeth Fouts Goldsberry
    15. Abstracted Grider information census, marriages 8 pgs.
    16. "Gordon land once Indian grounds" w/photos BHFP 27 Nov 1975
    17. Graves letter pgs. 15-16 Randolph Co. NC Genealogical Journal 3 pgs.
    18. Court case Polk County Circuit Court Civil Action to contest will of Effie Hadlock 26 Aug 1950 3 pgs.
    19. Abstracted Gunn/Hadlock information census, marriages, burials, and other miscellaneous information 22 pgs.
    20. Abstracted Grigsby information Franklin T. George A.L.
    21. Abstracted William Gouty family information
    22. Abstracted David Goss family information 2 pgs.
    23. Abstracted Thomas Jefferson Gorman information
    24. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on the following: Garrison, Gist, Griffin, Gordon, Garner, Gatewood, Gillihan, Gouty, Gilbert, Gannaway, Glore, Goodman, Gay, Graves, Gum, Gage, Gilmore, Gott, Grove 10 pgs.


    1. Abstracted from Springfield Republican: Gravely, Grant, Galyan, Griffin, Garrison, Gillihan, Gay, Guy, Gaines, Green, Gent, Garroutte 2 pgs.
    2. Abstracted from various sources: Gravely, Griggs, Goad, Glouner, Gooch
    3. First house in Fair Play abstracted from Bolivar Free Press 24 May 1900
    4. Abstracted census records for Gaylor, Gordon, Gentry 2 pgs.
    5. Abstracted from History of Henry County, Virginia Lewis Gravely, Sam Marshall
    6. Herman Gaddy family information
    7. Guthrie marriages, burials in Polk County
    8. Correspondence between Betty & Mrs. E. M. Gorence on Gilmore Family 8 pgs.
    9. Descendant Register – Myra Maria Susannah Elrod – J. Stephen Grimes 3 generations 4 pgs.
    10. Miscellaneous abstracted information on the following: (10-20)
    11. John and Elijah Gordon, Samuel Gordon
    12. S.H. Goodwin, Elizabeth Goodwin Ballard
    13. Goodman—Ed. M. Goodman, Nellie Goodman Wilkerson, Dr. Thomas K. Goodman 2 pgs.
    14. Wm. Albert Kenneth Glover
    15. Dora Ethel Glaze
    16. W.A. Gilmore, Nadine Gilmore Bridges
    17. Martha Gracey, James Gideon
    18. George W. Gibson, Sr.
    19. James Gardner, Rev. N.M. Gardner
    20. Galbraith, Green, Gregg
    21. Guinn Family Reunion, James C. Guinn
    22. Pedigree chart—Dorothy Frances Scott
    23. Abstracted from Fullerton Garner Family Bible 6 pgs.
    24. Abstracted from various sources information on the following surnames: Grigsby, Griffin, Gardner, Griggs, Gregg, Grider, Garner, Goad, Goodson, Gillihan, Gilbert, Green, Gladden, German, Gipson, Gent, Guinn, Gravely, Garrison, Grim, Godbey, Gerten, Guernsey, Garrett, Glover, Gipson, Gilmore, Gillham, Goodman, Gorden, Gray, Gum, Gilly, goldsmith, Gordon, Gorsuch, Greenstreet 27 strips
    25. Photo from newspaper "Ma" Ethel Gamble gets Carter birthday card 30 April 19798
    26. Gills to celebrate 50 years Sunday BHFP 25 Oct 1979
    27. Polk County People—Ralph E. Gilchrest BHFP 21 Feb 1980
    28. Anniversary announcements
    29. Harlie & Nancy Morgan Gallatin, David & Ruth Voris Gallivan (5), Jerry & Neta Barker Gallivan, Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe Gallivan, Jerry David & Jeanette Shackelton Gallivan, George & Susie Southard Gamel, Bill & Edith Greathouse Gannaway (2), Norman & Nellie Ruby Graham Gardenhire, Allan & Sue Garretson, Buster & Kay Garretson, Benton & Deanna Dedmon Garrett (2), Thomas & Bette Shoffner Gilbert, Virgil & Shirley Nickle Gillmore, Noel & Cassie Faulkner Gladden, Dean * Mary Lou Fisher Gladden, Paul & Charleen Farmer Glasser (2), William & Alba Ghezzo Goebel, Allan & Janet Wommack Gott (2), Heber & Opal Dodd Gott (2), Raymond & Rowena Pettitt Gott, James & Barbara Orr Gordon, Harlan & Christina Hoodenpyle Graham, Gene & Barbara Payne Grant (2), Bill & Eulala Bray Grant, Willard & Alice Hayden Grant, Edwin & Imogene McCurdy Grant (2), Berman & Jewell Childers Grant, Joe Earl & Betty Euliss Graves (2), Bud & Lucy Cossins Graves (3), Loren & Edith Childress Graves, Leonard & Jessie Graves, Buck & Anna Greer (2), Rev. C.J. & Carrie Greer, Clarence & Lilly Grider, Elmer & Maxine Bacon Guinn, Mr. & Mrs. George E. Guinn
    30. Miscellaneous newspaper articles:
    31. Lora Grant celebrating 90th

      Graves Family together Labor Day

      Query on Thomas Gent

      Guinn reunion planned at Fair Play

      Baileys make visit to Polk County

      Springfield newspaper abstracts

    32. 1894—Gunn, Green, Greene, Gordon
    33. 1924—Griffin, Gollihar, Green, Gunn, Griffin
    34. 1925—Griffin, Grant, Glenn, Grove, Gunn 2 pgs.
    35. 1926—Gray, Grant, Gist, Garrison, Griffin, Gately, Gannaway
    36. 1927—George, Gott, Griffin
    37. 1928—Gamble, Groves, Goodman, Gambriel
    38. 1929—Greable (Grable), Gunn, Gannaway
    39. 1930—Grant, Gardenhire, Graham, Gist, Gulick
    40. 1931—Goodnight, Grant
    41. 1932—Goodnight, Guthrie, Guinn, Griffin, Gibson
    42. 1934—Gregg, Gunnell, Griffin, Grenstead, Goodnight, Grinstead, Glover, Gravely 3 pgs.


    1. Obituaries—William F. Gouty, Norma Jean Grant
    2. Abstracted death information: Greenwoods buried at Pleasant Hope Cemetery
    3. Abstracted death information on Lucinda Gilmore, John Grider, Nancy Grider, Mrs. Joe Green, Mrs. Ellen Green, Goldberry infant, Greenhaw, Mary Giles, Adeline Grant, Dora Glaze, Rachel Gatewood, Gordon, infant, Gillis stepson, James Cannon Gilmore, Myrtle E. Gravely, Charles Gammon, Garner Daughter, Martha Grave, Anna Gorden, Harold Garrison, Dennis Gordon, Jerry Gott, Greer child, Mrs. Glover, Sidney Green, Mrs. Joseph Gordon, George Gamble, Bessie Gatewood, Jonathan Godfrey 14 strips
    4. Abstracted obituaries
    5. Ada Griffin
    6. Homer Griffin
    7. Sarah Belle Grant
    8. John H. Graves
    9. Allie Richardson Godfrey, Lynn Ray Gould, Charles I. Griffin
    10. Floyd Gannaway, Florence Adella Gamble
    11. Mary Gallivan, Mat Edward Griffin, Ora Belle Grant
    12. Walker Galyen, I.M. Goldberry, Mrs. S.W. Gordon
    13. Robert A. Grisham, Fannie Florence Graves
    14. Ida M. Gentry, Emley Gladden
    15. Rebecca Frances George, William H. Gardner, Jennie Gillespie
    16. Kittie Grubb, Flora Gladson, Helen F. Gamble
    17. James Monroe Groves, W.S. Gentry, F.L. Gillispie
    18. Frank P. Gannaway
    19. Ida B. Garrison
    20. Aline Goodwin, Mary Goodman
    21. Laurina A. Gamble, James Hayes Graham, William Joseph Griffin
    22. Abstracted from Death Records-Missouri Papers 1854-1860: Gardner, Gillmore, Grant, Greggs, Grider, Guy
    23. Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    24. 1944-49—Gilden, Gladden, Gordon, Glaze, Galyan, Goldsberry, Greenstreet, Goodrich, Grant, Gray, Gillespie, Gannaway, Griffin, Gallivan, Graves, Gardner, Grubb, Griffitts, Gregg, Gunnell, Gretter, Gee, Gardenhire, Goodspeed, Gould, Greer 5 pgs.
    25. 1950-59—Glover, Glaze, Gentry, Groves, Gouty, Gile, Grant, Grisham, Gannaway, Goldsberry, Grimmett, Griffith, Griffin, Guinn, Gill, Graham, Gist, Graves, Gunn, Green, Gorden, Galyan, Gott, Gilden, Gables, Gray, Gile, Gravely, Gladden, Gormley, Galbreath, Gestler, Gill, Gardner, Gwinn, Gibson, Gates, Gillespie, Gallivan, Gamel. Goodenough, Goodnight, Grant, Gray, Gregg, Gouty, Gulley, Gamble, Garett, Gestler, Gambriel, Grable 10 pgs.
    26. 1960-69—Gonzoles, Goldsberry, Glover, Galyan, Greer, Gannaway, Gamble, Gardner, Griffith, Grable, George, Griggs, Grove, Griffin, Gilden, Gill, Grant, Graf, Gates, Gladden, Gee, Greenwood, Gile, Gretter, Graves, Guinn, Gist, Gorden, Gilmore, Glimpse, Gunier, Green, Gannaway, Gilleland, Gilbert, Gray, Griffitts, Gladden, Gregg, Goelitzer, Gravely, Grimmett, Gables, Gibbons, Glaze, Gent, Gunn, Gulick, Garretson, Gessford, Guyer, Garrison, Gott, Greenhaw, Goodrich, Gibson, Grauerholz, Gustke, Godwin 9 pgs.
    27. 1970-79—Gladden, Green, Gardner, Gorden, Galyan, Graves, Griffin, Gillespie, Goodnight, Grisham, Gaddy, Gunier, Gothard, Graham, Gallup, Gunn, Gould, Gallivan, Gabriel, Gilmore, Golden, Greenstreet, Grant, Giboney, Garrett, Gravely, Grove, Gretter, Garton, Grinstead, Goodrich, Graf, Glover, Garner, Goelitzer, Gannaway, Gates, Grider, Gilden, Gormley, Grable, Gamble, Gibson, Gariety, Gent, Garretson, Guillaume, Griffitts, Guthrie, Garbinsky, Golden, Griswold, Goodman, Greenwood 11 pgs.


    G Griffin Families
    1. Abstracted Griffin Bible Records births, marriages, William Griffen 2 pgs.
    2. Obituaries—Elizabeth Harvey Griffin, Cena Griffin (2 pgs.), Cornelia (Cordelia) Chandler, E.L. Griffin (2 pgs.), Georgia Griffin (2 pgs), Oscar C. Griffin (2 pgs), Alcy Jane Griffin, Gene A. Griffin, Thomas Griffin, Andrew J. Griffin
    3. Samuel Griffin family information 13 pgs. includes birth, death, marriage, children, census
    4. Census records Griffin s in Greene, Polk, Cedar, Dade counties 18 pgs
    5. Wm. Griffin information abstracted from NE Arkansas Goodspeed
    6. Anderson Griffin, Laura Rice Griffin abstracted information 2 pgs.
    7. Griffin burials in Polk County 8 pgs.
    8. Griffin abstracted from Polk County Death Register 1883-1891
    9. Griffin marriages abstracted from Polk County Marriages Books A-L 1836-1914 9 pgs.
    10. Griffin listed in 1840 TN Index
    11. Abstracted Griffin in Macon, Roane, McMinn counties, TN 18 pgs.
    12. Abstracted Griffin found in 1860-1900 Polk County census 5 pgs.
    13. Abstracted Griffin census, burial, and miscellaneous records
    14. Abstracts from Davis family by Marie Hammons
    15. Abstracted Griffin census, burials, from various sources 12 pgs.
    16. Abstracted Wm. Griffin family census, and burials 12 pgs.
    17. Samuel Griffin abstracted information 5 pgs.
    18. Abstracted information on Alcy Jane Lockman Griffin, obituary for Abbie Dickerson Griffin


    1. Hudson Lineage beginning with Hall Hudson, Sr.
    2. Query on Thomas D. Hudson—lists wife and children
    3. biographical sketches of Andrew Hilburn, James P. Holland, Dr. William L. Hollis, Jeremiah M. Hughes pgs. 23-24 Kentucky Genealogy and Biography Vol. 2 3 pgs.
    4. Miscellaneous Hammontree information abstracted from various sources includes census, marriages, burial locations 8 pgs.
    5. Miscellaneous Hailey/Haley information abstracted from various sources includes census, marriages, probate, births 6 pgs.
    6. Children and grandchildren of – Huff and Nancy – Huff
    7. Family Chart for Thomas Higginbotham
    8. Pedigree chart—Romie George Higginbotham
    9. Pedigree chart—Dred Holace Higginbotham
    10. Pedigree chart—Moses Higginbotham (Hickenbottom)
    11. Reminiscences of Rev. Gideon H. Higginbotham 9 pgs. 2 copies
    12. Miscellaneous Hughes information abstracted from various sources includes census, births, deaths, burials 9 pgs.
    13. Leeman and Mariah Hughs family
    14. Pedigree chart—Leola Hughs
    15. Family group sheet—Josiah Harris & Nancy -- 2 pgs.
    16. Children of John and Cyntha A. Grogan Harvey
    17. Newspaper articles w/photos
    18. 100-year-old home back in the Hammons family w/photos BHFP 23 Mar 2007
    19. Time doesn’t break tradition – for William Hood descendants BHFP 13 Nov 1975
    20. Hayter (Howard) ending MFA career with big job BHFP 23 Aug 1979
    21. In sickness and in health – Mary and Junior Hamlet BHFP 22 Dec 1993
    22. History lessons that don’t come from a book – Katie Hawkins Gray Is Grand 7 July 1984
    23. Woman savors 113 years – Nellie Hunt SNL 25 Aug 2000
    24. Polk County People—Charles Hendrickson BHFP 24 Mar 1983
    25. Polk County People—Mrs. Basil Hopkins BHFP 1 Jan 1981
    26. Prayer walk to honor Humansville founder James G. Human SNL 13 Sep 1996
    27. Jennie Hale’s 13 children all together for first time BHFP 21 Oct 1982
    28. Polk County People—Dean Hampton BHFP no date
    29. Polk County People—Lawrence and Emojean Hembree BHFP 22 April 1982
    30. Anniversaries: Chester & Opal Frank Hale, Olen & Ruth Shuler Hamlin, Mr. & Mrs. Connie Hammons, Clay & Beulah Walden Hargis, Cloren & Erma Lee Drumright Hill, Bill & Louise Countryman Hite, Larry & Nancy Hodges, Earl & Precia Parrott Hornbeek
    31. Birthdays: Eva Humbert -95th, Hendershot family celebrates birthdays, Helen Phillips-99th, Corah Highfill-91st, Bessie Hostetler-95th, Nellie Hunt-109th, Eva Humbert-100th
    32. Miscellaneous clippings—Five generations-Hake, Hale, Marshall, Westmoreland; Hensley Cemetery also forgotten; letter to editor from Clifford Hazard; Queries: David Hadlock, Enoch Franklin Howard, James Miller Hammons; retraction-Evelyn Harvel Hastain; marriage Fay Hutchins & Wyvil Morgan; dinner guests at Bert Hunter home; obituary of Mandy Herbert, query on Edward Hayward, Sam Horn, Judge Human
    33. Oscar Taylor Hamlin biographical sketch 2 pgs.
    34. Hezekiah Highfill biographical sketch
    35. John J. Hobbs family
    36. Family group sheet—Charles F. Howe & Mary Jane Dysart


    1. Benjamin Hensley family 2 pgs.
    2. James M. Hensley family 5 pgs.
    3. Barnett Hensley family 2 pgs.
    4. Rev. Benjamin A. Hensley family 2 pgs.
    5. John B. Hensley family 2 pgs.
    6. William Hensley family 2 pgs.
    7. John L. Hensley family 2 pgs.
    8. Miscellaneous abstracted records on Hensley families includes census, land, marriage, tax lists 7 pgs.
    9. Hensley descendants beginning with James M. cover letter from Verna Jones 4 pgs.
    10. Robert Holmes family records Ansearchin’ News Fall 1983 2 pgs.
    11. Family group sheet—John Hillterbrant (Hilbrant) & Susanna –
    12. Family group sheet—Sylvester Hillbrant (Hilbrant) & Evann (Eve Ann) Smith
    13. Amos Hilbrant family 2 pgs.
    14. William G. Hillbrant family 3 pgs.
    15. Family group sheet—Hiram Milliken & Elizabeth Rankin
    16. Pedigree chart—Jackie Louise Harralson
    17. Robert Hood family 2 pgs.
    18. Abstracted "Tidbit" Rhoda Hunt, Fidelio S. Hunt, David Hunt
    19. John Hunt family 4 pgs.
    20. Sarah Hunt Lawrence family 3 pgs.
    21. Narcissa Hunt Foushee family, includes Mary Hunt Harrison 5 pgs.
    22. Miscellaneous abstracted records on Hunt families includes marriages, newspaper articles, deaths, tax lists 11 pgs.
    23. William P. Henderson family 3 pgs.
    24. Family group sheet—Benjamin Hensley & Ana or Ann –
    25. Family group sheet—James M. Hensley & Frances Jane Brown includes short paragraph on James 3 pgs.
    26. Family group sheet—Hezekiah Samuel Hensley & Sarah Jane Welch (Welsh) includes short paragraph on Samuel 2 pgs.
    27. The Name and Family of Hensley 7 pgs.
    28. John Randolph Hudnall biographical sketch pgs. 828-29 Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri 2 pgs.
    29. William JE. Hall biography 4 pgs. poor quality copy
    30. Pedigree chart—Merrick Doak (or Doke)


    H Abstracted information from various sources on the following individuals, families,


    1. Robert N. Hawkins family and other Hawkins census, birth, death, marriage, tax 15 pgs.
    2. Jeff Henry 2 pgs.
    3. Bledsoe Holder 2 pgs.
    4. Hile (Hill) Elgin G. Hile
    5. James Davidson Halston (Holstein)
    6. Joel Hammer
    7. James Bernard Herbert
    8. Susan Phipps Hatchett
    9. James Henderson 2 pgs.
    10. Harper 2 pgs.
    11. Ezra Hammers
    12. Children of Archibald Harper
    13. Hendersons buried in Henderson Cemetery
    14. Thomas Green Hall
    15. Keith Hawkins
    16. Hayter, Harris, Hadlock, Hawkins, Hoobler, Hale, Hutchinson, Hancock, Human, Hampton, Holston, Hash, Hunt, Hailey, Hartley, Havens, Holman, Hall, Hicks, Hays, Hills, Henson, Highfill, Harrolson, Higginbotham, Hart, Hagerman, Hale, Horn, Hance, Heydon, Hill, Hembree, Hubbard, Huff, Hendrick, Hamby, Hensley, Harvil, Hopkins, Henry, Howe, Headlee, Hartley, Holman, Hankins, Haden, Hay, Haisten, Hutcheson, Hurt, Hurst, Hayden, Hubbard, Hopper, Hollis, Hogg, Ham, Hillbrandt, Hutchison, Hardaway, Hirst, Hodge, Herrall 44 pgs.


    H Abstracted information from various sources on the following surnames
    1. Heydon, Harper, Hall, Henderson, Hodges, Holt, Holbert, Hunt, Holman, Hines, Hurd, Harlow, Headlee, Hensley, Hamlin, Hightower, Hadley, Hansard, Hancock, Harrison, Hopkins 22 slips
    2. Hunter, Hawkins, Hopper, H’Double, Hudson, Hagerman, Hayward, Hull, Holt, Hicks, Headlock, Hamby, Hatler, Hughlett, Hayden, Hall, Higgenbottom, Henslee, Harrington, Hambleton 15 strips
    3. Human, Hill, Hays, Howard, Heydon, Heraldson, Holland, Hubble, Hockenhull, Hinkle, Hopkins, Hensley, Hopper, Hodge, Harris, Hart, Hughlett, Hodges, Huddleston, Huff, Hendrick, Hinkey, Harvel, Hunter, Husted, Hostatler, Hayden, Hair, Heaton, Henry, Hawkins, Holt, Hampton, Hausden, Hook, Hand, Hancock 20 strips
    4. Hurst, Hunt, Haytor, Headlee, Hale, Holland, Hart, Hill, Hall, Henson, Heady, Haralson, Hawkins, Hendershot, Hammontree, Hays, Holton, Hunter, Henderson, Harris, Haines, Haseltine, Hogan, Hayward, Heraldson, Hufford, Haigh, Heath, Hinkle, Heffernan, Hendricks, Horn, Hayter, Hughes, Hamby 27 strips
    5. Hagle, Heady, Higginbotham, Hayes, Hayden, Harris, Haden, Hale, Hancock, Harrington, Hawks, Holland, Holt, Hornbeak, Howel, Hudson, Hunter, Hall, Howe, Hyde, Hensley, Henson, Hopkins, Hargus, Hill, Human 5 pgs.


    H Newspaper clippings
    1. Hembree (Emojean) to celebrate 90 years Aug 26 at UMC Mary Hejna turns 95 Mrs. Hinkle notes 94th birthday
    2. 1990 Hancock Reunion held in Bolivar Herbert family reunion (notice of)
    3. Jennifer makes five (Harp, Collins) Fifth Generation (DeOrnellis, Hayter, Bergmann)
    4. Wedding (anniversary) guest Pearl & Forest Hendrickson and Rev. S.A. & Katherine Gardner
    5. Miss Julia Watkins, Sgt. J.JH. Hanan wed in Columbia
    6. Hooks, Eversolls visit former resident Seeding information on David Hopkins Clark Hendrickson service record
    7. Bolivar High School romance turns into 68-year marriage Olen & Ruth Shuler Hamlin
    8. Springfield author (David Harrison) offers readers gift of story
    9. Writing for children – a labor of love (David Harrison)
    10. Taming cancer from within (Harold Hendrickson
    11. Abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    12. 1851-1894—Hall, Hill, Hobbs, Hilliard, Harkins, Highfill, Henson, Haga, Hyde
    13. 1924—Hopkins, Huey
    14. 1925—Hale, Hunt, Hamby, Hutchison, Howe, Henderson, Hamilton, Hanks 2 pgs.
    15. 1926—Hazard, Hutchison, Havens, Hughes, Hale, Hendrickson, Hartley, Helms, Hoobler, Hopkins, Hodgman, Haden, Hoffman 2 pgs.
    16. 1927—Hagood, Harvey, Hood, Hilborn, Human, Haralson, Hutton, Hensley, Haga 2 pgs.
    17. 1928—Hurst, Huckaby, Hillenburg, Holt, Hahn, Hood, Hall, Houston, Hamilton, Hughs 2 pgs.
    18. 1929—Hamilton, Hayes, Hobbs, Hurt, Hensley, Hatler, Higginbotham
    19. 1930—Hight, Hudson, Hankal (Hinkle) Hambelton, Hamilton, Hoke, Hagger 2 pgs.
    20. 1931—Heady, Hart, Hughs, Hargrave, Hines, Hamilton, Human 2 pgs.
    21. 1932—Hopkins, Heaston, Harrison, Henson, Henderson, Hardesty, Harrell 2 pgs.
    22. 1934—Hart, Holbert, Holmes, Hagerman, Higginbotham, Hayter, Hull, Hillenberg, Holland, Hughes, Hammontree, Hopkins, Hunter, Hargis, Hutcheson 4 pgs.


    1. Thomas I Hamlet family
    2. pgs. 24-26, 32, 98 Hamlet and Kin by Marie Hamlet c. 1975 6 pgs.
    3. Woods Hamilton family 7 pgs.
    4. Jonathan R. Hyder family 9 pgs.
    5. Gibson Hendricks family 3 pgs.
    6. Aaron Hutchins family 26 pgs.
    7. John Harvey family 6 pgs.
    8. Letter to Betty from Donna with information on Thomas Hubbard family
    9. Anniversary announcements from newspapers
    10. Floyd & Jessie Rae Cyphert Hagar, Gus & Gladys Earnhart Haines, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hall, Norman & Carolyn Stephens Hall, Phil & Aimie Johnson Hamlet (2), Olin & Ruth Shuler Hamlin, Wayne & Mary Brown Hammerbacher, Finis & Lois Carter Hammons, Ralph & Willa Franklin Hankey (2), Clay & Beulah Hargis, John & Juanita Johnson Hargus (2), Matt & Lillie Francka Harralson, Howard & Mattie Beggs Harris, Bev & Zodee Harris, Paul & Ila Harris, Louis & Dorothy Davison Hayter (2), Billy & Charlotte Prater Hayter, Bernard & Alluwee Wymore Hayter, Stan & Desi Melton Hayward, Clyde & Blanche Glenn Hayward
    11. Lester & Hazel Hamlin Heath, Paul & Dorothy Ragsdale Hebbert, Lawrence & Emojean Reynolds Jenkins Hembree, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hendershot (2), Fred & Ruth Smith Hendershot (2), David & Janice Strahan Henderson, Edgar & Lucy Looney Hendricks, Harold & Ann Hendrickson (3), Virgil & Frances Wilson Hendrickson (2), Clifford & Tillie Ruark Hendrickson (2), Forrest & Pearl Hines Hendrickson, Charles & Cloda Garland Hendrickson, Wilbur & Pauline Hensley, Floyd & Ethel Langenbacher Hemming, Dick & Mae Henderson, Robert & Lorraine Hembree Herbert
    12. Wilbur & Wilma Mayfield Highfill (2), Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hill, Dale & Helen Burks Hines, Byron & Anna Pearl Wynkoop Hinkle, Bill & Marie Ball Hiser
    13. Wayne & Lucille Sconce Hoffer, Fred & Lois Batcheller Hogan, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Holladay, Ralph & Dorothy Creed Holman, Pete & Opal Hensley Holman, W.M. & Bess Hendrickson Holt, Clyde & Lota Opal Black Hood, Norvell & Beverly Vitzhum Hood (2), Tillman & Lois Black Hood, Leonard & Louise Leith Hook, George & Mary McNabb Hooper, Johnnie & Ella Hoover, Lu & Jean Wise Hoover, Clyde & Mamie Molen Hoover (2), Doyle & Nadine Simmons Hopkins, Basil & Louise Woodford Hopkins, John & Louise Wollard Hornbeck, James & Mary Stewart Houk (2), Jesse & Lela Breshears House, John & Pauline Blakey Hoy
    14. Dudley & Christena Bridges Huckaby (2), Gene & Christine Cook Hudson, Roy & Wilberta Hulett, Guy & Ina Sargeant Human, Bill & Annalee Hughes Huntress, Dean & Darlene Hunt, Don & Dena Reed Hunt, Ralph & Anna Willson Husted, Joe & Ruby Keesee Hyder


    H Abstracted/Transcribed Obituaries
    1. Lovey Hendrickson
    2. Melvin Hensley
    3. Raymond Hoover
    4. Bessie W. Fisher Halverstad
    5. J.F.B. (Doc) Hayes, Albert S. Hubbard
    6. Boyd Hopkins
    7. Josie Francis Hutchins
    8. Edna Ruth Hayden, Daniel Abner Harper, J.J. Haga
    9. Nellie Owen Hackett, Wollard Hughes
    10. Nettie Hopkins, Charles Homer Hughs, Martha Alice Hunt
    11. Oma Pearl Hartley, Silas Austin Hobbs
    12. Clemmie Bridges Hobbs
    13. Finis Hunt, John Hood
    14. Liza Headlee Moore
    15. Frances A. Hughlett
    16. Charles H. Hockenhull
    17. Sister of W.H. Holloway (no name given)
    18. Nancy Jane Hope
    19. Elsie M. Hopkins
    20. William F. Hunt
    21. John Henderson Hubbard,
    22. Thomas F. Hensley
    23. Otis Glenn Hayden, Cora Blanche Hopkins
    24. Gladys Madline Holbert, Lawrence C. Hamor
    25. Dona M. Hager, Ida Trimble Hays
    26. Ray Hamilton, Elizabeth Hutcheson
    27. Waldo Fred Hunt, Martha E. Hensley, Sarah A. Holmes
    28. James Scott Harris
    29. Golden R. Hays
    30. Martha J. Headley, Charles E. Headley
    31. Mary Elizabeth Hensley
    32. Adah Hastain Hamner, Erma Holt
    33. Iby Jane Harkins, William P. Hatcher
    34. James H. Hembree, Rhoda Ann Harrison
    35. Isam T. Hastings
    36. John Thomas Holbert, Lucretia Holmes
    37. George Hambleton, Rev. M.T. Higginbotham, Charles H. Hopper
    38. N.E. Holman, Lillie G. Hubbard
    39. Susan Hicks, John F. Hook, William Jasper Hale
    40. Carrie E. Hood, Ella C. Hammontree
    41. Hiram H. Hopper, James O. Hillenburg
    42. Clarence Landon Harkins, Louise J. Huffman
    43. Oscar T. Hamlin, William Anderson Hensley
    44. Mary A. Howe, Sherman Hendrickson, Lizzie Hudson
    45. William Harrison Holton, Isaiah H. Hambleton
    46. Martha Hite, Joe Joseph Howell
    47. John Newton Haralson, William Hutchinson
    48. Kay Frances Hillenburg, Rebecca C. Howe, Carolyn Hutcheson
    49. Ross Herbert, Betty Burney Hurst
    50. Myrtle Hardin, John Wesley Hinkle
    51. Tillie H. Hancock, W.D. Hamlin
    52. Joe House, Mary Jane Hunt, Ellen Higginbotham
    53. Belsa Hobson, Charley Hackett
    54. Effie Mae Harren, Andrew H. Hays, Clay Hadlock


    H Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    1. 1944—Hofman, Hopkins, Houser, Harville, Hammons, Higgins, Harris, Hutcheson, Hunt, House, Hendrickson, Howell, Hayes, Hagerman, Horren, Hayden 2 pgs.
    2. 1945—Hensley, Haines, Hamilton, Hanes, Henson, Hughs, Hoppers, Harper, Harris, Higginbotham, Hays, Hatfield, Hammontree
    3. 1946—Hillenburg, Hartley, Hailey, Henson, Higginbotham, Hancock, Haralson, Holton
    4. 1947—Hicks, Hatler, Hoodenpyle, Hargrave, Higginbotham, Hawkins, Hines
    5. 1948—Hendershot, Hutcheson, Hockenhull, Howell, Hickman, Hunter, Huckaby, Hulett, Hendricks, Hull, Hutchison, Hocker, Hambelton, Haga, Hankins, Hamilton, Hobbs, Hayter 2 pgs.
    6. 1949—Hale, Holt, Hayter, Haralson, Hudson, Hutton, Hood, Holbert, Hoover, Hendrickson, Harmon, Hopkins, Hughes, Hadlock, Harris, Hensley, Hambelton, Hagar 2 pgs.
    7. 1950—Hicks, Hayter, Hopkins, Hutchison, Hubble, Howell, Hadley, Hurst, Hurd, Harper, Holman, Higginbotham, Hollingsworth, Hailey, Hembree, Hammons, Heitman, Hinkle, Hutcheson, Hopkins, Holdaway, Huckaby, Human, Hopper, Hull, Hanes 2 pgs.
    8. 1951—Hoodenpyle, Hartman, Higginbotham, Hammons, Hartley, Hunt, Hamor, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hazard,
    9. 1952—Hutcheson, Harris, Higginbotham, Hearne, Heady, Hayden, Hawkins, Haynes, Helton, Hopkins, Hamlin, Hall, Hartley, Hutchins, Hendrickson, Hayter, Harris, Hopper, Hagar, Hankey, Hutchison, Hamilton, Hammer, Harralson, Hoover, Holt 2 pgs.
    10. 1953—Higgins, Hulette, Hargis, Hale, Hornbeck, Hogan, Hopper, Hendrickson, Hensley, Hendricks, Harris, Hinkle, Hamlet, Heitman, Higginbotham, Hammill, Hall, Hart, Howard 2 pgs.
    11. 1954—Hooper, Hodges, Hawkins, Hurst, Harris, Henze, Haggard, Hughes, Holton, House, Haralson, Harmon, Hensley, Hopper, Hagard, Hines, Hillenburg, Hagar, Howe, Hickey, Hensley 2 pgs.
    12. 1955—Hulett, Hughes, Hawkins, Higgins, Hill, Hamons, Hays, Holbert, Hampton, Hamilton, Hardy, Henson, Hensley, Hopper, Hammack, Harrison, Hinton, Hurd, Huggins, Hall, Hanson, Hibler, Hayden, Hobbs 2 pgs.
    13. 1956—Heaton, Hambel, Hutton, Hawkins, Hennager, Heydon, Henze, Holton, Hufford, Hood, Hodge, Hook, Hurst, Hamlin, Hopper, Hensley, Hayes, Hopkins, Hatcher, Howard 2 pgs.
    14. 1957—Hayter, Hudson, Hurd, Humbard, Howe, Hughes, Hinkle, Hudgins, Hensley, Hamlett, Haden, Harris, Hooper, Hook, Haralson, hale, Hutcheson, Holman 2 pgs.
    15. 1958—Hoodenpyle, Hopkins, Hayden, Hartsell, Hollis, Harris, Hammons, Hascall, Haggerman, Hooper, Howard, Hampton, Hood, Holbert, Hughes, Heady, Hatcher, Harralson, Haines, Halladay, Hensley 2 pgs.
    16. 1959—Hoffman, Hoskins, Haralson, Hamilton, Hutchison, Hensley, Human, Host, Herbert, Hill, Harralson, Hargrave, Hood, Hoffer, Hankey, Hayter, Howe, Hendrickson, Higginbotham 2 pgs.
    17. 1960—Hughes, Hook, Holbert, Higginbotham, Hamby, Hutchison, Hawkins, Hallowell, Howard, Harris, Hargis, Henson, Hobbs, Hensley, Hunt, Harvel, Hayward, Hardy, Hope Hughs, Hutchins, Hatfield, Hembree, Hendrickson, Hollis, Hopkins, Hampton, Hurst 2 pgs.
    18. 1961—Hornack, Hollingsworth, Hayden, Higginbotham, Hawkins, Harmon, Havens, Hendrickson, Hensley, Heydon, Hillinburg, Holstein, Hartman, Haralson, Harris, Henson, Hutchison, Hammons, Harris, Hammontree, Hopkins, Hayward, Haling, Hartsell 2 pgs.
    19. 1962—Hollis, Huggard, Holbert, Hagen, Hammons, Hood, Hargis, Hickman, Hendrex, Harris, Hensley, Hill, Hickman, Hayter, Higginbotham, Hogan, Hinkle, Holmes, Harralson, Hascall, Hutcheson 2 pgs.
    20. 1963—Hejna, Hargis, Hayward, Hollingsworth, Howe, Harper, Hampton, Hutton, Havens, Higginbotham, Hope, Hopper, Hinkley, Hamby, Hudson, Hayter, Hargrave, Holmes, Hurd, Horstman, Hodges, Hobbs, Hale, Hoover, Hazelton 2 pgs.
    21. 1964—Hill, Hubbard, Hood, Harrington, Holt, Hensley, Holder, Hutcheson, Haralson, Hicks, Henson, Hawkins, Hicks, Hutchison, Herbert, Hopkins, Huggins, Hardesty 2 pgs.
    22. 1965—Holton, Hollingsworth, Hargis, Hoodenpyle, Harris, Howe, Hillenburg, Higginbotham, Hensley, Hughes, Hawkins, Hagerman, Howard, Hall, Herbert, Hayward, Hendrickson, Hamilton, Hays, Holstein, Haynes, Horton, Hughs 2 pgs.
    23. 1966—Hopkins, Hurst, Hays, Hoffer, Hammontree, Higday, Hutcheson, Hill, Hendricks, Hayter, Horine, Hull, Haynes, Hutchins, Hudson, Hughes, Hammill, Hinkle, Hillenburg, Hagerman, Harpen, Hutton, Hanchey, Honeyfield, Hawkins, Huggins, House, Hine, Harrison, Hamilton, Hudson 3 pgs.
    24. 1967—Holmes, Hanen, Hayden, Hornbeck, Holman, Hockenhull, Hoover, Huckaby, Harper, Harcourt, Hopper, Hurst, Hostetler, Hinkley, Hargis, Holman, Hays, Hiatt, Hatfield, Hamlin, Housley, Hopkins, Hagerman, Hudson, Hamilton, Hale
    25. 1968—Havinghurst, Hobbs, Huckaby, Helton, Hamilton, Hurst, Hopkins, Hood
    26. 1969—Harralson, Hartley, Holman, Heydon, Hooper, Hocker, Heaton, Howerton, Hood, Hamilton, Hawkins, Hendrich, Hendershot, Harris, Haga, Hancock, Hill, Haynes, Hurst, Hacker, Hamons 2 pgs.
    27. 1970—Hochstedler, Hoskins, Henson, Howe, Hogan, Hellums, Hall, Hite, Hembree, Hoppers, Hughes, Hayter, Higginbotham, Hamm, Hopkins, Hocker, Hines, Hollis, Hillenburg, Hooper, Hensley, House, Hawkins, Haralson, Hamilton, Hood, Holman 2 pgs.
    28. 1971—Hall, Hale, Holt, Hawkins, Hughes, Hendrickson, Hagerman, Hook, Howard, Harris, Hutcheson, Hogsett, Hines, Horn, Halladay, Hancock, Henderson 2 pgs.
    29. 1972—Hufford, Hughes, Hoffman, Higginbotham, Hale, Humphreys, Hartsell, Holcomb, Hughs, Hensley, Hobbs, Hendrickson, Hembree, Herrold, Hargis, Hunter, Harville, Hartley, Hill, Hale, Hutcheson, Hooper, Huckaby, Harrison, Hutchings, Harp 3 pgs.
    30. 1973—Hocker, Higday, Hancock, Holman, Herrold, Hamor, Haley, Hoodenpyle, Hite, Hook, Hutton, Hoobler, Hale, Hacker, Henry, Haslip, Hammons, Harper, Hayes, Hammerbacher, Hargis, Howard, Hicks, Hendershot, Higginbotham, Huggins, Harris, Haun, Hubbard, Hunter, Hasler, Hejna, Holmes, Hogshooter 2 pgs.
    31. 1974—Hawkins, Hutcheson, Herndon, Hendrickson, Hayter, Huffman, Hall, Hendrich, Howard, Hine, Haralson, Hancock, Havens, Harris, Hamilton, Harmon, Hagel, Hutchins, Harris, Highfill, Harrington 2 pgs.
    32. 1975—Hood, Hunt, Hook, Hutcheson, Hamilton, Hope, Hopkins, Hailey, Huckaby, Hensley, Haralson, Hartville, Hopper, Hoover, Hale, Hamby, Hearne, Hornbeck, Hancock 2 pgs.
    33. 1976—Hornbeck, Hill, Human, Hinkle, Huntress, Hayward, Haley, Harris, Hall, Hankey, Hamby, Hicks, Hale, Hughes, Hagar, Hopkins, Hancock, Hazelton 2 pgs.
    34. 1977—Hopkins, Hines, Harris, Harrison, Hayter, Haralson, Hartley, Hays, Howard, Hall, Holton, Hammons, Hodge, Hook, Harmon, Houghkirk, Hicks, Hutchison, Hale, Hill, Herbert, Hornbeck, Hughes, Hutcheson, Hargis, Hayden 2 pgs.
    35. 1978—Hopkins, Hughes, Higginbotham, Hurst, Hampton, House, Hudson, Hoffstetter, Hawkins, Holbert, Hunt, Hasket, Hale, Hoppers, Harris, Holmes, Hendrickson, Hayden, Hancock, Hembree, Haralson, Harper 2 pgs.
    36. 1979—Hays, Hutcheson, Hall, Holman, Higdon, Hawkins, Harper, Hudson, Hargis, Hebbert, Hopkins, Hensley, Hamilton, Hicks, Hoffstetter, Hess, Hendershot, Higginbotham, Hood 2 pgs.


    H Hopkins families
    1. James Hopkins, Revolutionary Soldier pgs. 103-108 Ozar’kin 1980 7 pgs
    2. Additions and corrections to James Hopkins, Revolutionary Soldier 2 pgs.
    3. James Hopkins, Soldier of the Revolution w/photo of headstone BHFP 29 Apr 2005
    4. Revolutionary War soldier honored, grave marked w/4 photos 4 May 2005
    5. Notes on "Hopkins Forever"
    6. Family group sheet—James Hopkins & Elizabeth Billingsley 2 pgs. 2 copies
    7. Family group sheet—Solomon Hopkins & Mary Hartley
    8. Letter to Betty from James Brown
    9. Additions to family of Peggy Hopkins and Ambrose Sherrill
    10. Bible records for Ambrose Sherrill, Jacob Sherrill 2 pgs.
    11. Family records Sumner Brown & Jacky Sherrill
    12. Cedar County Records Sherrill families 4 pgs.
    13. Notes on James Hopkins, son of James and Elizabeth Billingsley Hopkins 6 pgs.
    14. Hopkins abstracted from Cedar and Laclede County census 1850, 1880 2 pgs.
    15. Family group sheet—David Hopkins & Caroline Nichols
    16. Miscellaneous notes on Hopkins families 16 pgs.
    17. Notes from Laclede County History 1849-1949 Solomon Hopkins, Silas Hopkins 6 pgs.
    18. Solomon Hopkins family 27 pgs.
    19. Hiram Hopkins family 13 pgs.
    20. Family chart—James Hopkins


    H Hopkins families
    1. Letter to Betty from Reva Bruhn with article on James A. Hopkins 2 pgs.
    2. Email from Reva Bruhn concerning Robert Hopkins
    3. Our Hopkins Family by Lois Elaine Hopkins Sancho 4 pgs.
    4. Copy of article found in Fair Play Advocate May 1909 about A.D. Hopkins – 1st mail carrier
    5. Pioneer’s Birthday – James P. Hopkins 80th, Pioneer History of Aunt Jane Hopkins articles from Fair Play Advocate not date 2 pgs.
    6. Transcription of microfilmed records found in Pension Claim of James Hopkins 8 pgs.
    7. Hopkins Forever by Reva Hopkins Bruhn 64 pgs.
    8. Hopkins, Allied Family pgs. 230-232 Keirsey and Allied Lines 3 pgs.
    9. Family group sheet—James Peter Thompson & Sarah Prowell, Peter Thompson & Mary Potts, Thomas Washington Prowell & Mary Agnes Roper 3 pgs.
    10. Plot of Hopkins Cemetery 3 pgs.
    11. Woman with local ties earns MDA 1998 Personal Achievement Award w/photo Ramona Hopkins BHFP 2 Sep 1998
    12. Peggy Hopkins Sherrill family 15 pgs.
    13. Hopkins marriages abstracted from Polk and Cedar county records 7 pgs.
    14. Abstracted Hopkins census records and burials in Polk County 18 pgs.
    15. Abstracted Hopkins census records of Cedar and Greene counties 4 pgs.
    16. Pedigree chart—Reva Maudetta "Dixie" Hopkins
    17. queries submitted to newspapers on Hopkins families 7 pgs.
    18. Correspondence between Betty and Reva Bruhn concerning Hopkins families 27 pgs.
    19. Correspondence between Betty and Harold Hopkins concerning Hopkins families 12 pgs.
    20. Letter to Betty from Lois Winton concerning Hopkins families 8 pgs.


    1. Thomas Alexander Irick family abstracted information 6 pgs.
    2. Letters to Betty from DonnaDeane Depew with information on Irick families 13 pgs.
    3. David Inman family abstracted information 2 pgs.
    4. Nicholas A. Inman family abstracted information 2 pgs.
    5. John Henry Inman family
    6. James Elijah Inman family
    7. Irwin families information abstracted from census, burial and marriage records 9 pgs.
    8. Family group sheet—William Irwin & Elizabeth -- 3 pgs.
    9. Family group sheet—Newton Cannon Irwin & Rebecca Baker 2 pgs.
    10. pg. 85 A Photo History of Nixa and Vicinity photo of Sarah S. Irick Richter
    11. Family group sheet—Thomas J. Ingram & Nancy A. Downing Lacy
    12. Abstracted obituaries—Mabel Ingram, Charles Ingram, Ben Ingram, Samuel Ingram, Martha Jane Imel, Keitha Jane Ingram 4 pgs.
    13. Abstracted information on Irwin, Iowa, Ingles, Inke, Inks, Ivey, Ingram, Inglis, Imes, Isdell, Irby, Invenal 12 pgs.
    14. Abstracted deaths from Springfield newspapers
    15. 1944-49—Irby, Ingram, Inglis
    16. 1950-52—Ince, Inglis
    17. 1954—Inglis
    18. 1955—Ikerd, Ingram
    19. 1958—Isham, Ingram
    20. 1959—Inglis, Ilo
    21. 1960—Inglis
    22. 1961—Ince, Ingles
    23. 1964-69—Ikerd, Icenhower, Irby, Inglis, Ingram
    24. 1972-76—Ingram, Ince, Imel, Iiams
    25. 1977-79—Iiams
    26. Anniversary announcements
    27. Jack & Jewell Seamster Ikerd, Larry & Willa Maye Pippens Inglis, Milton & Wilma Payne Inglis (2), Dewey & Imogene McSwain Wood Ingram, Junior & Erma Lightfoot Ingram, Joe & Dortha Lee Hook Ingram, Kenneth & Florene Brown Henry Ireland, Lloyd & Wilma Cribbs Isdell (2)
    28. Query on William & Mary Ann Browning Inglis


    1. Family group sheet—Thomas W. Jones & Emily Jenkins 2 pgs.
    2. Family group sheet—James David Jones & Mary Elizabeth Griffin
    3. Thomas Jones family 3 pgs.
    4. photocopy of newspaper photo Loren & Mary Opal Jones, Ruby & Laura Eagon, W.E. & Alma Jones
    5. Abstracted records from various sources on Jewett, Adams, Frieze, Joplin, Justus, Jenkins, Jarman, Jameson, Jamison, Jacobs 9 strips
    6. Thomas P.F. Jackson biographical sketch
    7. March 1979 issue McAlibi with business card of J. Leonard Johnson
    8. Family group sheet—Allison Woodville Barrington Jarnagin & Amanda Hopkins
    9. Family group sheet—John R. (Arlington) Jarnagin & Margaret Emily Mead
    10. Mary Jump Terry family 2 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on the following Jones: William J., Thomas, Milton, Lemuel, Marion, and others 12 pgs.
    12. Abstracted information on the following Johnson: James W., Albert, Richard, Nancy 3 pgs.
    13. Abstracted census records on Peter, John and Clarence Jump 2 pgs.
    14. John Jump family 11 pgs.
    15. Abstracted information on Julian families 19 pgs.
    16. Correspondence between Betty and Maxine Fenyk concerning Jacks family 3 pgs.
    17. William R. Jenkins b. ca. 1828 biographical sketch 2 pgs.
    18. Luther Johnson celebrates 100th birthday Sunday w/photo of Luther & Helen Phillips BHFP 3 July 1991
    19. Charles T. Jones family 3 pgs.
    20. Jones family beginning w/Jimmy Jones 2 pgs.
    21. Nathan Lindsay Johnson family 3 pgs.
    22. Miscellaneous abstracted information on the following surnames: Jones, Jarnegan, Johnson, Jump, Johns, Johnson, Jump, Johns, Johnston, Jenkins, Jordan, Justice, Jamison, Justus, Jesters, Jornagan, Jestern 25 strips


    J Anniversary announcements from newspapers
    1. Oby & Nina Teters Jester
    2. Bob & Ethel Lafferty Johnson, Clark & Hazel Scroggins Johnson, Harl & Patty Ashlock Johnson, Fred & Sharon Mosley Johnson, Norman & Judy Wollard Johnson, Paul & Daisy Dixon Johnson, Monroe & Elvena Johnson Johnston (2), Bob & Donna Root Johnson
    3. Loren & Mary Opal Austin Jones (2), Arnold & Corene Rader Jones, Delmar & Doris Tinsley Jones, Kyle & Peggy Lou Murray Jones, Lewis & Evelyn Polodna Jones, Floyd & Earlene Foster Jones, Howard & Mary June Huff Jones, Wallace & Helen Webb Jones, Bill & Alma Cobb Jones
    4. Marion & Betty Jump, bob & Gloria Tuck Jump
    5. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
    6. Jump, Jackson (queries), Notice of death Ross V. Jenkins, Jenkins family to have reunion, Johnson to celebrate 99th year
    7. Former Bolivar resident turns 93 w/photo Anna Lucille Johnson BHFP 25 Nov 2000
    8. Daughter uses modern technology to record mother’s memories for posterity w/photo Helen Roberts and Berneice Jenkins BHFP 16 Oct 1996
    9. Photo—100th Luther, Robert, Charles & Farrel Johnson BHFP 12 June 2000
    10. Grand Marshal recalls first car in Bolivar w/photo Luther Johnson BHFP 1 May 1985
    11. Sharing decisions, humor keeps vows of marriage strong w/2 photos – Nina & Oby Jester SNL 10 Feb 1991
    12. Joanna Jones—Polk County People BHFP 16 Oct 1985
    13. Death notices abstracted from various sources on Jamison, Jones, Johnson, Jump, Jackson, Justice, Jackle, Joseph 11 strips
    14. Abstracted obituaries—Thomas Jernigan, J.H. Jernigan, Fred Jarnigan, Lano S. Johnson, Homer A. Johnson, Samantha Buitt Johnson, Evan Jones, Daisy May Jackson, Nellie Blanche John, Sig Jones, Isaac A. Joseph, Jennie Johnson, Claude Jarman, Florence M. Johnson, William Thomas Jump, Robert H. Johnson, James B. Jackson, James W. Jackson, Ardella Jackson, Milo Jackson, Helen Beatrice Johnson, Elmer M. Johnson 12 pgs.


    J Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    1. 1944-45—Jackson, Jones, Jump, Johnson
    2. 1946-47—Jackson, Jenkins, Johnston, Johnson, Jones
    3. 1948-49—Jones, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnson
    4. 1950-51—Jones, Jump, Jenkins, Jolley, Johnson, Johnston
    5. 1952—Jenkins, Johnson, James, Jones, Jacks
    6. 1953—Johnson, Jobe, Judd, Jump, Jones
    7. 1954—Jackson, Jenkins, Johnston, Jester, Jump
    8. 1955—Jones, Johnson, Jester
    9. 1956—Jackson, Jungst
    10. 1957—Jones, Johnson
    11. 1958—Johnson, Jones, Jump, Joseph
    12. 1959—Jackson, Jones, Jeter, Jarman
    13. 1960—Jarman, Jennings, Jump, Johnson
    14. 1961—Jones, Johnston, Johnson, Jenkins, Jump
    15. 1962—Jenkins, Jolley, Jones, Jarnagin, Jackson
    16. 1963—Jennings, Jones, Jackson, Jenkins
    17. 1964—Jump, Jenkins, Jones, Johnson, Joslin
    18. 1965—Jones, Jeffries, Johnson, Jenkins
    19. 1966—Johnson, Jenkins, Jones, Jarman, Jackson
    20. 1967—Jennings, Jones, Johnson, Jeffries, Jackson, Jackle
    21. 1968-69—Jones, Johnston, Jarman, Jenkins, Johnson
    22. 1970-71—Jones, Johnson, Johnston, Jacobs, Jolly, Jackson
    23. 1972—Jarman, Johnston, Jenkins, Johnson, Jump
    24. 1973—Jones, Johnson, Jolley, Jump, Jester, Jenkins, Johnston
    25. 1974-75—Jones, Johnson, Jenkins, Johnston, Jackson, Jarman
    26. 1976—Jones, Johnson, Jenkins, Jessen
    27. 1977-78—Johnson, Jones, Jenkins, Jarman
    28. 1979—Jella, Jones, Jennings
    29. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various newspapers
    30. 1924—Johnson
    31. 1925—Jeffries, Johnson
    32. 1926—Jump, Jones
    33. 1928—Jones, Joseph, Johnson 2 pgs.
    34. 1929—Jarrett, Jackson, Jones
    35. 1930—Johnson
    36. 1931—Jones, Johnson
    37. 1932—Johnson, Jeffries, Johnston
    38. 1934—Jenkins, Johnson, Jackson, Jones 2 pgs.


    J Jackson families
    1. Letter to OGS from James E. Jackson concerning errors in Greene County Inhabitants 1880 about Jehu Jackson 4 June 1984 includes family information on Isaac Jehu Jackson, Jehu Jackson and Samuel Jackson 10 pgs.
    2. Letter to Betty from James E. Jackson thanking her for her help
    3. Information on Jackson, Simmons, Minix in Southwest Missouri 3 pgs.
    4. Copy of letter from Louise Pietruszkiewicz to Mr. Jackson 25 Oct 1984
    5. Jacksons in Christian County 1880 census 2 pgs.
    6. Jacksons found in Collin County, TX Cemetery Inscriptions 4 pgs.
    7. Letter to Shawna Martine from James Jackson 12 Nov 1984 Jehu and Isaac Jackson family 3 pgs.
    8. Jehu Jackson information 6 pgs.
    9. Abstracted Jackson information from Taney County, MO records 12 pgs.
    10. Abstracted Jackson information from Christian County, MO records
    11. Jackson and Allied families found in Southwestern Missouri
    12. Abstracted Jackson and Simmons information from Cedar County, MO records 6 pgs.
    13. Jackson information abstracted from Ohio records 7 pgs.
    14. The Jackson Family pgs. 360-369 The History and Folklore of Searcy County Arkansas 5 pgs.
    15. Letter to Betty from James Jackson 7 Oct 1988 Sue Schafer presenting at OGS conference on Joseph Jackson
    16. Samuel Jackson pg. 67 Early Families of North Carolina Counties of Rockingham and Stokes
    17. The Quaker Yoeman newsletter July 1974 Jacob Jackson 4 pgs.
    18. Thomas P.F. Jackson biographical sketch pgs. 180-91 Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, Vol. 2 3 pgs.


    1. Miscellaneous abstracted information on King, Keeling, Kelly, Keirsey, Kerr, Kennedy, Kinzie, Kimbrough, Kennon, Kemble, Kidd, Keith 10 strips
    2. Kennon Cemetery records
    3. Abstracted information on Rev. James Kennon
    4. Abstracted information on James Kinnon family 89 pgs.
    5. Kings buried in King Cemetery
    6. Elizabeth King, Jonas L. King pgs. 601-602 Ozark Migration Project 2 pgs.
    7. Thomas J. Kelly family 7 pgs.
    8. James Kelley family 4 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on Richard, Daniel, and Joseph Keene 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted Milton Kennett information
    11. John Kimbrough Bible Records pg. 41 St.LGS XVI 2 pgs.
    12. Abstracted information on Kimbrough/Dial 3 pgs.
    13. Abstracted information on Thomas and Roy King 3 pgs.
    14. Miscellaneous abstracted information on Kahn, Kennedy, King, Knight, Kern, Killingsworth, Kennon, Kelly, Keech, Kerby, Keith, Kirby, Keirsey, Knapp, Koon, Kinder, Krause, Keeling, Kinsey, Kates, Kelley, Keeler 17 pgs.
    15. Eudora Baptist Church honors retiring pastor of four decades w/photo Lon & Maxine Killingsworth BHFP no date
    16. Keirsey Reunion draws descendants 2 pgs.
    17. Atilee Kukal—Polk County People BHFP 16 Mar 1988
    18. Anniversary announcements from newspapers
    19. Bill & Erma Jean Jarman Kahler, Bill & Judy Lemons Kallenbach, Walter & Alta Wilson Kates, Max & Grace Zumwalt Kaudle, Broox & Selma Holt Kaudle
    20. Virgil & Betty Hayes Kearney (3), Ray & Opal Seiner Keeling, Mr. & Mrs. David Keith, Randy & Eileen Hopkins Keller, Floyd & Flo Alice Roe Keller, Dillard & Zadah McCaslin Kelley, Cyrill & Joseph Hubbert Kellner, Clifford & Mary Eagleburger Kelly, Kenneth & Pamala Stalker Kelly, Hugh & Maty Godsy Kentch, Everett & Barbara Kern, Jesse & Dova Baumgardner Keith
    21. Elvin & Wanda Viles Kibby, Woodrow & Ernestine Stewart Kinsey, Alvin & Lula C. Armstrong Kinslow (2), Elie & Olva Davis Kirby, Sam & Audrey Faye Davis Kirby, Charles & Kay Nelson Kirby, Joe & Anna Marie Asbell Kirksey, Wayne & Joan Kirksey (2)
    22. Verlon & Betty Jean Millican Koch, Ben & Agnes Novak Korn
    23. Lawrence & Margorie Coleman Knickerbocker
    24. Ed & Julia Kroutil, Fred & Helen Ruzicka Kroutil, Bernard & Wanda Lee Krtek
    25. Alvin & Alice Mae Kugler (2), Jimmie & Betty Lee Kukal, John & Rose Kukal, Joe & Agnes Ruzicka Kukal, Milos & Juanita Campbell Kukal
    26. Miscellaneous clippings
    27. Norma Sawyers, John Kurz marriage
    28. 100th birthdays—Ora John Keith, Mary A. Kroutil
    29. Kelley family to meet in Carthage Saturday
    30. Looking for Keeling relatives
    31. photo—From the past—Rowl & Vinnie Kinsey and children: May, Ina and Ordie BHFP 19 Oct 1978
    32. photo 1910 get-a-round Mr. & Mrs. Ryle Kinsey
    33. Kelley families – Greene, Polk Counties 8 pgs.


    K Abstracted deaths/obituaries
    1. Clara King, H.C. Keyes, Mrs. Kelly, Judge E.D. Keeling, Alexander Kenney, Duke Kimbrough, Thomas J. King. Elvira Keeling, R.L. Killingsworth, Mary V. Kelley, Eugene L. Kelley, John W. Kerby, Sylvester Kellogg, Winder Kenner, P.C. Kinslow, Ella S. Kennon, John L. Kennon 7 strips
    2. Margaret Elizabeth Kinder
    3. Nelson N. Kinder, Mark Kern, Widow Kincaid, Capt. Martin Kuhn, Isaac Kirby
    4. Margaret Elizabeth Kelly
    5. John A. Keller, Glendy Burke Clark Kuhn, John L. Kinder, John Kilgore, Mrs. Jim Keith
    6. Roscoe L. Kaudle
    7. Mary Ann Kifer, Linwood U. Kinder
    8. Mrs. Inex Keithley, Lillian Jane Kinder, William Harvey King
    9. Adelia Gertrude King
    10. Joseph Kups, Homer James Kerr
    11. Martha E. Keith, Albert Kelley
    12. Winters N. Kinney, Henrietta Louise King, Earl Koon
    13. Martha Kelsey, Sarah Killingsworth
    14. Abstracted deaths from Springfield newspapers
    15. 1944—Keeling, Kirk, Kates, Kinder
    16. 1945-46-47—Kups, Kukal, Killingsworth, Keller, Kennemer, Kee
    17. 1948-49—Knippen, King, Kennon, Kelley, Keeling, Kukal, Korn, Kimball, Kearney
    18. 1950-51-52—Kukal, Kaudle, Kelsey, Kibby, Kinder, Kirk, Killingsworth, Keeling, Krames, Kroutil
    19. 1953—Kender, Kroutil, Kirby, Kimes’1954—Knapp, Keller, Kentling, Kelly, Kessler, Kelley, Kugler
    20. 1955—Kinder, Kirkpatrick, Kukal, Kennedy, Keller, Kelley, Kershner, Kearney
    21. 1956—Kinsley
    22. 1957—Kirby, Keller, Keen, Keeling, Kennon
    23. 1958—Kimmons, Kentworthy, Kidby, Kauffman, Kinsey, Kats, King, Kenney
    24. 1959—Killian, Kidby, Kocar, Knox, Kranz, Kilgore, King, Keller, Kines, Krider
    25. 1960—Krtek
    26. 1961—King, Kaudle, Kelley, Kennon, Kinder, Kimmons, Keller, Kinkead, Kates, Kilpatrick
    27. 1962—Kirksey, Kerns, Kinsey, Keller, Kelley, Kelsey, Kennedy
    28. 1963—Kelley, Keller
    29. 1964—Keeling, Kever, Kukal, Kocar, Krzysiak, Kinney
    30. 1965-66—Kinder, Kirby, Kennon, Kelley
    31. 1967-68-69—Kukal, Koon, Keech, Kerns, Krtek, Kinder, Kaudle, Kerr, Kelley, Kennon
    32. 1970-71—Kelley, Kroutil, Kirby, Kenny, Knouse, Kirksey, Kelly, Kearney, Kinslow, Koehn
    33. 1972—Kifer, Kirchner, Kukal, Kearney, Krtek, Kelsey, Killingsworth, Kirklin, Kee
    34. 1973—Kinsey, Kirpatrick, Kirk, Kukal, Kimbrough, Kruse, Knouse, Kroutil, Keller, Kessler
    35. 1974—Kibby, Kelly, Keithley, Kent, Krames, Killingsworth, Kukal, Kinkead, Kates
    36. 1975-76—Keller, Koon, Kroutil, Kennon, Kukal, Kibby, Kates, Kelley, Koewing, Ketchum
    37. 1977-78—Kelley, Keith, Kirkpatrick, Kennon, King, Kirksey
    38. 1979—Kelly, Keith, Kirby, Ketchum, Kerr


    1. Jonathan Langdon family 3 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on Lutrell families in Polk County 8 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on James, August, Abraham, Thomas and Oral Lewis 4 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Lamar families in Polk County 4 pgs.
    5. John W. Lowry abstracted information 2 pgs.
    6. William Lunceford family 2 pgs.
    7. Abstracted information on John, Dan, Thomas Lyons families 3 pgs.
    8. Jacob Marion Lindly abstracted information
    9. Sarah Elizabeth Laney Rose abstracted information
    10. Lumbley’s Grave Wm. Lumbley
    11. Lyngar burials in King Cemetery
    12. Jane Gilbreath Landreth abstracted information
    13. Philander Cameron Locke abstracted information
    14. Lane marriages – Joseph, Jesse, Charles, Middleton, Charles, Clara
    15. Albert S. Love abstracted information
    16. Abstracted information on Lenox and Davison families in Polk County 2 pgs.
    17. Miscellaneous abstracted records on: Lusk, Langston, Lucas, Lane, Lemmon, Lazenby, Lewis, Landreth, Looney, Lee, Lindley, Lowe, Lillard, Leester, List, Laney, Lacey, Lowroy, Luse, Lawson, Larimore, Locke, Lunceford, Lasater, Latlin, Luttrell, Ledford, Laugh, Lovelace, LaRue, Lessly, Leavenworth, Lacy, Lowrance, Lynch, Latta, Lefors, Lattrel, Lawrence, LaRose, Lightfoot, Lower, Lumley 38 strips


    1. Abstracted Lane census and marriage records 2 pgs.
    2. Abstracted Lasater census and death records
    3. Capt. Whitfield C. Lefors biographical sketch pg. 860 Goodspeed – Benton County, Arkansas
    4. Abstracted Lefors census and death records
    5. Benjamin F. Leonard biographical sketch transcribed pg. 793 Vol. 4 Missouri – The Center State 2 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Locke family information 2 pgs.
    7. Abstracted Wm. M. Liles information
    8. F.J. Long biographical sketch pg. 683 Missouri – The Center State
    9. Abstracted information on Lusk families 23 pgs.
    10. George W. Lower family 9 pgs.
    11. Andrew Lower family
    12. Letters to Betty with information on George and Elvira Carter Lower family 23 pgs.
    13. Abstracted information on John Andrew Sharp and Elizabeth Lower
    14. Pgs. 508, 9, 11, 12 History of Laclede County biographical sketch John & Elizabeth Lower Sharp and other Sharp families – Otto James Sharp, John Sharp, Claud Sharp 4 pgs.


    L Anniversary announcements from newspapers
    1. Daryl & Phyllis Gess Lamb (2), William & Marjorie Lambert, Henry & Dorothy Neil Latham, Del & Ruby Laursen, Ray & Chet Lambeth
    2. Lionel & Arlene Lear (2), Hiram & Juanita Blunt Leach, J.C. & Betty Ruyle Lee, Bob & Jimmie Redd Lee, Leonar & Betty Crain Leepers, Lester & Kathryn Christian Leith, George & Juanita Koehn Leith, Thomas & Anna Belle Spurgeon Leith, Joe Frank & Carrye Ann Price Leith, Wendell & Grace Ortner Lejuene, Virgil & Esther Burns LeJuene, Tom & Lois King Letterman
    3. Johnny & Emma Bradshaw Lightfoot (3), Billie & Wanda Lipe Lightfoot (2), Gilbert & Alice Huffman Lightfoot (5), Donnie & Jeannette Wagener Lightfoot, Cecil & Frankie Elliott Lightfoot (2), Clea & Juanita Lightfoot, Robert & Geneva Kinslow Lightfoot (2), M.F. & Glenda Ingram Lightfoot, Clarkie & Agatha Presley Lindsey, Barnard & Imogene Vaughn Lipe (2), Frank & Pat Rick Lisk
    4. Mr. & Mrs. Thurman Locke, Paul & Willa Jean Gann Long, E.J. & Alta Dixon Lovett, Clifton & Veta Hood Lower (2)
    5. Jay & Annabel Longcrier Lyman (2), James & Jerrie Dixon Lynch
    6. Miscellaneous newspaper articles
    7. Birthdays – Lucy Lane to celebrate 100th birthday, Lucy Lane celebrates 91st w/photo, Nell Leith to note 90th birthday w/photo 3 pgs.
    8. Lamar family gathers w/2 photos BHFP 12 Aug 1982
    9. A centennial salute to a pioneer woman – Iva Lowry Rowland CCR 20 May 1976
    10. Still going strong at 100 Lucy Lane w/photo BHFP 5 Oct 1988
    11. Judge Leavitt grew up with Polk County Courthouse SDN 25 Jan 1974
    12. 48 years to his credit and still teaching Carl Locke Ozarks’ Senior Living Newspaper October 2006
    13. Miscellaneous abstracted information from Springfield newspapers
    14. 1924—Lamar, Long, Lynn
    15. 1925—Laney, LaRue
    16. 1926—Lusk, Leavitt, Loafman, Loville
    17. 1927—Lejune, Lamum, Lusk, Lightfoot, Looney
    18. 1928—Lyman, Lappin, Lehmen, Lewis
    19. 1929—Lawrence, Legan
    20. 1930—Lawrence, Leavitt, Lindsey
    21. 1931—Lowry, Lightfoot, Lusk, Lock, Leith, Lehman, Loftis 2 pgs.
    22. 1932—Lowry, Lindsey, Lemmon, Larew, Lane 2 pgs.
    23. 1934—Loafman, Looney, Leonard, Lowe, Lindsey, Lock, Louther, Laney 2 pgs.
    24. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on: Lane, Lindsey, Lemons, Lawrence, Lushbaugh, Laurance, Leith, Lauchner, Lynn, Lunceford, Laffoon, Lowe, Latrell, Lightfoot, Lambert, Long, Lotspeich, Lorah, Lovan, Lemon, Lemmon, Lovelace 19 strips


    L Abstracted deaths/obituaries
    1. Death notices—John Lunceford, John Lessly, James Lowry, Dr. Perry Larimore, Pleasant Landers, Lucy Long, Matilda Lovelace, Wm. Lewis, -- Leonard, Mrs. D.H. Long, Carrell Lemmon, John Lee, John Lundy, Joseph Locke, Robert Lane, Rev. Jesse Mitchell (funeral by D.A. Leeper), Susanna Leachman, Nannie Lemmon, Elizabeth Lemmon, John Lessley, Wm. Lovett, W.D. Lovelace, Will Lovette, Ed Lamar, Peyton Langley, Wm. Lawson, John Layton, Henderson Lewy, Coffman Lunceford, E.A. Lyle 18 strips
    2. Abstracted obituaries
    3. Sarah Jane Lyon
    4. Dr. William Lemmon
    5. Dr. Jeff Lemmon
    6. Amanda Hopkins Leavitt
    7. E.F.S. Lunceford, Manima Lopp
    8. Florence Lindquist
    9. Leonard Lemmon, Alice Lee
    10. William Lower, Daniel Livengood
    11. James D.A. Lee, George Lofton, Mary E. Lane
    12. D.D. Lane
    13. Mary Lightfoot, Isaac Lloyd
    14. George Lane, Jerald Lawson, Florence Leavitt
    15. Minta A. Lee, William Landreth
    16. Real Long, R.B. Lee, Jasper Lawson
    17. Johnnie Lane, Anna Landreth, E. (Ras) Laney
    18. Mary Jane Lamb, Maggie Lawson, Della May Lemmon
    19. W.H. (Bill) Lynch
    20. Cornelius Lewis, Mary Lopp
    21. Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    22. 1944—Lucas, Lamar, Locke, Lockhart, Laney, Leeper, Lemmon
    23. 1945—Laney, Lee, Lunceford, Lane, Leavitt, Leach, Lemmon, Licklider
    24. 1946-47—Lemmon, Lusk, Lyman, Leith, Lamb, Lowe, Lawson, Locke, Lightfoot, Lindsey, Lomas
    25. 1948—Lightfoot, Lowe, Legan, Lindsay, Leavitt, Laney, LaFaver
    26. 1949—Locke, Lair, Linville, Lemmon, Lusk
    27. 1950—LaRew, Long, Lawrence, Lynn, Lathrop, Lindsey, Leavitt, Lysinger, Looney, Lower, Lockhart
    28. 1951—Lucas, Lovell, Lappin, Lower, Locke, Laney, Lemmon, Leach, Leeper, Low, Lightfoot
    29. 1952—Legan, Lawson, Lucas, Lowery, Loftus, Long, Loafman, LaFever, Lynch, Lockhart, Lawrence, Lopp, Lane 2 pgs.
    30. 1953—Lakin, Lucas, Lowe, Lunderman, Long, LaRew, Lillard, Lyle, Lane
    31. 1954—Lanker, Larew, Lincicum, LaPour, Lafaver, Lindsey, Lawson, Locke, Lower, Lust
    32. 1955—Lemons, LaRew, Lindley, Lowery, Lear, Leaverton, Lemmon, LaFavor, Lyttle, Lawson, Landreth, Lee, Leavitt
    33. 1956—Loafman, Lemmon, Lane, Lyle, Leeper, Long, Lunderman, Lyman, Laney, Lewers
    34. 1957—LeJuene, Leonard, Leavitt, Logan, Lightfoot, Licklider, Leach, Linville, Landrum, Lemmon, Luckey
    35. 1958—Lightfoot, Looney, Laney, Lemmon, Lewis, Lewers, Legan, Lunderman, Lockhart, Lear
    36. 1959—Lewis, Long, Lowe, Lindsay, Logan, Lightfoot, Lobaugh, Lejeune, Laney
    37. 1960—Leith, Larsen, Lumley, Lodge, Lemmon, Law, Long, Low, Lyman, Lunceford
    38. 1961—LeJeune, Larew, LaRose, Leavitt, Lemons, Lehman, Layne, Lowry, Lunceford, Lyon, Lowe
    39. 1962—LeJeune, Lower, Lagrere
    40. 1963—Lincicum, Lower, Lillard, Ladd, LaShay, Lee, Locke, Lappin
    41. 1964—Leach, Lightfoot, Lower, Loy, Lawson, Latiker, Lowery, Lacy, Lewis, Lynch, Locke, Looney, Lister
    42. 1965—Leonard, Long, Lair, Lamar, Litle, Lambeth, Lockhart
    43. 1966-67—Laney, Lockhart, Landrus, Leavitt, Lathrop, Lejeune, Lewis, Line, Largent, Laugeson, Looney, Lovett, LaRew Lee, Lane, Lowe, Lindsey, Lipe, Losey, Lair, Lambeth, Locke, Lyman, Litle, Lip 2 pgs.
    44. 1968-69—Lumley, Locke, Lewis, Lee, Lightfoot, Lemmon, Lawson, Lyons, Litle, Lynn, Little, Lawyer, Line, Lusk
    45. 1970—Lightfoot, Locke, Lomas, Lillard, Long, Leith, Lee, Leeper, Lane, Legan, Lewis, Lean, Lightfoot
    46. 1971—Lower, Lauhon, Leavitt, Lawson, Lappine, Lowe, Lowry, Latiker
    47. 1972—Lovell, Lockhart, Long, Lawyer, Lightfoot, Looney
    48. 1973—Lollar, Leith, Lower, Lusk, Lowry, Loftis
    49. 1974—Loving, Levitt, LaRew, Litle, Leith, Leonhardt, Lightfoot, Lee, Limdgren, Landreth, Lyon, Leffler
    50. 1975—Ladish, Lovett, Lawyer, Lauhon, Lusk, Litle, Lower, Lawson, Lane, Legan
    51. 1976—Lyman, Lightfoot, Lacey, Loafman, Locke, Longan, Lemmon, Lawson, Lister, Landreth
    52. 1977—Lynch, Logan, Liston, Lightfoot, Legan, Lower, LaRose, Ladd
    53. 1978-79—Lowe, LeJeune, Lane, Lightfoot, Lawson, Looney, Lowery, Lemmon, Logan, Lilly, Laird


    L Looney family
    1. James H. Looney biographical sketch
    2. Genealogy of a Branch of the Looney Family by William Gaines Looney 4 pgs.
    3. Early Looneys in America by Leroy W. Tilton 23 pgs.
    4. John Shannon Looney information
    5. Benjamin Looney information 2 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Greene County, MO information on Looney 15 pgs.
    7. Abstracted Polk County, MO information on Looney 28 pgs.
    8. Abstracted Cedar County, MO information on Looney 4 pgs.
    9. Abstracted Dade County, MO information on Looney
    10. Abstracted Dallas County, MO information on Looney 3 pgs.
    11. Abstracted St. Clair County, MO information on Looney 2 pgs.
    12. James H. Looney information
    13. Some "Betty" theory on Looney


    1. Abstracted information on William A. Mallicoat (ca. 1790) and family 9 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on John Mallicoat, Sr. (1953) and family 7 pgs.
    3. Miscellaneous abstracted census, marriage, burials –Malicoat 9 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Henry J. Mapes (1827) and family 4 pgs.
    5. Abstracted information on Murphy families – William, Joseph, Daniel, John 6 pgs.
    6. "Murphy’s Boys" pgs. 38-39 Irish Settlers in America
    7. List of children of Daniel Murphy, on back 1900 census records Mustain, Jones
    8. Murphy/Box marriages in Grainger Co. TN 1796-1837
    9. Abstracted information on Peter T. Murphy (1840)
    10. Abstracted information on Daniel Richard Murphy from The Wilderness Prophet by Claud J. Mustain 9 pgs.
    11. "Murphys to note golden year" Earl & Pauline Hamilton Murphy BHFP 3 Jan 1980
    12. Copy of discharge Benjaman F. Murphy 6 Oct 1865
    13. Abstracted information on John Miller (1809) and family 13 pgs.
    14. "Fair Play’s 83-year-old paper boy calls it quits" w/photo Ira Miller SNL 29 Feb 1976
    15. Correspondence between Betty and Theron & Beth Miller concerning Martin, Miller, Julian families April-May 1988 4 letters 8 pgs.
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    17. Pg. 70 Grainger County Marriages 1830
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    3. Family Group Sheet—Joseph Marcus Mann & Melinda Isabelle Hooser
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    12. Springfieldian helps Bob Hope Joan Mass SNL no date
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    16. Thomas and Lewis Morgan information
    17. Abstracted information on Byron Kent Morgan
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    M Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on the following surnames:
    1. Matheny, Mayfield, Miles, Matlock, Moran, Mallicoat, Maddy, Moad, Mitchell, Malicoat, Malacote, Mullings, Montgomery, Meyers, Moist, Meyer, Malcoat, Martin, Mumper 20 strips
    2. Maxwell, Middleton, Main, Miller, Mounce, Moore, Meadows, Menter, Mustain, Martin, Means, Major, Mallicoat, Mallicot, Morton, Morgan, Maddy, Miles, Mitchell, Murphy, Merity, Minton 13 strips
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    M Newspaper articles/clippings/photos
    1. Ozarks Centenarian recalls early days as birthday nears Lucy Scroggins Mackey SNL 19 Nov 1972
    2. Elva is Berry’s main Mann BHFP 30 June 1983
    3. Screwy information Mann, Phillips BHFP July 1983
    4. Mann reunion held near Fair Grove BHFP17 July 1980
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    8. Family celebrate 7-decade romance Lester & Eula Mincks SNL 23 Jan 1989
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    11. photo—Young men of 1904 George and Harry Mann
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    18. Miscellaneous articles
    19. Letters seeking information on descendants of Rodeham Moore, John Laurence Magnuson, William Morrison, Hugh Millican or Milligan, Nell Martin Merell
    20. Maphies to celebrate 90th birthday Sunday w/photo Frances Maphies BHFP 25 Jan 2006
    21. Matthews descendants to meet James Polk Matthews 1980
    22. Reception is Saturday for Miller’s 100th birthday Fay Miller BHFP 12 Mar 2003
    23. Soldier’s grave to get DAR marker William Murphy 1988
    24. Ad for hand painted china Doris Mead
    25. photo—Five generations Ahart, Mincks, Payne, Dalton
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    29. Celebrating five generations, twice w/2 photos Zelma Murray, Arron, Shayla & Kayla Cross, Charles Lee Cross, Wilma Howell and Charles Cross – Jordan Nelson, Janell Nelson, Zelma Murray, Janice Wells, Floyd Murray BHFP 26 Mar 1977


    M Obituaries abstracted from various sources
    1. Amanda Manuel, Wm. O. Mead, Mary E. Miller, Sarah L. Mosbarger 4 strips
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    5. Nathan Murray
    6. Rev. Martin Luther Maddy
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    13. Family Chart—Louisa Mitchell and David M. McClure
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    Mc Newspaper clippings
    1. Anniversaries: Roy & Barbara McConaghie (2), Terry & Patricia Rook McCroskey, Robert & Bette Black McClelland, Al & Rosemary Redford McCord, Clarence, Jr. & Myrtle Richards McCoy
    2. Anniversaries: Richard & Mary McGinnis, Austin & Winifred Hensley McGinnis (2), Mr. & Mrs. Ronelle E. McGee, W.L. & Mildred McIntire, Orra & Hazel Viles McKinney, Bob & Joanna Lane McKnight
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    1. Seeley Thayer McKinney (2)
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    16. Orah Belle McWethy
    17. Iva Ellen McWhorter
    18. Mildred McGill
    19. Death Notices
    20. Anne Lewis, Bevil McIntire, Dresden McAdoo, Wm. H. McGuire, Jesse McKnight, Pinkney McGee, Joseph McBroom, A.J. McLemore, Henry McElfresh, Mrs. Michael McGuire, Neil McKenzie, Margaret McClain, Dr. E.K. McMaster, McKenzie infant, Mr. McReynolds, McFall infant, McCoy child, R.J. McElhaney, Cordelia McElhany 11 strips
    21. Frances O. McCrory, Clarice McCrory, Oren McCrory, Paul McCrory, Ada Anderson
    22. Mary McNeely
    23. Robert McReynolds


    Mc Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    1. 1854-60—McClain, McCluer, McClues, McCracken, McGown, McGuire, McMaster, McClure
    2. 1944—McGill, McAdow, McCarthy
    3. 1945-46—McKinney, McGee, McBride, McCall, McLaughlin, McCrory, McClease, McGinnis
    4. 1947—McKinney, McColm, McBride, McCracken
    5. 1948—McKenzie, McPheeters, McKnight, McReynolds, McKinney, McCracken
    6. 1949—McCulloch, McReynolds, McCarty, McCarthy, McCrory
    7. 1950-51—McGee, McReynolds, McDonald, McPheeters, McWhorter, McNeely, McIntosh, McCracken, McCulley
    8. 1952—McPherson, McCoy, McShane, McFadden, McWhorter
    9. 1953—McClease, McCracken, McReynolds
    10. 1954—McKinney, McCully, McArtor, McGill, McCracken, McCurdy, McCarthy, McGranahan, McKillip
    11. 1955—McCoy, McGinnis, McKillip, McSwain, McNabb, McWhorter, McCrory, McClelland, McGuire, McPheeters
    12. 1956—McGuire, McCarty, McDaris, McKnight
    13. 1957—McKinney, McGee
    14. 1958—McGee, McDaniel, McLaughlin, McKinney, McColm
    15. 1959—McDonald, McNeil, McClelland, McClellan, McDaniel, McCulley
    16. 1960—McCurry, McDonald, McCarthy, McKnight, McGee, McCracken
    17. 1961—McColm, McBride, McDaniel, McShane, McMehen
    18. 1962—McGill, McDonald
    19. 1963—McKinney, McDaniel, McCracken, McCaslin, McReynolds, McNutt
    20. 1964—McElwee, McGuire, McReynolds, McGuire, McCurdy, McColm, McCrory
    21. 1965-66—McKenzie, McKinney, McReynolds, McNeely, McGuire, McCracken, McGill
    22. 1967-68—McGinnis, McCrory, McCoy, McClelland, McNutt, McBride, McMasters, McKinney, McCracken
    23. 1969—McGinnis, McCracken, McBride, McDaniel, McCall, McDonald, McCurdy
    24. 1970—McCrary, McMillan, McCall, McCoy, McGuire, McBreen, McKane, McReynolds
    25. 1971-72-73—McColm, McNeil, McCarthy, McDonald, McNeely, McGill, McIntosh, McWhorter, McCoy, McBride, McReynolds
    26. 1974—McBride, McGill, McDonald, McCrory, McKnight, McCarty, McCracken, McColm
    27. 1975-76—McKee, McGinnis, McCrory, McBride, McCurdy, McDaniel, McColm, McDuffee, McCracken, McClelland
    28. 1977-78—McCarthy, McElwee, McDuffee, McFall, McGinnis, McMillian, McCrory, McCracken, McGranahan, McNeely, McKenzie, McGee, McKee
    29. 1979—McGinnis, McVey, McCreery, McCarty, McIsaac, McDaniel, McKnelly, McNeely


    Mc McIntosh families Information on pedigree charts compiled by Edward


    1. Pedigree chart—Edward Lee McIntosh w/references 2 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on Margaret, Collon/Collin, Hector, Lucille, Edward McIntosh
    3. Family group sheet—Colin (Collon/Collin) McIntosh & Mary Jane Fox
    4. Pedigree chart—Michael Irick w/references 2 pgs.
    5. Pedigree chart—Allen Way w/references 2 pgs.
    6. Pedigree chart—Thomas Way w/references 2 pgs.
    7. Pedigree chart—Jane Lee w/references 2 pgs
    8. Pedigree chart—Joseph Sterling (Starlin) w/references 2 pgs
    9. Pedigree chart—Reinold Marvin (Mervin), Sr. w/references 2 pgs
    10. Pedigree chart—John "Ramsey" Mervyn w/references 2 pgs
    11. Pedigree chart—Sarah Mack w/references 2 pgs
    12. Pedigree chart—Ursella Garney w/references 2 pgs
    13. Pedigree chart—Margaret Angeline Jones
    14. Pedigree chart—Moses Baker w/references 2 pgs
    15. Pedigree chart—Hezikiah Doan(e) w/references 2 pgs
    16. Pedigree chart— --- Nicholaus Snow w/references 2 pgs information only on Nicholaus Snow
    17. Pedigree chart—Thankful Bickford w/references 2 pgs
    18. Pedigree chart—John McIntosh w/references 2 pgs
    19. Pedigree chart—Mary McCoy w/references 2 pgs
    20. Pedigree chart—John McKenzie McIntosh
    21. Pedigree chart—Elijah Milton Fox w/references 2 pgs
    22. Pedigree chart—James Potts w/references 2 pgs
    23. Pedigree chart—Celia ? givens/Loving w/references 2 pgs
    24. Pedigree chart—Mary Allen w/references 2 pgs
    25. Pedigree chart— -- Camp w/references 2 pgs
    26. Pedigree chart—John Burge Jones w/references 2 pgs
    27. Pedigree chart—Thomas Craig McIntosh


    Mc McIntosh
    1. Family group sheet—William ‘Billy’ Collin McIntosh & Elizabeth Frances Zumwalt
    2. Family group sheet—William ‘Billy’ Collin McIntosh & Nora Alice Irick w/references for # 1 & 2 2 pgs.
    3. McIntosh Family compiled by Ellanore McIntosh Alexander 3 pgs.
    4. Family group sheet—Elijah Milton Comadore McIntosh & Clara Belle Neill
    5. Pedigree chart—Ralph Vanice McIntosh 2 pgs.
    6. Children of Ralph & Issey McIntosh and George & Florence McIntosh
    7. Family Group Sheets
    8. George W. Fitzgerald & Christian (Christiana) "Kate" McIntosh
    9. John McIntosh & Barbary(a) McCoy
    10. Hector McIntosh & Nancy Wiggs
    11. William H. McIntosh & Eliza Jane Dake
    12. Rufus Coleman McIntosh & Frances Eudora Malony
    13. Henry Clay McIntosh & Mary Hattie Luker
    14. William N. McIntosh & Jane S. Ferrell
    15. William Fox && Margaret McIntosh
    16. Wilton Sylvester Fox & Laura B. McGee
    17. Daniel M. McIntosh & Sarah A. Hill
    18. John R. McIntosh & Cynth(i)a M. Fox
    19. William A. McIntosh & Mary E. Morton
    20. Hector McIntosh & Mary McCoy
    21. William/Alexander McIntosh & Margaret ---
    22. William McIntosh, Sr. & Pricilla Hagar
    23. John Hagar McIntosh & Martha Ann Williams 2 pgs.
    24. James Oliver McIntosh & Susie DeWeese
    25. Oliver K. McIntosh & Ida Kepley
    26. Robert Alexander McIntosh & Julia E. Jenkins
    27. Henry Oliver McIntosh & Mabel Hager
    28. Robert Henry McIntosh & Margaret R. Moore
    29. Richard Lloyd McIntosh & Carolyn Hager
    30. Raymond Floyd McIntosh & Shirley Clodfelter
    31. Ruben T. McIntosh & Sarah M. Pope
    32. John M. McIntosh & --- ---
    33. Jacob W. McIntosh & Frances "Frankie" Katherine Hager
    34. Julius A. McIntosh & Georgia Davis Henkle
    35. Joseph Andrew Craig McIntosh & Elvira E. Davis
    36. William McIntosh, Jr. & Elmina Mendenhall
    37. George McIntosh & --- (Margaret?) Campbell
    38. Angus McIntosh & Belle "Sarah" McInnis
    39. Donald McIntosh & Eleanor McDonald
    40. Joseph M. Stevenson & Margaret Campbell McIntosh
    41. William N. McIntosh & Matilda Ball


    Mc McIntosh

    Family Group Sheets

    1. John S. McIntosh & "Carrie" ---
    2. John Rhoads Irick & Celia H. Schofield 2 pgs.
    3. Thomas H. Irick & Eliza Ann Roberts
    4. John N. Irick & --- ---
    5. William T. Irick & --- ---
    6. David W. Irick & Permelia Jane Boyer
    7. Noah Justin Irick & Alpha Marie Waggoner
    8. Franklin D. Irick & Eleanor Marie Adams
    9. George Goodnight & Hannah Francis Irick
    10. Elias Bishop & Nancy Jane Irick
    11. James S. Wood & Isabel Irick
    12. John Rhoads Irick & Mary Jane (Way) Miller
    13. Michael Irick (?) & --- ---
    14. John Adam Irick (Ihrig) & Anna E. Seybert
    15. John Burg(e) Jones & Elizabeth "Betsy" Doan 2 pgs.
    16. John Burge Jones, Jr. & Sarah Jane "Jennie" Miller
    17. Oliver Jones & --- ---
    18. Lewis Marion Jones & Nancy DeLong
    19. Allen Way & Margaret A. Jones
    20. William G. White & Samantha Redman
    21. Evan Jones, Sr. & Margaret "Peggy" Baker
    22. Evan Jones, Jr. & Matilda "Lilly/Tilda" Doan 2 pgs.
    23. Hezekiah Jones & Sally Marsh
    24. Abel Harmon & Martha Jones
    25. John N. Jones, Sr. & Leann/Leah ---
    26. William G. Pitzer & Margaret Jones
    27. Hezekiah Doan & Nancy Allen
    28. Hezekiah Doan & Sarah Bland
    29. Miscellaneous
    30. James Leonard McIntosh family
    31. Correspondence between Betty and Edward L. McIntosh in 1979 6 letters, 10 pgs.
    32. Memorial card for Thelma Adams McIntosh with not on back to Betty 2 copies
    33. Christmas card from Mac & family1985
    34. Christmas card from Mac & family 1983

    Box 3


    1. Abstracted information on Ira Needham (1818) and family 3 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on John Needham (1841) and family 2 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on James Needham (1844) and family 2 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Alfred Needham (1845) and family 3 pgs.
    5. Abstracted information on Ira Needham (1849) and family
    6. Pedigree chart—Margaret Ellen Cates
    7. Family group sheet—Ira Needham & Anny Seamore
    8. Family group sheet—Ira Needham & Nancy Amanda Nash
    9. List of children of Ira, John, Alfred Needham & spouses, marriage dates 3 pgs.
    10. Needham burial sites 3 pgs.
    11. omitted
    12. "He’s ninety years young!" w/3 photos Jake Nickels with saw, Jake and Lillie with horse and carriage, Jake and Lillie in front of home BHFP 7 Oct 1971
    13. Theodocia’s Journal—birth of Nichols triplets BHFP 1 Mar 1995
    14. "You’re only as old as you feel" w/2 photos Dallas J. "Jake" Nickels and late wife Millie, Nickels w/Shari Anderson at Silver Dollar City BHFP 8 Apr 1982
    15. Polk County People—Jake Nickels w/photo Jake and Harley Nickels BHFP 15 Apr 1982
    16. "Meet the people behind our smiles – Kay Nickels" w/photo Kay and Gary Nickels (ad for Polk County Bank) BHFP 12 Sep 1990
    17. "Nickels-Nottinghams enjoyed reunion" BHFP 29 July 1971
    18. The Hardy Family in America by John A. Hardy 20 pgs. beginning w/pg. 225 information on the following
    19. Flora Ann Nickels 2 pgs.

      William Perry Nichols 3 pgs.

      John Terrell Nickels 2 pgs.

      Thomas Herschel Nickels

      Margaret Jane Nickels

      Sophia Alice Nickels 2 pgs.

      James Andrew Armour Nichols

      David Campbell Nickels

      Iva Elizabeth Nickels 2 pgs.

      Minnie Bell Nickels 2 pgs.

      Silas Barton Nickels

      George Preston Nickels 2 pgs.

    20. Miscellaneous Nichols, Nicholass information 2 strips


    1. Anniversary announcements—Billy D. & Ruth Mincks Neal, Mr. & Mrs. Ray C. Needham, Jim & Mary Dunn Neil, Delbert & Ernestine McClelland Neil, Loyal "Bub" & Lorene Rotramel Neil (4), Steve & Ronda Viles Neill, Chester & Leona Nelson, Charles & Jeanette Scott Neuhart (2), Clarence & Baba Allred Newton, Mr. & Mrs. Claude Nimmo, Lowell & Bonnie Ingram Noblitt (2)
    2. "91-year-old Ozarker keeps on fiddlin’" w/photo Bob Nance SDN 9 Mar 1981
    3. photo—5 generations—B. Watson, M. Jackson, M. Laxton, J. Jackson, E. Neal BHFP 31 Oct 1990
    4. photo—Family reunion children of Henry & Nina Newcomb—Homer, Val, Violet, Juanita, Louise, Charles, Robert, Vincent, Arthur, Paul, Therial BHFP 1 Aug 1990
    5. "Neil to celebrate 90 years May 15" w/photo Ernestine Neil BHFP 28 Apr 2004 "Card shower for Neill’s 98th birthday" Berneice Neill BHFP 11 Oct 2006
    6. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on: Needham, Northern, Nichols, Nelson, Nance, Neaves, Norton, Nash, Noe, Nodurft, Nowland 11 strips
    7. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on: Northern, Neely, Nelson, Nance, Nider, Nickels, Noffzinger 6 pgs.
    8. Ancestry of Nellie Baldwin Schellhardt, daughter of Anna Newland Baldwin 2 pgs.
    9. Polk County People—Randy Newland BHFP 1978?
    10. photo—25 years in same location John & Frenchy Newland BHFP 18 Feb 1971
    11. "Never a mortgage for 140-year-old farm w/photo Bruce and Etta Trost Newland BHFP 11 Dec 1975
    12. Children of Ezekiel Newland, children of John Newland 2 pgs.
    13. Jesse Newland burial location
    14. death of Ewell Neff
    15. NFQ---Henry and Margaret Neff pg. 2 2 copies
    16. Abstracted information on Moses N. Neihardt
    17. Nance and Marshall Bible records 2 pgs.
    18. Miscellaneous abstracted information from 1924, 1927, 1931, 1932, 1934 Springfield newspapers on: Nance, Newland, Neil, Nichols, Noble, Netherton, Nickles 5 pgs.


    N Abstracted obituaries
    1. William Perry Nichols, Ruth Ann Newland
    2. Vina Needham, Matilda Ann Noblitt
    3. Lina Florence Needham, Riley C. Nasalroad
    4. John Needham, Charity Adeline Carroll Nickels
    5. John Clinton Neill, Rebecca E. Neil
    6. Margaret Ellen Newell, Sarah M. Neil
    7. Ella M. Neil
    8. William Neill, William M. Niblack
    1. Dr. Leonidas C. Neil, Sarah M. Neil
    2. Georgia Needham
    3. W.B. Nottingham
    4. Pauline Naylor
    5. Miscellaneous abstracted death notices of: Norman, Norcross, Nider, Noffzinger, nelson, Nodurft, Noble, Nobbitt, Nash, Neil 7 pgs.
    6. Death notices abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    7. 1944—Neil, Neal, Nicholas, Neuhart
    8. 1945-46—Neil, Needham, Nash, Neel
    9. 1947-48—Niccum, Neuhart, Neal, Nichols, Nett, Neill, Nash
    10. 1949—Norcutt, Noblitt, Neff, Newsum
    11. 1950-51-52—Novak, Northern, Nelson, Neil, Newcomb, Nachbar, Nugent, Newsum, Nash, Nottingham
    12. 1954—Newland, Noffsinger
    13. 1955—Needham, Neill, Neal
    14. 1956—Neff
    15. 1957—Neal, Noyes, Neff
    16. 1958—Nicodemus, Neil
    17. 1959—Neil, Nicholson, Newland, Nunn, Nelson, Nottingham
    18. 1960—Nash, Nachbar, Newberry
    19. 1961—Nevins, Newcomb, Neil
    20. 1962—Neil, Newell
    21. 1964-65-66—Newland, Neifert, Neill, Nickels, Neil, Nelson, Needham, Nease
    22. 1967-68-69—Nugent, Nevins, Noyes, Nichols, Neil, Neuhart, Noteware, Nichols, Nicodemus, Niccum, Norton, Nickels
    23. 1970-71—Neil, Newsum, Neese, Nickels, Noyes, Nimmo, Needham
    24. 1972-73—Neil, Noyes, Nickels, Nash, Novak, Neal, Norman, Noblitt, Nutt, Neill
    25. 1974—Nielsen, Naylor, Noble, Neil, Nelson, Nicodemus, Neuhart, Newland
    26. 1975-76—Noblitt, Novak, Neil, Neuhart, Nottingham, Nichols
    27. 1977-78—Newland, Nelson, Neff, Neuhart, Nickels, Needham, Neil, Nunn, Newcomb
    28. 1979—Nichols, Nottingham, Neill


    N Newberry families

    The Newberry Family of Virginia and Missouri compiled by Betty Beason Ammerman Nov, 1990 71 pgs


    1. Samuel Newberry 1725-1788
    2. Counties where the Newberrys lived
    3. Samuel Newberry b. 1773
    4. Robert Newberry 1775-1846
    5. Silas Newberry 1805

      Joseph Newberry 1810

      Ivy W. Newberry

      William Elgin Newberry 1915

      Henderson Harmon Newberry 1820 William P/R Newberry, James R.

      Newberry, Ivy Walker Newberry

      Robert Newberry 1927

    6. James Newberry 1777-1841
    7. Excerpts from History of Maries County, Missouri
    8. Boy Newberry 1804

      Mary "Polly" Newberry Doyel 1806

      James Newberry

      Bethiar Newberry Hughes

      Elizabeth Newberry Tennison Martin

      Henry Newberry 1816

      Samuel Newberry 1818 George H. Newberry 1850, William Newberry 1856

      Rebecca Newberry Ammerman 1824

      Lydia Newberry Ammerman 1826

      Jesse L. Newberry 1828

      Joseph Newberry 1833/34

    9. Missouri References
    10. Newberry Researchers
    11. Hazle Tyler Additions


    N Newberry families
    1. The Doyel Family – A Few Glimpses into History Samuel Doyel, Thomas and Mehuldah (Baxter) Doyel, Farmer and Mary (Newberry) Doyel, Thomas & Susan (Everett) Doyel 14 pgs.
    2. pgs. 23-26, 37 The Life of Lum Newberry by Myrtle N. Fuller Samuel Newberry w/abstracted information from pgs. 21-40 9 pgs.
    3. Letters (3) to Betty from Jonathan Ramey containing information on Newberry 7 pgs.
    4. Abstracted Newberry marriages from various sources 4 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Newberry census records 15 pgs.
    6. Miscellaneous abstracted records from various sources 13 pgs.
    7. Death Notices/Abstracted Obituaries
    8. Wm. S. Newberry, Robert T. Norton, Geo. W. Newberry
    9. George Newberry
    10. George Newberry, Cora A. Newberry Soloman, Nora Ethel Newberry
    11. Elizabeth Newberry, Sarah Elizabeth Matthews Newberry, Jess Newberry
    12. Lida Newberry, Addie J. Newberry, Nina Newberry Gotfried
    13. Eugene Newberry
    14. Miscellaneous
    15. Letters (2) from Secretary of State Office (Archives) concerning land records for James Newberry 2 pgs.
    16. Letter to Probate Court, Pulaski County, from Betty (and their response) concerning probate record for James Newberry


    1. James M. Offield biographical sketch History of Pettis County
    2. Abstracted information on William H. Owens (1824) and family
    3. newspaper add featuring Mary Owens BHFP 6 Mar 2002
    4. photo—Owens observes 95th Bill Owen and Wilma Watkins BHFP 1 Apr 1982
    5. "Pensioner is grateful for the check she gets" Mary Owens no source 8 Feb 1977
    6. (skipped)
    7. Polk County People—Mary Owens BHFP 1 May 1985
    8. "Keeping track of what’s going on: Humansville’s historians share with many" w/photo Mary and Rick Owens BHFP 9 Feb 1978
    9. Pedigree chart—Herman Dewey Owens
    10. Obituary—Fred Walter Owens
    11. Obituary—W.P. Owens abstracted
    12. Abstracted information on W.P. Owens and family 2 pgs.
    13. Obituary—Mary M. Owens Woods Walls
    14. Death certificate—Joseph Went Owens
    15. Descendants of Ezekiel/William Owen
    16. Abstracted information on Joshua Owen (1801)
    17. Inventory—minor heirs Mary J. Owen 18 Aug 1873
    18. Guardian or Curator’s Bond—William H. Owen for Sarah E., Thomas B., Joseph H., and Martha A. Owen – minor heirs of Mary J. Owen 14 Aug 1873 2 pgs.
    19. Abstracted information on Levin Oakey and family 2 pgs.
    20. Owings notes compiled by Betty – 2000 w/cover letter to Kay Snow 6 pgs.
    21. Abstracted information on Samuel N. Owings (1840) 2 pgs.
    22. Abstracted information on W.J. Owings
    23. Miscellaneous census records for Owings 5 pgs.
    24. Descendants of Samuel N. Owens 6 pgs.
    25. Letter to Betty from Kay Snow 25 Oct 2005
    26. Abstracted information on Alfred Green Owings family 5 pgs.
    27. Abstracted information on Samuel Owings (1840)
    28. Abstracted information on Martha "Mattie" Silvester Owings (1876) 2 pgs.
    29. Letter to Jewell Goelitzer from John D. Hoff III w/Owings information 3 pgs.
    30. Owings additions by Jewell 1971
    31. Owings family as remembered by granddaughter Jewell Wright Goelitzer


    N Neil, Neill, Neal families
    1. Abstracted information on Spencer Neal (1815) and family 3 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on Mary Neil Jenkins, William J. Neil, Rachel Neil McAlpin, Samuel Blackburn Neil, Thomas Neil, John W. Neil, John C. Neil, James R. Neil 7 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on Landon Neil (11810) 18 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Jesse Neil (1792) and family 26 pgs.
    5. Probate proceedings (abstracted) for John C. Neil and James C. Neil 4 pgs.
    6. Abstracted information on Youngs married to Needhams and Neils 2 pgs.
    7. Neil/Neal marriages 4 pgs.
    8. Abstracted death notices Neil, Neill 2 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on Neal/McCubbin – Grimes Neal, Jesse Neil, Landon Neil, Telletha Neil, John Neil, Madison Neal, Madison Neil, Peter Neal, Peter Neil (all from deed books of Clairbourn County, TN) 2 pgs.
    10. Miscellaneous abstracted records – Neil, Neal, Neel, Neill 21 pgs.


    1. Anniversary—Joseph & Helen Cline Overmeyer, Edward & Irene Ruzicka Otradovec
    2. Abstracted information on O’Neal, O’Kelley, Oringderff, Oglesby, Okey, Osborne, Odor, Owens, Otter 9 strips
    3. Abstracted information on O’Neal, Oliver, Oldham, Osborne, O’Bryant, Otter, Orrick, Oaks, Owen, Oglesby, Orinderff, Otter, Osborn, Odor 10 pgs.
    4. Abstracted Obituaries
    5. George E. O’Bryant
    6. Dewey H. Owens
    7. J.R. Owen
    8. James Opatrny
    9. William "Willie" O’Neal
    10. John Edward O’Bryant
    11. Harve Orrell, Fred Opatrny
    12. George Washington Osborn, Mike A. Oldham
    13. Mary C. Owen, Hattie F. Osborne
    14. Steven E. Owen
    15. Death notices abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    16. 1945-48—O’Patrny, Owen, Overman, Oglesby
    17. 1949—Owen, Owens, O’Neal
    18. 1950-52—O’Neal, Oglesby, Owen, Owens, Otradovec
    19. 1953—Olinger
    20. 1954-55—Orr, Overcash
    21. 1956—Overcash
    22. 1957—Orrell, Owens, O’Neal
    23. 1959—Oringderff, Osborne, Owens, Osborn, Owen, Oesch
    24. 1960—O’Conner, Oldfield, Odle, Obert, Oglesby
    25. 1962—Orrell, Olson, Oldfield, Osborn
    26. 1963—Orrell, Oldham
    27. 1964-69—O’Bryant, Owen, Odle, O’Dell, Olson
    28. 1970-73—Overcash, Oringderff, O’Dell, Oliver, Owen, Oglesby, Orrell, Owens, O’Neal
    29. 1974-76—Owings, Oglesby, Otradovec, Overshiner, Owen, Olson
    30. 1977-79—Owens, Overshiner, Overcash, Overmyer
    31. Miscellaneous information abstracted from Springfield newspapers 1894, 1925-27, 1932, 1934 O’Banion, Otradovec, Oder, Odor, Oldfield, Orr, Outen, Oakes, Owens 8 pgs.


    O O’Neal families
    1. O’Neal Family beginning with James H. O’Neal (1812) 4 pgs.
    2. Bible record—William Jasper O’Neal
    3. Abstracted obituary—Mrs. Emily O’Neal (wife of Jasper)
    4. Jasper O’Neal information abstracted from pension records
    5. Miscellaneous abstracted information on O’Neal 6 pgs.
    6. Abstracted information on Thomas H. Bell, William N. Pyland
    7. Abstracted information on James H. Wilkerson O’Neal (1812) and family 10 pgs.
    8. Abstracted information on Moses O’Neal (1755) 2 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on Jasper Newton O’Neal (1856) 10 pgs.
    10. Backtracking column in The Mountain Echo 28 Jan and 4 Feb 1981 Elsie Broyles O’Neal, George Frederick O’Neal 4 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on Isham O’Neal (1782)
    12. Abstracted information on Moses O’Neal (1755) 3 pgs.
    13. Miscellaneous information abstracted on Moses and Isham O’Neal 4 pgs.
    14. Abstracted information on Charles G. O’Neal (1808) and family 7 pgs.
    15. Abstracted information on George W. O’Neal, George W. Jackson, Andrew J. O’Neal
    16. O’Neals buried in Wade Chapel, Evergreen, Wade, Blades and Lindsey Cemeteries 3 pgs.
    17. Letter – pgs. 3-4 only – with information on Emily Harvey O’Neal
    18. Abstracted O’Neal census records 33 pgs.


    1. Walter L. Pursselley, MD biographical sketch
    2. Herman Pufahl biographical sketch
    3. Jacob Phipps biographical sketch
    4. Pedigree chart—Potter/Wallace (2nd generation)
    5. Abstracted information on George and Agnes Potter family
    6. Miscellaneous abstracted Potter information 10 pgs.
    7. "Porter amplifies Slagle family saga" letter to editor by L.B. Porter w/photo Bill Slagle family BHFP 2 Oct 1969
    8. Abstracted information on Hubert Porter, J.T. Porter, James, John and Harmon Porter 3 pgs.
    9. Pyland Family – beginning with Robbin Pyland 28 pgs.
    10. Copy of Pyland Family (#9 above) 19 pgs.
    11. Abstracted obituary –Cora Pyland
    12. Descendants of Joseph Bennett Pyland, Sr. copied from Dade County RootsWeb page 6 pgs.
    13. William Jones Pyland biographical sketch
    14. "Dade County pioneer near 100th birthday" William Jones "Uncle Billy" Pyland SLP 19 Nov 1950


    1. Barnett P. Parrish, S.W. Boswell, Reuben S. Branson biographical sketches – abstracted 2 pgs.
    2. Joseph Colvin Parrish biographical sketch – abstracted
    3. Abstracted information on Pyle families – Nicholas, Benjamin
    4. Abstracted information on Julia Ann Perry
    5. Abstracted information on Enoch Plummer
    6. Query on Clemmons Phillips; abstracted obituary—Teresa Ann Bolds Phillips
    7. Abstracted information on John Phillips
    8. Payne family outline (as related to Dowell, Higginbotham, and McKinney families) 3 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on Sarah Jane Palmer 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted information on Joseph Calvin Parrish and family 7 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on William Patterson family
    12. Abstracted information on Henderson Potter
    13. pgs. 186-87 Lawrence County Biographical Appendix mention of Praitia Collins Parrett
    14. Abstracted 1840, 1850 Greene County Census Patterson 2 pgs.
    15. Pope Family Outline (of Culpeper County, VA & Polk County, MO 4 pgs. (Higginbotham paper)
    16. Abstracted information on James Montgomery Pike (1808) and family 17 pgs.
    17. Columbus Jefferson Pike, MD biographical sketch
    18. pgs. 1212-1214 Past and Present of Greene County Columbus Jefferson Pike, MD 3 pgs.
    19. "A Man of the Century" w/photo Roy Phillips BHFP 12 July 1995
    20. Miscellaneous abstracted information: Pickel, Piper, Pippin, Payne, Patterson, Pace, Pursley, Pyles, Phillips, Parkhurst, Pollard, Pack, Pettitt, Pophanberg, Pike, Pfeifer 9 pgs.


    P Newspaper articles/clippings
    1. Phillipses celebrate 73 years of marriage w/photo Roy & Helen Phillips BHFP 18 July 1990
    2. Opal Phillip’s birthdays 99th, 102nd 3 articles
    3. Helen Phillips’ birthdays 100th, 105th, 106th 4 articles
    4. 90th year – Cordia Phillips no source/date
    5. Jesse Payne to note 90th birthday BHFP 29 Jan 1981
    6. Over the Ozarks column "A Long Road" by L.B. Porter SDN 22 Feb 1974
    7. Over the Ozarks column "Down Memory Ladder" Parts 1 & 2 by Esther Payne Davis SDN Sep 1975
    8. Meet the people behind our smiles – Marilyn Parrott w/photo Marilyn & K.K. Parrott (advertisement for Polk County Bank) BHFP 8 Aug 1990
    1. Family members of Robert Wayne Garretson BHFP 19 June 1980
    2. Payne descendants tied to the land w/2 photos Jewell, Dwight and Grace Payne; Jesse Payne house BHFP 6 Nov 1975
    3. Local woman one of 90 widows still drawing Civil War pension w/photos Clara Bell Straw, Booth Pool, Charles Pool family BHFP 1 Nov 1979
    4. Helen Phillips still at home at 104 w/photo BHFP 29 Mar 2002
    5. Helen Phillips celebrates No. 105 with family w/photo Helen & Judy Murray BHFP 4 June 2003
    6. Ozark Genealogy column with mention of Pruitt SNL 26 Dec 1971
    7. Anniversary announcements
    8. Gervais & Georgia Barnes Payne, Tom & Ora Mae Richards Payne, Herman & Gwinneth Reynolds Payne, Joe & Alice Hopkins Parrish, Ray & Darlene Banks Parish, Alden & Betty Greer Parker, Keith & Donna Murray Parminter, Victor & Hellen Breshears Parson
    9. Paul & Willa Mae Stevens Pearson, George & Rose Petersen, Cecil & Merle Peterson
    10. George & Opal Jenson Phillips (2), Jerry & Nina Ewing Phillips, Edgar & Athelyene DeRossett Phillips (2)
    11. Junior & Norma Morrison Pitts, Lester & Ernestine Pitts, Howard & Marceline Duncan Pitts, Coy & Floris Carter Pierce, Earnest & Betty Pierce, J.C. & Elma Lawyer Piper
    12. Harold & Marjorie Potter, Bill & Shirley Courtney Pool, Garland & Robbie Self Pool, Dean & Willa Mae Matthews Polly, Louis & Christine Lehar Polodna, Martin & Nettie Polodna, Leo & Beryl Taylor Potts (2)
    13. Norman & Deloris Brich Presley (4), E.B. & Leona Doke Presley, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Presley, Ellis & Elsie Lemmon Prater, Maxie & Mildred Hill Prater, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Pratt, Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Priester, Elsworth & Betty Prudhoe, Clay & Louisa Doke Presley
    14. John & Ruth Billingsly Pursselley, Jesse & Grace Cobb Pursley
    15. Five Generations
    16. Clara B. Pool – John Pool, Clara, Geneva Moore, Darla & Jeffery Davidson
    17. Richard & Donna Brown, Michelle Wheeler, Edgar & Athelyene Phillips, Tim & Seth Childers


    P Abstracted Obituaries
    1. Nancy Powell, Martha Jane Price, John Phillips, Wm. Pursselley
    2. Fennie Payne
    3. Nora Page, J.C. Parker
    4. Caroline Polodna, John Peterson, Margie Polodna
    5. Sarah Pierce, Tifton Peterson, J.F. Powell
    6. Alice Newland Page, Lizzie Pike
    7. Murray Ward Prock, Laura Parker
    8. Thomas Parrish, Cora Pitts
    9. John Frederick Painter, Jennie Peck, Martha Jane Price
    10. Winnie Pierce, Inez Peck, D.H. Platte
    11. Presley infant, William N. Palen, Lewis Pavelek
    12. Marjorie Faye Price, Eva Louise Pendergraph, George W. Pickle
    13. Henry Shelburn Pike, George L. Pursley, Robert Lee Phillips
    14. James G. Patterson, Pearl Pittner, Neta Faye Pond
    15. Mary Belle Adams Pike, Floyd Harvey Pierce
    16. Pearl M. Powell, George Washington Pealer, Martha E. Pitts
    17. Carrie V. Palen, Poney Presley
    18. General Elijah Painter, Walker Pierce, Leonia Patterson
    19. Eunice Powley, Jess Pickel
    20. Noah Pleasant Phillips
    21. James A. Pickering
    22. Robert Polodna
    23. Zue Carrier Pope
    24. Julina Porter
    25. Theresia Potts
    26. Lydia Potts
    27. George G. Price
    28. John H. Price
    29. Homer Arlin Pursley
    30. Alta Blanche Podry
    31. William K. Peters


    P Abstracted Death Notices

    From various sources

    1. Presley, Paine, Purselley, Prater, Phillips, Parker, Patterson, Phillips, Piper, Pitner, Pierce, Peterman, Payton, Phelps, Priddy, Petitt, Payne, Pitts, Plummer, Perriman (all pre-1910) 17 strips
    2. Pressley, Pike, Prater, Pipes, Payne, Patterson, Page, Parrish, Paine, Peyton, Phillips, Philpott, Price, Perkins, Poston, Phipps, Potts, Proper (pre 1925) 5 pgs.
    3. From Springfield newspapers
    4. 1944—Painter, Phillips, Pilcher, Potts, Pursley, Peterson, Pike, Porter
    5. 1945—Pfitzner, Price, Pierce, Phillips, Pope, Powell, Pike
    6. 1946—Peck, Potts, Pickering, Pfeifer
    7. 1947—Perryman, Prater, Pursley, Presley, Payne, Price, Parscale, Phillips
    8. 1948—Palmer, Payne, Porter, Peterson
    9. 1949—Poland, Payne, Presley, Price, Pursley, Parker, Phillips, Peterson, Parkison, Pitts
    10. 1950—Phillips, Pickel, Parrish, Prater, Pike, Pitman, Potts, Perryman, Patterson, Palmer
    11. 1951—Payne, Parrish, Presley, Price, Pursley, Pierce, Paynter, Patterson, Perkins, Porter, Putnam, Pickel, Pitts
    12. 1952—Patterson, Platt, Pursley, Pike, Presson, Pierce, Phillips, Pyland, Pringle, Pattison, Potter, Palmer
    13. 1953—Pond, Pollard, Pufahl, Pritchard, Pigg, Perring, Parrish, Pursley, Pitner, Phifer, Patterson
    14. 1954—Parrish, Pickett, Phillips, Pitts, Pegram, Pierce, Piper, Pruett, Presley, Patterson, Primm, Payton
    15. 1955—Pitts, Pfitzner, Perkins, Price, Payne, Potts, Presson, Pritchard, Paul
    16. 1956—Parkhurst, Parsons, Pursley, Perry, Piper, Perkins, Pickel, Pipps, Prater, Patterson, Potter, Pierce, Puthoff, Proper, Pike 2 pgs,.
    17. 1957—Perkins, Phillips, Pilcher, Perryman, Pond, Pope, Pritchard, Powers, Payne, Pitts, Pitman
    18. 1958—Poyner, Pufahl, Peterson, Parrett, Phillips, Parrott, Petty, Presson, Patterson
    19. 1959—Pitts, Palmer, Pike, Parrish, Poage, Parnell, Pittman, Price
    20. 1960—Porter, Pritchard, Presson, Pike, Pitts, Peck, Patterson, Pegram, Pendergraft, Phillips, Parsons, Poland, Potts
    21. 1961—Pitts, Pitner, Pike, Pursley, Phillips, Parsons, Pursselley, Page, Pippin, Pope
    22. 1962—Pilcher, Phillips, Pruett, Paynter, Pratt, Paul, Polodna, Proctor, Piper, Pollard, Presley
    23. 1963—Patterson, Parrish, Pummill, Pollard, Peterson, Phillips, Price, Pigg, Pie, Presnell, Pierce, Pering, Piper, Pitts 2 pgs.
    24. 1964—Pippen, Pierce, Price, Presley, Payne, Phillips, Pufahl, Pursley, Pitts, Parrott, Pond, Peterson, Potter, Perkins, Parrack, Paynter 2 pgs.
    25. 1965—Price, Potts, Parrott, Pierce, Paynter, Payne, Peterson, Prater, Parsons, Patterson, Page, Poe, Pitts
    26. 1966—Patterson, Porter, Parrott, Pettet, Paxton, Phillips, Peebles, Pitts, Pattison, Price
    27. 1967—Pierce, Peters, Parrish, Perryman, Polodna, Pealer, Pettet, Phillips, Peck, Penn
    28. 1967-68—Pickering, Pascale, Patton, Pickel, Perkins, Phillips, Powley
    29. 1968-69—Poush, Powley, Peterson, Price, Patterson, Pickel, Pierce, Parkhurst, Parsons, Pitts, Pippin, Pinet
    30. 1970—Prusch, Parsons, Paynter, Puthuff, Parrish, Pitts, Parkinson, Prater, Pursley, Pennell, Peterson, Presley, Piper, Priestly
    31. 1970-71—Price, Pierce, Phelps, Palmer, Pridgen, Pelto, Peterson, Pomeroy, Peters, Pond, Perry, Parrett, Pendergraft
    32. 1971-72—Potts, Pippin, Podry, Peninger, Poe, Pike, Pfeiffer, Platt, Pering, Payton, Proper, Payne, Pyle
    33. 1973—Peterson, Pangborn, Price, Potter, Pickel, Payne, Palen, Parrish, Phillips, Patterson, Pascall, Polodna, Paynter 2 pgs.
    34. 1974—Payne, Pilcher, Price, Palette, Piper, Patterson, Pitts, Pickel, Potts, Pursley, Painter, Palmer, Phillips, Perry
    35. 1975—Payne, Painter, Peterson, Polodna, Pummill, Price, Pitts, Parrett, Patrick, Presley, Patterson, Purvis, Parrish
    36. 1976—Pemberton, Phillips, Potts, Poush, Presley, Pursley, Piper, Pendergraph, Petersen, Pickering, Provolt, Parker, Pruitt, Payne
    37. 1977—Palmer, Pummill, Patterson, Presley, Phelps, Polodna, Pierce, Perry
    38. 1978—Poush, Pursley, Parrott, Pope, Palmer, Parker, Porter, Perkins, Pierce, Pickering
    39. 1979—Prusch, Pierce, Proctor, Pickering, Painter, Penn, Pfeiffer, Powers, Platt


    1. Miscellaneous abstracted information on: Parrish, Perkins, Prater, Patterson, Phipps, Perryman, Pyle, Pitts, Pierce, Parrett, Pickering, Pickel, Pophanberg, Popejoy Potter, Parker, Pyland, Prock, Purdon 17 pgs.
    2. Miscellaneous abstracted information on: Presley, Parrish, Peyton, Pendleton, Pierce, Proctor, Pufahl, Payton, Potts, Pursley, Pigg, Patterson, Pike, Penn, Phillips, Periman, Page, Pendergraft, Perlman, Pressley, Perriman, Pickering, Pringle, Prowell, Preston, Pitts, Palmer, Perkins, Plank, Park, Price, Pointer, Payntor, Poor, Payne, Pfeifer, Powers, Peacher, Potter 34 strips
    3. Miscellaneous abstracted information from Springfield newspapers
    4. 1894—Patterson child, R. Patterson, H. Presley, M. Patterson
    5. 1924—C. Pering, M. Parrish, G. Parish, M. Presley, J.R. Phillips, J. Phillips
    6. 1925—M. (Potter) Edmonson, J.C. Parker
    7. 1926—J. Patterson, M.I. Price, W. Potter, J.B. Pearcy, A.L. Pemberton, J.N. Price
    8. 1927—C.H. Palmer, Pierce infant, J.J. Perryman
    9. 1928—J. Pitman, E. Pickering, R. Patterson
    10. 1929—B.F. Perryman, Pering, C.W. Page, A.H. Parish, W.T.. Pursselley
    11. 1930—E.M. Page, C.M. Presley, H.A. Pursley, P. Page, K. Pittman
    12. 1931—A.D. Powers, Peninger infant, W.H. Perry, M.P. Patison, D.L. Pierce, D. Presley, T. Peterson, C. Payne, I. Payne 2 pgs.
    13. 1933—M. Poindexter, T.J. Pipes, R. Pierce, G.E. Pruett, G.R. Page, E.E. Page, B..D. Powers, S.L. Patterson, J.W. Paynter, D. Patterson, N. Potts 2 pgs.
    14. 1934—G. Pierce, G.M. Pickett, I. Paul, T.F. Patterson, I. Parish, J.W. Potter, A.L. Pemberton, J.L. Paynter, E.W. Payne, P.A. Parsons, Q.V. Parrish 3 pgs.


    P Potts families

    Abstracted information on the families of

    1. Henry Potts (1790)
    2. Elihu M. Potts (1826)
    3. Henry O(P)K Potts (1849)
    4. William G. Potts (1851)
    5. Susan Frances Potts Isham (1854)
    6. Albert Monroe Potts (1855)
    7. John M. Potts (1857)
    8. Sarah A. (or J. or Paralee or Priola) Potts (1829)
    9. James H.A. Potts
    10. Gustaves Henry Potts (1851)
    11. James Potts (1796)
    12. Margaret Potts Hensley (1828)
    13. William A.M. Potts (1831)
    14. James E. Potts (1856)
    15. Sarah E. Potts Williams (1858)
    16. John E. Potts (1866)
    17. Sarah Jane Potts Mitchell (1835)
    18. Henry Hugh Potts (1836)
    19. James R. Callie Potts (1871)
    20. William M. Potts (1875)
    21. Sarah Potts Kennon (1839)
    22. John W. Kennon (1859)
    23. James S. Kennon (1862)
    24. Rebecca Potts Thompson (1841)
    25. John W. Potts (1847)
    26. Miscellaneous Potts information
    27. Potts burials in Polk county Cemeteries 3 pgs.
    28. other Potts in Polk County not connected (Thomas, John, Tishey)
    29. Dade County Potts—Jacob, William, Minerva, Levi
    30. Abstracted Potts marriages 4 pgs.
    31. Cedar County Potts—John W., Mollie, Cora, Wm. H., Joseph
    32. "Mrs. Potts into 2nd 100 years" w/photo Helen Watkins Potts BHFP 5 Apr 1973
    33. "Helen Potts celebrates birthday of 102 years" w/photo SLP 3 Apr 1975
    34. Brother Potts obituary—no names/source/date


    P Family Group Sheets—Potts/Fox
    1. Henry O. Potts & Nancy Ann Dysart
    2. Henry Potts & Margaret --- 2 copies
    3. James Potts & Celia Givins 2 pgs. 2 copies
    4. William Potts & Rhoda --- 2 pgs. 2 copies
    5. Stephen Potts & Lucinda --- (Oakley?) 2 copies
    6. John Potts & Martha --- 2 pgs 2 copies
    7. Leroy D. Potts & Martha --- 2 copies
    8. Miles Potts & --- --- 2 copies
    9. Peter Thompson & Mary Potts 2 copies
    10. Elijah Milton Potts & Pricilla ---
    11. Hugh Fox & Margaret Thompson
    12. Hugh Alexander Fox & Margaret "Peggy" Wakefield
    13. Andrew G. Smith & Sarah Fox
    14. Joseph Woods & Nancy Christine Fox
    15. Collon/Collin McIntosh & Mary Jane Fox
    16. Jarvis Rhodes & Pricilla Fox
    17. John R. McIntosh & Cynth(y)(i)a Fox
    18. James Potts papers—family group sheet, letters written by Ola Potts in 1900 concerning a marriage of James & Susanah Absher, pension claim, probate 5 pgs.



    Abstracted from various newspapers

    1. "Quick to celebrate 100th birthday" Fred Quick BHFP 29 Mar 1995
    2. J.W. Quick marriage Courier 18 Sep 1858
    3. Michael Quinn’s wife death, 1887, Robert Lee Quisenberry marriage 1907, Caville Quisenberry, Elizabeth Quisenberry marriages 1910
    4. Death of Earl Quillian, Edgar E. Quillion 1953
    5. Death of Donna Quick 1960
    6. Death of Winifred Lane Quick, Leo Quinn 1974
    7. Death notice for Sarah Quisenberry


    1. Family group sheet—Amos Richardson & Nancy Hinton
    2. Over the Ozarks column on Amos Richardson SDN 15 Oct 1971
    3. Abstracted information on Daniel Richardson family
    4. Abstracted census, query, burial records of Polk County Richardson 2 pgs.
    5. Diary of William A Ruyle during the Civil War as typed by Mrs. Julius Vanderheide 20 pgs.
    6. Newspaper photo—Aaron Ruyle residence (remodeled) BHFP 1976
    7. Pedigree chart—Charlene Rogers
    8. Pedigree chart—Rhoda Rebecca Randles
    9. Abstracted information on William Rutherford family 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted information on Ryan—Polk County census and marriage records 3 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on Henry Ruyle (Rule) family
    12. Abstracted information on James Ruzicka
    13. Andrew Ross biographical sketch
    14. Bible records of Amos Richardson and Nancy Hinton
    15. Judge John I. Reed, Alexander Reed biographical sketches 3 pgs.
    16. Abstracted information on Winnaford Stockburger Reed (wife of Alex) & Rev. John J. Reed
    17. Abstracted information on David Ross, Henry Ross, Matilda Hedges Ross, David Edward Ross, Lafayette A. Ross, Leonidas Clark Ross, MD 3 pgs.
    18. Raymond Mashburn Reese biographical sketch
    19. Abstracted information on Joshua M. Rice family
    20. Miscellaneous abstracted information on: Rollins, Rook, Rose, Rotrock, Robertson, Rovenstine, Rowan, Renfro, Runyan, Richesin, Rutherford 7 pgs.
    21. Hon. M.L. Reynolds biographical sketch Wesley S. Rice biographical sketch (incomplete
    22. Russell-Robinson Bible records
    23. Abstracted Ray/Rea/Rhea information census, burials, marriage, land 2 pgs.
    24. Perry S. Rader biographical sketch
    25. Abstracted information on William Henry Reagan (1797) family
    26. Erasmus Rupard biographical sketch Laclede County Goodspeed
    27. David M. Rush (1849) biographical sketch Dallas County Goodspeed
    28. Roark Family – compiled by Charlene Hook pgs. 129-140 FGS no date/issue begins with Daniel Roark (1812) 12 pgs.
    29. cover letter for #28 above to Verna Jones from Charlene Hook and note to Betty from Verna 3 pgs.
    30. Burials in Hensley (Kennon) cemetery 2 pgs.
    31. Family group sheet—Daniel Roark & Mary Ann Fishburn (1)
    32. Family group sheet—Daniel Roark & Elizabeth Woods (2)
    33. Family group sheet—Daniel Roark & Sarah M. Hensley (3)
    34. Miscellaneous abstracted Roark, Hensley records Polk/Cedar County census, marriage, probate records 8 pgs. (#30-34 a part of #28)


    1. Information abstracted from Descendants of Abednego Robberson and Elizabeth Pettigrew Robberson with Allied families of Croak, Franssens, McClure and Pettigrew by Richard Wilkinson Robberson 1991 10 pgs. includes list of children, Mary Robberson Stokes family, children of Richard Allen Stokes, James Alfred Stokes family, William Robberson family, Elizabeth Robberson Saye family (2 pgs.), Louisa Robberson Ross family, Nancy Robberson Whittenberg family
    2. Additional information on Abednego Robberson family abstracted from other sources 7 pgs. Bennett, Allen, Rufus, W.S. Robberson families
    3. Abstracted Robberson, Robertson, Robinson, Roberson marriages from Greene County Marriage Book A and Book B 2pgs.
    4. Abstracted Greene County Census records 1840-1870 Robberson, Robinson, Robertson, Roberson 16 pgs.
    5. Robinson, Robertson, Robberson buried in Greene County cemeteries—Cave Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Murray, Robberson Prairie, Wesley Chapel, Gilmore, Robertson, Williamson 4 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Runyon census burial records 3 pgs.
    7. "Reynolds commended at Ft. Wood" w/photo Jerry M. Reynolds no source/date
    8. "Reynolds family meets for annual Thanksgiving dinner" BHFP 28 Nov 2001
    9. Abstracted Reynolds census and burials in Barren Creek Cemetery 3 pgs.
    10. Abstracted information on families of Union R. Rickman (1830), Henry Rickman (1831), Alfred Rickman (1836), Charles R. Rickman (1870) 5 pgs.
    11. Abstracted Rickman census records 2 pgs.
    12. Obituary—Hershel Rickman (abstracted)
    13. Rickmans buried in Lindley Prairie Cemetery
    14. Rickman marriages abstracted from Cedar and Polk County Marriage Books 2 pgs.
    15. Death notices abstracted from Cedar County newspapers 1889-1900—Henry Rickman, Lizzie Rickman, Ora Rickman 2 pgs.


    1. Pedigree chart—Erma Belle Robertson
    2. Abstracted Robertson marriages Polk County Marriage Books A & B 3 pgs. Robberson, Robinson, Robison
    3. Abstracted records from various sources – Robertson, Robinson, Robberson, Robeson, Roberson, Robison mainly census records from Polk County but also includes Petition of Real Estate, burial records 26 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Harve L. Robertson
    5. Abstracted information on Jehu Robinson
    6. Abstracted Polk County records from various sources – Robison, Robinson, Robertson, Roberson, Robberson – census, marriage, burial death queries 8 pgs.
    7. Abstracted Greene County records – census, death – Robertson, Robinson, Robberson, Roberson 8 pgs.
    8. Abstracted Dade County census – Robinson
    9. Abstracted Cedar County census – Robinson, Roberson, Robison 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted information on Jacob Routh family 2 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on Hezekiah Routh (1797)
    12. Abstracted information on John Routh (1804)
    13. Abstracted information on William Routh (1817)
    14. Routh, Ruth abstracted from Cedar County Cemetery Directory 2 pgs.
    15. Abstracted census records for Ruth, Routh 10 pgs.
    16. Abstracted Routh, Ruth marriages Polk, Cedar, Dallas, Greene Co. Census 5 pgs.
    17. Family group sheet—Jacob Routh & Elinor Robinson


    1. Coy of court record of deed between Robert Randolph & Aaron Rooks Warren Co., TN Aug 1820
    2. "Old grave disturbed in search of money" Jack Richardson grave near Humansville SLP 26 July 1930
    3. Abstracted information from various sources on Reed, Ray, Rowen, Roberts, Ross, Russell, Rechow, Robinson, Robertson, Rutledge, Ruyle, Riggs, Ratcliff, Rogers, Runyan, Raines, Ramsey, Rector, Randleman, Richardson, Radford, Rhodes, Rise, Rankard, Riley, Roundtree, Rountree, Race, Roberson, Rains, Ragsdale, Reeves, Roper, Rupard, Rader, Ramey, Rollins, Runion, Randall, Reynolds, Ray, Redman, Rush, Robinette 48 strips
    4. Abstracted information from various sources on Robertson, Roberts, Rink, Ream, Reames, Rash, Ross, Roderick, Rooks, Rowan, Rule, Rook, Richardson, Rush, Robinson, Rains, Ross, Richards, Reaves, Reser, Rice, Ram, Russell, Ray, Reeves, Riggs, Rose 14 pgs.
    5. Abstracted from Springfield newspapers deaths/marriages/obituaries
    6. 1894—Ramey infant
    7. 1924—Robertson, Roberts
    8. 1925—Rickman, Reaves
    9. 1926—Roach, Remington, Redd, Robertson
    10. 1927—Randolph, Reed, Rickman
    11. 1928—Rowden
    12. 1929—Rentfrow, Richner, Runyan, Roark, Rechow, Robertson
    13. 1930—Rickman, Richards, Robertson
    14. 1931—Ramsey, Rundle, Rhyness, Roberts, Ruby, Redman, Root
    15. 1932—Rouark, Robertson, Roach, Ragsdale, Revard, Roweton, Rowden, Ross, Runyan 2 pgs.
    16. 1934—Razell, Rickman, Russell, Rand, Roberts, Ruedi, Rousseau, Robinson, Renfro, Rinck 2 pgs.


    R Newspaper articles/photos/clippings
    1. Polk County People—Myrtie Reynolds w/photo BHFP 31 Dec 1981
    2. "Health care center resident celebrates 99th" w/photo Cora Rowland BHFP 15 Mar 1989
    3. Polk County People—Paul Roberts w/photo BHFP 29 Oct 1986
    4. Polk county People—Emmett Redd w/photo BHFP 21 June 1989
    5. "Local women to celebrate March birthdays" w/photo Mrs. Cora Rowland BHFP 6 Mar 1980
    6. "Reynoldses celebrate 50th anniversary" w/photo Clyde & Iva Striener Reynolds BHFP 17 Feb 1993 includes list of 37 attendees
    7. "Family dinner to honor Ross couple’s 60th year" w/photo Stanley & Ermal Guinn Ross BHFP 23 Aug 1979
    8. "Good old days" column mention of T.G. Rechow SNL 6 Jan 1980
    9. photo—"Birthday party" Mike Ryan 1916/18 M. Ryan, R. Gist, R. Pufahl, D. McKinney, R. Keeling, B. Eidson, B. Palmer, J. Ryan, C. Drake, E. Craig, D. Ryan, R. Gist BHFP 12 July 1984
    10. "Richter’s celebrate 66th anniversary Thursday" w/photo Velma & Nevelle Richter BHFP 31 July 2002 contains poem written by Sally Stewart
    11. "300 years – and still counting – London to Fulton, Robinetts continue to celebrate name" w/2 photos Jim, Jim, Jr., John, James, Maurice Robinett; O.L. Robinett SLP 11 June 1982
    12. "Ross Sisters women of action in 1930s" w/5 photos Marion Ross, Betty Ross, Business & Professional Women’s Club, BPWC scrapbooks, Carter Co-operative House BHFP 26 Aug 2005
    13. "Brush cleared from old cemetery" w/2 photos Dee Ruyle by old Ruyle home, Dee Ruyle with Aaron Ruyle tombstone BHFP 5 Feb 1976
    14. "Halfway resident views 100 years of history" w/ photo Erlinda Ragsdale HFP 8 July 1976
    15. "Robertson has no secrets for reaching century mark" w/photo Will Robertson BHFP 31 July 1985
    16. photo—"Typical trip in 1925" Thomas Rusnack w/wagon BHFP 15 July 1971
    17. "Woman tells history about her 103 years" Erlinda Ragsdale SNL 22 April 1979
    18. "Erlinda Ragsdale to be 100" w/photo SLP 13 Aug 1976
    19. Anniversary announcements
    20. Charles & Audene Radde, Alfred & Myrtle Forshee Ragain, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Ragsdale, Joe & Ruby Slatten Randles, Bill & Zada Skinner Rash, Elmer & Norva Ray
    21. Jim & Donna Jones Reburn, Wilbur & Beuhla Redd, James & Emma Roderick Redd, Earl & Frances Tygart Redman, Ralph & Opha Hensley Redman, Campbell & Juanita Standley Rees, Bill & Peggy Reed, David & Marcine Davison Reed (2), Jake & Neta Downs Reed, Carl & Willetta Emory Reser (3), Ralph & Pauline Reser Rae, Dee & Gladys Lewis Reser, Fred & Ruby Nance Revis, Harold & Mary Jo Buitt Reynolds (2)
    22. Mack & Betty Cacy Rice (2), Al & Marian Rea Rice, Roma & Mildred Gladden Richards, Ralph & Karleen Davison Richner (2), Nevelle & Velma Moffitt Richter (2), Melvin & Loraine Bartsch Rippe
    23. Laban & Dorothy Anderson Roberts, Denzil & Donna Jean McCoy Roberts, Leslie & Elta Noblitt Roberts (2), Luther & Opal Hutcheson Roberts, Bill & Agnes Hammons Roberts, Albert & Jewell Walker Roberts (2), Brian * Kimberly Melte Roberts, Paul & Helen Jenkins Roberts, Leon & Fern Harris Roberts, Bill & Carolyn Kilpatrick Roberts, Gordon & Ruth Harper Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Robnett, Melvin & Rosa Lee Daughtrey Rosenbaum, Bob & Emily Carter Ross (2), Mr. & Mrs. Harley Ross, Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Ross, Stanley & Ermal Guinn Ross (2), Albert & Betty Martin Ross, Azel & Ethel Russell Rotramel, Bill & Darlene Potts Rotramel (3), Leslie & Annalee O’Neal Rowan, Alvia & Irene Ragsdale Roweton, Clifford & Bertha Ragsdale Roweton, Roma & Viola Roweton, Charles & Erma Weeks Rowley
    24. Roy & Roxie Emory Rush, Bo & Ida Mabel Teters Russell, Wallace & Leattie Ball Russell (2), James & Wilma Russell, Mr. & Mrs. Everett Russell, John & Mary Frances Ruzicka (2), Frank & Jimmie Biglieni Ruzicka, Tony & Mildred Cooksey Ruzicka, James & Agnes Francka Ruzicka (2), Carl & Genevieve Brown Ryan
    25. queries—Winneyfred Stockburger, David F. Ross, Mary Renfro, John Rolls, Isaac William Robertson
    26. "Rountrees announce birth of son" Brent Aaron Rountree BHFP 21 June 1979
    27. "Redding family members reunite" w/photo—D. Redding, H. Rose, P. Ratcliff, E. Redding, C. Redding, R. Redding (1980) "Roberts descendants meet" (1971) "Roberts reunion draws 166 people" (1998)
    28. 5/4 generation pictures (3) 1) A. Caponetto, G. Coffman, S. Ross, J. Coffman, C. Caponetto 2) L. Robertson, W. Robertson, K Melton, A. Robertson, L. Melton 3) G. Ruzicka, A. Ruzicka, A. Ruzicka, K. Ruzicka


    R Obituaries—abstracted
    1. Dr. W.A. Ruyle
    2. Oscar Alexander Reed, Pheriba Rains
    3. Mamie Elizabeth Rowan
    4. David Rovenstine, Ricky Lynn Rimpley
    5. Eliza Cravens (Robberson)
    6. Mary V. Rountree Crutcher, Soloman D. Rountree
    7. Robert W. Ragsdale, Floy Mellmay Ruckman
    8. Elizabeth Rumley
    9. Susannah Trimbley Rice, Robert James Rice Also includes family group sheet 2 pgs.
    10. Telitha Emily Runyan
    11. Caroline Redford, W.B. Redd, Nancy Hamilton Richards
    12. Theodore D. Roberts, R.W.H. Rymer
    13. Mrs. W.E. Rice, Susan Rentfrow, John Champ Richter
    14. Mary Ann Ray, George L. Robertson
    15. John Lewis Reser, C.E. Rose, Ida Mae Roweton
    16. G.G. Rechow, Cyrus Rotrock
    17. Ida Rusk, Elizabeth Emma Rush
    18. Edgar H. Rymer, Charles E. Ray, John M. Richards
    19. Elizabeth Rains
    20. Lucy Ann York Randolph (2)
    21. Laura Reeves
    22. Sigel Reser
    23. David Elmer Rice
    24. George W. Riddle
    25. Massie Ann Roark, Tempy Rouark
    26. Rebecca Elizabeth Jane Rowden
    27. Rev. E.F. Robards, Nancy Rozel, John Radford, Louisa Rupard
    28. C.L. Emerson Ryan, Rev. David Ross


    R Abstracted death notices
    1. Rains, Rotrock, Rice, Richard, Rollins, Rich, Rowland, Reeves, Rosebrough, Rountree, Ritchey, Ragland, Rapier, Rowden, Robertson, Reavis, Razor (Rasar), Raines, Ryan, Rogers, Russell, Ruyle, Ramsey, Reed, Renfrow, Reaves, Ross, Ready, Roderick, Rook, Roberts, Ragsdale, Rush, Ruth 21 strips
    2. Rankard, Rains, Russell, Revis, Ruyle, Rogers infant, Reed, Robertson, Rausch, Rash, Ragland, Rasar, Reves, Richardson, Rose, Ross 4 pgs.
    3. 1944—Roberts, Robertson, Redford, Robinson
    4. 1945-46—Ryan, Rummell, Rook, Robertson, Robinson
    5. 1947—Rukes, Rowan, Rush, Robertson, Rinck, Ryan, Roweton, Redford
    6. 1948—Reynolds, Robertson, Riddle, Rotramel, Reed, Russell
    7. 1949—Ross, Russell, Ryan, Ramey, Rainey, Robertson, Ruzicka, Root, Redd, Rentfro, Reed
    8. 1950—Ray, Ruyle, Rickman, Roweton, Russell, Roberts, Richards, Redman, Rush, Robbins, Robberson, Robertson, Richardson, Remington, Ross
    9. 1950-51—Rucker, Reser, Ruckman, Rush, Rector, Roberson, Rook, Rickman, Rains, Rowland, Richards, Riedesel, Roebuck
    10. 1952—Rush, Rowland, Renfro, Roberts, Ragan, Ross, Reeves, Rowles, Richards, Randolph, Rickman, Runyan
    11. 1953—Revels, Rosebrough, Rollins, Ruedi, Roller
    12. 1954—Reeves, Richards, Roberts, Ryan, Reed, Reynolds, Rowan, Richner, Rowin, Rodgers
    13. 1955—Ritchie, Rice, Rusk, Rains, Robertson, Rowden, Rhodes, Ross, Ruckman, Ralph, Ruzicka, Rathbun, Rush
    14. 1956—Reynolds, Roberts, Robertson, Russell, Rodelander, Roweton, Rains, Robbins, Redd
    15. 1957—Royer, Ruckman, Robnett, Rooks, Rinck, Russell, Reser, Richards, Rice, Riagsal, Ryan, Rutledge, Rodelander, Roberts, Reedy, Raines 2 pgs.
    16. 1958—Rhodes, Roberts, Roweton, Redd, Rathbun, Riley, Robberson, Robertson, Ramsey, Richards, Redman, Rainey, Russell
    17. 1959—Revard, Ray, Roller, Redd, Rambo, Rechow, Rains, Ruzicka, Russell, Reames, Rich, Roper, Ruyle, Robinson, Reed 2 pgs.
    18. 1960—Redick, Root, Renfrow, Rowin, Redford, Roebuck, Reed, Rosenthal, Rychlik, Rowles, Rowland, Richards, Ragsdale, Rotramel, Ruyle, Rule
    19. 1961—Robbins, Robberson, Robnett, Rajsigl, rowan, Roney, Ruzicka, Russell, Robertson, Rousseau, Reynolds, Robinson, Rosika, Ramey, Rude, Roweton 2 pgs.
    20. 1962—Robertson, Rush, Rotrock, Rickman, Robnett, Ryan, Root, Rogers, Rainey, Reed, Rains, Rose, Rowles, Rosicka
    21. 1963—Richards, Renfro, Roberts, Ross, Runyan, Robertson, Reynolds, Ruzicka, Root, Rupard, Richter, Ruckman, Russell, Ruyle, Redhair
    22. 1964—Roland, Ross, Requa, Reeves, Robertson, Rhay, Richards, Rowin, Roberts
    23. 1965—Reser, Rountree, Ruediger, Rodelander, Rector, Root, Rogers, Reed, Rush
    24. 1966—Ragsdale, Root, Rhay, Rader, Ralph, Rohrs, Robertson, Redd, Rawlings, Roberts, Redford, Reser
    25. 1967—Rix, Rowan, Rowe, Rotrock, Rathbun, Routh, Richter, Rose, Reaenbaugh, Roberts, Ruckman, Revard, Robertson, Rees, Rickman 2 pgs.
    26. 1968—Reaves, Ruzicka, Rich, Rentfrow, Roberts, Robinson, Reynolds, Robertson, Rice, Russell, ray
    27. 1969—Roach, Rentfrow, Reynolds, Rowen, Rush, Redford, Rowan, Rodelander, Ross, Roark Rowland
    28. 1970—Rountree, Rowan, Ruckman, Roberts, Roach, Robertson, Routh, Rotramel, Redd, Rychlik, Rodgers, Rosebrough, Ruzicka, Ryan, Russell
    29. 1971—Rector, Rush, Roberts, Renfro, Redd, Russell, Ross, Robinson
    30. 1972—Runyan, Roberts, Rush, Rowan, Rice, Robertson, Ryan, Robnett, Reed, Richards, Ruick, Redd, Roweton, Robinett, Read, Robinson, Rook, Ray 2 pgs.
    31. 1973—Ruedi, Roach, Rountree, Ramey, Rabel, Robinson, Roney, Redman, Roweton, Riddle, Richter, Rotrock, Reeves, Rice, Ralph
    32. 1974—Richner, Ross, Robinson, Ridenour, Rone, Roberts, Rhoades, Robertson, Rotrock, Roderick, Rowan
    33. 1975—Richardson, Robertson, Robinson, Roach, Rains, Redhair, Root
    34. 1976==Reynolds, Rychlick, Rousseau, Richards, Rowan, Roberts, Robertson, Rose, Robinson, Reaves, Rodman, Rotramel
    35. 1977—Robertson, Redford, Rowland, Rentfrow, Rains, Rathbun, Redman, Robinson, Ross, Reed, Richardson, Reese, Rotramel, Ruzicka
    36. 1978—Rutherford, Ray, Redford, Rowles, Root, Rupard, Richards, Rima, Roupe, Ruckman, Ragsdale
    37. 1979—Reed, Reeves, Rice, Reese, Ross, Robertson, Richardson, Redhair, Ruedi, Reaves, Redford


    R Rook families
    1. Family group sheet—Thomas Sanders & Elizabeth Rook
    2. Rook family – beginning with Hezekiah Rook (1750) 11 pgs. compiled from information sent by Lucile Prior, Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff and Martha Harvin
    3. Abstracted rook census, marriage records 10 pgs.
    4. Letter from Lucile Prior – Genealogy Letter – Pedigree
    5. Note card to Betty from Arlene Fiori thanking her for information
    6. Correspondence from Lucile Prior with Rook family information 10 letters, 14 pgs.
    7. Family group sheet—Thomas Goddard & Elizabeth (Shrite/Srite)?? w/Goddard/Godhart notes 2 pgs.
    8. Family group sheet—Hezekiah Rook & --- Stanford (Standford)
    9. Daniel Clayton Rook pgs. 146-47 Notable Southern Families III
    10. Mary Ann Rooke vs. John D. Love slander case pgs. 32-35 Maury County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes 1810-1818
    11. Letter to Mrs. Nix from Lucile Prior with Rook information
    12. My Coats family – additions to material by Mrs. Woodruff 2 pgs.


    R Roundtree/Rountree families
    1. Abstracted information on Thomas Rountree (1801) family 3 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on David Rountree (1802) family 2 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on Joseph Rountree (1809) and Charles Rountree (1811) 2 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on William Richard Rountree (1806) family
    5. Abstracted Cedar County census and marriage records 5 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Dade and Hickory County census and marriage records 2 pgs.
    7. Abstracted Polk County census, marriage and burial records 8 pgs.
    8. Roundtree information from Goodspeed 2 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information from Will Book A – Polk County 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted news articles 1844-1870 3 pgs.
    11. Abstracted Greene County census, tax, bonds and marriage records 8 pgs.
    12. Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate notice BFO 10 Oct 1874
    13. List of plaintiffs and defendants in case leading to sale of real estate (#12) 3 pgs.
    14. Abstracted information on Thomas, Andrew, David and Charles R. from Maury County Cousins
    15. The Roundtree Letter – written 1867 by Joseph Roundtree pgs. 265-66 Maury County Cousins Vol. 1 2 pgs.
    16. Roundtree Family Records pgs 533 Maury County Cousins Vol. 1
    17. Polk County Rountree Family – transcribed from Opening the Ozarks by Marsha Rising 6 pgs.
    18. "The Name and Family of Rountree or Roundtree" compiled by The Media Research Bureau 10 pgs.
    19. A tradition respecting the origin of the Rountree family – Joseph Rountree
    20. Rowan Tree (poem)
    21. Transcript of love letter written by Joseph Rountree to Miss Nancy Nichols who later was to become his wife 1803
    22. Transcript of letter written by Nancy as response to #21
    23. Transcript of letter to Nancy from Joseph 1806
    24. Map to Old Rountree Cemetery (Springfield) – Memory Day at Cemetery 1987 4 pgs.
    25. Rountree Cemetery – by Hillcrest High School – 1 May 1979 includes information on individuals buried there 13 pgs.
    26. Abstracted information on unknown Rountree married to Margaret Riggs family


    1. Abstracted information on Dr. E.O. Sloan and J. N. Sloan families 7 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on Frederick Shoffner families 3 pgs.
    3. Family group sheet—Richard Saye & Elizabeth Robberson 2 pgs.
    4. Pedigree chart—Sarah Elizabeth Saye
    5. Abstracted information on Richard Saye family 6 pgs.
    6. pg. 368 Missouri Historical Review April 1966 100th birthday of Lena M. Sargent
    7. Pedigree chart—Alvin Leroy Scurlock
    8. Abstracted information on Charles Ewing Sawyer (1891), John Wm. Sawyer (1866), and James Ewing Sawyer (1848) families 6 pgs.
    9. Abstracted Slagle census, marriage, burial records in Polk County 10 pgs.
    10. Abstracted information on Stephens/Stevens families of William, John, Alford and others 8 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on Spencer families of William, Benjamin, Jacob, Walter, J.E., Edward 8 pgs.
    12. Abstracted information on Spillman families of William, Elizabeth, Eliza 4 pgs.
    13. Abstracted information on Stanley families of Carroll, William, Thomas, Moses 6 pgs.
    14. E.L. Schofield and William J. Self biographical sketches
    15. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on:
    16. Thomas C. Simms
    17. T. Stevens, I Summer, S. Smyth, L. Sanders, B. Sams, J. Sturdevant, S. Sproul, C. Sanford, W. Spann, M. Sims, J. Slaves, A. Simpson, E. Smith, S. Stanley, J. Slagle, S. Salyer, E. Sutherland, M. Stewart 4 pgs.
    18. Jacob Sigler
    19. Samuel Sherwood 2 pgs.
    20. Christian Sechler
    21. John Sadler
    22. Saylor
    23. John Sanderson
    24. Scholton
    25. Arthur C. Scroggs
    26. Christian Sechler 2 pgs.
    27. Peter and John T. Self 2 pgs.
    28. William Senter 4 pgs.
    29. John, Thos, Lee Shahan
    30. Thos, Wm. R., F.Y., A.J. Sheridan 6 pgs.
    31. E.A., T.W. Simpson 2 pgs.
    32. Benjamin Sims 4 pgs.
    33. Josiah, Arch Stocksdill
    34. Luther V. Sherwood biographical sketch
    35. Shackleford, Shirley, Shirey, Sneed, Stogsdill, Scruggs, Scott, Smithson, Strader, Stinson, Stroud, Snap, Sinclair, Simrell, Strong, Seamster, Slagle, Smith, Self, Salyers, Sloan, Stewart 18 pgs.
    36. Marriage records for Snodgrass, Sheridan, Shaw, Sherman, Smith, Sallee, Schleifer


    1. Abstracted information on Moses Craft & Elizabeth Summers and Wm. Summers & Elizabeth Snow census/burial records 4 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on Wm. B. Sutton & Mary Sanders
    3. Abstracted information on Able Sturdevant
    4. Query on Sarah Strange, Patel H. Strange, Joseph Strange
    5. John Walter Steeley – death of wife
    6. Harry M. Still, DO biographical sketch
    7. Abstracted information on Henry, Samuel and Joseph Stites
    8. Slattens buried in King Cemetery
    9. Stinsons buried in Sutherland Cemetery
    10. Abstracted information on Susan Strouthers
    11. Abstracted information on Sullevant/Sullivan 3 pgs.
    12. Abstracted information on Speight
    13. Abstracted information on Shane
    14. Shook family Bible – Wm. Valentine Shook (1875)
    15. Abstracted information on Thomas, John and Samuel Strain 3 pgs.
    16. Abstracted information on Lewis, Martin, A.A., W.F. Strader 3 pgs.
    17. Abstracted information on Joel, Jarvis, John, Jabaze, Wm., Elijah Starkey 4 pgs.
    18. Abstracted information on John, Wm., Robert, Ninian Steele 5 pgs.
    19. Abstracted information on Jesse, Irvin, Geo. W. Sutherland 5 pgs.
    20. Abstracted Steward census records 10 pgs.
    21. John C. Stewart obituary, Rachel Viola Stewart obituary (abstracted)
    22. Abstracted information on Evan Stewart (1795) family 12 pgs.
    23. queries for Evan Stewart, Julia Ann Perry, death information on John Stewart (1784-1884), Mrs. Jas. Stewart (1846-1914)
    24. Stewarts buried in Salem, Humansville, Barren Creek, Pleasant Ridge and Pleasant Hope cemeteries 2 pgs.
    25. Abstracted Stockton census, marriage, burials, queries 6 pgs.
    26. Ancestry of Verna Mary Shannon Jones (1913) connects to Kings of Scotland Sandys/Sands 5 pgs.
    27. Abstracted information on Henry Scroggins (1819) and family
    28. Abstracted information on Jesse, Josiah, Berry, Henry, James, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and George Scroggins 8 pgs.
    29. Abstracted information on Wesley Scroggins (156)
    30. Bible records of James A. Scroggins and Etta Scroggins 4 pgs. (photo copy)
    31. Simpson-Payne Families pgs. 22-24 MoSGA Journal Vol. XI 1991 3 pgs.
    32. Abstracted information on Henry Strange and family


    1. Abstracted census, marriage, queries, deaths, burials, families of Peachy, Madison, Wm. H., James M., Dr. S., Andrew K., Robert, and Joseph Snapp 9 pgs.
    2. Rose Slagle photo photocopy of front & back 2 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on John William "Bill" Stevens and family 5 pgs.
    4. Letter to Betty from Wm. Anderson Hagey with information on Sanford families 4 pgs.
    5. Abstracted information on Wyatt Sanford, Robert Sanford, William H., and Willis Sanford 9 pgs. included with #4 above
    6. Abstracted information on William H. Sanford and family 4 pgs.
    7. Abstracted information on Wyatt Sanford (1818) 2 pgs.
    8. Miscellaneous abstracted Sanford census, tax, court records and marriage records 11 pgs.
    9. Abstracted Smith information from Life History of Abraham Lincoln Smith of Cedar County, Missouri 2 pgs.
    10. Letter from Marsha concerning research on James H.M. Smith
    11. Miscellaneous abstracted Smith bonds, will, marriage records 8 pgs.
    12. Abstracted information on John T. Williams and James H.M. Smith 9 pgs.
    13. Abstracted Smith census records from Polk County 1840-1880 21 pgs.
    14. Smiths buried in Polk County cemeteries 7 pgs.
    15. Abstracted information on Mary Ann Looney Smith family
    16. Abstracted information on Martha Looney Smith family
    17. Probate record – Hugh Smith guardian appointed Greene County Probate file 2 pgs.
    18. Abstracted information on Darling Smith (1885)
    19. Abstracted information on Scudder Smith
    20. Abstracted information on Dixon Smith
    21. Abstracted information on Amanda Smith
    22. Abstracted information on Marjorie Smith
    23. Abstracted information on Dr. William Smith
    24. Abstracted information on Peter B. Smith
    25. Abstracted information on Samuel L. Smith
    26. Abstracted information on James Monroe Smith
    27. Smiths buried in Welsh Cemetery
    28. Gervais Dean Smith, MD biographical sketch pg. 410 Missouri – Mother of the West 1930 2 pgs.



    Miscellaneous abstracted records from various sources on:

    1. Smith, Swadley, Stockton, Sloan, Stinson, Starkey, Stevens, Scurlock, Stephens, Sims, Seaman, Steward, Stewart, Sanderson, Stallings, Standley, Spry, Scott, Sheeks, Sell, Still, Slagle, Saye, Shipley, Seamster, Simpson, Sanders, Spillman, Simmons, Strang, Souders, Snyder 33 strips
    2. Stockton, Sanders, Scott, Snyder, Smith, Snapp, Simmons, Shriner, Stewart, Owen, Mikesell, Simpson, Scroggins, Skidmore, Sloan, Sams, Starkey, Skeen, Slagle, Swartwood, Smithson, Stephenson, Stacy, Spidel, Stokes, Snapp, Sea, Stites, Sawyers, Sullivan, Saunders, Swingle 18 pgs.
    3. Abstracted births/deaths/marriages/divorces from Springfield newspapers
    4. 1894—Sherrell, Stiles, Shellenberger, Sherwood, Stamps, Savage, Shaw
    5. 1924—Smith, Snell, Simmons, Scrivener, Strange, Stufflebam
    6. 1925—Smith, Stark, Strain, Stokes, Sadler, Simpson, Scroggins, Stephens 2 pgs.
    7. 1926—Standley, Scroggins, Steel, Sloan, Slagle, Sechler, Sims, Sallee, Spurgeon, Skaggs, Swihart, Srivner, Scott, Stark, Scurlock, Samples, Stufflebam, Schellhardt, Self 3 pgs.
    8. 1927—Samsel, Shane, Smith, Schleifer, Stafford, Sharp, Sampson, Stennett, Shade 3 pgs.
    9. 1928—Sherwood, Smith, Stokes, Sawyer(s), Sinnell (Simrell), Souders, Sinclair 3 pgs.
    10. 1929—Stiles, Smith, Stout, Sewell, Sell, Saye 2 pgs.
    11. 1930—Stewart, Swigert, Scroggins, Stevens, Slagle, Scrivener
    12. 1931—Stiele, Stokes, Sea, Scroggins, Stone, Sewell, Shoffer, Schofield, Stewart 2 pgs.
    13. 1932—Shipley, Standley, Scroggins, Sewell, Stufflebam, Stoops, Slagle, Stone, Smith, Stiles, Sprague 3 pgs.
    14. 1934—Shuler, Stewart, Sewell, Short, Smith, Sell, Sheridan, Small, Saylor, Slagle, Stambaugh, Stoakes, Sullivan, Shartzer, Sloan, Spoon, Scroggins, Shaull, Shelton, Sanford, Steel 5 pgs.


    S Newspaper articles/clippings
    1. Sterling Picnic 19 Aug 1971
    2. Annual Stiles reunion no source/date
    3. Six Family has reunion 19 Sep 1985
    4. American Roots – editorial by Jim Sterling about Shumate reunion BHFP 6 Aug 1986
    5. Skidmore family has reunion no date
    6. Polk County People—Joe Spear w/photo BHFP 22 Dec 1983
    7. Polk County People—Ed Spear w/photo BHFP 5 Oct 1978
    8. Avington Simpson family holds first reunion Aug 7 BHFP 7 Sep 1994
    9. Dr. Smith (G.D.) to be honored this weekend – oldest living graduate of Walnut Grove High School BHFP 13 June 1990
    10. John, Joe and Jim Schofield by L.B. Porter BHFP Apr 1970
    11. photo—Sunday drive 1911 style George and Addie Shirey
    12. "A time to lose, a time to ‘Wynn’" Wynn Stewart Ozarks Moments column BHFP 23 Mar 2011
    13. "Era in local shoe business ends with Standley sale" w/2 photos 1) J.T. Standley, bill Stiles Oscar Standley 2) Oscar Standley, Rex Maberry, Wanne Maberry BHFP 27 Apr 1972
    14. Longtime Polk Countian to celebrate 100th birthday w/photo Chester Stiles
    15. Unusual doctor has no phone, charges $1 and works Saturdays w/photo Dr. Gervais Smith SDN 3 May 1979
    16. Stufflebam family’s long-time involvement with SBU ends BHFP 9 Oct 1996
    17. Numbering generations of Polk Countians past BHFP 6 Sep 1989
    18. "The Legend of Jack Smith" Over the Ozarks column by Jean Davies SDN 19 May 1975
    19. Birthdays: Smith celebrates 89th birthday (Charles T. Smith) Mrs. Smith to note 90th birthday (Bessie), 90 roses for her 90th birthday (Della Sanders) Five generations gather for Mitchell’s 100th birthday (Maggie Vera Webb Mitchell)
    20. Five generations for Springers, Five generations of Mrs. Mae Spinks’ family, Five generations-Dona Stephens, Five generations of Silkey family, Four generations –Lucille Covert Scurlock
    21. Letter to the editor queries on Frank Soverns, Thomas Strain, Thomas Jefferson Stewart, Joseph Spitz
    22. Herbert H. Stewart military information w/photo BHFP 22 Nov 1995
    23. Frances Shuler resident of the month CMHCF 1 Jan 2003


    S Obituaries – abstracted
    1. Emsley Stockton
    2. Jasper Newton Simmons
    3. Art Scroggins
    4. Josh T. Stewart, Christiana L. Spry, Dr. C.V. Steward
    5. William A. Sims, Luther A. Starkey
    6. Eliza Jane Slater, Rebecca Patton Sims
    7. Lucy Jane Saye, Mrs. J.J. Spencer
    8. Lewis Smay, Mary F. Simmons
    9. Lena Standley, Jane Skinner
    10. Hannah Shartzer
    11. John Salman
    12. Ledia Sorensen, Mrs. Lewis Swigert
    13. Frank E. Stewart, Samuel L. Stevens
    14. Sophie Stude, Milley A. Samsel
    15. Leona A. Sea, Alice Slagle, Mrs. B.P. Slagle
    16. Amos J. Smith, Abraham Souders
    17. Etta Shelton, Louisa Strader, Mrs. C.H. Skinker
    18. Elizabeth Stotts, James Swartwood
    19. William Richard Sappington, Anna M. Scotten
    20. Pearl Smith, Robert H. Sanford
    21. Milley A. Samsel
    22. Leon Sanders
    23. Eugene D. Scott, Clara Leota Scott
    24. W.M. Self, Virginia Ann Self
    25. Ben Shay
    26. Clinton Vernon Simmons
    27. J.M. Sims
    28. Abraham Souders
    29. Farabe E. Smith
    30. Ruth E. Sperry
    31. John Daniel Spidell
    32. Otis Stewart, Willard F. Stewart
    33. Saralda C. Stinson
    34. Nettie B. Stockton
    35. Harold Boyce Summers
    36. Wm. E. Summers, Hannah Summers, Mollie Knight
    37. A.E. Seager, Grover G. Sharp, Raymond B. Smith
    38. Lora Ina Shroder, Rosa Smith
    39. Earl W. Seely, Sarah E. Stokes
    40. Nora Smith, Anna Siala
    41. Robert P. "Bobby" Stafford, Ginetta F. Scurlock
    42. David A. Smith, Elizabeth Self, William Henry Staas
    43. Ben C. Saye, Essie V. Stewart
    44. Mary Frances Samsel, Sarah C. Sanders
    45. Charles E. Schooley, Malissa F. Sechler
    46. Lawson Scrivner, F.M. Shoffner
    47. Samuel E. Scroggins, Edgar L. Smith, R.G. Stinson
    48. Hulda E. Stewart, Charles Samek, Rev. David T. Simmons


    S Abstracted death notices

    From various sources

    1. Slagle, Spillman, Snyder, Sanders, Smith, Smithson, Starr, Sechler, Swanson, Simpson, Spencer, Schneller, Scroggins, Sergeant, Sanderson, Shaw, Shriner, Strange, Sinclair, Sperry, Small, Sallee, Sawyer, Stokes, Sherman, Swadley, Shoffner, Schofield, Scott, Stadden, Strickland 28 strips
    2. Sargent, Suiter, Sergeant, Stevens, Sanders, Shaw, Simpson, Slagle, Smith, Snapp, Spilman, Sutton, Sell, Steele, Sallee, Sanford, Schofield, Snodgrass, Stockstill, Shaw, Shepard, Stiles, Stewart, Sherman, Shriner, Schleifer, Spencer, Shepherd, St. Clair, Salyers, Stout, Sweeney, Sowers, Stone, Strange, Saye, Sechler 12 pgs.
    3. Abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    4. 1944—Smith, Stone, Scott, Slagle, Shartzner, Stephens, Swartwood, Starkey, Skalicky, Snidow, Spencer, Stone, Stark
    5. 1945—Stokes, Snowburger, Schooley, Scroggins, Shoffner, Sloan, Stewart, Stovall, Simrell, Speight
    6. 1946—Smith, Sellers, Sallee, Simpkins, Scott, Sell, Slagle, Steinshouer, Stewart
    7. 1947—Schofield, Slagle, Stout, Scurlock, Smith, Stokes, Stevens, Stewart, Shipley, Stufflebam, Sterling, Scroggins
    8. 1948—Shipley, Stevens, Story, Stroud, Stokes, Schleifer, Swigert, Sawyer, Spoon, Stout, Slagle, Stalker, Swingle, Schofield, Stephens, Scotten, Stovall, Simmons 2 pgs.
    9. 1949—Stokes, Skalicky, Shay, Simmons, Sheeks, Stephenson, Scrivener, Stewart, Scroggins, Spear, Smith, Standley, Sheffer
    10. 1950—Scroggins, Shoffner, Smalley, Stokes, Scotten, Sagel, Stanek, Standley, Stalker, Swigert, Swartwood, Shipley, Stafford, Stovall, Samek, Sergent, Spinks, Speer, Stewart, Steinshouer, Stevens, Saylor 2 pgs.
    11. 1951-Sallee, Slate, Sterling, Scott, Stokes, Sherrow, Stufflebam, Skidmore, Smith, Seiner, Snyder, Stovall, Stewart, Sawyer, Sapp, Stafford, Standley, Seamster, Strong, Scrivener, Sanders, Steinshouer, Salkil, Slagle, Stanek, Steele, Stinson
    12. 1952—Spencer, Sterling, Stepp, Smith, Skalicky, Shuler, Shackelton, Self, Swingle, Shivers, Sikes, Stafford
    13. 1953—Smith, Sloan, Sheridan, Standley, Skopec, Schoof, Simpson, Scott, Spence, Slagle, Straw, Scroggins, Schmidt, Squier, Sechler, Soverns, Spurgeon, Steinshouer, Stewart, Stokes, Sunderland 2 pgs.
    14. 1954—Stall, Scurlock, Shull, Simmons, Scholten, Standley, Skinner, Smith, Shipley, Spencer, Slagle, Spurlock, Stone, Sallee, Sea, Stanton, Steinbach, Sell, Simmons 2 pgs.
    15. 1955—Self, Shelenhamer, Stewart, Stafford, Shough,, Self, Shay, Shipley, Sidwell, Sanders, Stevens, Skalicky, Scroggins, Sikes, Stokes, Skidmore, Slagle, Shadwick, Smith 2 pgs.
    16. 1956—Shaw, Scott, Shelenhamer, Sturm, Shirey, Smith, Sawyer, Seiner, Slagle, Stuart, Sherwood, Shipley, Shuler, Stokes, Scroggins, Stephens, Servis, Stewart, Schultz 2 pgs.
    17. 1957—Spears, Scroggins, Sapp, Sears, Smith, Scott, Smiley, Stacy, Skinker, Shirey, Simmons, Stewart, Steward, Strader 2 pgs.
    18. 1958—Sievers, Stewart, Standley, Skinner, Schaeffer, Spitz, Sea, Simmons, Slate, Stevens, Shough, Scroggins, Slagle, Sullivan, Smith, Sheffer, Swindler, Salsman, Schleifer, Stalker 2 pgs.
    19. 1959—Simmons, Swartwood, Slagle, Sanders, Spears, Saxby, Sperry, Stokes, Sumner, Steward, Stephenson, Sechler, Short, Spencer, Stufflebam, Storment, Standley, Stanek 2 pgs.
    20. 1960—Stokes, Slagle, Seamster, Stewart, Stephens, Scurlock, Smith, Salkil, Simmons, Shoemake, Sawyer, Sergent, Southers, Spillman, Squibb, Scroggins, Spoon, Sloane, Stevens, Shay, Sterling 2 pgs.
    21. 1961—Sukovaty, Simmons, Spillman, Spurgeon, Sallee, Standley, Simpson, Stone, Swabby, Swink, Smith, Schooley, Sheridan, Strader, Stinson, Sadler, Stacey, Sapp, Shipley, Scroggins, Slagle, Stafford 2 pgs.
    22. 1962—Standley, Sunderwirth, Shepard, Swabby, Shane, Stanley, Smith, Simmons, Stokes, Sias, Strange, Stewart, Sprague, Stacy, Sawyer, Sea, Staatz, Sheffield 2 pgs.
    23. 1963—Smith, Stokes, Summers, Stidham, Shirley, Shuler, Self, Sikes, Sawyer, Stiles, Sheeks, Sawdey, Swigert, Stephens, Sampson, Shoffner, Sears, Seamans 2 pgs.
    24. 1964—Sullivan, Saunders, Sloan, Sallee, Smay, Sanders, Shields, Smith, Swingle, Swindler, Self, Shelton, Samsel, Sunderwirth, Stiles, Stewart, Stacy, Sawyer, Scroggins, Sprague 2 pgs.
    25. 1965—Seiner, Smith, Sell, Shoemake, Scroggins, Strange, Scott, Sanders, Simmons, Stump, Stokes, Sawyer, Schellhard, Stewart, Stephens, Shantz, Self, Shoffner, Sallee 2 pgs.
    26. 1966—Sanders, Stutenkemper, Smith, Stokes, Shadwick, Sapp, Scroggins, Sherrow, Sanders, Scholten, Stuckey, Strader, Stewart, Skidmore, Shores, Self, Slagle, Sprague, Strain, Scott, Shaw, Stevens, Strickland, Sell, Sawyer, Skinker 3 pgs.
    27. 1967—Swigert, Scroggins, Story, Stirewalt, Smith, Swanson, Standley, Stanley, Storment, Stewart, Scheel, Slagle, Schmeets, Sayre, Scurlock, Steele, Summers, Sterling, Stokes 2 pgs.
    28. 1968—Sears, Steele, Stone, Skyles, Sechler, Sell, Syphert, Shelton, Sloan, Samek, Swartwood, Sanders, Shoemaker, Shuler, Strader, Sawyer, Sharp, Simeroth, Self, Scroggins, Starkey Stewart, Samsel, Saddler, Smith, Sawyer, Stevens, Simmons, Shelenhamer 3 pgs.
    29. 1969—Spitz, Sergent, Shores, Summers, Spinks, Stokes, Smith, Swigert, Stalker, Stevens, Sprague, Stiles, Stephens, Spencer, Scott, Stone, Shadwick, Spillman, Steele, Stafford, Slagle, Scroggins, Smay, Stinson, Stanley, Swabby, Shank 3 pgs.
    30. 1970—Simmons, Slagle, Sterling, Steinhaus, Steele, Scott, Simms, Smith, Shoemake, Schleifer, Shelby, Slatten, Stewart, Stanley, Shirley, Self, Skinner, Sawyer, Stogsdill, Sanders, Stalker, Stotts, Schooley 2 pgs.
    31. 1971—Sterling, Serls, Shirley, Stalker, Smith, Scroggins, Sanders, Snider, Stephens, Scurlock, Sergent, Stevens, Stout, Stoakes, Snodgrass, Slagle, Sale, Secrest, Seiner, Standley, Stiles, Schooley, Sechler, Swingle, Schmidt, Summers, Shepard, Salsman, Singer 2 pgs.
    32. 1972—Slatten, Swindler, Shoffner, Storment, Sanders, Stout, Sloan, Sallee, Stewart, Spillman, Sloan, Stiles, Staffen
    33. 1973—Smith, Stewart, Samples, Saye, Stanley, Shoffner, Saunders, Stiles, Stude, Shuler, Shook, Stephenson, Scroggins, Skinner, Schelben, Shank, Stokes, Stewart 2 pgs.
    34. 1974—Sergeant, Seamster, Skidmore, Stoddard, Sommers, Snow, Stewart, Strack, Salsman, Sawdey, Shadwick, Smith, Stanek, Shepherd, Saye, Staas, Shoffner, Scroggins, Stewart, Seiner, Slagle, Stanek, Scarlett, Simms, Spurlock, Smay 2 pgs.
    35. 1975—Spidell, Shingleton, Smith, Stockstill, Singer, Sweet, Shipley, Simmons, Slagle, Stinson, Sprague, Sanders, Shay
    36. 1976—Shirey, Simrell, Schmitt, Self, Steinshower, Steinshouer, Seamster, Steward, Stalker, Schooley, Swope, Saye, Sterling, Simmons, Scott, Stewart, Stump, Shuler, Stafford, Sampson, Stone 2 pgs.
    37. 1977—Shadwick, Scotten, Spidle, Stewart, Saye, Sparks, Sampson, Stump, Stambaugh, Story, Spicer, Swingle, Stauffacher, Scott, Skopec, Schnake, Sanders, Self, Sanner, Sawyers, Simms, Shuler, Stiles, Shelenhamer, Samek, Salkel, Sell, Sprague
    38. 1978—Smith, Sell, Sterling, Storment, Sheeks, Shipley, Stephens, Squibb, Short, Simpson, Steele, Strange, Stuart, Sanders, Scrivener, Skidmore, Stokes, Scroggins, Stafford, Stiles, Shackelton 2 pgs.
    39. 1979—Stevens, Spencer, Shipley, Smith, Shepard, Seamster, Summers, Sergent, Sallee, Sinquefield, Six, Stillwagon, Stoddard, Stephens, Simmons, Shaw, Stockstill, Scotten, Short 2 pgs.


    S Simmons families
    1. Pedigree chart—Verna Shannon
    2. Pedigree chart—John Simmons
    3. Letters (2) sent by Verna Jones seeking information on John Simmons (1814) and family 2 pgs.
    4. Copy of marriage bond for John Simmons & Martha Moore Orange County, NC
    5. Probate papers on John Simmons Grainger County, TN 3 pgs.
    6. Deed—Ruth Simmons 100 acres in NC 1794 2 pgs.
    7. General Index to Deeds—Orange Co., NC Simmons 3 pgs.
    8. Lit of buyers and items from sale of Jehu Simmons estate 1836 2 pgs.
    9. Information on marriage bond of James Simmons & Pury Warbleton
    10. Miscellaneous abstracted information on John Simmons 5 pgs.
    11. pgs. 337-341 Abstract of Wills 1690-1760 NC Simmons 2 pgs.
    12. Census/tax lists 1800-1830 Orange Co. NC, and Grainger Co., TN Simmons 3 pgs.
    13. Notes from North Carolina Quaker Book Simmons 2 pgs.
    14. U.S. Land Sales, Springfield, MO Land Office 1835-1846 Simmons listed in Goodspeed 2 pgs.
    15. Notes on military records for Isham and Perry Simmons
    16. Notes on Quaker movement from Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750
    17. Simmons research notes abstracted from Virginia Genealogist 2 copies
    18. Information on Simmons families sent to Verna Jones by Betty 11 pgs.
    19. 1860 Census of Sonoma and Napa County, ; 1860-1880 Douglas Co., OR Simmons 6 pgs.
    20. Miscellaneous abstracted records from various sources on Simmons, Brown, Kincheloe 25 pgs.


    S Simmons families
    1. Hypothetical Family of James Simmons, Sr. b. 1770-1780
    2. Brothers of James Simmons (1770)
    3. Abstracted information on Jehu Simmons and Martha Moore Simmons 6 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Jehu Simmons and Catherine --- Simmons 4 pgs.
    5. Abstracted information on Robert Simmons (1800) son of Jehu & Martha 5 pgs.
    6. Abstracted information on John "Jack" Simmons (1805) son of Jehu & Martha 4 pgs.
    7. Abstracted information on Elizabeth Simmons Crain (1800) daughter of Jehu & Martha
    8. Simmons research done by Bea Ellis – begins with Jehu Simmons 7 pgs.
    9. Simmons lineage of Aaron Christopher and Amanda Jeanne Neptune
    10. Abstracted information on William Simmons (1806) 3 pgs.
    11. Abstracted information on Green Simmons (1810) son of Jehu & Martha 4 pgs.
    12. Abstracted information on Thomas Simmons (1787) 15 pgs.
    13. Simmons records compiled by Marie Hammons, Marie Lane, and Betty Ammerman 3 pgs.
    14. Miscellaneous records, mainly census, on various Simmons families 24 pgs.


    S Simmons families
    1. "Dunnegan youth fights pain, burns" w/photo Matt Simmons CCR 29 Aug 1974
    2. "Fund is set up for burn victim" Matt Simmons SLP 30 Aug 1974
    3. Simmons reunion CCR 20 May 1976
    4. Miscellaneous abstracted Simmons information, includes Crain, Worley, Rumley 5 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Simmons marriage records from Polk County Books A, B, C and Cedar County Books A, B, C 9 pgs.
    6. Cedar County Simmons Marriage records LDS film 2 pgs.
    7. Simmons buried in Pleasant Ridge, Shady Grove, Trimble, Clintonville, El Dorado , Gum Springs, Omer, Stockton, Lindley Prairie, Alder Cemeteries 5 pgs.
    8. Census records 1800-1840 Simmons in Orange County, NC, Grainger County, TN, Greene and Polk Counties, MO 2 pgs.
    9. Death certificate Nancy C. (Routh) Simmons
    10. Marriage License for Merritt Simmons & Parmelia Worley
    11. Probate records—William Simmons 1845 7 pgs.
    12. Probate records—James Simmons 1846 9 pgs.
    13. Transcribed will of Jehu Simmons (1794)
    14. Probate records—William Simmons 1864 2 pgs.


    S Simmons families

    Court Records

    1. Land transaction 17 July 1844 Simmons to Simmons 7 pgs.
    2. Land transaction 14 June 1845 Ezekiel Campbell to John Simmons 10 pgs.
    3. Land transaction 1 Mar 1852 Simmons to Williams 4 pgs.
    4. Land records from Sec. of State Office on James, Joseph, and John Simmons 5 pgs.
    5. Plat map with Simmons land marked list of land locations 6 pgs.
    6. Probate record for Wm. Simmons, minor 1875 16 pgs.
    7. Miscellaneous records 4 pgs. from Goodspeed Census 1840 very poor quality photocopy of photo of Leonard Simmons


    1. Pedigree chart—Hazel A. Thomson
    2. Family group sheet—Hiram Thompson & Ruth Blevins
    3. photocopied photos of Hiram Thompson, Alex Thompson, Taylor Thompson, Jim Thompson 2 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on Lawson Thompson (1790) and family 9 pgs.
    5. Lawson Thompson, James Young William Thompson biographical sketches 2 pgs.
    6. Descendants of Moses Thomson (Thompson) 3 pgs.
    7. Abstracted information on Moses Thompson family
    8. Abstracted information on Terry Say Gallager (related to Young Thompson) 3 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on William Tatum
    10. Abstracted information on John Talent
    11. Abstracted information on Reuben Curran Taylor
    12. Abstracted information on Mack Vernon Thralls
    13. Abstracted information on J.B. Thurman
    14. Abstracted information on Stephen D. Tidwell
    15. Abstracted information on Jesse and John Toler
    16. Abstracted information on Green C. and Dudley Trimble 3 pgs.
    17. Abstracted information on William C. Trogdon
    18. Abstracted information on Leonard M. Tryer
    19. Abstracted information on John Terry, Jr. (1790)
    20. Abstracted information on Tyler, Tucker, Townsend, Tolfree, Tillery, Thornton, Thomas, Tinker, Tiphen, Truman, Tiny, Tice, Tolley, Temple, Tolbert, Tindle 14 pgs.


    1. Abstracted information on William M. Tarrant family
    2. Abstracted census/marriage/burial records on Tarrant, Tarrent families in Dade and Polk County 3 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on John Terry (1818)
    4. Abstracted records for Benjamin Terry and John Terry 2 pgs.
    5. Abstracted information on Daniel Harrison Thomas (1818)
    6. Abstracted census, marriage, burial records for Joseph Thomas and Henry Schultz 2 pgs.
    7. John W. Thomas biographical sketch transcribed from Missouri – The Center State 3 pgs.
    8. Abstracted census for Jeter, James and Otho Tilton
    9. Abstracted information on George See Wilson who married a Tilton pg. 419 Goodspeed
    10. Abstracted information on John Tolley (1793)
    11. Abstracted Tolley marriages
    12. Letter to Linda Strunk from Margaret Teague w/information on Jones and Tolley connections 3 pgs.
    13. Abstracted information on Henry C. Turk family 3 pgs.
    14. Abstracted information on Greenburg Turpin 1840 census for John Turpin 2 pgs.
    15. Miscellaneous abstracted census, marriage, burial records on Alexander, Jesse, John, Samuel Tow 13 pgs.
    16. Miscellaneous abstracted census, marriage, burial records for Samuel, John, Wm., Asberry, Henry, Amos, Robert and Thomas Tindle 9 pgs.
    17. Abstracted information on Leroy Taylor (1785) and family
    18. Abstracted information on Alfred Taylor (1806) families


    1. Abstracted death notices 1859-1910 on Tiller, Tilton, Thayer, Tuck, Tibbs, Thompson, Troyer, Townsend, Tice, Tindle, Tummons, Taylor, Talbot, Tryon, Treadway 18 strips
    2. Klinger Funeral Home records 1913-1923 for Tummons, Tise, Tindle, Taylor, Tuck, Trelour 2 pgs.
    3. Death Records – Missouri Papers 1854-1860 for Tatum, Thornhill, Tiller, Tilton
    4. Funeral notice for Walter Lee Trullinger (usually put up in stores)
    5. Obituaries
    6. Kenneth Lynn Tuck, Larry McArthur Tuck
    7. Tummons infant
    8. Thomas J. Turk
    9. Mrs. A.E. Townsend, William Torrance
    10. Frank Tow, Charles W. Taylor, William Thurman
    11. Bertha Lee Teed, Belle Terrill, Orlando M. Thrawls
    12. Tindle infant, John W. Thomas
    13. Frank C. Tillery, James A. Tuck
    14. Charles W. Thompson, Hattie O. Turner, J.M. Talent
    15. Eula Trimble, Verdie May Thompson, Myrtle McLaughlin Toliver
    16. Nannie A. Thompson, George C. Thomason
    17. Betty Ruth Tindle, James J. Thompson
    18. Florence Price Tolbert, Dora Ann Trullinger
    19. Mary Belle Thomason
    20. Elizabeth G. Thompson
    21. Rachel S. Neil Thompson
    22. Wesley E. Thompson (2)
    23. Margaret P. Thompson
    24. Death Notices from Springfield newspapers
    25. 1944—Tate, Thompson, Thomas
    26. 1945-48—Tate, Tindle, Tharp, Thorp, Termin, Taylor, Tolbert, Teegarden
    27. 1949—Tillery, Tidwell, Tuck, Tolbert, Thompson, Trometer, Troyer, Trullinger, Thomason
    28. 1950—Thomas, Tygart, Taylor, Tuckness, Tillery, Tucker, Terrill, Tinsley
    29. 1951-52—Thompson, Tindle, Tuckness, Thornburg, Temple, Taylor, Tharp, Tharpe, Tubbs, Troyer
    30. 1953—Tillery, Toalson, Tucker
    31. 1954—Taylor, Tarrant, Troyer, Thomas
    32. 1955—Tuck, Tindell, Tinsley
    33. 1956—Tolbert, Tuck, Toush, Telford, Teachworth
    34. 1957—Tharp, Tarrant, Thralls, Tummons, Templin, Thurman, Taylor, Thompson, Tinsley
    35. 1958—Tharp, Templeton, Tubbs, Tyo, Tillery, Thorp, Tindle
    36. 1959—Tuck, Thompson, Tirey, Taylor
    37. 1960—Tillery, Taylor, Tummons, Tarrant
    38. 1961—Taylor, Taft, Triggs, Tindle, Tummons, Tucker, Thomas, Teters, Tuck, Thompkins
    39. 1962—Tharp, Teegarden, Thompson, Tobin
    40. 1963—Taylor, Thompkins, Thompson, Temple, Tummons, Tillery
    41. 1964—Thomson, Teague, Trogdon, Thompson, Terrell, Thayer, Torrance, Tillery
    42. 1965-66—Tillery, Taylor, Thompson, Tindle, Trimble, Tummons, Thomasson, Tayloe, Teegarden, Thomas. Tucker
    43. 1967-68—Taylor, Turner, Trussell, Thomason, Townsend, Thompson, Trenary, Tarter, Tindle, Taft, Tyler, Teegarden, Tuck, tucker
    44. 1968-69—Tong, Timmons, Taylor, Thompson, Tillery, Tucker, Tise, Tigart, Tooley, Tillman, Tinsley
    45. 1970—Tillery, Teegarden, Tygart, Taylor, Tuck, Thomason, Thompson, Thornburg
    46. 1971—Tinkle, Tinsley, Tolliver, Thralls, Tindle, Thompson .Tummons, Temple, Tiller, Taylor, Trenary, Toalson
    47. 1973—Tuckness, Turkosky, Thomas, Tollivar, Tygart, Tharp, Townsend
    48. 1974—Thrantham, Thomas, Tygart, Taylor, Thompson, Tolbert, Thomson, Toalson, Thomason, Tuck
    49. 1975—Tennison, Tuck, Tharp, Tiller, Trader, Tummons, Thomson, Tillery, Thompson
    50. 1976—Thomson, Thompson, Tyler, Taylor, Thies, Thomas, Thomason, Tweedy
    51. 1977—Thomson, Thompkins, Tise, Taft, Thomasson, Toombs, Thompson, Tabor
    52. 1978—Thompson, Taylor, Tucker, Todd, Tillery, Termin, Tankesley
    53. 1979—Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Temple, Tindle


    1. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on Tow, Teague, Tiller, Tarrant, Tuck, Townsend, Thorp, Tummons, Timmons, Tindle, Trentham, Tiller, Tilton, Tindle, Thompson, Teverbaugh, Tice, Twiner, Turner, Tyree, Thornhill, Tevis, Tuckness, Trantham, Trullinger, Toler, Thurman, Turkington, Toulson 28 strips
    2. Abstracted information on Frances Wilson Tanner, Dona Trullinger, Hiram Tuck 3 pgs.
    3. Abstracted birth, death, marriage records from Springfield newspapers
    4. 1894—Thompson, Tryon, Temple, Tuck
    5. 1924—Thomas
    6. 1925—Thrall, Townsend
    7. 1926—Tindle, Tummons, Tindall, Tiry, Taylor, Tuck, Tharp, Thompson, Tuner, Tidwell 2 pgs.
    8. 1928—Tuck, Tindle, Tabor, Taylor, Tuckness
    9. 1929—Talbert, Turk, Treon
    10. 1930—Tharp, Tiller
    11. 1932—Taylor, Toalson, Tindle
    12. 1934—Temple, Teeters, Tuck, Talbert, Todd, Tiller, Tice, Tindle, Templeton, Tummons 3 pgs.


    T Newspaper articles/clippings
    1. "Townsend family to resent commemorative plaque to county" w/photo of plaque BHFP 9 Aug 1973
    2. "Clock plaque is presented to county court" w/2 photos 1) Townsend family 2) Bill Bob Kallenbach w/"workins" of the courthouse clock BHFP 16 Aug 1973
    3. "Retired law officer declares he learned from men he nabbed" w/photo John Tomason SLP 5 Sep 1978
    4. generation photos (3) 1) Six generations – T. Boice, S. Boice, M. Thompson, D. Randal, L. Dean, C. Dean 2) Four generations of Thompsons – Buck, Rick, Matt, Haydon 3) Five generations – A. Jansen, O.C. Tillery, E. Crozier, N. Brown, E Jansen
    5. "Isaac Toombs celebrates 93rd birthday" BHFP 19 Aug 1982
    6. photo—Toalson celebrates birthday Paul Toalson, Marie Toalson, Kay Wheeler, Pauletta Kay, Jacque Murray, Carolyn Gables BHFP 30 June 1983
    7. "Toalson remembers her 93 years in new book" Marie Box Toalson no date
    8. "Thompson reunion coming up Saturday" (April 1990) "Thompson descendants to meet Saturday" (July 10991)
    9. Wanted: Descendants of Moses Thompson no date
    10. Query on Lee/Leander Taylor
    11. Anniversary announcements
    12. Lester & Evalyn Maude Williams, Ira & Zelma King Tankesley, Bill & Mildred McGranahan Tatom (2), Hershel & Lorine Abel Taylor, Paul & Lois Neil Taylor, Keith & Ruth Rowan Taylor
    13. Hadley & Hazel Hobbs Thomas (2), Clyde & Lucile Setzer Thomas (2), Buck & Orpha Dodson Thompson (2),
    14. Robert & Ann Timmerman, Alvin & Ida Belle Eidson Tinsley, John & Emma Jump Tirey, Charles & Neva Blackburn Titus
    15. Ralph & Jo Scheel Toombs, Glen & Wilma Rotramel Toombs
    16. J.V. & Florence McCroskey Trantham, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Truitt
    17. James & Rosalea Tuck, Pete & Betty Boatman Tucker, Norris & Mary Glenn Tummons (2), Melford "Pug" & Joyce Turner, Gene & Wanda Turner, Loy & Vivian Peterson Turner, Everett & Phena Breshears Turpin

    Box 4


    1. Abstracted information from divorce record of Freda Utterback and Ermel Utterback
    2. Abstracted death notices of Joseph B. Upton, Lucile Morris Upton, James T. Utley, Thomas H. Ussery, Betty Jane Otley 5 strips
    3. Abstracted obituary—Phyllis Marie Utley
    4. Abstracted obituary—Alice M. Utterback
    5. Abstracted obituary—Eugene V. Upton
    6. Utleys buried in Humansville Cemetery
    7. Flyer (letter) about Utterback reunion 2003 includes information on Adam and Polly Utterback family 3 pgs.
    8. Abstracted death notices from Springfield papers
    9. 1944-49—Utley, Upton
    10. 1950-60—Upton
    11. 1961—Utley, Upton
    12. 1962-63—Utley, Underwood
    13. 1964-67—Upton, Utley, Utterback, Underwood
    14. 1968-69—Urfer, Underwood, Utley
    15. 1970-74—Underwood, Utley, Utterback
    16. 1976-79—Uselton, Urtado, Upton, Underwood
    17. Miscellaneous abstracted divorce, death, reunion, marriage information from 1924-1932 Springfield newspapers on Underwood, Utley, Utt 7 pgs.


    U Underwood families
    1. Abstracted obituary—Charles Fremont Underwood
    2. Abstracted obituary—John F. Underwood
    3. Abstracted obituary—Ben H. Underwood
    4. Enoch Underwood biographical sketch
    5. Abstracted information on Franklin Underwood (1834) family 2 pgs.
    6. William Underwood (1840) family
    7. Sarah J. Underwood family
    8. Abstracted information on William Underwood pgs. 706-07 Goodspeed
    9. Abstracted obituary—John F. Underwood
    10. Abstracted obituary—Ben H. Underwood, Ota Underwood
    11. Abstracted obituary—Billy P. Underwood
    12. Abstracted obituary—Frederick Ball Underwood
    13. Abstracted Polk County census records on Enoch, Pleasant, Elias, Franklin, George, Jos., Abram Underwood 4 pgs.
    14. Abstracted Underwood marriages from Polk County Marriage Records Books A-K 4 pgs.
    15. Abstracted information on Jesse Underwood family
    16. John J. Underwood (1872) biographical sketch
    17. Abstracted information on George W. Underwood (1844) family
    18. Abstracted information on Pleasant Underwood (1817) family 4 pgs.
    19. Compilation of Underwood information—census, marriage, cemetery, etc. includes Fox, Potts, Abbott, Taylor and others 23 pgs.
    20. Miscellaneous abstracted information on A.A. Underwood, Martha E. Underwood, Grace Hemphill Underwood, Thomas J. Underwood, John Underwood, Enoch Underwood, Oran Underwood 6 pgs.
    21. Anniversary announcement (newspaper)—Norman & Geraldine Williams Underwood
    22. "Underwood receives Ph.D." w/photo Clifford B. Underwood BHFP 15 June 1975 "Married in California" w/photo Dora Renteria and John Underwood BHFP 27 Apr 1972


    1. Abstracted information on Marcella Belle Vaughan, Samuel Vaughn, Lucinda Vaughn, David Vaughn, Capt. R.W. Menefee 2 pgs.
    2. A.C. (Brud) Vaughan biographical sketch pg. 785 History of Maries County
    3. Vermillions buried in Barren Creek Cemetery
    4. Abstracted Vincent-Pearman information 2 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Polk County census records on Leroy, Thos. R., Roy, James L., Columbus, John, and Edward Vincent 2 pgs.
    6. Query on Thomas Roy Vincent and Elizabeth Pearman, census record for Howell Vincent, James Vincent 2 pgs.
    7. Abstracted obituary—Mary F. Blair Vincent Vincents buried in Pleasant Ridge
    8. Miscellaneous abstracted census, burial, marriage records on Vaughn 5 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on Andrew Vaughn family
    10. Abstracted Polk County census record on Wm., Perry, Henry, Wash., Benj., John, Richard, Joseph, and Spillman Viles and Wash. A., Wm., and Moses Voyles
    11. Miscellaneous abstracted census, marriage, land records on Viles 6 pgs.
    12. Abstracted census records on George, Marion, Lewis, Wm. J., and Patrick Venable 3 pgs.
    13. Abstracted information on Jacob Vann (1792) family 6 pgs.
    14. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on Vandeford, Vinton, Vangilder, Voris, Varvel, Vire families 4 pgs.
    15. Newspaper articles/clippings
    16. "Vest, Franklin descendants meet in Buffalo" BHFP 18 Sep 1991
    17. "Vest-Franklin family members gather in Buffalo 30 Sep 1992
    18. "113 attend annual Vest-Franklin family reunion Sep 3" 27 Sep 1995
    19. "The Venter Reunion" CCR 20 May 1976
    20. Andrew Vaughn query Ozarks Genealogy column SNL 1 Feb 1976
    21. Over the Ozarks column "’Twas good to hear from Willow" by Lorene Viles SNL 30 Sep 1976
    22. "Vodickas gather from several states for reunion in Bolivar" w/photo of group BHFP 11 Oct 1995
    23. "County homestead not history – for 99-year old" w/2 photos Lennie Ragsdale, Vanderfort home BHFP no date
    24. "If these old walls could talk… 117-year-old Viles house gets ready to meet a new family, third in its history" w/4 photos 1) house 2) stairway 3) Eunice Viles 4) Charles Viles
    25. Five generation photos (2) 1) A. Curl, D. Curl, D. Vance, C. Vance, E. Vance 1978 2) E. Vance, J. Vance, D. Vance, C. Vance, M. Vance
    26. Anniversary announcements
    27. Danny & Carolyn Huey Vance, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Vance, John & Betty Weeks Vandeveer, Richard & Ruba Nell McLemore VanHooser, Bob & Nancy Creson Vaughn
    28. Johnny & Mabel Brown Vest (3), Ray & Erma Houser Vest, Junior & Nancy Gallivan Vest, Lonnie & Bessie Gaddy Vest, Henry & Barbara Johnson Vest, Charles & Ella Mae Keith Vest
    29. Chester & Lorene Ashlock Viles, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Viles, Ellis & Erma Lee Farmer Vincent, Jess & Sylvia Boren Vincent, Leslie & Opal Vincent (3), Paul & Anna Williams Vincent, Roy & Pearl Barnes Vincent
    30. Ed & Shirley Griffith Vodicka, Glen & Juanita Buck Voris, Wade & Geneice Gorden Voris, Mose & Lillian McKinney Voris, Bill & Lucille Voskuhl


    1. Abstracted obituary—Mary A. Votaw
    2. Abstracted obituary—Obe Vest, John A. Vickney
    3. Abstracted obituary—Dalis Vincent, Mary V. Viles
    4. Abstracted obituary—Charles Vannoy
    5. Abstracted obituary—Shirley Dean Vest
    6. Abstracted obituary—William R. Vogt
    7. Miscellaneous abstracted marriages, queries, divorce from various sources on Vanderford, Vermillion, Vaughan, Vincent, Vance, Vornaan, Viles 7 strips
    8. Abstracted death notices pre 1920 on Vaughn, Vance, Vandeford, Vaughan, Vanzandt, Vineyard, Vest, Vanbeber, Voris, Vaught, Vermillion, VanLeaton, Vanderford, Venable, Vinton 12 strips
    9. Deaths/marriages abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    10. 1924—Vest. Vineyard
    11. 1926—Viles, Vest
    12. 1928—Vest, VanBuskirk
    13. 1930—Victel
    14. 1931—VanBuren, Vannice
    15. 1932—VanNoy, Vataw, Viles, Vire
    16. 1934—Vaught, Vaughan, Vest, Vincent
    17. 1944-49—Vanzandt, Venable, Vest, Vincent, Varvel, Vodicka, Vaughan, Votow, Vire
    18. 1950-52—Voris, Viles, Vermillion, Vanzandt, Vanderford, Vincent, Vickers, Vest, Vodicka, Vaughan
    19. 1953—Vodicka, Vickrey, VanGuilder
    20. 1954—Voll, Voris, Vote, Vincent
    21. 1955—Vickery, Vest, Vaughn
    22. 1956—Vincent, Vetter, Vaughn
    23. 1957—Vest, Vaughn
    24. 1958—Voris, Vire, Vest, Viles, Vanzandt
    25. 1959—Vincent, Vaughn, Vote, Vanzandt, Voris
    26. 1960-62—Viles, VanGilder, Vickers
    27. 1963—Vest, Vincent, Voris, Vickrey
    28. 1964—Vincent, Vire, Voris, Viles
    29. 1965-67—Vanderford, Viles, Vanzandt, Voris, Vannoy, Vote
    30. 1968-69—Vaughn, Viles, Van Hook
    31. 1970-72—Vest, Voris, Vermillion, Viles, Vote, Van Horn, Voyles, Vahle, Vogt
    32. 1972-75—Vire, Vest, Valland, Vincent, Viles, Voris, Volcko
    33. 1976-79—Viles, Vote, Vincent, Vest, Vaughn, Vickers, Vinyard, Vahle, Vass
    34. 1979—Vincent, Voyles, Viles


    1. James Willhite family 2 pgs.
    2. Abstracted Wilheight, Wilhite census, marriage, burial records 3 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on Phillip Watkins (1787) family 8 pgs.
    4. Abstracted Warren census, marriage records 10 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Walker census, marriage, burial Polk County records 10 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Wallace census, marriage, burial Polk County records 4 pgs.
    7. Family of Barnet Welsh (1810), Jesse Welsh (1838) 4 pgs plat of Welsh Cemetery 3 pgs.
    8. Abstracted information on Barnet Welsh and family 12 pgs.
    9. Welshes buried in Akard, Barren Creek and Welsh cemeteries 3 pgs.
    10. Information on Jesse Welsh includes article on celebration of his 65th birthday 2 pgs.
    11. Abstracted Welch census, marriage records 6 pgs.
    12. The Family of-- (includes birth/death dates/spouse/children/burial location)
    13. Mavis Adrian Farmer Smith (1922)
    14. Lucinda Belle Welsh Smith (1868)
    15. Mary Katherine Smith Whited (1887)
    16. Bessie Ellen Smith Kostecka (1889)
    17. Charley Samuel Smith (1895)
    18. Loren Olen Smith (1921)
    19. Loda Kay Smith Nickels (1943)
    20. Frances Carleen Smith Hendrickson (1950)
    21. Charles Leon Smith (1924)
    22. Nora Louise Smith Swaidner (1960)
    23. Frances Leona Smith Jenkins (1935)
    24. Easter Cleo Smith Reed (19005)
    25. Charles Wayne Reed (1946)
    26. Martha Katheryn Wilcox Smith (1953)
    27. Elmer Austin Welsh (1887)


    1. Richard Hiram Welsh (1843) family 2 pgs.
    2. Zebedee Wood, Jr. (1767) family 4 pgs. 2 copies
    3. Zebedee Wood, Jr. Bible records abstracted 2 pgs.
    4. Abstracted Wells census, marriage, burial records for families of Alfred, John, James, Wm., Harvey, George, Richard, Robert, Marion, Winfield, Eph., and George 13 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Weaver census, marriage, burial records for the families of Wm., John, Margaret, Leonides and W.C. 7 pgs.
    6. Abstracted information on William Amzy Watson (1818)
    7. Abstracted information on William Houston Watson (1856)
    8. Abstracted information on Charles Lee Watson (1869)
    9. Newspaper articles (2) "Watson Cousins reunion set", "Watson-Cousins reunion" 1971 2 pgs.
    10. Newspaper article "Watson to speak at Morrisville-Scarritt reunion" w/photo Jesse Watson 1970
    11. Roscoe Richard Watson biographical sketch w/4 photos College Hill school 2 pgs.
    12. Abstracted Watson census, marriages James, Henry, Wm., Mary, John 6 pgs.
    13. Watsons buried in Salem, Barren Creek and Turkey Creek cemeteries 2 pgs.
    14. Abstracted Wilkerson/Wilkenson census, marriage records 7 pgs.
    15. Abstracted Wilkerson/Wilkenson deaths 3 pgs.
    16. Abstracted information on James M. Wilkerson, MD
    17. Letter to Lena Wills from Irene Wilkinson Muck with information on Earl Wilkinson
    18. Miscellaneous abstracted Wheeler records for families of John, James, Wm., Isaac, Samuel (Dade Co.), James, Ebeneezer, John (Polk County) 8 pgs.
    19. Wheelers buried in Flemington, Humansville, Oak Grove and Pleasant Ridge cemeteries 2 pgs.
    20. Abstracted information on Pitt Woodard and family 17 pgs.
    21. Abstracted information on Thomas Smith Woodard family 8 pgs.
    22. Abstracted information on William S. Woodard family 2 pgs.
    23. Abstracted information on James W. Woodard family 3 pgs.
    24. Abstracted information on Hiram Monroe Woodard family 3 pgs.


    1. Abstracted information on J.K.P. Williams family
    2. Abstracted information on Hardin M. Williams family
    3. Abstracted information on Elijah Williams, Fr. Family 12 pgs.
    4. Queries sent to newspapers on Prudence Smith Williams, Elijah Williams
    5. Thomas Alfred McSpadden biographical sketch married to Elizabeth Williams pg.865 Benton Co., Arkansas
    6. Miscellaneous Williams abstracted information from various sources 2 pgs.
    7. Descendancy Chart—David Williams (1780) 8 pgs.
    8. Abstracted information on David Williams (1780) family 2 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on William M. Wilson (1818) family
    10. Wilson burials in Wilson, Turkey Creek and Oakville cemeteries
    11. Abstracted information from the will of Robert Wilson
    12. Abstracted Wilson census, marriage, burial, tax records on various Wilson families 6 pgs.


    1. Family group sheet—William Wilson & Abigail Waddell 2 pgs.
    2. Wilsons buried in Dunnegan, Plum Grove, Salem, Shady Grove #2, Humansville, Akard, Barren Creek, Pleasant Ridge, Shady Grove #1, and Wilson cemeteries 3 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on George Lewis Wilson (1824) family 5 pgs.
    4. Abstracted information on various Wilsons 2 pgs.
    5. Abstracted Worthan census, marriage, burial on families of Richard, Phillip, Mary, James Worthan and others 7 pgs.
    6. Abstracted Wood/Woods census, marriage, burial records on families of Tabitha, John, Joseph, Mintus, David, Daniel, Isaac Wood(s) 12 pgs.
    7. John Riley Woods and Joseph Newton Woods biographical sketches pgs. 908-09 Benton County Arkansas Goodspeed
    8. Abstracted information on J.C.T. Wood
    9. Grandchildren of Zebedee Wood
    10. DAR application of Lida Smith Clark includes list of Zebedee Wood’s children
    11. Additional information on Zebedee Wood
    12. Pedigree chart—Elsie Louise Woods
    13. Herman Pufahl biographical sketch
    14. Abstracted Wiley census records on Benjamin, John, Wm.,, Dr. Mike, Alex, and Jesse Wiley 3 pgs.
    15. Death notice for Delphia Wiley
    16. Abstracted information on Joshua Wann (1836)
    17. Wann burials in Humansville Cemetery
    18. Abstracted Wills information on families of Nancy, Merida and Robert Wills 3 pgs.
    19. Wynkoops buried in Eudora and Pleasant Ridge Cemeteries
    20. Thornton Wynkoop family
    21. Abstracted Wright census records on families of David, John, and Homer Wright
    22. Abstracted probate record of William Wright
    23. Abstracted Webb census, marriage, burial records on John, Wm., and James Webb 5 pgs.



    Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on the following surnames

    1. Winton, Walker, Weese, Whitman, Weir, Willingham, Wilson, Wright, Wallace, Williams, White, Willis, Wells, Walton, Woodard, Wingfield, Weaver, Whittenburg, West, Waddle, Willis, Warren, Ware, Woodford, Wilcox, Whitaker 37 strips
    2. Williams, Walton, Wilson, Weir, Whittam, Warman, White, Muller, Walker, Wernet, Wallis, Warren, White, Wilcox, Writson, Wear, Weaver, Winton, Wilkerson, Waddell, Weed, Whittington, Woodrum, Wakefield 16 pgs.
    3. Miscellaneous abstracted information from Springfield newspapers
    4. 1894—Whittaker, Wallace
    5. 1924—Watson, Witt, Wills, Whittenburg, Woods
    6. 1925—Waddell, Williams, Waddill
    7. 1926—Wollard, Wadsworth, Williams, Woodfill, Wilson, Waggoner, Walker, Wimberly 2 pgs.
    8. 1927—Wheeland, White, Witt, Wood, Wachal
    9. 1928—Williams, Walton, Wakefield, Woodard, Wilson, Wills, Wimberly, Wagoner, Winton 3 pgs.
    10. 1929—Walker, Wannd
    11. 1930—Winn, Wion, Wilson, Whittaker, Watson
    12. 1931—White, Winn, Whaley, Williams, Watson, Wallis, Wood, Walker, Wheary, Waltz 2 pgs.
    13. 1932—Warren, Wilson, White, Walker, Woodfill, Withrow 2 pgs.
    14. 1934—Wilson, Whitmore, Whited, Winfield, Waggoner, Winfrey, Wann, Wilkins, Wright, Wallis, Worthan, Wiley, Wilkerson, West, Williams 5 pgs.


    1. Note to Betty from E.Y. Wear 1985
    2. Not on Ola/Ollie Wriston and Willie Wriston
    3. Family chart— -- White married to Elizabeth –
    4. Pedigree chart—Randy Wiley
    5. Abstracted information on Edward Wayne Wooldridge
    6. Death certificate for Moses Wilkinson
    7. Miscellaneous abstracted information from various sources on
    8. Waddell, Wilcox, Wakefield, Wriston, Williamson, Wareham, Walker, Ware, Wimberly, Wright, Wasson, Wilhite, Webb, Weaver, Wallace, Winton, Wells, Wollard, Worthington, Weddle 7 pgs.
    9. Wilkinson, West, Warren, Welch, wall, Wampler, Wear, Williams, Wright, Wetzel, Warner, Weil, White, Walters, Wilson, Winton, Wrightsman, Weir 11 pgs.
    10. Wills, Weitzel, walker, Winton, Wilson, Williams, Wollard, Wells, Wrinkle, Woodell, Winfrey, Winn, Wormsley, Winter, Witt, Wolfenburger, Wright, Winton, Wilkerson 12 pgs.


    W Newspaper articles/clippings
    1. Polk County People—Orval and Pauline Watkins, Bill and Lena Ellis w/photo BHFP 27 Jan 1983
    2. 100-year-old (Gertie Watt) has lived in Humansville all her life w/photo Gertie Watt, Mike Sprowls, Edna Nichols BHFP 17 Oct 2001
    3. Community has celebration as "Uncle" Henry turns 90 w/photo Henry Wester surrounded by well-wishers BHFP 5 Feb 1981
    4. From the Personal Memoirs of a Civil War Soldier J.W. Walker Over the Ozarks…In Prose column SDN 15 Nov 1984
    5. Memorial scholarship will help ag students w/photo Cecil and Faye Wollard BHFP 4 Dec 2002
    6. Couple finds place for horses indoors and out w/photo Rex and Terry Walker SNL 25 Dec 2005
    7. Putting tree in every room an annual rite w/12 photos home of Rex and Terry Walker SNL 25 Dec 2005
    8. Century farm once spanned river, as well as two centuries – Wilson farm w/6 photos Lige Wilson; Peggy Wilson Gilden and Elsie Barnes/ Cleo Wilson/ Thelma and Lige Wilson; Kelly and LeAn Gilden; pond/calf BHFP 22 Oct 2004
    9. Songs – she’s got a hundred of them w/2 photos Ann Walker BHFP 5 July 1973
    10. Western front was not all quiet for this World War I veteran w/photo Amos Wynkoop SNL 8 July 1979
    11. Albert White celebrates birthday (95th) w/photo Albert White BHFP 30 Sep 1971
    12. Open house celebrates Edith Wiles 100th year BHFP 14 Dec 1978
    13. photo—1918 romance Arthur and Victoria Rusnack White BHFP 26 July 1973
    14. photo—Woemmels to note 55 years of marriage Gus and Lucy Felthoff Woemmel BHFP 1980
    15. photo—Roa Wainscott 90th birthday SNL 17 Aug 2008
    16. Mrs. Wachal celebrates birthday in Springfield Helen Kukal Wachal 1985
    17. Mrs. Wilson to be 90 w/photo Ethel Wilson 1992
    18. Grace Warren celebrates 99th w/photo Grace Stewart warren 1989
    19. Reunion articles: Wynkoops meet Sep 28 (2002), Barnet Welsh reunion Aug 1 (1993), 69 relatives gather for Wheeler round-up (1983), Welsh family to meet Aug 7 (1994), Wynkoop family has June 15 reunion (1990), Watkins-Phillips family reunion held June 24 (1979)
    20. Queries: Wheeler-Hopkins, Wynkoop-Hagerman-Bond, Watson, Whitman, Wilson, White, Wilkinson, Worley 9 queries
    21. Anniversary announcements from newspapers
    22. Jess & Olivia Montgomery Wade, Delton & Lucreta Miller Wade (2), Ross & Cleo Lightfoot walker, Durward & Ada Lee Lipe Walker (3), Velbert & Mary Vest Walker, Frank & Nermal Jones Walters, Frank & Shirley Hamilton Wallace (2) Eldon & Virginia Anderson Warren, Orval & Pauline Anderson Watkins, Alva & Wilma Cornelius Watkins (2), Bernard & Evelyn DeGraffenreid Watkins, Jesse & Ann Young Watson
    23. Wayne & Norma More Welsh, Jesse & Verma Strait Welsh, Jesse & Margaret Hensley Welsh, R.J. & Juanita Miller Welch, John & Ruth West, Everett & Pearl Hale West, Wilbert & Helen Grant Wester
    24. Vernon & Mary Beth Harris White (2), Si & Ruby Griffith Whitney
    25. Howard & Blanche Brown Wieland, A.M. & Ruby Rhodes Wiley, Charles & Joy Armstrong Wilkinson, Bernard & Jack Willey (2), Jack & Georgia Lantz Williams, (2), Walter & Mary Hinkle Williams, Bill & Geneva Tillery Williams, Flay & Itress Coffey Williams, Rex & Louise Gladden Williams, Ted & Pat McPhearson Williams, Melvin & Anna Lee Walker Williamson, James & Wylla Ingram Williamson, Harry & Florence Pool Wilson, John & Shirley Wilson, Wayne & Rowena Wilson, Denny & Lora Johnson Wilson, Jack & Frances Marchant Windsor, Raymond & Arlene Winn, Kyle & Thelma Coffman Witt
    26. Gus & Lucy Felthoff Woemmel (3), Cecil & Faye Henson Wollard (2), Francis & Margerie Barnes Wollard, Don & Linda Shelton Wollard, Larry & Judy Shelenhamer Wollard, Leland & Jewell Stewart Wollard, Roy & Wynema Cribbs Woodmansee, Clark & Virginia Boyd Woodmansee, Vincil & Loretta Kientzle Wood (2), Burley & Betty Lee Wooten
    27. Joe & Tinnie Wrinkle, Morgan & Lorene Lejeune Wrinkle, Bill & Alice Thornburg Wynkoop (2)


    W Abstracted obituaries
    1. D.L.G. Wilson, Jesse Howard Winton, Bertha May Williams 3 strips
    2. Martha Ellen Watkins
    3. Willard Wells
    4. Cora White
    5. Wm. W. Whitehead
    6. John W. Wilson
    7. Louisa A. Wollard, Wm. Wollard
    8. omitted
    9. Harriet Woods
    10. Mary Wortham
    11. Opal Wright
    12. Mary A. Wrinkle
    13. omitted
    14. Charles Widener, Ida Wrinkle
    15. Maude Eleanor Winfrey
    16. Ralph Paul Wilkins
    17. Charles B. Winton
    18. John Walter Watkins
    19. Sophia Weatherly, Joseph Wakefield
    20. Amanda M. Wilson
    21. Sarah Elizabeth Winton, Nancy Wade, W,. C. Wilson
    22. Mrs. James Watkins
    23. Helen M. Waltz, John W. Weaver
    24. Otto E. Wallace, Simpson Grant Williams
    25. Wendell Woodmansee, Julia Ann Woody, Phillip A. Wyre
    26. Betty Jane Williams, Columbus E. Wollard, Miles Wells
    27. Myrtie Williams, Ida Woodmansee, Amos Wilson
    28. Mollie Wooten, Myrtle Welch, Robert Lee Wilcox
    29. Charles Lee Wilson, Harriet Woods
    30. Anna Wilson, Thomas W. Waldren, Charles M. Woodruff
    31. Alex White, Elsie May Watkins
    32. Bessie Williams, Alice Lee Wilson
    33. William B. Welsh, Mary L. White
    34. Henry A. Workman, Bessie Wallen
    35. Anna J. Williams, Mary Frances Winn
    36. Eddie M. Wallen, Bertha May Walsh, Clyde W. Welsh
    37. Thomas Worthan, Pearl Wells
    38. Finis Wood, Wheeler triplets
    39. George W. Warren, Edward F. Wilkerson, Walter E. Williams
    40. Joseph U. Weaver, Joseph Ernie Wakefield, Henry H. Waller
    41. Grace Wollard, Addie Williams
    42. John Waggoner
    43. John Lawrence Wakefield
    44. Claborn M. Wilson


    W Death notices
    1. Abstracted from various sources on Williams, Walker, Watkins, West, White, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wisdom, Woods, Watson, Wakefield, Wetzel, Wright, Wooden, Wolfington, Warford 6 pgs.
    2. Abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    3. 1944—Williams, White, Warren, Whitehead, Weese, Wilson, Wagoner, Woolard
    4. 1945—Wann, West, Wilkerson, Williams, Watson, Worthan, White
    5. 1946-47—Wright, White, Williams, Winfield, Wingo, Wilson, Whitney, Wilcox, Wallen, Waltz, Watson, Winton
    6. 1948—Whitman, Williams, Wakefield, Wheeler, Wright, Winfiel, Whitfield, Wheeler, Ward, Weaver, White, Winn
    7. 1949—Waskovsky, Williams, Watson, Wescoat, Wallace, Wollard, Wilcox, Woods, Wernet, Woodmansee, Webb, Weaver, Willhite, Workman
    8. 1950—Watkins, Williamson, Watson, Ware, Wynkoop, Wilson, Witt, Winton, Webb, Williams, Wrinkle, Waldren, Wollard, Wormsbaker, White, Whittenburg
    9. 1951—Woodmansee, Wilson, Welsh, White, Wester, Wheeler, Wright, Watkins, Weaver, Whitney, Wakefield
    10. 1952—Wasner, Whitmore, Whitman, Wheeler, Wilkins, West, Wright, Wortham, Warren, Wilson, Winkler, Weedle
    11. 1953—Wollard, Woodmansee, Warren, Wolfe, ward, Wombles, Whitman, Williams, Wescoat, Watson
    12. 1954—Welsh, Warren, Whinery, Ware, Woodmansee, Watson, Wileman, White, Williams, Wood, Watkins
    13. 1955—Walker, Woods, Walden, Wheeler, Willis, Wilkinson, Wollard, Whaley, White, Witt, Wrinkle, Wynkoop, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wells 2 pgs.
    14. 1956—Wollard, Wilson, Wilkins, Ward, Wheeler, Williams, Whittaker, Wenzel, Winn, Westfall, Wernet
    15. 1957—Walden, Walker, Williams, Wilson, Woodmansee, Wilhite, Walden, Wolfe, Wright, Wallen, Webb, Woodard
    16. 1958—White, Walker, Wresche, Wilson, Winfrey, Wolf, Wilhite, Winn, Wilcox, Williamson, Worthy, Witt, Wiley, Walden, Winslow
    17. 1959—Warren, Winton, Wilson, Woodruff, Willhite, Waggoner, Watkins, Wainscott, Wood, Winn, Wallace, Wrinkle 2 pgs.
    18. 1960—Woods, Wilson, Watkins, Wright, Wernet, Webster, Winton, Witt, Wimberly, Wadsworth, Werts, Wiley, West, Williams 2 pgs.
    19. 1961—Whittenberg, Wainscott, Watkins, Wheeler, Walden, Wood, Williams, Watson, Wrinkle, Worthan, Witt, White, Wilson, Welsh, Webb, Ward, Walker, Wilcox, Woods 2 pgs.
    20. 1962—Woodford, Wilson, Welch, Wakefield, Williams, Woodmansee, Whitlock, Watson, Wheeler, Wollard, Westland, Wakefield, White
    21. 1963—Wing, Wheeler, Winger, Wilson, Walker, Winton, Wollard, Whittaker, Worthan, Wells, Watts, White, Westfall, Wright, Winn, Welsh 2 pgs.
    22. 1964—Wright, Welsh, Wilson, White, Wilkinson, Whitehead, Woodmansee, Weese, Wakefield, Ware, Waldren, Wine, Watkins, Wombles
    23. 1965—Welsh, Waggoner, Wernet, Woodmansee, Wallendorf, Woodfill, Williams, White, Wicks, Wilson, Wells, Walter, Watson, Wright, Winn, Wommack, Whitman, Whittenberg, Welsh 2 pgs.
    24. 1966-Wells, Wood, Wasner, West, Wollard, Wynkoop, Wilson, Wallen, Walters, Williams, Wooten, Warwick 2 pgs.
    25. 1967—Winfiel, Wreath, Westfall, Wilkerson, Whitman, Williams, Wilson, Wolfe, Wright, Webb, Walker, Wiedman
    26. 1968—Ward, Wilson, Westlund, Wing, Winton, Waskosky, Waggoner, Wilcox, Woodmansee, Webster, Wenzel, Waddell, Wheeler, Watson, Wicks, Williams, West, Wilkerson, Wakefield, Wachal 2 pgs.
    27. 1969—Witt, Waggoner, Williamson, Woodard, Wode, Wortham, Williams, Wilson, Wester, Wilkes, Warren, Weaver, Watson, Wilkerson 2 pgs.
    28. 197000Whitney, Wilson, Winton, Wrinkle, Winger, Wolfe, Williams, Waldren, Wheeler, Wagner
    29. 1971—Wilson, Waters, Worthan, West, Wait, Wollard, Wallen, Wilkinson, Wynkoop, Westfall, Watson, Winn, West, Woods, White, Wiley
    30. 1972—Wright, Woodard, Whitman, Wagner, Winton, West, Wilson
    31. 1973—Watkins, Wright, Wallendorf, Wilkes, Wagner, White, Williams, Wasner, Wood, Willoughby, Watson, Waggoner, Warren, Witt, Walker, Ware, Woodward
    32. 1974—Winton, Withers, Williams, Welsh, Wright, White, Worthan, Wilson, Willis, Weber, Weathers, Winger, Wells, West 2 pgs.


    W Death notices abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    1. 1975—Woods, Wilson, Webster, Williams, Woodfill, Wakefield, Watson, Wilkinson, Witt, Webb, Walker, Wood, Waggoner
    2. 1976—Worthan, Wimberly, Winger, Warren, Ward, Wright, Willoughby, Watkins, Wilson, Wright, Worley, Williams, Waggoner, Woodfill, Wollard, White, Wicks, Winder, Watts, Wright, Wehrli, Wells, Wilkinson 2 pgs.
    3. 1977—Williford, Whittaker, Wode, Wolfe, Wine, Wahlborg, Worthan, Watkins, Watson, Waters, Williams, Wheeler, Wills, Woods, Whitney, Weaver, Winfiel, Winn, Witt 2 pgs.
    4. 1978—Watson, Warner, Wright, West, Woods, Williamson, Wallace, Wilson, Wasner, Winton, Willoughby
    5. 1979—Westcoat, Williams, Wacker, Weynandt, Williams, Wells, Wilson, Watts, Watson, Wright, Whittenburg, Worley, Walker
    6. Death notices from various sources
    7. Walters, Whitver, Willock, White, Wilson, Whitman, Wallis, Wells, Worman, Wyant, Wilkerson, West, Ward, Weaver, Witt, Weston, Waddel, Webb, Weatherby, Wienar, Willock, Willis, Walker, Warren, Whitehead, Wilhite 28 strips


    W Whittenberg families
    1. Family group sheet—William Patton Whittenberg & Elizabeth Ann Best 2 pgs.
    2. Abstracted Greene and Polk counties marriage records for Whittenberg
    3. Isaac Whittenberg family 5 pgs.
    4. Earnest Family – Hans Ernst 5 pgs.
    5. Children of Wesley Earnest and Nancy Ann Ramsey Blackburn 2 pgs.
    6. Correspondence between Jessie Young and Mrs. H.R. Nix concerning Earnest families 3 letters, 11 pgs. 1972
    7. Correspondence between Lorene Young and Dorothy Nix concerning Earnest families 7 letters, 20 pgs. 1972-74
    8. Letter to Mrs. Nix from Charles Hurley with pedigree chart for Isac Whittenberg & Eli Dennis Williams 5 pgs.
    9. Letters to Mrs. Nix from Charlie Hurley with information on Whittenberg, Earnest and Mallicoat families 12 pgs.
    10. Pedigree chart—Whittenberg, Earnest 2 pgs.
    11. Peter Stephens (1690) family 2 pgs.
    12. Miscellaneous abstracted census and ‘notes’ on Whittenberg


    W Willett family

    Nathaniel Willet Family History


    Written by Anna Leah (Brown) Johnson – a great granddaughter

    52 pgs.


    W Wear families
    1. Bible record of Col. Samuel Wear pgs. 222-223 Descendants of East Tennessee Pioneers 2 pgs.
    2. Letters to Betty from Jo Ann Hatter includes copy of Weir/Wear Newsletter 1976 4 pgs., 3 letters
    3. Weir/Wear/Ware information abstracted/copied by Betty 22 pgs.
    4. Abstracted census, marriage, burial records for Sarah Wear, John Weir, Elbert Weir, Clarisa, Wm., J., and Margaret Weir, Hariet Wear, Lossen Wear, O.G. Ware, Smiley Ware, Benj., and Jasper Weir 4 pgs.
    5. James Larkin Monroe Weir biographical sketch
    6. Pedigree chart—John Francis Wear
    7. Note card to Betty from Elizabeth Y. Wear


    W Wakefield families
    1. Abstracted information on John W. Wakefield (1817) family 8 pgs.
    2. Abstracted information on Charles Wakefield (1819) family 5 pgs.
    3. Abstracted information on Joseph Wakefield (1825) family 1 pg. only
    4. Family group sheet—Joseph Wakefield, Sr. & Margaret ---
    5. Family group sheet—Hugh Alexander Fox & Ann Blackman
    6. Family group sheet—Hugh Alexander Fox & Tennie Adkisson
    7. Family group sheet—Thomas Milton Fox & Nancy Jane Givens 2 pgs.
    8. Family group sheet—William Pinkney Cherry Fox & Plina Elizabeth Wakefield
    9. Family group sheet—Elijah Milton Fox & Nancy C. Wakefield
    10. Family group sheet—Elijah Thomas Fox & Minnie Warf
    11. Family group sheet—Clark Robinson & Effie Fox
    12. Abstracted Wakefield census records (1840-1900) for John P., Thomas A., Charles, John W., Mary A., John H. Wm. H., Robert A., Joseph C., and Marshall A. Wakefield 8 pgs.
    13. Abstracted Wakefield marriage records from Polk and Cedar Counties
    14. Wakefields buried in Akard and Barren Creek Cemeteries
    15. Abstracted death notice of Jonathan B. Quick Queries on Charles Wakefield 2 pgs.


    1. Anniversary announcements from newspapers for: Glen & Rosalee Wommack Yarberry, William & Zelma Whitley Yates, William & Opal Ragsdale Yeargain, Bill & Pam Hilliard Yeargain, Jim & June Highley York, Kenneth & Pollyanna Coble Youngblood
    2. "Yeargains to celebrate 40 years Aug. 2" w/2 photos Pam & Bill Yeargain BHFP 23 July 2008
    3. Photo—"Five generations M. Young, M. Brakebill, E. Cribbs, D. Brakebill, S. Brakebill BHFP 26 Feb 1981
    4. "School named after Morrisville’s Grace Thompson Yokley" BHFP 18 June 1971
    5. Queries sent to newspaper on B.H. Young and John Young 1985, 2001
    6. Miscellaneous abstracted information on Yoachum, Yoast, Young, Yancy, Yeakley, Yates 5 pgs.
    7. Jeremiah R. Yancey family Ozark Migration Project 2 pgs.
    8. Abstracted letter to BHFP from Laura Eastridge Young
    9. Abstracted Young in 1860 Webster County census 2 pgs.
    10. Abstracted Young 1840-1890 census records, 1841, 1845, 1906 marriages 2 pgs.
    11. Abstracted D.G. Young (1829) family
    12. Abstracted John Young (1864?) family
    13. Abstracted Thomas Young (1841)a family 9 pgs.
    14. Obituaries/death notices abstracted
    15. William W. Younger 2 copies
    16. Rhoda A. Young
    17. Mrs. Tom Rountree Younger
    18. Andrew Yoast, Sr.
    19. Elizabeth Yancy, Mary Louisa Yancy, Amos J. York
    20. Walter Neville Yancey
    21. Nancy Yancy, Mary Frances Yancy, Charles S. Yancy
    22. Minnie L. Yeager
    23. Fred A. Youngblood
    24. Lora Mae Young
    25. Garland A. Yokley, James Owen Young
    26. John A. Young
    27. Willis Arthur Young
    28. Bruce Yarberry
    29. Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    30. 1944-52—Young, Yeager, Yeargain, Yarberry
    31. 1953—Yandel, Yates, York
    32. 1954—Yoakum, Yeoman
    33. 1955—Yeargain
    34. 1956—Yazel, Yeargain
    35. 1957—Yeager
    36. 1958—Young
    37. 1960—Young, York, Yarberry
    38. 1961—Yocom, Yeargain
    39. 1962—Yates, York
    40. 1963-69—York, Yost, Yandle, Yocom, Yates, Younger
    41. 1970-75—Yarberry, Young, Yoast, Yates, York, Youngblood
    42. 1975-79—Yeager, Young, Yoast


    1. Polk County People—Patricia Zumwalt w/photo BHFP 28 Sep 1978
    2. Anniversary announcements from newspapers Estel & Betty Phillips Zumwalt (4), Berkley & Vera Crain Zumwalt (3)
    3. Abstracted information on children of Andrew Zumwalt 2 pgs. Goodspeed
    4. Abstracted information on John Zumwalt (1782) family 5 pgs.
    5. Abstracted information on Adam Zumwalt (1807) family 8 pgs.
    6. Abstracted information on Henry Zumwalt (1805) family 5 pgs.
    7. Abstracted information on Jesse Zumwalt (1816) family 3 pgs.
    8. Abstracted Polk County census, marriage records on Zumwalt 4 pgs.
    9. Miscellaneous abstracted records from southwest Missouri newspapers 1850-1870 4 pgs.
    10. Letters between Betty and George Hooper concerning Jesse Zumwalt, Van Zumwalt and Henry Zumwalt 4 pgs. 1991
    11. Letter to Earl Stephenson from Nita Zumwalt Robbin containing Zumwalt information 2 pgs.
    12. Abstracted obituary for Elizabeth Zumwalt
    13. Abstracted information on Zumwalts in Christian County
    14. Query on James A. Zevely sent to Sharing the Past Newsletter #5 1989
    15. Newspaper abstracts
    16. Birth of son to Miles Zidlicky 1926
    17. Death of Exie Zumwalt 1932
    18. Death of Lon A. Zumwalt 1934
    19. Deaths abstracted from Springfield newspapers
    20. 1944-52—Zumwalt, Zeoli, Zander
    21. 1957—Zumwalt
    22. 1961—Zumbrun
    23. 1962-68—Zumbrun, Zidlicky
    24. 1970-76—Zulauf, Zeller, Zumwalt, Zimmerman, Zumbrum
    25. 1978-79—Zumwalt, Zimmerman, Zicafoose


    • Polk County residents married in Christian County abstracted from Christian County Marriages 1911-1940 Books 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 18 pgs.


    Obituaries abstracted from St. Louis Christian Advocate with Polk County connections 8 pgs.
    1. 1853—Elijah Perkins
    2. 1854—Sarah Elizabeth Winton
    3. 1855—Minerva T. Hill, Rev. Jesse Mitchell
    4. 1857—John Weir
    5. 1858—William Rutledge Wilson, James R. Reeves, Catharine Bewley, Elizabeth Ridgeley Mitchell, Rev. Martin Luther Maddy, Dr. Wm. Bowie Cowan
    6. 1859—Mary A. McClure, Maria Hill, W.K. Meness, Jemima Appleby, Frances Douglas, Dorcas McDaniel, Myra L. Ross
    7. 1869—William Winton
    8. 1866—Lt. James Redman Mitchell, John W. Mitchell, Orlena Benjamin Saye
    9. 1867—John Wesley Winton
    10. 1880-82—Rebecca F. Cunningham, Sarah McClure, Rose Coplin Ewing, Anna Murray


    Remember When columns from Bolivar Herald-Free Press with news from the years of 1869, 1935, 1975


    Remember When columns from Bolivar Herald-Free Press with news from the years of

    1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908


    Remember When columns from Bolivar Herald-Free Press with news from the years of

    1923, 1924


    Remember When columns from Bolivar Herald-Free Press with news from the years of

    1870, 1871, 1891, 1892, 1897, 1898


    Newspaper articles/photos
    1. Public Notices (3) 1) Quiet Title James Lee Payne, Plaintiff 29 July 1971 2) Quiet Title Charles Drake & Dorothy Drake, plaintiffs (Cedar County) 1972 3) Quiet Title James C. May, Patricia L May, Charles B. Wilson, Jessie A. Wilson, Carol West, plaintiffs
    2. Photo—Heber Standley, Winnie Weaver, Earnest Upton, Prof. W.S. White 1897 Bolivar graduates BHFP 21 May 1997
    3. Photos (2) –Countians celebrate birthdays 1) Asbury and Lucille Davis, Fred Winton 2) Pagie & Everett Durand BHFP 26 Aug 1982
    4. Letter to Editor from Leo B. Porter "Disappointed in Historama: BHFP 10 Mar 1983
    5. Letter to Editor from Mary Owens "Notables hail from Polk County" 11 Feb 1987
    6. Photo—1914 Bolivar band BHFP 9 July 1970
    7. Photo—1908 Polk County officers BHFP 1 July 1971
    8. Photo—70 leave for Camp Funston in 1918 BHFP 3 Sep 1970
    9. "Four-family reunion held June 29-30" Woods, Morgan, Batten, LaRose BHFP 24 July 1985
    10. "Farewell dinner for Missourians" Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Renfro, Mrs. Etta G. Renfro, Henry Manes BHFP 10 Sep 1936
    11. "100 years of fellowship – local chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star turned 100 in March, will celebrate this week" BHFP 5 Aug 19923
    12. Photo—Farewell party- 1904 0r 05 farewell party for Mrs. Gorden BHFP 28 Oct 1971
    13. Photo—Post Office employees in 1926
    14. Photos(2)—Multi-generations 1) D. Griffen, U. Furnas, J. Furr, E. Furr, F. Selren 2) R. Griffen, S. Griffen, J. Furr, E. Furr, R.J. Griffen, F. Selren BHFP 24 Oct 1990
    15. Photos(2)—100 plus 1) Audrey McCracken Davis 2) Georgia McPheeters 10 Mar 1993
    16. Photos—Polk County People – Minus 10 years 1) Official take oath in 1971 2-11) D. Potts, H. Smith, S. Pitts, G. Short, A. Standley, D. Wollard, K. Parminter, K. Vincent, M. Westfall, J. Raney BHFP 31 Jan 1980
    17. Generations 1) Baby shares birthday, home with forebear (Brian, Sonya & Tiffany Taylor) 2) Grandmother’s child’s joy—June Crussell Richter, Helen Crussell, Annis Hargrave, Lu Sinda Crussell, Emma Simmons, Margaret Kelley, Florra Crussell, Anna Kelly (1921) BHFP 14 Oct 1992
    18. Collecting names…ancestors names w/2 photos 1) Roy Stanley Kirchner, Jr. 2) Mildred Close, Dorothia Robertson BHFP 27 Oct 1977
    19. "Local couples celebrate 65 years of married life" w/photos Elgie & Elpha Hood Fraser, Earl & Inez Pope Rush


    1. Pedigree chart—Mildred Elmira Wood
    2. Letter from Kay Lamb containing information on Underwood 2 pgs.
    3. History of the Woodlawn Willing Workers Club by Henrietta Kukal 3 pgs.
    4. Woodlawn Willing Workers Extension Club members – includes family information on each member compiled by Anna Reynolds Carson 5 pgs.
    5. Newspaper photo—Woodlawn Willing Workers, circa 1950 BHFP 3 Mar 2004
    6. Newly recognized tribe eyes future – Northern Cherokee tribe w/photo David, Quentin, J.C. Thompson SNL 26 June 1983
    7. Abstracted information on Northern Cherokee families in Dade, Polk, and Cedar Counties –Greene, Neal, Adams, Tow, Stalcup, Adair, Starr families 14 pgs.
    8. Newspaper articles/photos
    9. Family photos preserve past w/3 photos 1) Joe, Frank, Albert Skalicky early 1920s 2) Joe and Agnes Ruzicka wedding with Frank Stanek and Anna Ruzicka 1905 3) Rose Stanek c. 1900
    10. Van students 1938-39
    11. Letter to Editor from Dolores Starkey Acuff about Polk County history 18 Dec 1985
    12. Two killed in head-on smashup near Halfway Jeffrey Phillip Bucholz, Lewis F. Bodenhamer BHFP 4 Feb 1971
    13. Photo—Camping on the Sac E. Toalson, L. Stephens, K. Stewart, C. Miller 2 Mar 1972
    14. 150 years of married life w/photos 10 years – Fred & Wilma Jean Carr Lower, 20 years – Charles & Kay Long Hines 30 years – R.J. & Juanita Miller Welch 40 years – Robert & Geneva Lightfoot 50 years – Leland & Jewell Stewart Wollard BHFP 5 Feb 1986
    15. Photo—Off to World War I 24 June 1918 BHFP 11 May 1972
    16. Theodocia’s Journal BHFP 6 Jan 1993
    17. Longtime teacher plans celebration of 95th birthday Mary Ester Barnett SNL 5 Nov 1997
    18. Photo—T.H.B. Dunnegan, William Lower, Gid H. Higginbotham Polk County Civil War Veterans 1929 BHFP 15 Nov 2000
    19. 82 years doesn’t slow reunion organizers w/photo Dorothy François Blackwood, Hazel Pursley Carson SNL 4 June 1996


    Polk County residents mentioned in Springfield newspapers
    1. Springfield Republican 1898—Hull, Tinker, Snodgrass, Fute, Smiley, Conley, Rush, Pratt, Meyer, Matherly, Armstrong, Darland, Emerson, Yarberry, Hinkle, Thorp, Johnson, White, Delap, Creed, Withrow, Haden, Steinhouse, Beckerdite, Fanning, Dunaway, Walker, Curtiss, Baldwin, Lapin, Frazier, Fugate, Derossett, Snodgrass, Davis, Reavis, Lackey, Tinker, Miller 4 pgs.
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    5. 1923—Crocker, Arrington, Hinchcliff, McKoin, Brown, Gidden, Eisenmayer, Mason, Whittenburg, Kelly, Smith, Kelley, Roberts, Hankins, McLemore, Hankins, Ryan, Barclay, Underwood, Owen, Slagle, Heaton, Kennon, Hughes, Dunaway, Johnson, Roark, Simmons, Joyner, Clark, Presley, Kirby, Conney, Wear, Peacher, Pickering, McClure, Raney, Francis, Gamble, Atwood, Tummons, McCluer, Meyer, Hanley, Williams, Jeffries, Atwood, Tise, Farmer, Sullens, Mitchell, Mooney, Perkins, Buck, Fox, Baldwin, Thompson, Canton, Buckle, Crosswhite, Hensley, Small, Bond, Brich, Sayers, Gott, Mack, Sharp, Bedford, Hilton, Kennedy, Wynkoop, Morgan, Jenkins, Saunders, Harralson, Smith, Whitlock, Sallee, Spurgeon, Hamilton, Patterson, Harrington, Hudson, Gorden, Scroggins, Carter, Hensley, Newberry, Gregory, Brashear, Gollihar, Stainbrook, Harper, Fallee, Robertson, Walker, Bowles, Thorpe, Nash, Vaughan, Bishop, Walters, Viles, Affleck, Wallace, Kentling, Hodges, Myers, Cruse, Twyman, Bruton, Dedmon, Means, Cunningham, McCrory, Porta 27 pgs.


    Polk County residents listed in Greene County Funeral Home Records
    1. Paxson Funeral Home 1900-1926 13 pgs. 209 names plus 8 pgs. duplicates
    2. Will & Alma Lohmeyer Funeral Home 1904-1918 5 pgs.
    3. Lohmeyer-Windle Funeral Home 1919-1932 9 pgs.
    4. H.H. Lohmeyer 1923-32 4 pgs.
    5. Klinger 1913-23 16 pgs.
    6. Klinger 1923-32 28 pgs.
    7. Klinger 4 Aug 1937-8 Dec 1942 11 pgs.
    8. Republic 1908-78 6 pgs.
    9. Kent-Clark Monument Sales 1915-1930 4 pgs.
    10. Cemeteries in Kent-Clark Monument Sales 1915-1930 16 pgs.
    11. Union Grove Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery 1901-07 4 pgs.


    Over the Ozarks columns appearing in Springfield newspapers. These columns are about the "80 and over" Day celebrated by Wheatland Baptist Church, recognizing those who are 80 and older. Each year had at least two columns.
    1. 1972—October 18, 19, 20
    2. 1973—November 5, 6, 7
    3. Big Brighton Barn 16 May 1974
    4. Ozarkese 5 June 1974
    5. 1974—October 17, 18
    6. 1975—November 5, 6
    7. 1976—November 4, 5
    8. 1977—October 19, 20
    9. 1979—November 15


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    15. Newspaper photo—Civil War Vets Meet Co. A, 6th Mo Vol. Cav.
    16. Newspaper photo—Civil War Vets Meet Co. A, Co. L
    17. Newspaper Articles
    18. Legion celebrates its 54th year 1 Mar 1973
    19. Legion Post 138 to celebrate 53rd anniversary Tuesday BHFP 2 Mar 1972
    20. Polk County residents can find out about relatives who fought in the Confederacy BHFP 6 Aug 2003
    21. Photo—WWI Draftees no identification BFHP 10 Nov 2004
    22. Revolutionary War soldiers recognized Wm. Murphy w/photo Wm. C. Nunn, Mary Davis, Maxine Nimmo BHFP 26 Oct 1988
    23. Over the Ozarks column "Wilson Creek 7 Aug 1972
    24. Veterans to have room at museum
    25. ‘Lost Battalion’ knew location w/photo 1 Feb 1979
    26. Reader tells a story of Polk County’s Civil War History Letter to Editor from Mary A. Owens
    27. Students request veterans pictures
    28. Remember When 12 Mar 1942
    29. Theodocia’s Journal by Katherine Faulkner (2 articles) BHFP 29 May 1996, 5 June 1996
    30. A painful past: Waves of terror washed over our hills by Mike O’Brien


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    12. Military Rulers of Springfield – Egbert D. Brown pgs. 30-31 Springfield! Nov 1992 3 pgs
    13. Timeline of events in life of George Washington
    14. DAR will honor two "Original Daughters" this week SNL 7 Oct 1928 2 pgs.
    15. Flyer – Seeking information on men in t24th Missouri Infantry "Lyon Legion"
    16. Diary of William Ruyle during the Civil War 20 pgs.


    Polk County History
    1. Early day Justice of Peace record Humansville Star-Leader 7 June 1973
    2. Justices of the Peace in Missouri 1891-92 (Polk County) pg. 327 Pioneer Times Oct 1986
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    4. Polk County Post Offices and post masters 1861 and 1871
    5. Polk County Masonic Lodges no longer active in 1985
    6. Remember when column 8 Oct 1942 murder trial of Morrison Hendrick, murder of Charles Widener
    7. 100 years ago 4 Nov 1869 (transcribed)
    8. Butterfield Overland Mail – Relay Station and nearest town today 1957
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    11. Polk County Political County Committees 1893-94, 1895-96 JP, county officers 1895-96
    12. Email from Betty to Carol Poindexter with information on James J. Akard, A.J. Hunter, J.E. Thomasson 19 Feb 2008
    13. Ministers and Officials from Polk County Marriages 1836-1859 4 pgs.
    14. Newspaper photo—quail hunters pg. 8 PCGS newsletter Jan/Feb 2009, email from Betty with information on photo 3 pgs.
    15. Newspaper articles
    16. Search is on for photos of former county officials, Recorder looking for photos of former Polk County sheriffs, Search continuing for photos of former county officials 3 articles BHFP 15 Feb, 12 Mar, 2 Apr 2008
    17. Some Missouri 13 History SNL 25 Aug 2008
    18. Bricks and stone lintels from 1841 Courthouse Letter to Editor from Susan Sparks 26 July 2006
    19. Photo—Stone Age Station with Henry Matthews c. 1940
    20. Judy Kallenbach column about historical items on courthouse lawn 26 Feb 2003
    21. Fairgrounds were in a different place for different activities in 1913 BHFP 26 May 2010
    22. The deputy (Wiley Haines) and the Baptist College BHFP 15 Apr 2009
    23. Century old records, whiskey bottles found in courthouse BHFP no date
    24. Mills were the vital hubs of early Ozark communities – Cedar/Polk/Dallas Counties Country Neighbor Winter 2009
    25. Fossils and footprints – Polk County’s ‘Moccasin Rock’ found again BHFP 6 Mar 2009
    26. Some "useless", but totally true facts, for your entertainment Missouri Freemason Fall 2002
    27. The Civilian Conservation Corps pgs. 6-8 American Profile no date
    28. History vs. safety in old buildings (demolition of MFA building) BHFP 26 July 2006
    29. Land surrounding lake is a link to the past Pomme de Terre 15 July 2004
    30. ‘Bloody 13’ has much history SNL 21 Feb 2005
    31. Coca-Cola Bottlers observe fiftieth year BHFP 31 July 1973 w/6 photos
    32. Bolivar bank robber Adam Richetti, once Pretty Boy Floyd’s partner, executed for massacre he may not have committed SNL 27 Feb 1977
    33. ‘My purpose was to stay alive…’ Killingsworth relates his encounter with ‘Pretty Boy’ and Richetti BHFP 24 June 1971
    34. Reader adds information to Floyd-Richetti story BHFP 15 July 1971
    35. The Butterfield Mail BHFP 12 June 1975
    36. How Piper Creek got its name BHFP 27 Feb 1975
    37. The naming of Piper Creek BHFP 19 June 1975
    38. Population reaches peak at turn of century 1 July 1976
    39. Official census reports 15,415 BHFP 28 Jan 1971
    40. Humansville Centennial – full page ad BHFP 24 Aug 1972
    41. 1891 Ringling riot in Bolivar BHFP 26 June 1975
    42. Giant Hackberry is Missouri’s largest (tree) BHFP 30 July 197(?)
    43. photo—Pomme filling BHFP 17 June 1971
    44. Antique winners named BHFP 22 June 1972
    45. Pie suppers no source/date
    46. photo—Statue (Simon Bolivar) developed close times no source/date
    47. 1840 sale bill BHFP no date
    48. photo—Log cabin memories BHFP 18 May 1978
    49. County chartered 120 years ago no source/date
    50. Some facts about the history of Polk County BHFP 19 July 1973
    51. Answers in Polk County trivia contest BHFP no date
    52. Last slave probably sold in Bolivar BHFP no date
    53. Storm debris blocking hay harvest SNL 23 May 2003
    54. First phones brought weather to town BHFP 3 Apr 1975
    55. Dreams came true in Polk County land BHFP 19 Feb 1976
    56. Population graphs


    Newspaper Articles about Polk County Places, Events
    1. Dunnegan Park envy of many 21 May 1981
    2. Library serves for more than 65 years 14 May 1981
    3. Controversy surrounded early courthouse 28 May 1981
    4. County votes to construct new courthouse 11 June 1981
    5. Oldest business building houses Ozark Hotel 2 July 1981
    6. City, County’s 150th anniversary year begins 3 Jan 1985
    7. "The Way We Were’ photos – 16 photos 10 May 1984-26 June 1985
    8. Enjoy "Country Days" in Bolivar advertisement for Hackers 1986
    9. Ruth Blurton: 57 year subscriber to ‘her Bolivar paper’ 5 Aug 1982
    10. 1986 – A celebration of another year in business
    11. Photo—The more things change… Broadway Street at Christian Church 25 June 1981
    12. Baseball, favorite pastime of a special era 5 Aug 1982
    13. It never was the same again – 1930s baseball 28 Aug 1982
    14. Ben, Granny and Fred – Unforgettable players of an unforgettable era
    15. Polk County League organizes 12 Aug 1982
    16. Masons break ground for new temple 6 Apr 1988
    17. Want to be a Mason? You will have to ask them, they won’t ask you 2 Apr 1981


    Newspaper articles about Polk County and its people
    1. Letter to the editor about subscriptions from Mrs. Glen Gist, Mrs. Russell Johnson and Zora Laney Duffner 19 July 1984
    2. Cover page to 1982 Financial Statement w/photos of old courthouse and current courthouse 17 Feb 1983
    3. photo—Bolivar Band – 2nd Regiment Band, N.G.M. at Aurora 16 July 1915 25 Oct 1984
    4. Long-ago band contest results in State Fair flap w/photo Bolivar Boys Band
    5. Daughter of county farm managers recalls details of tenure Beulah Creed Brown 4 Oct 1984
    6. Cliquot’s heyday came and went with the railroad w/4 photos Ruby Troyer, depot, Troyer family 28 May 1986
    7. 100th birthday party: Christian Church of Halfway prepares to celebrate its 110th year of worship w/photo of church 20 Sep 1989
    8. Halfway’s Quiet pride w/4 photos Ted Ryan, Fr., Dottie James, neighborhood market SDN 28 Sep 1982 2 copies
    9. Hundreds come home (Walnut Grove) for reunion w/photo Floyd C. Wright SNL 22 June 1980
    10. Good natured Humansville w/6 photos Kenneth Ireland, Gary & Helen Sosneicki, Ralph Butler, Mary Owens SDN 5 Apr 1983
    11. Photo—Half Way in the 20s 13 Oct 1983
    12. A glimpse of history Jim Sterling editorial on Orleans 14 Feb 1985
    13. Morrisville history included in most recent ‘Historama’ 7 July 1983
    14. Ignore those road maps – Tin Town really exists Mike O’Brien column SDN 10 July 1980
    15. Markets, kids gone in Brighton w/2 photos Ralph Pierce, general store/bank SDN 20 Apr 1981
    16. Photos (2)—Karlin history train w/Bolivar Boys Band, oil well 24 Mar 1983
    17. Towns and farms along Sac River brace for building of new lake w/2 photos Hulston Mill, Mayor & Mrs. Henry Shuler SN: 22 Sep 1963
    18. Photos (6)—Getting set for new dam 1) Henry J. Bonham, E.R. Bean, Jay Lyman, Fr., Mac Rice 2) J.O. Lowery, Verle Bacon, Warner Crain, Henry Wester 3" Stockton Cheese Company 4) Bridge over Little Sac River 5) Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Churchman, Mary * Marcie 6) A. Frank Nixon inside New Hope Church SNL 22 Sep 1963
    19. Overland Mail – "The East and West will be bound together" 10 Sep 1986
    20. Polk County People—Jewell Callaway 28 May 1981
    21. Searching for roots – Searchers look for ‘lost’ family members, Local family treasures diaries of ancestors Polk County People—Mary Steele 12 Jan 1984
    22. Sale to raise money for North Ward no date
    23. photo—Historic attic Anne Keith 4 June 1981
    24. photo—Moving James Hale, Chris Way, Eric Taylor, Ernestine Kinsey, Penny Lemmon, Leslie Gutierrez, Holly Cunningham moving records from Courthouse to museum 4 June 1981
    25. Major work completed on North Ward Museum w/4 photos Oby Jester 29 Apr 1982
    26. New home for cabin 10 Dec 1981
    27. North Ward to become museum, meeting center 26 Feb 1981
    28. Baptists protest name change to Bolivar College in 1897 4 Oct 1989
    29. Historical gallery chronicles SBU;s progress w/photo 4 Oct 1989
    30. Photos (4)—Original SBU building, immediate past administration building, news Sells Administration Center 4 Oct 1982
    31. End of an era – Building home to pharmacy since 1871 will soon see a new life w/photo "Nature’s Remedy", "Tums" had start at City Drug 2 photos 10 Jan 1990
    32. Bolivar BPW Club was 13th in the state w/photo 22 Jan 1986
    33. Photos (2)—Royal Neighbors have annual ‘Fun Night’ Eujean Dody, Hazel Bailey, Marie Davis, Catherine Roach Larry & Debbie Greenfield 13 Nov 1980
    34. Old friends make good times – Pickle Merry Maker Fun – past and present w/2 photos 7 June 1984
    35. Bolivar’s history of blacks 15 Feb 1989
    36. A few blacks stayed in the Bolivar area after being freed 22 Jan 1989
    37. Blacks were a close-knit community w/photo Earnest "Bunch" Rice 1 Mar 1989
    38. Mormonism involves complete way of life w/3 photos SDN 8 Sep 1980
    39. Religious opponents claim ‘little truth’ in Mormonism w3 photos SDN 11 Sep 1980
    40. Church grew slowly at first w/5 photos SDN 9 Sep 1980
    41. to god be the glory – The people of the Mennonite community hold to the beliefs of their forefathers while living in today’s world 23 Nov 1988


    1. Flyer—Welcome to Bolivar! May 2002 distributed by Bolivar Area Chamber of Commerce
    2. Viles & Co. have greatest sale in history BH 10 May 1923
    3. Abstracted information on St. Francis Dam catastrophe in California that killed 11 Polk Countians 4 pgs.
    4. Photos (4)—courthouse and other buildings around square photocopies
    5. Photos (2)—taken from railroad overpass in Bolivar over Fair Play Road photocopies
    6. Abstracted information from various sources: Brown, Neal, Wright, Rowen, Owen, Baker, Gordon, Jarnagin, Slagle, Pike, Hattler, Hancock, Cooper, Rasar, Aiken, Ammerman, Conner, Newberry, Lunceford, Davis, Watson, Carter, Durham, Russell, Wortham, Curl, Morefield, Ewing, Mitchell, Miller, Church, Moore, Tucker, Roundtree, White, Smith, Hicks, Drake, Caldwell, Ashlock, Lemons, Powell, Farris, West, Ross, Alsop, Ashworth, Tilton, Grider, Utley 2 pgs.
    7. Wedding shower for Mrs. Dixie Lee LaRew Miller BFP 4 Mar 1948 transcribed
    8. Newsletter—Friends of the Library Jan-Feb 1995 2 pgs.
    9. Abstracted information on Bolivar tornado, Delarue Trust, Dobb Adams, Bruce Brown 5 strips
    10. Bolivar Schools in 1907 and 1908 Ozar’kin 1985 4 pgs.
    11. Bolivar City Directory as published in the Bolivar Herald 25 June 1917 7 pgs.
    12. Bolivar City Directory as published in the Bolivar Herald 25 June 1917 Ozar’kin 1999 7 pgs.
    13. Newspaper articles
    14. Fire destroys 3 downtown businesses—H & J Auto Parts, Bolivar Hotel & Ideal Coffee Shop, Bolivar Jewelry 11 Nov 1971
    15. Building collapses on square 26 Jan 2007
    16. Reed House built to last 23 Mar 2007
    17. Mother Nature takes its toll on city’s parks, cemeteries w/8 photos 26 Jan 2007
    18. Bolivar and American Independence from 1948 Souvenir Program
    19. Century-old structures on display w/9 photos 24 June 1976
    20. Full page ad—Polk County celebrates 150th anniversary – Polk County Bank 1 May 1985
    21. Where to find what you need at the new City Hall 24 Oct 1990
    22. First fire department got big test in 1897 31 July 1975
    23. Bolivar water system opened door for first fire department in 1894 24 July 1975
    24. Citizens fiddle while Bolivar burns 17 July 1975
    25. When I came to Bolivar by THB Dunnegan 27 Aug 1975
    26. 50 years ago, a wilderness – Dunnegan Memorial Park 29 June 1972
    27. A portrait of Bolivar: One of the Ozarks’ fastest growing and most remarkable cities w/8 photos SNL 2 July 1950
    28. Bolivar comes naturally by its warmth, humor 2 July 1950
    29. Polk County Courthouse through the seasons w/6 photos 19 Aug 2002
    30. Bolivar’s rock landmark w/3 photos 31 Dec 2004
    31. Back to 1913 w/7 photos 8 Mar 2002



    Newspaper articles

    1. A little piece of history – guest column by Jean Pufahl Vincent 26 Nov 2008
    2. Local History 1990
    3. Former schoolhouse now teaching history SNL 23 May 2004
    4. City siren makes Bolivar unique 19 Mar 2004
    5. A community on a roll 19 Mar 2004
    6. Building was home to several Ford dealerships Letter to editor from Paul Hebbert 9 Mar 2005
    7. Remember when…photo I.X.L. Grocery Store 8 Aug 1968
    8. 4-year-old boy given privilege of turning on the county’s new courthouse clock in 1907 31 July 1991
    9. Renovation inspires a recall of history 31 July 1991
    10. Early history of county recounted in book 4 Aug 1983
    11. Windstorms not really unusual, as witness June 27, 1923 31 May 1973
    12. Historical Society, Bolivar prepare for bicentennial days 13 Feb 1975
    13. Anvil firing: alternative to fireworks 1 July 1976
    14. Shooting anvils on the Fourth 4 July 2001
    15. Bolivar – 56 years ago by Clara M. Howard written 18 Dec 1913 11 Feb 1971
    16. Slow building on first jail 1 Apr 1976
    17. Bolivar jail dates back to early 1880 8 Apr 1976
    18. New DAR Chapter is organized here 15 Oct 1997
    19. The changing face of Bolivar 18 Mar 2005
    20. Living History Tour at Greenwood Cemetery Saturday 5 Oct 2005
    21. Theodocia’s Journal 1 Feb, 24 May, 16 Oct 1995, 3 Apr 1996 4 columns
    22. Need help identifying people in 1926 picture letter to editor from Janett Slagle 24 June 2005
    23. Nifty summers in Bolivar letter to editor from Robert J. Honeycutt 8 Oct 2008
    24. 150 ‘Daze’ over; many recognized 4 Sep 1985
    25. Downtown moving on up 26 Feb 2003
    26. Bolivar mayors 1881-1997 28 May 1997
    27. Results of Special Election (delegates to constitutional convention) photocopy
    28. Bolivar gives pres---(rest of title missing) article is about Venezuelan president visiting Bolivar in 1948 SNL no date
    29. untitled article on many versions of name Bolivar Herald-Free Press no date



    Photographs clipped from newspaper

    1. Tree damaged by ice storm 26 Jan 2007
    2. Bolivar in 1945 23 June 2004 North Main looking south
    3. In the old days – Polk County Bank 8 Oct 2003
    4. Tornado of 1929 10 June 1971
    5. Fire on the square (1957) 30 June 1999
    6. Old Kroger Market, Curran P. Ray 10 Jan 1971
    7. East Broadway no date
    8. First Bolivar tourist court 14 May 1970
    9. To observe 100th year – City Drug Store, A.H. Lewis 30 Sep 1971
    10. The square from the air 28 Mar 1972
    11. West side (of square c. 1915) 5 Mar 1870
    12. 1910 photo – Thomas Watt in wagon 29 Oct 1970
    13. East side square c. 1920 15 Oct 1970
    14. West side square in Bolivar c. 1909 16 July 1970
    15. West side (sometime during WWI) 24 Sep 1970
    16. West Broadway in 1911 6 Aug 1970
    17. Teegarden Motor Company 23 July 1970
    18. North Main c. 1925 11 Mar 1971
    19. The first of 47 years – Lane Shoe Store J.P. Lane, Inez Lane Reser 22 Apr 1971
    20. Flags over Bolivar (WWI) 22 Feb 1973
    21. SWBC main building before 1900, Administration building in 1914
    22. Bird’s eye view of a busy city Aug 1908
    23. Wes side square c. 1910
    24. North side – turn of the century
    25. Old Polk County Court House
    26. Old Courthouse and the square
    27. Bolivar Road – once a historic thoroughfare SNL
    28. Remembrance – Riki Lipe in front of Viles house
    29. Three-business fire (1971) 7 Jan 2004
    30. A crop of grapes 1920s 22 Sep 2004
    31. Marching through Bolivar 1948 19 July 1973
    32. Facts & Fiction Club beautify town spring 30 Sep 1971
    33. SWBC tragic fire of 1962 19 Aug 1971
    34. Still the same – Square c. 1912 29 June 1978
    35. Courthouse built in 1841 30 July 1970
    36. Fine for littering – 1900 courthouse 17 Feb 1972
    37. Ice storm of 1949 11 Feb 2004
    38. Ross Studio 20 Aug 1977
    39. Bettie and Marion Ross 20 Aug 1997
    40. Street repair was a serious matter here in 1912! 7 June 1973
    41. The O.K. Café with Pearl Tirey, Delphia Lockhart, Lucille McGee, Verda Fulbright, Helen Stone
    42. Downtown Festival and Reunion 14 Sep 2001
    43. Square SNL 17 June 2003
    44. Historic demolition former Bolivar City Hall 26 Feb 2003
    45. Construction zone replacing front steps at PCGS 17 July 2009
    46. New windows PCGS 22 Jan 2010


    1. Letter to OGS seeking information on John Lomica, Mary Dolijsi with family group sheet 3 pgs.
    2. Frank Samek: a biography by Jodi Samek BHFP 4 Apr 1985
    3. Polodna (Lawrence) to celebrate 90th year w/photo BHFP 28 Dec 1988
    4. Mary Hejna observes 100th w/photo 29 Oct 1986
    5. Catholic church had beginnings at Karlin w/photo BHFP 30 Aug 1973
    6. 150 years of Polk County’s wonderful history w/photo St. Wenceslaus Church and home 5 July 1984
    7. Bustling Bohemian settlement fades into past SDN 20 Sep 1979
    8. The Bell of St. Wenceslaus BHFP no date
    9. Excitement stirred Karlin as oil well drilled in 1920s w/photo James Ruzicka family 1896 BHFP 8 Jan 1975
    10. Karlin and the Bohemians BHFP 25 Dec 1975
    11. Prairie land drew 60 Bohemian families w/photo Joseph Divin family – first family to settle Karlin 1 Jan 1976
    12. Karlin becomes a name, fond memory w/photo St. Wenceslaus Church BHFP Jan 1976
    13. Abstracted information 4 strips


    Polk County Towns and Places
    1. 100 years strong – Morrisville Baptist Church will celebrate 2 May 1990
    2. Claims Schofield settled before Half Way letter to editor from L.R. Porter 5 Mar 1970
    3. Schofield: County community was once an Indian village BFHP 13 Mar 1975
    4. Aldrich Depot 10 Apr 1985
    5. Humansville added to towns receiving electric power from Caplinger 15 June 1925
    6. 100 years ago – 10 June 1869
    7. Communities play role in Polk County Progress 26 Feb 1976
    8. Towns survive time, progress w/6 photos – Cliquot Depot, rails near Wishart, home in Dunnegan, Red Rock Cola sign, Graydon valley area, Stockton Lake at Aldrich 17 May 1976
    9. Rich in County history – Aaron Ruyle residence
    10. County towns rich in history w/9 photos – Scott Van Camp on tire swing in Huron, Brighton, Goodson, Eudora, Cedar Vista, Flemington, Eudora, Slagle, Tin Town 10 June 1976
    11. Early towns fade from county maps 17 June 1976
    12. Down the back roads of Polk County history w/9 photos – Rock Prairie Baptist Church bell, Rimby Assembly of God Church, Huckaby, Vista, Rondo, Van Town Grocery, Burns, Schofield Cemetery, Sentinel 3 June 1976
    13. History of Shady Grove and Aldrich as told by old timers transcribed from Fair Play Advocate 2 pgs.
    14. Piney Cave history
    15. The Butterfield Trail 10 June 1956 photocopy from Springfield paper
    16. Rural Mail carriers 1905 2 pgs. abstracted from MoSGA Journal 1997
    17. Miscellaneous information on Polk County towns from R.A. Davis notes
    18. Most locations from Moser’s "A Directory of Towns, Villages, etc."
    19. Word search—Towns in Polk County 2 copies


    Other towns

    Newspaper articles/photos

    1. Photo—Prescription Place – Brighton drugstore c. 1920 John Swadley, Brittie Taylor, Mrs. Swadley 9 Feb 1978
    2. Dewey: A town forgot in time 16 June 1977
    3. How Eudora got its name SDN 4 Feb 1972
    4. Articles (4) on Goodnight – 1) Village of Goodnight incorporated 2) Village throws itself a arty 3) Restoration from Goodnight Mill to home is one-of-a-kind w/Chuck & Diane Gettle 4) Goodnight Mill on the upper Pomme
    5. Polk County People—Mary Lou Gladden 18 Sep 1991
    6. Articles (3) on Graydon Springs – 1) Whatever the ailment, Graydon Springs has a cure for it w/4 photos SNL 28 Aug 1977 2) Camp Wakahni finds refuge with good Samaritan 21 Dec 2001 3) Sulphur, iron springs put Graydon Springs on the map at turn of century 21 Dec 2001
    7. Photo—Half Way Post Office – Bill Eldon, Earnie Legan, Jess Legan, Jessie Cowden, Sam Messer 11 June 1970
    8. Half way exhibit closes w/photo no date
    9. Articles (7) on Humansville -- 1) Humansville man (Roy Templin) rings bell daily for hostages SNL 26 May 1980 2) Humansville book for centennial 27 Jan 1972 3) Looking for a home – log cabin built for centennial Aug 1973 4) Humansville centennial SDN 17 July 1972 5) Humansville centennial activities underway w/photo 2 Mar 1972 6) Humansville receives power from Caplinger 7 "Do You Remember" HSL 15 Feb 1973
    10. Articles (3) on Morrisville – 1) Dear Morrisville residents – Letter to editor from MCE Gifted Program 20 Jan 1993 2) Morrisville by the numbers 3) Abstracted information on Morrisville 4 pieces
    11. Articles (4) on Orleans -- 1) Orleans was once vital 6 Mar 1975 2) Recalling Orleans by Mrs. Rick Owens, transcribed from 13 Mar 1975 3 Once-bustling town of Orleans recalled w/photos – Chester Stiles SDN 6 Nov 1978 4) Only trace remains of Orleans settlement w/3 photos George Shuler 13 Aug 1970
    12. Articles (5) on Pleasant Hope – 1) Pleasant Hope by the numbers 2 ) Bousman Drug Company 20 Aug 1970 3) Cochran Hotel reflects history of Pleasant Hope w/photo SDN 10 Feb 1979 4) The Banker’s hours – Gene Adams of Pleasant Hope tells it like it was w/photo 26 Apr 1973 5) Reflections…The history of Pleasant Hope 1 Apr 1971
    13. Articles (2) on Sentinel – 1) Self-sufficiency was attribute of pioneer town 11 Mar 1976 2) Sentinel’s settlers establish school, church 18 Mar 1976
    14. Sunset Park, an angler’s paradise w/4 photos SNL 14 Aug 2003
    15. Van: beginnings in 1900 w/photo – Jimmy Wells, Andy Wells, Andy Davis, Van Burns, Maynard Clark, Mr. Cook, Dan Rotramel 6 Nov 1975
    16. Articles (2) on Walnut Grove – 1) Town prepares for growth SNL 2 Aug 2004 2) Past unfolds, town pride grows w/photo Barbara Smith’s geography class SLP 20 Jan 1975
    17. Articles (8) on Shady Grove – 1) Postmasters of Shady Grove 1882-1903 2) History of Shady Grove and Aldrich as told by old timers (transcribed from Fair Play Advocate after Oct 1935 2 pgs. 3) Shady Grove W.P.F.A. entertained the M.F.A. by Mrs. C.E. Foraker, State J.F.A. Leader 15 Jan 1926 4) "Behind the cloud, the sun’s still shining" Sunshine Juniors no source/date 5) 50th anniversary Shady Grove School 2 pgs. 6) Shady Grove Homecoming to be annual event 2 pgs. FPA no date 7) Shady Grove School Reunion transcribed BH c. 1942 4 pgs. 8) Shady Grove Reunion BH 18 Sep 1941
    18. Abstracted Wishart information 1 strip
    19. Phone service Aldrich to Fair Play and in to Dade County pg. 184 Dade County History 1917
    20. Articles/photos (9) on Aldrich – 1) Abstracted information on name of town 2) The town that was and is—Aldrich no source/date 3) Closing of Bank of Aldrich BFP 16 July 1942 4) Photo—Downtown Aldrich 11 Feb 1971 5) Former Aldrich miller retires here w/photo John Singer 13 Nov 1996 6) Aldrich…circa 1915 w/photo 2 May 1968 7) Dickerson pens ‘The Aldrich Saga’ w/photo Charles Dickerson 8) Bank of Aldrich robbed 15 Dec 1907 (transcribed) 9) Aldrich looks back at 100 years of history w/5 photos 9 July 1986
      The following items were also in the box marked ‘Miscellaneous’
      Missouri Historical Review

    July 1954 "Three Generations in the Span of a Continent, The Zumwalt Family

    April 1979 "Robert Eaton Acock: The Gentleman from Polk

    April 1983 "John Trousdale Coffee: Lawyer, Politician, Confederate

    1. Bolivar Free Press 4 Dec 1947
    2. Bolivar Free Press 2 June 1949
    3. Fair Play Rambler 28 May 1959
    4. The Bolivar Herald 16 Nov 1967
    5. Bolivar Free Press 16 Nov 1967
    6. The Bolivar Herald 23 Nov 1967 (last issue before consolidation)
    7. Bolivar Free Press 23 Nov 1967 (last issue before consolidation)
    8. Bolivar Herald – Free Press 30 Nov 1967 (first issue after consolidation) 2 copies
    9. Bolivar Herald – Free Press 25 Sep 1969 "Bob Hope joins mourners her fro Miss Maas’ funeral"
    10. Bolivar Herald – Free Press 21 Dec 1972 ice storm
    11. Bolivar Herald – Free Press Bicentennial Section "The way we were… 1 July 1976
    12. Bolivar Herald – Free Press Special SWBC Mabee Chapel dedication issue 15 Nov 1979
    13. Bolivar Herald – Free Press Polk County Sesquicentennial Special Edition 9 Oct 1985
    14. Bolivar Herald – Free Press Special Section "Turning back time by 50 years – WWII comes to an end" 9 Aug 1995
    15. Bolivar Herald – Free Press Special Section "People, Pride & Progress as the century turns…" 30 June 1999
    16. Bolivar Herald – Free Press "A look back at the 1900s" 29 Dec 1999 top section (header) of 11 pages
    17. Bolivar Herald – Free Press Special Section "Heartbeat of the Community" advertiser profiles 28 Feb 2003
    18. Bolivar Herald – Free Press "Polk County Courthouse 100th anniversary" 7 Sep 2007
    19. Bolivar Herald – Free Press "Polk County’s 208 Best & 15 Worst" 21 Mar 2008
      The following papers were found after this finding aid was completed. The folders have been placed in the correct box as indicated.


    M Marshall papers (box 2)
    1. Funeral Card for Martha Mae Bell
    2. "Footprints of Some Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin Alfriend Marshall and Nancy (Nance) Marshall" by Zola and Jewell (Venter) Frieze 26 pgs.


    Polk County Cemeteries Each page has a picture of the cemetery, location, facts, and names of some of the people buried there. (box 4)
    1. Akard—Powley, Engleman, Brown, Samsel
    2. Barren Creek—Wine, Gardner
    3. Brush Grove—Thompson, Davis, Davison, Freeze, Frieze, Butler, Freez
    4. Sutherland—Crain, Sutherland, Young, Stinson
    5. Trimble—Trimble, Hays, Griffin
    6. Pickel—Carter, Mead, Morefield, Pickel
    7. Oak Grove—Bray, Smith, Hahn, Hargrave, Hobbs, Dickinson
    8. Hopkins00Little, Johnson, Hopkins
    9. Eudora—Leith, Dotson, Hicks, Burkdall, Robertson, Dodson
    10. Wollard—Wollard
    11. Welsh—Smith, Welsh, Ham
    12. Vaughn—no names listed but had "Record Drawing Stockton Lake Cemetery Relocations
    13. Map of cemetery locations
    14. Additional photos
    15. Charles Crain headstone – Vaughn Cemetery 2 copies
    16. Akard Cemetery
    17. Vaughn Cemetery
    18. Wollard Cemetery
    19. Welsh Cemetery
    20. Trimble Cemetery
    21. Sutherland Cemetery
    22. Pickel Cemetery
    23. Oak Grove Cemetery
    24. Hopkins Cemetery
    25. Eudora Cemetery
    26. Brush Grove Cemetery – headstone Alfred Frieze
    27. Barren Creek Cemetery


    Invitations (box 4)
    1. Seventh Annual Alumni Banquet Fair Play 1941
    2. Graduation announcement—Central High School 1963
    3. Graduation announcement—Saint Agnes Regional High School 1963
    4. Graduation announcement—Winfield High School 1963
    5. 50th Anniversary reception invitation for Mr. & Mrs. Cecil C. Scott 1964
    6. Invitation to wedding of—Ann Lawrence and Charles Baird 1960
    7. Invitation to wedding of—Cynthia Gilgus and Stanley Louis 1961
    8. Invitation to wedding of—Doris Plessner and Zolan Gilgus 1961 also invitation to pre-nuptial dinner
    9. Invitation to wedding of—Theresa Adrian and John Tanner 1961
    10. Invitation to wedding of—Jeannie Cadwell and Harold Burton 1963
    11. Invitation to wedding of—Linda Webb and Harley Blansit 1964
    12. 30th anniversary celebration invitation for Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Gilgus

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