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"Stewart Family Records Collection"


AGI-001-10 Stewart Family Records 3B-3-11
This collection of research papers were gifted to the library by Roy Hankey. Mr. Hankey used this research in compiling a book on the Stewart Family. This book can be found in the Family Histories section of the PCGS Library. Many of these pages are copied from




Family Group Sheets from
  1. Walter T. S. 1 H Fitzalen/Eschyna de Molle
  2. Alan T S 2 H Fitzalen/ --
  3. Walter, 3rd High S Stewart/Beatrix De Angus
  4. Alexander, 4th H S Stewart/ Jean of Bute MacRory
  5. James, 5th High S Stewart/Egidia of Ulster de Burgh
  6. Andrew Stewart/--
  7. Alexander Stewart/--
  8. John Stewart/Margaret Tollemache
  9. John Stewart/--
  10. Thomas Stewart/Miss Hamerton
  11. Richard Stewart/Alice Burley
  12. Nicholas, K o P Stewart/Cicely Baskerville
  13. Simeon Stuart/Joann Bestney
  14. John Steward/Jane Pigge
  15. Nicholas Steward/Anne Maddox
  16. George Steward/Anne St. John Clark
  17. John Stewart/Dorothy unknown
  18. Daniel Stewart/Elizabeth Farley
  19. John Sr. Stewart/Mary Bowman
  20. John Jr. Stewart/Rachel unknown
  21. Nathaniel Stewart/Mary Bledsoe
  22. Family Stories from
  23. John and Rachel Stewart
  24. Nathaniel Stewart, Sr. and Mary Bledsoe
  25. Hamilton Stewart (1765-1832) 2 pgs.
  26. Enoch Stewart profile
  27. Enoch Stewart story
  28. Enoch Stewart/Rachel Suiter Family Group Sheet
  29. John Calvin "Cal" Stewart story 2 pgs.
  30. photo Lamlash Village


  1. Ancestry World Tree Project "All our Family" John J. Stewart 3 pgs
  2. Ancestry World Tree Project Lakes-Abney Family Tree John J. Stewart 3 pgs
  3. Descendants of Josh Stewart and Polly Stutzman 7 pgs.
  4. Appendix B Descendants Josh Stewart/Polly Stutzman 6 pgs.
  5. Table of Contents and Introduction by Leila F. Evett on book about Stewarts 2 pgs.
  6. Virginia "Jenny" Lee Stewart
  7. pgs. 549-551 Descendants of Josh Stewart/Polly Stutzman Marion Silas Stewart, William Cleveland Stewart 3 pgs.
  8. Descendants of Hamilton Stewart, Sr. 4 pgs.
  9. U.S. General Land Office Records 1796-1907 Francis M. Stewart 2 pgs.
  10. List of Stewarts with birth/death dates
  11. Death Certificate Francis Marion Stewart
  12. BLM-GLO Record Results list Evan Stewart 13 pgs.
  13. Civil war Soldier Record Joshua Stewart, Francis M. Stewart
  14. Evan A Stewart research don by Alice Henson and sent to Roy 2007 5 pgs.
  15. Marriage License John W. Swan and Melvina Stewart
  16. Trust Deed Melvina Stewart
  17. Will of Evan Stewart 7 pgs. plus transcription
  18. Family Group Sheet Evan A Stewart/Nancy B. Jenkins
  19. pgs. 6, 7, 9 Civil War Period Data from Thomas A. Peters Ledger 4 pgs.
  20. pgs. 2, 3, 13, 14, 73 1862 Rebel List of Polk County, Missouri 7 pgs.


Ancestry World Tree Project Papers
  1. Jesse Thomas Stewart
  2. Francis M. Stewart (Jr.)
  3. Mary Ann Wesse
  4. Evan A. Stewart 2 copies
  5. Augustus Shelby Stewart (Ahnentafel Generations 1-6) 5 pgs.
  6. James V. Stewart Generations 1-3 2 pgs.
  7. James V. Stewart
  8. Richard E. Stewart
  9. Effie Florence Stewart
  10. Francis Marion Stewart
  11. Family Group Sheets
  12. Francis Marion Stewart/Rebecca Jane Zumwalt
  13. Hamilton Stewart/Elizabeth Bledsoe
  14. Ancestry World Tree Project Papers
  15. Hamilton Stewart
  16. John Stewart
  17. Hampton Stewart
  18. Francis Marion Stewart
  19. Rebecca Jane Zumwalt
  20. Elsie Effie Stewart
  21. Anthony Stewart
  22. Relationship of Francis Marion Stewart to Mark Twain


  1. Pgs. 286-87 Confederate Military History Vol XII Missouri 2 pgs.
  2. Pg. 66 Prisoner of War Records Civil War E. M. Wainscott
  3. Prisoner of War Records Civil War E. M. Wainscott, L. A. Wainscott
  4. Confederate Index-National Archives: Francis M. Stewart, F. M. Stewart, William Wainscott (3), E. W. Wainscott, Ewing M. Wainscott (2), Joshua Stewart, John Stewart 10 pgs.
  5. pg. 79 Trans-Mississippi Men at War, Vol. 1 Missouri C. S. A. E. M. Wainscott
  6. Muster Roll Co. C 5th MO Inf CSA 3 pgs. John Stewart, Lewis A. Wainscott, William S. Wainscott, Ervin Marion Wainscott
  7. Muster Roll Co. B 3rd MO Cavalry Battalion CSA John Stewart, Ewing M. Wainscott, Wm. Wainscott 3 pgs.
  8. Pension Record Index Evan Stewart
  9. Military and Greene Township abstracted from Historical and Descriptive Sketch of Polk County by A. C. Lemon 2 pgs.
  10. Form A Pension Application Evan Stewart


  1. 1870 Census Evan Stewart
  2. 1880 Census Ivin Stewart
  3. 1860 Census Evan Stewart
  4. 1850 Census Evan Stewart 2 copies
  5. Excerpt from PCGS newsletter May/June 2007 Ernestine Kinsey presented program on Evan Stewart Family
  6. Plat map showing Evan Stewart land
  7. pgs. 278-79, 700-01 History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade and Barton Counties 1889 Goodspeed 3 pgs.
  8. Generation 2 William Columbus Stewart 2 pgs.
  9. WWI Draft Registration card John Ira Stewart
  10. Photo tombstone Evan Stewart
  11. Family Group Sheet Elmer Lee Crawford/Sarah Elizabeth Ewart 3 pgs.
  12. Family Group Sheet Frank Gary Madison/Ida Rosalie Crawford
  13. Abstracted info from Franklin Co. TN on Stewarts
  14. "Hamilton Stewart’s movements" 1786-1832
  15. Email correspondence Vest/Hood 2006 includes pg. of photos with no id 4 pgs.
  16. 1910 Census Westley R. Hawkins 3 pgs.
  17. 1930 Census Wesley R. Hawkins
  18. pg. 27 Polk County Marriage Book A Wainscott, Stewart
  19. pgs. 38-39, 72-73, 88-89 Kinship: It’s All Relative 3 pgs.
  20. WWI registration cards Charles August Stewart, Herbert Cyrus Stewart


  1. Abstracted Surry County Lost Tax List 1790-95 Stewarts 3 copies
  2. Evans and Nancy B. Jenkins Stewart family history 4 pgs.
  3. Descendants of Josh Stewart and Polly Stutzman 3 pgs.
  4. Appendix A Ancestry of Joshua Stewart 2 copies 7 pgs.
  5. California Death Index Grace E. Warren [Grace E. Stewart] 2 copies
  6. 1930 Census Grace E. Warren 2 pgs.
  7. WWI draft registration Sidney Harold Stewart 3 pgs.
  8. Evan Stewart info
  9. Jennie May Kifer Stewart info
  10. Obit and funeral card Jennie May Stewart 2 pgs.
  11. Obit Otis Jesse Stewart
  12. In Memory of Jesse Thomas Stewart
  13. Stewarts buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Death notice Uncle Evan Stewart and Poet A. Stewart
  14. Death records for Stewarts buried in Greenwood Cemetery 4 pgs.
  15. Stewart interments pgs. 162-63 Cemetery Directory by Historical Society 2 copies
  16. Mt. Olive and Mount View Cemetery description 2 pgs.
  17. Stewart Interments in Payne Cemetery
  18. Copies of funeral cards for Noel Stewart, Willie Virgil Stewart, Mary Jane (Mollie) Stewart, Francis M. Stewart
  19. Stewart family histories from Polk County History and Families pgs. 342-44 4 pgs.
  20. pg. 304 Franklin Co., TN Circuit Court Clerks Office Vol 2-3 1832-1841 Elizabeth Stewart plus transcription 2 pgs.


Family Group sheets
  1. William Everett Stewart/Elaine Jackson
  2. Willard Francis Stewart/Juantia E. Collins obit of Willard on back
  3. – Wrinkle/Betty Frances Stewart obit of Juanita Bewley, funeral cards Juanita Elizabeth Bewley, W. H. (Bud) Burks
  4. Glenn Dale Stewart/Cindy Fullerton on back Brenda Gail Wrinkle
  5. George Hejna/Wilma Lorene Stewart obits of Wilma L. Hejna, George J. Hejna on back
  6. Lloyd Page Davis/Velva Lorene Stewart Smirl on back Joe Lagaly/Shirley Jean Stewart Smirl
  7. Obits
  8. Bonnie W. Stewart, Frank Henry Stewart, Lawrence E. Stewart
  9. C. H. Schaeperkoetter, Louisa S. Schaeperkoetter (2 copies)
  10. Otis Jesse Stewart
  11. Willard Stewart 2 pgs.
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. James M. Zumwalt pgs. 717-18 History of Polk, Cedar, Dade and Barton Counties, Missouri Goodspeed 1889
  14. Shirley Kay (Stewart) Brown family story 2 pgs.
  15. Missouri Marriage Records Roy Stewart and Gladys Pitts 2 pgs.
  16. Missouri Marriage Records Tressie Eva Gallivan and Roy Stewart
  17. 1910 Census James P. Perkins 2 pgs.
  18. California Death Index Amy Ethel Stewart Brock
  19. 1930 Census Record L. Perkins 2 pgs.
  20. Texas Birth Index Mary Patricia Perkins
  21. WWI Draft Registration Card Roy Stewart 2 pgs.
  22. Washington Death Index Robert E. Franks


From Ancestry .com
  1. 1900 Census John Stewart 2 pgs.
  2. 1920 Census John W. Stewart 2 pgs.
  3. 1930 Census William C. Stewart
  4. WWI Draft Registration Cards William Columbus Stewart 2 pgs. 3 copies of 2nd pg.
  5. California Death Index Rebecca Alice Currier [Rebecca Alice Stewart] 2 copies
  6. Social Security Death Index Rebecca A. Currier
  7. California Death Index Lela Diana Reddick [Lela Diana Stewart] 2 copies
  8. Social Security Death Index Lela D. Reddick
  9. Notes on Delilah Stewart
  10. Notes on Hamilton Stewart
  11. Family group Sheet Hamilton Stewart and Elizabeth Bledsoe 2 copies
  12. Family Group Sheet Benjamin Bledsoe Stewart and ?
  13. WWI Draft Registration Card Widdie Wisdom Stewart 3 pgs.
  14. 1930 Census William Stewart 2 pgs.
  15. 1920 Census Rebecca Currier 2 pgs.
  16. 1930 Census Rebecca Currier 2 pgs.
  17. 1930 Census Harley Stewart 2 pgs.


From Ancestry .com
  1. 1880 Census William C. Stewart
  2. 1910 Census William Stewart 2 pgs. 2 copies
  3. 1910 Census Jesse T. Stewart 2 pgs.
  4. 1880 Census Jesse Thomas Stewart 2 pgs.
  5. Social Security Death Index Augustus Stewart
  6. 1880 Census Francis M. Stewart
  7. American Civil War Soldiers Joshua Stewart
  8. American Civil War Regiments 1st Cavalry MO no names
  9. 1930 Census Augustus S. Stewart 2 pgs.
  10. 1920 Census Augustus Stewart 2 pgs.
  11. 1880 Census Augustus S. Stewart 2 pgs.
  12. California Death Index Sidney Hale Stewart
  13. 1930 Census Sidney Stewart 2 pgs.
  14. 1910 Census Sidney H. Stewart [Sidney H. Steward] 2 pgs.
  15. WWI Draft Registration Card Sidney Hale Stewart 2 pgs.
  16. 1880 Census William C. Stewart 2 pgs.
  17. 1880 Census James V. Stewart 2 pgs.
  18. WWI Draft Registration Card Arvel B. Stewart 2 pgs.
  19. 1920 Census William C. Stewart, SR. 2 pgs.


  1. 1930 Census Wesley R. Hawkins
  2. WWII Army Enlistment Records Marvin E. Zumwalt
  3. WWI Draft Registration card Henry Zumwalt
  4. Obit Alta Campbell 2 copies
  5. Map of Camden, Laclede, Hickory, Dallas and Polk Counties from
  6. Family Group Sheet Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan
  7. Boone info by Jay Kirkpatrick
  8. Facts about first name Richard
  9. Olympus Cemetery 3 pgs.
  10. pgs. 280-81 History of Moniteau County 2 pgs.
  11. Marriage record John Stewart and Nancy Wainscott 2 copies
  12. Marriage record Robert Wainscott and Sarah Winningham 3 copies
  13. Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward from Wikipedia 2 pgs.
  14. Enoch Stewart info
  15. marriage record Barnet Wainscott and Aley Payne
  16. Marriage record Isaac Boon Wainscott and Sarah Payne
  17. Marriage license Ferral E. Wainscott and Roa E. Payne
  18. Marriage license Wm. T. Hood and Laura B. Stewart 2 copies
  19. Marriage license Waid Hankey and Zonia Hood 2 copies
  20. Marriage record William Wainscott and Margaret Long 2 copies


Newspaper Articles
  1. Former Area Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday Augustus (Gus) Stewart Bolivar Free Press 3 Nov 1966
  2. Augustus Stewart Celebrates 103rd Birthday Santa Paula Daily Chronicle 27 Aug 1969
  3. Gus Stewart Passes Away at 108 years of age no source cited
  4. obit A. S. (Gus) Stewart 3 copies
  5. His cake will have 106 candles August Stewart plus obit for Elva Ray Roberts Stewart no source cited
  6. SP Man Listed Among State’s 200 Oldest Augustus Shelby Stewart no source cited
  7. Gus Stewart’s 100th birthday—A Solid Week of Congratulations no source
  8. photo of Gus Stewart and 3 daughters
  9. Sidney Harold (Harley) Stewart family history Polk County Histories and Families
  10. photocopy picture Josh Stewart and Polly Stutzman
  11. Rebecca Zumwalt Stewart info
  12. Letter to Cousin from Wayne contains Stewart family info 3 copies
  13. Obit Harold Stewart
  14. News article ‘Harley’ Stewart dies following heart attack Bolivar Free Press 20 Sep 1951
  15. Nancy B. Jenkins Stewart info 2 copies
  16. "A History of the Stewart Family as I Know It" by Ernestine Stewart Kinsey July 2007 7 pgs.
  17. Francis Marrion Stewart info
  18. Obit Francis M. Stewart
  19. Death notice Mrs. Mollie Stewart Bolivar Free Press 22 Oct 1953


Military Pension File of Evan Stewart War of 1812 47 pgs.


  1. Death Certificate Willard Francis stewart
  2. Death Certificate Laura bell Stewart
  3. Death Certificate Trevia Hawkins 3 copies
  4. Death Certificate Jesse Thomas Stewart
  5. Death Certificate Francis Marion Stewart 2 copies
  6. Death certificate Henry Zumwalt
  7. Obit Mrs. Treva Pearl Hawkins 2 copies
  8. Marriage record Treva Stewart and Wesley Hawkins
  9. 1930 Census Margalene Hawkins 2 pgs.
  10. email to Roy from Shirley Brown 20 Apr 2008 concerning Zumwalt
  11. Family Group Sheet Ora Olen Stewart/Sarah Elsie Burks
  12. Family Group sheet William Everett Stewart/Elaine Jackson
  13. Family Group Sheet Willard Francis Stewart/Juanita Colling
  14. Family group Sheet George Hejna/Wilma Lorene Stewart
  15. Family Group Sheet Olin Stewart/ -- Wells
  16. Family Group Sheet Gaylord Beason/Mag Jewell Stewart
  17. Obit Melvie Ray Stewart 2 copies
  18. Newspaper article "Kinsey Mans radar sites in South Pacific" Woodrow Kinsey WWII 2 pgs. no source cited
  19. Letter to Roy from Wayne Ashlock, Wommack Monument Co. 6 May 2008 burials in Crestview Memorial Gardens Cemetery
  20. Abstracted news article Decatur County Journal 26 Nov 1896 Will of Thomas Konklin


  1. Ancestry World Tree Project Charles Burton Wainscott
  2. Ancestry World Tree Project Robert Wainscott
  3. Ancestry World Tree Project Sarah Willingham
  4. Ancestry World Tree Project Malinda Wainscott
  5. Descendent records beginning with Charles Thomas Hutcheson b. 1796 pgs. 1, 3, 5, 11, 18-21, 26, 29-31, 38, 39, 63 some duplicates
  6. transcribed copy of letter "July 11th/59" to Mrs. Zumwalt and family telling of shooting and serious wounding of Mr. Zumwalt. Second part of letter says Mr. Zumwalt died. Took place on Platt River 60 miles from Denver. Letter from John Darrow. 2 copies of the original letter included 9 pgs.
  7. Ancestry World Tree Project Jesse Zumwalt
  8. Zumwalt History Andrew Zumwalt 1 paragraph only 2 copies
  9. Wainscott family History from Polk County History and Families pgs. 358-59 2 pgs.
  10. Obit Thomas Konklin, husband of Miranda Wainscott
  11. Wainscott interments Cemetery Directory by Historical Society pg. 174
  12. Death records for Wainscotts buried in Greenwood Cemetery 4 pgs.
  13. Obit Chester Lee Wainscott 2 copies
  14. Obit Christa Jewel Wainscott
  15. Obit Sterling E. Wainscott
  16. Obit Ferrol Evans Wainscott 2 pgs.


  1. Francis M. Stewart in Confederate Civil War uniform 2 copies
  2. Harold Stewart
  3. Photocopies
  4. Columbus Joshua "Josh" Stewart, Mary "Polly" Stutzman Stewart, Nancy Catherine Stewart Lacey, Sarah Elizabeth "Bett" Stewart White/Adkins, Martha "Matt" Stewart Archer
  5. Margaret "Mag" Stewart Morrison, George Washington Stewart, Virginia "Jennie" Lee Stewart Archer, Marion Silas Stewart
  6. Josh & Polly Stewart-Maggie Morrison-Martha & Tom J. Archer, Marion Stewart age 16, James "Jim & Bett Adkins (2 photos)
  7. Josh Stewart, Maggie Stewart Morrison, Josh Stewart w/children & grandchildren on 95th birthday 3 copies
  8. Rossie Berry-Jennie Archer-Rose Crawford-Edna Berry, Rossie Crawford & Gene Berry, Sandra Crawford Cruse & Cliffie Cleon Cruise, Rossie Crawford Berry
  9. Anna "Alice" Archer Chesser 82nd birthday 1973
  10. Evan Stewart, Mary Jane Stewart Williams/Lacey, Francis Marion & Rebeckah Zumwalt Stewart, Augustus Shelby Stewart holding Wend Ward (2 gr. Granddaughter) on 100th birthday 2 copies
  11. Virginia Richardson, Kate Uffen & Theodore Hayden, Grace Stewart Warren, Maude Hayden Warren 2 copies
  12. Robert L. and Jennie Stewart Archer Family
  13. Robert Lee Archer and Jennie Lee Stewart
  14. Roy and Gladys Stewart
  15. Miranda Wainscott and Thomas James Konklin
  16. Tombstone of Joshua and Mary Stewart
  17. Stewart Gardner, John Kemp Gardner and Neva Charlene Titus Gardner
  18. Jefferson Bridge postcard 1951 2 copies
  19. Jefferson Bridge 2 copies
  20. Tombstone of Amy Ethel and Franklin Scott Brock
  21. Tombstone of Maranday Konklin 2 pgs.
  22. Polk School 1905
  23. unidentified


  1. Family Group Sheet Francis Noel Stewart and Bonnie Wave Vaughn
  2. Francis Noel Stewart info
  3. Obit Francis Noel Stewart
  4. Obit Bonnie Wave Stewart 2 copies
  5. Otis Jesse Stewart info 2 copies
  6. Evan and Nancy B. Jenkins Stewart family 3 pgs. (pgs. 8-10 unknown source)
  7. Newspaper article "1984-85 basketball season dedicated to Coach Stewart" Orlin Stewart
  8. Jesse Thomas Stewart info 2 copies
  9. Poet Ann Hutcheson Stewart info
  10. Obit Jesse Thomas Stewart
  11. Children of Jesse Thomas and Poet Ann Stewart
  12. "Local News Brevities" 1888 Uncle Evan Stewart, Ben Stewart
  13. Family Group Sheet Robert Fulton Tuckness and Elizabeth Tandy Quisenberry
  14. Family Group Sheet Willie Alice Tuckness and Danile Marion Cable 2 pgs.
  15. Family Group Sheet Josh Hoshall Cable and Etta Lee Harris
  16. History of Cable Printing Company 2 pgs.
  17. Obit Melvie Ray Stewart
  18. Funeral card Melvie R. Stewart
  19. Missouri Marriage Records Wesley Hawkins and Treva Stewart
  20. Funeral card Wesley R. Hawkins 2 copies


  1. Two emails to Roy from Ernestine Kinsey about Herbert Stewart 2 pgs.
  2. Roy’s line of descent through the Stewarts
  3. Harlene Stewart, Gary Stewart and Roy’s line of descent from Hamilton Stewart 3 pgs.
  4. Letter to Roy from Harlene 6 Feb 2001
  5. Letter to Harlene from Roy 23 June 2007
  6. Family Group Sheet Francis Marion Stewart and Rebecca Jane Zumwalt
  7. Ancestor chart Francis Marion Stewart and Rebecca Jane Zumwalt
  8. Family Group Sheet Hamilton Stewart and ---
  9. Family Group Sheet w William Thomas Hood and Laura Isabella Stewart 3 copies
  10. Family Group Sheet William Hood and Sarah E. Bishop (1st wife) 2 copies
  11. Family Group Sheet William Hood/Roda K. Palmer 2 copies
  12. cross reference not to Hood Family book pgs. 312-12
  13. Death Certificate William C. Stewart
  14. Death record Nancy B. E. Stewart 2 pgs. (copy of pgs. from book)
  15. Death Record Nancy B. E. Stewart (digital Archives record) 2 pgs.
  16. notes on Nathaniel Haggard Lacey
  17. Descendants of Josh Stewart and Polly Stutzman with handwritten corrections 7 pgs.
  18. Nancy Catherine Stewart and George Valentine Lacey Branch with corrections 9 pgs.
  19. Obit and funeral card Irene M. Carneal
  20. Pg. 342 Polk County History and Families Sterling/Stephens/Steward
  21. Death date/location Dudley Wainscott, Laurence Stewart, Samuel Stewart


  1. Kinship of Amanda M. Wainscott 31 pgs. email from Marilyn Costanza Dominy
  2. Descendants of Robert Wainscott 21 pgs. Generations 1-7


Miscellaneous Papers
  1. Cover letter accompanying collection 7 Oct 2009
  2. Plat of Greenwood Cemetery 3 copies
  3. Brief description of Jamestown, MO
  4. Google map Jamestown
  5. Stewart Kifer pictures explanation 3 pgs.
  6. Children of Timothy Stewart Kinsey and Cindy Bowers Kinsey
  7. Family of Thomas Konklin from Kirkpatrick Family website
  8. Abstracted article 28 June 1932 Picnic Dinner (copied from newspaper clipping found in family Bible) includes 3 photos of Stewarts and Zumwalts
  9. Old Polk County Court House newspaper photo
  10. Email to Roy from Pat Nitsch 10-7-09 7 pgs.


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