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July 2014


Please address all correspondence to

Ray County Genealogical Assn.
901 W. Royle St.
Richmond, MO 64085

If you feel that you have not received a timely response from us please e-mail:


Normal hours for the Genealogical Library are Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The Genealogical Library is CLOSED the second Saturday of each month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Ray County Museum is open the same days and hours.

August 23, 2014
1 P.M.
The Ray County Genealogical Association meeting scheduled for August 9th has been postponed until August 23rd when author Janet Fisher will talk about her recent book,
In this book Fisher re-creates the life of her great great grandparents from the time of their marriage near Russellville in Ray County, MO. She tells about the hardships endured during their trip across the Oregon Trail, her great great grandfather's death in a wagon accident and Martha's purchase of a farm in Oregon. This farm which Fisher now owns has been passed down through the family for over 140 years and in 2018 will be declared a Sesquicentennial Farm. Read more at


Held at the Ray County Museum.
901 W Royle
Richmond, MO

Everyone is welcomed to attend

The Genealogical Library will be closed from 1:00 pm to 2:00 p.m. that day.

- The SPRING AND SUMMER issue of
The Ray County Reflections HAS NOT been mailed.



Compiled by
Barbara Proffitt
Carol Proffitt
M. Virginia Mills

The genesis of this work was a desire to establish family relationships within the Clevenger families of Missouri. The research was begun by Barbara Proffitt (Mrs. Phil Proffitt), several years ago. She was joined in her research after a number of years, by Carol Proffitt, (Mrs. Paul Proffitt), who also was searching for her Clevenger connection; she later found two connections. Their combined researched proved early that the connections between the numerous Clevenger families in Ray County, Missouri were difficult to sort out into proven families.
In time, the direction of their research expanded from just looking for their connections, to a project embracing all Clevenger families in Ray county, Missouri and to the objective of compiling a Clevenger genealogical record. At that point in time, I was asked to help format all the discovered data into a readable accounting. My interest in the family was derived from my husband's direct line of decent from Richard Clevenger. Our combined research later revealed several other Clevenger connections for him.
Wilbur Allen of California, was asked to join the project. His gracious sharing of his vast store of genealogical information concerning the families of Ray County, Missouri has been invaluable. The Elsie Clevenger / Reuben Allen chapter is the work of Mr. Allen.
A work as extensive as this cannot hope to be perfect, either in completeness or in accuracy. Our aim has been to show what the records contain, and for this purpose we have usually indicated the source of vital entries, and have included abstracts of wills and distributions of estates as well as many land records. To have included even brief abstractions of all the records searched would have produced a book of overwhelming size. It is believed that errors in coping, and mistakes in judgment will be rare; but they cannot entirely be avoided unless a lifetime be spent on such a compilation as this.
We are well aware that not every person with a Clevenger ancestry has been located and noted. It is hoped that publication of this research will bring forward more information. We feel we have accomplished the best that could be achieved within the necessary constraints of time, cost and labor.
M. Virginia Mills
(Mrs. Jewell)
It is a pleasure to announced that the remaining books that were published by Barbara Proffitt, Carol Proffitt and M. Virginia Mills have been donated to Ray County Genealogical Association for us to sell.

This indexed, 302 page book may be ordered by sending a check or money order to:

Ray County Genealogical Association
901 W. Royle
Richmond, MO 64085

- In November we had our annual meeting. Carol Proffitt, our President since 1998 has decided for the 3rd time that she would not run for the position again. She won and will enjoy having more time to spend with family and friends and doing research for others. However, since Carol is our publication chair person she could not escape us completely !!
Burl Radar was nominated and voted into the position of President. We look forward to working with Burl. Karen Joiner was nominated and voted into the position of Secretary and position that she has held for several years.

- Gene Edson, who served as our Membership chair person for several years had announced he no longer wished to serve that position. Gene did a wonderful job for many years. Neal McCullough was asked to take Gene's postition and he agreed.

- In May Carter Rogers announced he wished to retire as our Library Chair person. To date, no one has been selected to replaced that position. Again, another dedicated board member who did a great job. Carter and his wife Bev live in Arizona and spend their summers here in Ray County. They plan on spending more time at their home in Arizona.
We will miss both Gene and Carter's presence at our board meetings. And we thank them for their loyal service !

- It is time to renew your membership for 2014. This year the editor of
Ray County Reflections hopes to get caught up and you will receive your issues in a timely manner.

- We enjoy meeting researchers who come to our Genealogical Library. Volunteers enjoy helping and when a researcher is "related" to one of us it is enjoyable to meet a distant cousin.

- If you plan on making a trip to our Genealogical Library we are always pleased when we are handed family group sheets, copies of wills, probate, land records, etc. to add to our family files.

- Monthly Genealogy Meetings are held, with the exception of May, on the second Saturday. Each meeting begins with a short business meeting to inform our members and guests what the Association has accomplished or what is in the works. This is followed by a program. We have speakers educating us in the field of genealogy or a topic that the members and guests may enjoy pertaining to Ray County history or American history. Some meetings we have a show and tell. After the program refreshments are provided. Everyone is welcome to attend. You do not need to be a member to attend our general meetings.


Ray County, Missouri Marriage Records 1850 - 1858 $10.00
Ray County, Missouri Marriage Records 1858 - 1868 $ 7.00
-Both books provide date of marriage, groom, bride, page number the record is found in the original book and who married them.
If any extra information was provided in the marriage book it is listed also.

We strongly recommend a visit to this historic building, which was opened as the County Poor Farm in 1910. Later it became the Elm Park Nursing Home and in the early 1970's, the county allowed the Ray County Historical Society to display donated items. The Ray County Museum is owned by Ray County, which funds several of the expenses for the building. The Ray County Historica l Society displays of each "theme" room, with artifacts pertaining to the history of Ray County, the United States, and ancestral artifacts of those who came before us to this county are worth the time to view. If you do not have a connection to Ray County, and you enjoy antiques a tour is worthwhile !!!

-The Genealogical Library is staffed by Board Members of the Ray County Genealogical Assn. Some who have been involved for over 15 years.

- Do you have a family web site with connections to Ray County? If you would like for us to put a link on our web site to yours please email us.

- Please help support your Genealogical or Historical society and or both in the locations that your ancestors settled. If not for them it would be hard to tell where information about your ancestors would be stored.

Note: The Ray County Genealogical Assn. does not have Internet access at the Ray County Museum where the Genealogical Library is housed. Our e-mail is monitored by me and any questions of information that needs to be researched at the Genealogical Library may take a while to be completed. If extended research is required a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope is appreciated when writing to us with a research request. Cost of copies and postage is required if information is mailed.

2013 Board Members

President - Burl Radar

Vice President - Jenne Layman

Secretary - Karen Joiner

Treasurer - Lisa Smalley

Membership - Neal McCullough

Librarian - Carter Rogers

Pioneer Certificate - Neal & Lynn McCullough

Historian - Ethel Martin

Quarterly - Lisa Smalley

Publications - Carol Proffitt

Publicity & Programs - Jenne Layman

Corresponding Secretary - Linda Emley

Email Correspondent - Lisa Smalley

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