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Missouri Historical Company, St. Louis, MO

Excerpts from this book along with names of some of the early settlers of Saline County, plus the Biographical Sketches Section

All of the Biographical Townships have been transcribed and contributed by
Vicki Piper
Our sincere THANKS to Vicki for this great addition to Saline County.

Subject matter Page

History of the Settlement and Early Settlers of Present Day Saline County

Varied Information abstracted from the 1881 History concerning early Settlements - how they lived, plus tables of early settlers in "Big Bottom", Edmonston's Bottom, Miami Bottom, Hunt's Settlement at Blackwater, Petite Osage Bottom, Pages listed in order of text on page-

pp142-144 pp153-154 
pp149-152 pp156-158 pp158-163 pp163-164 pp164-166
  pp 168-303

" The War in 1864" and " Burning of the Saline County Courthouse " **

pp 304 through 308

1881 History of Saline County Missouri Biographical Sketches.

There are 887 Biographies and they are not in alphabetical order on the pages. All show the post office of the person. Please use the *search and find* provided in your browser or browse by page numbers
ALL biographies are contributed by
Vicki Piper
who generously offered her time and skills in transcribing these pages
On behalf of all those people who will benefit, we Thank You, Vicki

Arrow Rock Township pp 535-580
Blackwater Township pp 581-585
Cambridge Township pp 585-618
Clay Township pp 618-648
Elmwood Township pp 648-674
Jeffferson Township pp 674-685
Grand Pass Township pp 685-708
Liberty Township pp 709- 718
Marshall Township pp 718-792
Miami Township pp 792-850
Salt Fork Township pp 850-857
Salt Pond Township pp 857-875