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Submitted by Barbara Jensen bjensen@greenville.INFI.NET - November 1998

My great-grandmother, Myrtle Lena FOLCK, was given an autograph book by her uncle, John G. LONG of Saline County MO, in 1879.  It has over 50 autographs with notes and poems from her friends and family, mostly from Marshall, MO but also from other towns in the area...

Some of the images are currently available for viewing (see highlighted links below).
As time permits, Barbara will scan more and they will be added.


Autograph Book
Presented to Myrtle L. Folck by her uncle John G. Long
December 25, 1879

Surnames Not Known

Surnames A - G

Surnames H - Z

Della, Marshall, MO, 12/2/1880

Ella, Eureka Springs, Ark, 9/17/1884

Emma, at school (Marshall), 3/20/1884

Effie     Lola S.     Gussie Hawpe   Willie E. Grayson

Gabie           J. W. Mc.

Katie, Marshall, MO, 3/1/1884

Lula     Katie     Vinia

Mamie B.

J.W.E., Shelbina, MO, 1/28/1883


R.B.B., Marshall, MO, 11/25/1883

T.H.G., Marshall, MO, 1/13/1884

Elsie H., St. Louis, MO

Lucy H???lin (maybe Hearslin), Brownsville, MO

L.M.J., Marshall, MO

Annie Lee McG.

F.A.R., Eureka Springs, Ark 10/18/1884

Fannie S., Marshall, MO, 10/26/1882


S.L.W.     B. Duggins     Dick

A Friend (text in German)

Alicia A. Bowe, St. Louis, MO, 9/16/1882

S. E. Bowman, Columbia, Boone County, MO
(Myrtleís great aunt)

W. L. Boyer and Rosa Boyer, Marshall, MO, 3/1/1881

Aline Braneler (maybe, itís all in French), 7/7/1881

E. L. Brotemarkle, 9/30/1880

Ella Burk, St. Louis, MO, 9/16/1882

Frank Carroll

Sue Caton, Marshall, MO, 7/26/1882

?? Cockerill, Marshall, MO, 5/25/1881

Annie E. Conway, Marshall, MO ,7/30/1880

E. E. Conway

Laura C. Crump, Marshall, MO, 2/5/1881

T. J. Davis, Lookout, MO, 10/14/1884

Estelle Dawes

Katie A. Dawes, 1/14/1881

A. C. Dicken, Kansas City, MO, 1/17/1880

Sallie Easley, 5/13/1883

Rebie L. Ehrmman (Ehmman?), Marshall, MO, 5/24

Addie Ellison, Eureka Springs, Ark, 8/20/1884

Lula Ellison, Eureka Springs, Ark, 8/20/1884

Marion Ellison, Eureka Springs, Ark

Jennie Fisher, 1881

Isabella A. (Kirby) Folck, Marshall, MO, 8/27/1882

Zula B. Folck, Marshall, MO, 5/19/1884

Celia Gibbs     Millie Campbell

Houston Grossman

Willie E. Grayson

Lillie Herald, 11/1887

Rena M. Hudson, Marshall, MO, 6/4/1880

Mrs. Ava (Ara?) W. James, Eureka Springs/Hot Springs, Ark, 6/10/1884

Albert Jurden, Moberly, MO, 8/9/1882

Annie G. K.  (Kirby), Marshall, MO, 2/11/1881

Ed F. Kirby  -  Libbie M. KirbyClara Wheeler

Mag (Kirby), Marshall, MO, 1/3/1881

J. G. Long, Marshall, MO, 1/3/1881

James E. Long, 8/8/1882

Nealie Long, Marshall, MO, 1/21/1880

Huldah Lowenstein, 1/23/1880

M. C. McGinnis

Nettie McMillan, Marshall, MO, 12/3/1880

Dedie Means, 7/7/1884

R. E. Means, Eureka Springs, Ark

Minnie F. Menager

M. K. Montgomery, Longwood, MO

Claud Oldham, Eureka Springs, Ark, 6/3/1884

Ella Osborn, Coven, KY, 7/26/1882

E. Viola Pifer, Marshall, MO, 12/31/1882

Alice Salter, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, 11/18/1885

Thos. W. Smouse, D.D.S., 3/1/1880

S. C. Stephens, Lamar, MO

Mamie E. Sparks, Marshall, MO, 6/5/1881

Lelie Tucker, Bethany, MO, 3/21/1886

Anna Tutt, 5/25

Daisy D. Walton, Butler, MO, 8/23/1881

Clara Wheeler

Jessie T.(F?) Willis, 3/23/1881

Emma Lee Woodson, Marshall, MO, 1/5/1880


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