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Francis Ervin

Ervin-Irvine Siblings
(James H., Philander & Hugh W.) 

Francis Ervin

From Augusta Co., VA to Saline County, MO

No one will ever know why Francis Ervin decided to leave Augusta County, VA to make the long journey to Saline County, MO.  But, sometime in 1837, probably after he had harvested his crops in Virginia, he left for the state of Missouri, where land was just being settled in the then sixteen year old state.

He purchased two 160 acres sections of land in Saline County, only a few miles south of the county seat of Marshall, MO on December 8, 1837.  Land could be purchased for as little as $l.25 per acre.  As he was the first owner of record for this land one must wonder where the family lived when the first arrived in the new country, in mid winter.  His land joined Henry Miller, also from Augusta Co., VA, who had been in Saline County since 1829.

Francis Ervin was enumerated in Saline County’s 1840 Census, as follows:

The other occupants of the home in 1840 are “imagined”, as only Francis was listed
Males Age 60-70 Francis Ervin (born ca 1770-1780)
Age 30-40
Age 20-30
Age U-5
Age U-5
Elisha Ervin, his 37 year old son
William Ervin, his 28 year old son
Grandson, William R., 3 yr old son of Elisha
Grandson, John C., 1 yr old son of Elisha/bride of age, sister of Matthew
Females  Age 60-70 
Age 30-40 
Age 20-30 
Margaret Blair, wife of Francis (married Augusta Co. 9 Mar 1801, dau. of John Blair)
Elizabeth, wife of Elisha (did he first marry Amanda Hunter in VA?)
Margaret, 23 year old daughter of  Francis ???

Robert Curry was enumerated next to Francis Ervin in that same census:



Age 40-50 
Age 20-30
Age 10-15 
Age 40-50
Age 20-30
Age 15-20
Robert Curry
Wife of Robert? 
A Curry is listed on the 1876 Saline County Atlas as the owner of land in Township 48, Range 21, Section 9.  His first name was not included in the record.   I did not find James or Robert in the 1850 Census of Saline Co., or in any of the other hastily checked records.

James Curry was also found in that same census:



Age 40-50
Age  5-10
Age  5-10
Age 30-40 
Age 10-15
Age  5-10 
Age  U-5
Age  U-5
James Curry
Wife of James? 
The Ervin and Curry families married, and intermarried, back in VA, in every generation, making identification if not impossible, extremely difficult.

Many of the “immigrants” from Augusta Co. settled in the counties joining Saline, while some may have returned to Virginia, or moved further West.

Francis Ervin lived in his “new home” for less than five years.  He died in Saline Co., MO in 1842, without a WILL (In testate).  He had a sizeable estate, with personal property in the amount of $7,696.60, which was settled in the Probate Court of Saline County.  Unfortunately his heirs were not named, and there is no record of the first settlement of his estate.  His probate file (in the name of Francis Irvine) indicates that he did not own land, which is obviously in error, unless he had given his land to his children prior to his death.  John B. Irvine and Elisha Ervine were appointed administrators of his estate on 15 August 1842.

Besides copies of the original land entries, placing Francis Irvine on the two plats of land there were only two other documents found regarding the settlement of his estate.  Both were in the Book J of the Saline County Land Records, yet neither mentions the land.

In Book J, page 257-8, John A Trigg, Clerk of the Circuit Count and Recorder for Saline County “certified” that the foregoing “deed” was deposited in his office on the 17th day of November 1842, being:

“Know all men by these presents that I John Bell of the County of Augusta and state of Virginia, one of the heirs at Law of  Francis Ervine late of the county of Saline and state of Missouri deceased, who died intestate do hereby and   acknowledge that I this day have had and received of and from Elisha Ervine and John Ervine administrator of the Estate of the said Francis Ervine deceased one Negro woman valued at five hundred dollars together with the sum of   five hundred and eighty one dollars in full satisfaction and payment of all such sum or sums of money share or shares purports and dividends which were due owing payable and belonging to me by any means whatsoever for or on account of any full share portion or dividend of the real and personal estate of the said Francis Ervine deceased and therefore I, the said John Bell do by these presents release acquit and forever discharge the said Elisha Ervine and Jno. Ervine their heirs Executors and administrators of and from the said share or dividend of the Estate aforesaid and of any from all actions concerning the same here by granting conveying and confirming all my right title and interest in the real and personal Estate of the said Francis Ervine deceased being one sixth part of the same unto the said Elisha Ervine and John Ervine their heirs, and assigns forever.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set hand and seal the fifteenth day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & forty two.”

There was a second document, signed by John Lockridge, also of the county of Augusta and state of Virginia, another of the heirs at law of Francis Ervine, late of the County of Saline.  In that document John Lockridge names his children; being Elisha Francis, Elizabeth Ann, Sarah Margaret, Sophia Jane, John Ewing William & James Lockridge, and identifies himself as the guardian of the then minor children.  He received the sum of one thousand and seventy five dollars “belonging to me or my said minor children by any means possible” (see actual document).  He too refers to the settlement as being one sixth part of the personal estate of Francis Ervine, deceased.

Since no provision was made for the wife of Francis Ervine is must be presumed that she preceded him in death. The 1840 census (unfortunately only the head of household is named) suggests that Francis, his oldest son Elisha, with his family, and sons William and a daughter (believed to be Margaret) traveled to Missouri together.  John B. Ervin was also in Missouri in 1840, then between the age of 30-40 (actually 32).  He had a wife, aged 20-30, and a son and daughter, both  under the age of 5 years.  He did not live near his father.  Instead his neighbor was one Joseph Huston, also from Augusta Co.,VA, who was to become a very prominent citizen of Saline County.  Huston lived then near Arrow Rock.

The following attempts to extend the family of Francis Ervin and his wife, Margaret Blair:

Elisha Ervin ?? Elijah Erwin m. Amanda Hunter, ll Nov 1830, Augusta Co., VA
b. ca 1803
d.      1885                                                                    m.  Elizabeth  ?  b. 1811 Allegheny Co., VA ??

Elisha Ervine bought land in Twp 49, Rng 21, Sec 6 in 1850 and 1853, near the land of his father.

Later his brother William also purchased nearby land. 
In 1870 one William Erwin was still living on the large section of land (see plat map) and was apparently still there in 1798.

Time and weather did not permit locating the Mt. Olive Cemetery, but there is a cemetery Sec 3 of TWP 49, that is likely the Mt. Olive Cemetery.  A Presbyterian Church is nearby, originally organized as “Old School” in 1853.
Mt. Olive may be on Cty. Rd. 306, on of very near the land where Francis Irvine first settled.

Note name is spelled differently from record to record.


William R. Ervin
b. ca 1837, VA
d.                   ?
John C. Ervin
b. ca 1839, VA
d. 30 Nov 1863, MO
Margaret J. Ervin
b. ca 1842, MO
d.                         m. J. D. Calmes
Sarah Ellen Ervin
b. 12  Dec 1844
d.  2 Aug 1906   m. Wm. B. Kincaid, on 22 Mar 1877
Anne Elizabeth Ervin
b. 12 Dec 1844
d. 17 Apr 1925   m. Isaac C Sydenstricker, on 4 Sep 1872
Mary Martha Ervin
b. 5 Aug 1847
d.  21 Dec 1863
James Robertson Ervin
b. 11 Aug 1853
d. 14 Oct 1847
Charles A, Ervin
b. 23 Jul 1850
d. 25 Nov 1963
Elizabeth Hannah Ervin
b. 1857
d. 1942

Anne Eliabeth Ervin
d.                                                                      m. John Lockridge, on 29 May 1821, Augusta Co., VA

        Elisha Francis Lockridge
        Elizabeth Ann Lockridge
        Sarah Margaret Lockridge
        Sophia Jane Lockridge
        John Ewing William Lockridge ?
Lockridge children names are from the probate file of their grandfather,
Francis Irvine .. did not have proper punctuation 

Sophia Ervin
b.       (b. ca 1806, VA)
d.  by 1850 ??                                                    m. John Bell, on 19 Apr 1927, in Augusta Co., VA

       David F. Bell,  b. ca 1832
       Elisha J. Bell,  b. ca 1834
       John B. Bell,  b. ca 1836
       William E. Bell,  b. 1838
       Alexander B. Bell,  b. 1840
       Margaret A. Bell,  b. 1842
       Hendren V. L. Bell,  b. 1844
       Samuel H. L. Bell,  b. 1847
Children from 1850 Census of Augusta Co., VA ..  was the mother already deceased?

John B. Ervin    ?? John Ervin m. Elisabeth Estill, 9 Jul 1835, Rev. John Hendren
b.  ca 1808, VA
d.                                                                      m. Eliza   ?

     Patsey M. Ervin, b. ca _____, VA
     Robert F. Ervin, b. ca 1839, VA
     Margaret D. Ervin, b. ca l840, MO
     Catherine Ervin, b. ca 1843, MO
     Chalmers Ervin, b. ca____, MO

William Ervin
b.   ca 1811, VA
d. 22 Sep 1873                                                m. Elizabeth                       ?? (b. 1819, d. l  Feb 1871, age 51y, 7m. 4d)

     Jesse F. Ervin,  b. 1842. 30 Dec 1864
     Margaret A. Ervin, b. 1846
     Elisha Ervin, b. 1849, d. 7 Aug 1854
     William L. Ervin, b. 1853 (buried Mt. Olive – date of death unknown ?)

Margaret N. Ervin(e) ?????
b. ca. 1817
d.                                                                  m. Merrit C. Scott, on 6 Aug 1845, in Saline Co., MO (his second wife)

She fits as the unidentified female with the family in l840 Census      Mary E. Scott, b. ca 1842 (of his first marriage)
     Cornelia Scott, b. ca 1845 (of his first marriage)
     Winfield Scott, b. ca 1847, MO

This extends (using misc. census, marriage and land records from Saline County, along with family group sheets prepared by the Saline County Historical Society) the family of Francis Ervin, who died in 1842.

Francis Ervin was the son of Francis Ervin (1722-1791) and Jean Curry (17__-1804), and the grandson of Edward Erwin “the immigrant” (1689-1772) and his wife, Frances Francis, early immigrants from Ireland, who settled in Augusta Co., VA by 1740.  Francis followed others from his native Augusta Co., VA to the then remote Saline Co., MO, including a nephew, Andrew Baker Davidson Ervin, son his brother William, and cousins, Philander Young , James H. and Hugh W. Irvine, whose families will be detailed elsewhere.  Additionally there seems to have been at least two other Erwin families in Saline Co., MO, who do not appear to be of the Augusta County families.  Note:  Augusta was the parent county, with Rockingham Co. formed ca 1778 …

Descendants of Francis and  Margaret Blair Ervin are probably still living in Saline Co., MO …

ERVIN-IRVINE SIBLINGS - James H. Irvine, Philander Irvine and Hugh W. Irvine …

Grandsons of Edward Ervin I, “the immigrant” and his wife, Frances Francis, through Andrew (712_-1765), Francis  (1743-1802), and Andrew Irvine (1778-____) and his wife, Mary “Polly” Houston.

The three brothers, James H., Philander and Hugh were all enumerated in the Saline County, MO census of 1840, where all three were still living in 1850, along with their families.  They had traveled west, probably in the company of other of their Shenandoah Valley neighbors in pursuit of cheap, fertile land in the new state of Missouri.

1850 Census, Saline Co., MO

Irvine, James H.   43 VA
 Elizabeth     33 VA
 Mary           11 MO
 Charles         8 MO
 Henry           6 MO
 Robert          2 MO
Irvine, Philander   41 VA
 Sarah           29 VA
 James          14 MO
 Nancy J.       12 MO
 William J.      10 MO
 Melville A.       8 MO
 Alfred F.         6 MO
Irvine, Hugh W.  38 VA
 Catherine    32 VA
 John           13 MO
 George       11 MO
 Fanny        10 MO
 Samuel        8 MO
 Milton          1 MO


Another Ervin family, who was also in the1850 Census of Saline Co., MO soon moved on to the new frontier;

Ervin, Andrew B. D  39  VA
  Eliza S.          29 VA
  Elizabeth S.    13 VA
  William A.       9 MO
  James S.        __MO
  Addison M.      3 MO
  Rebecca J.      11/12 MO

Andrew B. D. Ervin died on his way to California.  He too descends from Edward Erwin I, “the Immigrant”, and his wife, Frances Francis, through son Francis Ervin  (1722-1791) and his wife, Jane Curry, and their son,  William Ervin (1760-1817) and his wife, Margaret  “Peggy” 

Andrew B. D. Ervin was a first cousin to three other Ervins, John B., Elisha and William, all three undoubtedly sons of Francis Ervin  (1775?-1842) and Margaret Blair (his family is detailed separately).  

The earlier generations of the Ervin-Erwin-Irvine (all three spellings are used from record to record for this complex family).  The family first settled on Long Glade in the Shenandoah Valley of Augusta, Co., VA, in early 1740s.  Attempts are on-going to separate the families of the sons 
of Edward “the immigrant”, in fact to positively identify them.  The early records are sparse, and incomplete.  Earlier researchers have made assumptions regarding parentage, which passed on and on.  Whether a totally 
accurate Ervin-Erwin-Irvine lineage can ever be accomplished remains to be seen.

The families mentioned here were not the only ones of this name to settle in Saline County, MO .. whether the others were “kin” or not remains to be seen. Nearly all the early “Long Glade” families had moved away from the Shenandoah Valley  by the 1900s, settling all over the United States.  

Miami Index, Friday, Feb. 7, 1879

During the latter part of last summer Mr. P. Y. Irvine left this country, with his wife, to visit his old home in Virginia.  On Tuesday morning last his family received a Dispatch announcing his death on Sunday, February 2nd, in Rockingham county of that state.  On Tuesday evening another dispatch was received dated that morning, stating that his wife was dangerously ill.  Her sons, J. H. and A. T Irvine, in response to the message took the night train going east, and will make all possible haste to reach the bedside of their mother.  The cause of Mr. Irvine’s death has not yet been heard.  He must have died suddenly as his family had no intimation of his sickness, and supposed him to be in the enjoyment of good health.  Mr. Irvine will be remembered as one of the early settlers of this country.  He was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, August 13, 1809, where he lived until the spring of 1833 when he came to Missouri, first settling about three miles east of Miami.  He afterwards purchased a farm near Fairville on which he resided until his death.  In 1835 he was married to Miss Sarah P. Brown, daughter of Mr. William Brown who came to this country in 1832.  Mr. Irvine raised a family of ten children all of whom are now living and grown, this being the first time that death has ever broken the family circle.  He had for many years been a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church.  His distressed family have the sympathies of a multitude of friends throughout the county to whom the many good qualities of his character are so well known.

The families of John H. and Philander follow, separately. The whereabouts of the brother, Hugh Irvine, is not now known.

JAMES HUSTON IRVINE, son of Andrew Irvine and Mary “Polly” Houston, born Augusta Co., VA ca 1807,
                                                                                                           died Saline Co., MO, 20 Nov 1857, at age 50
       married, in VA:

                  Mary Elizabeth A. Clark, born Feb 1818, died 30 Mar 1884

Their family;

Mary E. Irvine
b. ca 1838
d. 14 May 1866  m. Edward S. Carpenter, on 6 Nov 1857
                Lillie A. Carpenter
                Mittie M. Carpenter

Charles Irvine
b.         ca 1842

Henry B. Irvine
b.         ca 1846

Robert Ruxton Irvine
b. 28 Jul 1848
d. 16 Nov 1935  m. Nancy Jane Shaw,  b. 26 Oct 1850, d. 4 Jan 1924, dau. of Fielding Shaw
                     Charles Jefferson Irvine
                      b. 14 Feb 1871
                      d. 28 Feb 1947  m. Nellie Van Lear Davis          /24 Jul 1919
                                                                                        Margaret Harte Irvine  m. Raymond T. King
                                                                                        Mary Jane Irvine        m.  ?            Markey
                                                                                        Alice Irvine                m.  ?            Nicholas
                                                                                        Nellie Irvine               m.  ?      Laidlaw

Belle Palmore Irvine
b.      ca11850
d.                                  m. Isreal Grant Dwyer, in 1870

William McKendra Irvine
b. 23 Mar 1853               /on 2 Jun 1881
d.   9 Jan 1890  m. Anne Withers, b. 10 Dec 1858, d. 10 Jul 1937

May be in error .. or these Withers or Irvines ??
       John Withers Irvine
       b.  8 Mar 1882
       d. 22 Nov 1974  m. Nadine Young, on 2 Nov 1911
       Samuel C. Irvine
       b.  8 Oct 1883
       d. 19 Oct 1979   m. Winifred S. Glenn, on 29 Feb 1912
       Ruth Irvine
         b. l May 1889
       d. 26 Apr 1978
       Margaret Irvine
       b.  4 Mar 1892
       d. 14 May 1977  m. Herman Leimkueller, in 1945

Information shown here found on family group sheets on file at the Public Library in Marshall, MO ..

PHILANDER YOUNG IRVINE, son of Andrew Irvine and Mary “Polly” Houston,
           born 13 Aug 1807,  Rockingham Co, VA,  died 2 Feb 1879, Rockingham Co., VA

     married, in Saline Co., MO, in 1735;

            Sarah P. Brown, b. 7 May 1818, d. 4 Feb 1889, Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Saline Co., MO., dau. of William Brown

Their children;

James H. Irvine
b.        ca 1837
d. 14 Jun 1910     m. Margaret Emma Hudson. on 9 May 1857

13 children, see his obit The Weekly Saline Citizen
Saturday, July 2, 1910, p. 5, col. 5
Son of the late P. Y. Irvine of Saline County, died at the home of his son-in-law, Rev. E. B. Chenoweth, at Barlett, Texas, on June 14th.
His remains were taken to his home in Springfield, MO. for burial.
Deceased was born and reared near Fairville, this county.  In 1857 he was married to Miss Emma Hudson, of Fairville, who with thirteen children survive the deceased.  In 1889 he moved to Kansas, but later moved to Springfield, which has since been his home.
Nancy J. Irvine
b.  ca 1839
d.   1908

William Andrew Irvine
b.         ca 1840
d.  14 Feb 1904   m. Helen Spencer Brown, on 22 Nov 1866
                                                                b.   7  Sep 1843
                                                                d.   19 Dec 1939

                              Nancy Blackburn Irvine
                              b. 13 Jun 1868
                              d. 26 Oct 1939. buried Ridge Park Cemetery
                              Ollie M. Irvine
                              b.   5  Jul 1870
                              d.. 29 Sep 1950   m. Hallie M. Rose
                              George A. Irvine
                              b.      Mar 1878
Melville B. Irvine
b.           ca 1842
d.    m. Mary Elisabeth 0Woodward

Alfred T. Irvine
b.           ca 1844

Sarah M. Irvine
b.           ca 1847  m. William E. Rock

Hugh P. Irvine
b.          ca 1850

Edward P. Irvine
b.          ca 1853
d.       Mar 1811  m. Kate      ?
(died Memphis, TN)

Arthur M. Irvine
b.         ca 1855  m. Nora      ?

Alma Palmore Irvine
b.         ca 1847  m.              ?

Information from family group sheets on file Public Library, Marshall, Saline Co., MO

Lou Pellican, April 2001

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