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Saline County Families

Lewis and Major


Photo and information provided by TOM SMITH

"This photo is of (left) Mary Jane Lewis, widow a ( and cousin) of Colonel John Murrary Lewis and Louisa Susannah(Lewis) Major, widow of John James Major."

"So far, I find no evidence that the two women had any connection other than a common maiden name and their arrival in Saline County about the same time."

"You will find the two women mentioned in the same sentence in the biography of Dr. W. B. S. Lewis, Grand Pass Township, History of Saline County." 

"This photo was probably taken in 1880, about the same time the biography was written".

Dr. W. B. S. Lewis, P. O., Blackburn. Col. John M. and Mary J. Lewis came to this county in October, 1830, from Bath county, Virginia. Their children were Jno. H., Dr. W.B.S., R. L., Mary L. (Howard), Addison, Martha E. (Mrs. Irvine), Iolia Sophia, Charles Samuel, all of whom are living in Saline, except the last, C. S., who is in California. Mrs. Mary J. Lewis and Mrs. Louisa Majors are the only survivors of the colonists, who came to this county from Virginia about the same time. Dr. W. B. S. Lewis, the second son, was born in Grand Pass township, in this county, in 1833, where he was raised and educated at the Sweet Springs and at Lexington. He studied medicine at Glasgow, and attended lectures at St. Louis medical college, where he graduated. Dr. Louis was married on the 15th of September, 1867, to Mary Ethel Lewis, who died April 29, 1880, leaving four children: Charles R., Katy C., John L. and Mary Gabrielle. John H. Lewis was in the M.S.G., at the beginning of the war, and then enlisted in company D, of Shelby’s old regiment, and acted as Marmaduke’s escort during the rest of the war. Addison Lewis was also in the escort company. E. W. Lewis came to Missouri from New Jersey in 1836, and died in 1856. Page 697-698