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Excerpts from HISTORY of SALINE COUNTY, MISSOURI, Missouri Historical Company, St. Louis, 1881

In the year 1807 a company of traders with head quarters at St. Louis, sent Captain George Sibley, of St. Charles, to establish a trading post within the present boundaries of Saline county. The site chosen, after a careful survey of the country was where the town of Arrow Rock now stands. . . Sibley had with him a clerk, an interpreter, one or two assistants, and his family. . . Upon the breaking out of the war of 1812 he returned to St. Charles or to St. Louis, and it is believed never after came to the county. Sibley's house stood on the bluff, some say up9on the present site of High street, and others say a mile north of the town. . . The first settling of Saline county was by settlements. Eligible locations were discovered, and half a dozen or more families, usually from the same district in Kentucky or Tennessee, would congregate together. p142-144

These two maps show the changes to Saline County over time
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