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Sweet Springs School

The following shows probably Sweet Springs School.  The photo was submitted by  Shirley Fulkerson O'Toole and was obtained by her while in Sweet Springs on a research trip.  According to Shirley, she does not know the lady's name that had this picture. While Shirley and her husband were at an abandoned cemetery the woman came down the road and asked who Shirley was looking for and then said she had some pictures at her house that she could copy.  The following is a list of the children in the photo:  Back row - left to right:   Marie Gerlt,  Opal Frieben,  Helen Parsons, Gladys Falk,  Viola Reinwald, Elsie Wheeland,  Jewell Wing, Margie Frieben,  Pete Lambert,  John Elliott,  Herbert Eickholz, Lorain Davis,  Paul Whitworth,  Richard Wall,  Harry Lemke, J.C. Dillon. Third Row - left to right:  Leo Henley,  Addison Lenscott,
 Ervin Schrankler,  ??????,  Hubert Smith, Harold Hitsman,  Everett Lynch,  Vernie Haggard,  Dedie Lear, Kathryn Berry,  Ollie Gerlt, Marjorie Lynch,  Cleora Yessen,  Gertrude Hamm,  Fern Vogelsmeyer, Esther Reinwald,  Ruby Wing. Second Row - left to right:  Wilma Heisner, Gwendolyn Weber, Elsie Williams (?),  Mary Doris Smith,  Anna Harvey,  Evelyn Pearl Weber,  Ida Witcher,  Francis Highley (?),  Maude Highley,  Helen Huston, Elizabeth Smith, Front Row - left to right:  Elmer Herman,  Roy Falk,  Raymond Wallhousen,  Russel Berry,  Glennen Bartles,  Owen Highbarger,  Clarence English, ??? Linzie.

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