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Schools in Saline County

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Northwest Elementary in Marshall. 
Contributed by Brian Zahn

First grade class (1934-1935)
The teacher is Miss Lena Moore.
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The children are identified L-R as follows:

Back row: Bobby Vermillion, Frankie Coffey, Parrish Pollard, Jack Gordon, Lester Noland, E. W. Banks, Robert Volrath, George H-mmer, Harold Collins, Miss Lena Moore

Middle row:  Leonard Ellis, Bob Zahn, Junior Clements, George Ilnand?, Clarence Whalen, James Hopkins, Bobbie Masters, Kenneth Cross, Bobbie Dunsay?, Tom Ballew

Front row:  Doris Johnson, Thelma Jean Chambers, Betty Jean Gibson, Mary Dugan, Dessie Noland, Mary Parsley, Katherine Wells, Irene Hicks, Wanda ???, Frances Bodenstal

( The boys out numbered the girls two to one)
(Notice the same hair-styles on most of the girls)