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St. Clair County Missouri



Washington Township


Taken from Church Records:
History of Brush Creek Baptist Church 1887-1987

On March 22, 1987, a council met consisting of Elder J. M. Freeman of Macedonia Church,
Elder W. F. Shackleford of Roscoe Church, (Then Missionary of St. Clair County Association),
Elder J. W. Cline of Concord Church, Elder P.W. Powell and Bro. Mayfield. Visiting Brethren: Deacons, J. D. Glinn of Coon Creek Church, John Higgins, Bro. J. C. Capps, William Strain
and Bro. Dikes of Mt. Enon Church (with other brethren and sisters), Deacon M.P. Pace
and others of Ashworth Church.

After singing and prayers, a sermon was preached by J. M. Freeman. The council then organized
by choosing J. D. Glinn, Chairman and W. F. Shackleford as clerk.

After considering the propriety of constructing a Baptist Church at the Witt School House in Washington Township of St. Clair County, Missouri, sixteen brothers and sisters presented
themselves on their letters and by relation and on promise of letters.

The church covenant, articles of faith and rules of order were read and adopted after which the
council, by vote, organized as a Baptist Church.

Opportunity was then given for the reception of candidates by baptism when five presented
themselves by their experience: Mary C. Ellerman, Mary Ellerman, Garrett Ellerman,
Francis Branson and Fannie Renison..

Names of those that went into the organization:

Deacon John Renison, by letter from Ashworth Church
Ann Renison, by letter from Ashworth Church
John D. DeShazo, by letter from Mt. Enon Church
Martha DeShazo, by letter from Mt. Enon Church
Lenora Ellerman, by letter from Mt. Enon Church
Eliza Branson, joined by letter from Mt. Enon Church later George Branson Forest Woody,
Rena Roberts Thomas Bristoe Mahala Bristoe William Capps, by letter from Coon Creek
Church Rebecca Capps, by letter from Coon Creek Church W. M. Clay, by relation, Nancy Clay,
by relation.

First pastor was Bro. W. F. Shackleford from 1887 to his resignation in 1892 when
Elder W. S. Birdsong was chosen pastor. Through the following years, many other pastors
filled the pulpit, including:

G. L. Hanson, T. J. Casey, T. M. S. Mead, I. N. Pace,
J. M. Freeman, James N. Jeffries, W. F. Pace,
C. A. Wynes, C. J. Bybee,
Granvill Budd, Ed Elliott, Amos Jackson,
Marshall Henderson, Clyde Bough, Otis Turner,
Leo Keller, Everett Smith

On February 7, 1932, the Brush Creek Building built in 1910 burned down.
A committee was chosen to get an estimate on a new building, consisting of J. W. Thompson,
Roy Burton and Frank DeShazo.

The new building was finished and dedicated in July, 1932.

Contributed by Eleanor Jones

According to the St. Clair County Cemetery Book,
St. Clair Co. Historical Society, Brush Creek Baptist was established in 1887.