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St. Clair County Missouri




The old church building was an important part of the Chalk Level Community, located
1/4 mile North of the Chalk Level Store and Post office.

After many of the older members had passed away and younger ones moved from the area,
the church doors were closed. The old building was sold and moved to a neighboring farm.

Minutes of Session, Feb. 7th 1869

We the undersigned members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church desiring the means of
Grace and the ordinances of the Church. Do agree to unite ourselves into a congregation to be
known as the Chalk Level congregation of the C.P. Church. And we do further agree to support
the Gospel as God may prosper us.
Names of members:

Mary J. McBride, Mary M. Parks, Sarah Schoonover,
George Schoonover, Polly Estest, Elizabeth Estest,
George Estest, Andrew J. Estest,
C.J. Barr, Martha A. Borr, Sarah A.E. Barr,
Sophronia G. Kirkpatrick, Nancy J. Knight,
Martha E. Hendrix, Susan F. Kerr, Sarah A. Parker,
Mary E. ____, Martha A. Cline,
Almeda Hoover, John Menases, Martha S. Winchester,
George W. Cline, John C. Maddock
Mary C. Knight, Phila E. Parks, James A. Walker,
Mary E. Walker, Martha J. Walker,
Dicy A. Rease, Malvina Walker, Jane E. Odom,
Mrs. Jane Green, James W. Gilbert, Julia Gilbert,
John A. Robinson, James M. Richmond,
Hannah Hinkle, Sara P.E. Davis, Jesse S. Humphries,
Wingfield T. Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth Cline

Whereupon the church elected James W. Gilbert and James M. Richmond ___ Eldors
in this congregation and James W. Gilbert being present was duly ordained.

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Submitted by: Mary Zeiler