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Concord Baptist Church
Southwest Lowry City

Partial history taken from Lowry City Centennial Book 1871-1971:

The people of the community met at Barnett School house on February 25, 1872 for the purpose
of organizing a Baptist Church. This organization was under the leadership of R.D. Lawler
and Deacon M.D. Dunning. The organization consisted of 14 charter members as follows:
William L. Walton, E.S. Walton, C.B. Wilkinson, S.S. Wilkinson, T.E. Wilkinson, J.B. Bell,
L.L. Bell, S.E. Wilkinson, M.C. Wilkinson, J.A. Mahan, J.W. Cline, M.J. Wilkinson,
Nancy Baker and Wm. H. Baker.

At the March meeting a majority of the members decided they would call the church Concord.
R.D. Lawler was chosen as the first pastor and A.B. Walton church clerk, T.E. Wilkinson,
church treasurer.

In July 1872, the church asked for admission into the Tebo Baptist Association and sent
four messengers to represent the church. On November 23, 1872 the first building committee was appointed. On October 25, 1879 the subject of building a church was taken up and discussed.
A special meeting was called on October 29, 1879. It was voted to locate the church on the
southwest corner of T.E. Wilkinsonís farm. On March 20, 1880 the subject of building a
church was taken up anew. In April 1882 the church rescinded the act of selecting a church
site two years before and made another selection more suitable for the building. The site
selected was on the Tandy Bourland farm.

In February 1882 the church granted 13 members letters of dismission for the purpose of
organizing a new church at Lowry City.

Concord Church was dedicated July 27, 1883. Elder J.W. Williams preached the dedication
sermon. J.W. Freeman offered the prayer and J.B. Murphy delivered the charge to the church.

Submitted by: Mary Zeiler