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St. Clair County Missouri



Quincy, Benton Co., Mo.

Centennial Booklet, provided by Joseph Scott

History of Hopewell Baptist Church (partial)
On January 31, 1876, a group of Baptists gathered at the home of Sister Mary J. Stewart
in Benton County for the purpose of organizing a church. After preaching by Bro. Peter Brown,
a council was formed. Bro. Brown was appointed as Moderator and Bro. L. H. Myers as clerk.

The church covenant, as published in the Central Baptist, was read and adopted.
Church officers elected were:
Rev. W. P. Wright, Pastor, Phillip H. Lacy, Moderator, L. H. Myers, Clerk, Ed Warren,
B. C. Hall, R. S. Kendrick and L. H. Myers, Deacons.

Hopewell was the name chosen for the new church of eighteen members.

Church services were held at the Union School House for the first four months, then the
meeting place was changed to the Harper Prairie School House in St. Clair County.

In 1879 the membership had grown from eighteen to eighty. A building committee was
appointed to superintend the building of a house of worship. The committee:
SS. Iiams, Ed Warren, w. Zack Davis, F. L. Feaster, W. G. Matthews and Dr. Josiah Childers.

They purchased two acres of ground in the Southwest corner of Benton County and drafted
a plan for the building to be 40 ft long by 26 feet wide by 13 feet from floor to ceiling.
The first meeting held in this new church on the Saturday before the third Sunday in March, 1880.

On August 5, 1960 the church voted to build another new building.
First worship service in this building was on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1961.