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St. Clair County Missouri



Osceola Township

History of Henry and St. Clair Counties, 1883

M.E. Church.
After the close of the war, in 1865, this church was organized with Thomas M. Johnson,
Mrs. Anna Johnson, E.J. Smith, Dr. D.C. McNiel, William W. Johnson, Mary Gardner,
E.M. Westfall, Susan Reese, G.H. Whitaker and wife, L.N. Davis and wife, Pauline J.
Landes, John Stockman, Mary J. Landes, Bidkah Jones and wife, George Outhwaight and
wife, and Mary F. and Susan A. Outhwaight as its original members.

The present membership is forty, and the pastors have officiated in the order given here:
Rev. D.C. McNiel, Rev. A.R. Nichols, Rev. Gascorn, Rev. A.Y. Graham, Rev. F.M.W.
Smith, Rev. C.H. Wooley nd Rev. E.J. Hunt. The Rev. C.H. Wooley died in the third
year of his pastorate, and on April 28, 1879.

They erected a very handsome frame church at a cost of $2,500, but teh year was not stated.

The Sabbath School has about 100 pupils, a union school and about equally divided, under
the superintendency of Levi A. Mentzer, and is in a very flourishing condition under his
able management. The pastors have been earnest and efficient in the discharge of their

The ladies of the church purchased two lots, paying $225 each, through their own
exertions, and deserve credit for their unselfish work.