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St. Clair County Missouri



May 2009 - submitted by Mary Zeiler

Osceola, Mo.

Partial History from St. Clair County Library Files:

This church was organized by Elder W. J. Burge, of Henry County, in 1871.
There were sixty charter members.

At time this history was written, the church owned a frame building.


From St. Clair County Library files, Durl Barnett collection:

Meetings in the Davis and Yates homes were addressed by Dr. Elam, probably before the
Civil War. Among the 60 names of Osceola Disciples in 1871 were: Dr. Hamilton and wife,
Mrs. Sutherland, J.R. Johnson and wife, Jas. M. Pugh and W.W. Warren.

Elder Wm. Burge organized them. Mr. Warren was pastor most of the time. In 1883 when
there were 30 members, John W. Randall assisted
Mr. Warren in the meeting of 1885 while the congregation was still using the court house.

A neat church house was completed in 1889. They built a parsonage in 1905 but it was
later sold because of indebtedness. In 1917 another
parsonage was purchased. They bought a piano in 1913 and a furnace in 1920.


History of St. Clair County, Mo., 1883:

Christian Church. - This church was organized in 1871, by Elder W.J. Burge, of Henry County, with sixty members, the following
names only being given: Dr. Hamilton and wife, Mrs. Sutherland, James R. Johnston and wife, James M. Pugh and W.W. Warren.
Since its organization Elder Warren has been its pastor. Its members now number thirty.

Submitted by Mary Zeiler