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St. Clair County Missouri




Early history from Lowry City Centennial Book 1871-1971:

Guilford B. Park, clerk of the church through 1869, recorded the events during a three-day
meeting with seven sermons.

“Third Lord’s Day in August in the year of our Lord 1868 at the schoolhouse near the
residence of Guilford B. Park in St. Clair County, Missouri, Elder F.M. Stratton of the Christian
Church organized a congregation composed of the following named disciples: Elizabeth Trigg,
Jas. Aarvis, Robert L. Bybee, Elizabeth Cross, Rachel Emily Sutton, Overton Park, Ellen Park,
Chilion Loveless, Sam’l. L. Evans, Margaret Ann Evans, Jane Park and Guilford B. Park.”

Selected for Bishops were: Overton Park and Tobias Park. Selected for Deacons were James Arvis
and Chilion Lovelace. These were set apart by Elder Stratton.

In early records, the church was called Park’s Grove Church of Christ. The members were
always called Disciples of Christ. Since the late 1890s or early 1900s the church has been
called the Park Grove Christian Church.

In 1885, G.B. and Hanna Park deeded an acre of land for the church and construction of the
church building was begun.

The Park Grove Church was modernized in 1960 by J.B. Allen and E.O. Jones.

Submitted by: Mary Zeiler