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St. Clair County Missouri



Pleasant Springs Baptist Church
Roscoe Township

History of Henry and St. Clair Counties, 1883:

Pleasant Springs Baptist Church was organized in 1847, on section 14, some three miles west
of Roscoe village. The names are not all given of the original members, but those who
joined in organizing the church were: O. Smith, B.T. Morris and wife, Snoden T. Morris and
Nancy Morris. Its church building was erected in 1860, but was destroyed during the Civil War
and was not rebuilt.

Pastors were: Revs. O. Smith, John Ford, J.B. Box, John C. Brasher, John T. Metcalf,
Harvey Smith, Elder Birdsong and W.B. Belisle.


J.T. Metcalf, 1866-67

J.C. Breshears, 1867

J.T. Metcalf, 1869

James Freeman, 1870

J. Birdsong, 1871-72

Harvey Smith, 1873

W.B. Belisle, 1874-76

Calvin Wares, 1877

Records lost 1878-1881

J.T. Metcalf, 1882-83

J.C. Breshears, 1884

James Freeman, 1885

J.T. Metcalf, 1886-87

W.F. Shackford, 1888

R.W. Hudson, 1889-91

J.M. Hawkins, 1893

R.W. Hudson, 1894-95

Wm. Love, 1896-97

J.F. Tucker, 1898-99

W.S. Birdsong, 1900-04

J.K. Tinsley, 1905-08

Ben Zener, 1909

W.T. Atwood, 1910-11

F. Casey, 1912

H.W. Eversole, 1913-20

A. Weaver, 1921

Leland Newman, 1921-23

Ike Shurley, 1924-26

McClain, 1927

Joe Leith, 1928-29

Walter Martin, 1930-33

H. Mustain, 1934

D.D. Talley, 1935-37

Kenneth Nichols, 1938

J.C. Bybee, 1939

Walter Martin, 1940-42

Ed Elliott, 1943-44

Dude Pace, 1945-46

Elmer Wright, 1947-49

Joe Leedy, 1950-52

Virgil Wells, 1953-54

Amos Jackson, 1955

Wes Cox, 1956-59

Joe Leedy, 1961

John C. Moore, 1962-63

Lytle E. Barnett, 192-63

Amos Jackson, 1964-72

Submitted by Mary Zeiler