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St. Clair County Missouri



Submitted by Mary Zeiler


Early History from St. Clair County Library Records (condensed):

The Tiffin Baptist Church was organized as a part of a Union Church in 1882. The Union
Church continued for about ten years.

A meeting was held on December 7, 1883 at the post office (which was in the general store owned
by Gideon Pape) the purpose of which was to begin work on the measures necessary for
said project. It was proposed to be a non-secretarian meeting house at the following location:
The SW corner of Sec 18, Township 47, Range 27.

This is the location of “Old Tiffin” known in later years as Pape.
Trustees were elected who would be in control of the grounds and house and they were to
consider establishing a cemetery. The agreement stated: The house shall be open to preaching
to all denominations or to Sunday School, singing or any other public meetings as the trustees
may see fit to be held in the house.

After about ten years, the Baptists, comprised of the following eleven members moved to the
present location and built a new church building; thus the Tiffin Baptist Church had its beginning
n the year of 1892.

The eleven members were:

Robert Evans and wife
E.C. McLain and wife
J. P. Skillman and wife
Griffin Thomas and wife
Thomas Evans
Jemina Chambers
Zerielda Zener

The original building became the Pape Christian Church.

Submitted by: Mary Zeiler