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St. Clair County Missouri




Valley Center Church, June 2009. Submitted by Mary Zeiler

Then and now

Valley Center Church, June 2009. Submitted by Mary Zeiler


Valley Center United Church of Christ
Deepwater, Missouri

Early history from Lowry City Centennial Book 1871-1971:

Several families first attended services at Finey Reformed church in Henry County, then later
at the County Line Schoolhouse where Rev. John Knierim was Pastor.

Sunday School and Church services were held in homes in this community from 1873 to 1879.

The German Valley (Valley Center) school house was built in 1879. It served as a meeting
place until the first church was built.

The first constitution was written March 26, 1882. It was signed by Isaac Neuenschwander,
Carl Weichmann, Fritz Hoefer and John Speiss.

The first Church building, under the supervision of Mr. Bryan of Deepwater, Missouri and
assisted by P.A. Neuenschwander, was started in 1896 and dedicated April 4, 1892.
The Incorporated Church organization, with its name, location, officers, and its general purpose,
was drawn up May 7, 1897. The corporate name was “The First German Reformed Hebron Church” of St. Clair County, Missouri. The first officers of the organization were: President,
Rev. John Knierim; Secretary, P.A. Neuenschwander; Treasurer, Henry Haverland;
Trustees, P.A. Neuenschwander, Ulrich Kobelt and Henry Haverland.

On April 16, 1916 a tornado leveled the church and school buildings. A new Church was started
that fall using all of the reusable material from the old church. In 1951, the men of the Church
dug a full sized basement under the Church and a new heating system was installed.

Submitted by: Mary Zeiler