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St. Clair County Missouri



History and Photo from St. Clair County Library Files


The first Vista Methodist Church was built in 1897. It was a little frame building 28 feet wide and
40 feet long. This building cost less than $1000.

Mrs. Sam Landis had a vision of this little church built on a hill over looking the town of Vista.
She went from house to house, over the countryside, riding old Morgan, the family horse.
She asked for donations and would accept money, eggs, chickens, butter or anything she could exchange for money.

In 1897, this little church was dedicated. Church services were held once a month on Sunday
afternoon. People walked, came in buggies, wagons and on horseback. An old book was found
showing that one sunday the attendance was 48 and the collection was 54 cents.

The Church building became too small for the needs of the people. In 1952, a full basement was
built and in 1960 a new church was built. The first worship service was held there March 5, 1961. October 22, 1962 the debt was paid and dedication was March 31, 1962.