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St. Clair County Missouri



Osceola, Missouri

From Church records:

Church History – In the spring of 1939, Rev. Everett Kelly of Eldorado Springs, Missouri
came to Osceola to conduct services on the courthouse lawn. They were joined by some
Pentecostal folk from Monegaw Springs who became strong supporters of the work in Osceola.
Tent revival services were held on a corner lot owned by a local doctor. Later, in the fall,
the group was given permission to use the Presbyterian Church. Rev. Albert Pettit came and
revival services continued. Some local persons attending those meetings were Fern Zeiler,
the Luckey family, Emmett Sheets, Hazel Walker, and Della Harmon.

In the spring of 1940 a brush arbor was erected and services were held all summer.
Before the Kellys left, in the fall of 1940, Doctor Teagarden gave the lot where the brush
arbor was built, to the church.

The first building was erected by Rev. Robert Oney 1940-1941. Following him were
Rev. George Young, Rev. John Plantenburg, and Rev. James Dunn. Rev. Joe Miller
pastured the church from 1944 to 1950, during which time the parsonage was built. It was during
Rev. Olin Brown’s pastorate 1950-1956, the first building was torn down and a second building constructed.
Other pastors after that were Rev. Robert Tourville, Rev. Vern Stoughton,
Rev. C.R. Hampton, Rev. Charles Reed, Rev. Gene Petty, Rev. Malden Holden,
Rev. Robert Sandfort, Rev. Marshall Lackrone, and Rev. Steve Patterson.

The second building was totally destroyed by fire in October 1977. The congregation began
immediately to make plans to rebuild, under the leadership of Rev. Steve Patterson, who was
pastor at the time. Negotiations were made with contractor and architect and ground breaking ceremonies took place in
March 1978, on property so graciously given by Bro. and Sis. Kenneth Scott.

As we see from this brief history, many pastors have come and gone. In February 1979,
we again saw a change, and Rev. and Mrs. Robert Cooper came to accept the double
challenge of Shepherding a flock and completing a building program. The building is complete.
The shepherding continues under the guidance of Pastor Cooper.

Submitted by Richard Sunderwirth