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St. Clair County
Remnants Of The Past

Various Lodges existing in St. Clair Co., MO

History of St. Clair County, 1883

Appleton City Lodge, No. 412, A.F. and A.M.

Lodge No. 412 A.F. and A.M. was organized May 26, 1876, and elected the following
as its first officers: J.C. McFarland, W.M.; James Hodkins, S.W.; R.H. Long, J.W.;
C.D. Clark, Secretary. Its present officerrs are: C.O. Hedrick, W.M.; H.W. Grantley, S.W.;
A.H. Butler, J.W.; Joseph Klein, Secretary.
The lodge is in good condition, financially and otherwise, and numbers at this time 59 members.

Encampment No. 86, I.O.O.F.

Charter was granted May 23, 1879. The following are its present officers:
John F. Rooll, C.P.; George Markey, H.P.; Samuel Drake, S.W.; Thomas Streiff,
Treasurer; J.W. Wakeman, S.

GEM Lodge, No. 155, A.O.U.W.

This lodge was instituted by W.R. Sheen, D.D.G.M.W., August 29, 1879. Drs. D.C. McNeil and
N.P. Wright were appointed as medical examiners.
The charter members were Robert Latz, Oscar Q. McNeil, W.W. Warren, Jacob H. Donovan,
W.M. Cox, James H. Linney, A.S. Stewart, L. Conants, N.P. Wright, Francis P. Daniels and
Joseph P. Landes.
The first officers were: Robert Latz, M.W.; W.W. Warren, P.M.W.; Jacob Donovan, G.F.;
A.S. Stewart, O.; F.P. Daniels, G.; Oscar Q. McNeil, R.; L. Conant, Fin.; Joseph P. Landes,
Receiver; W.M. Cox, I.W.; N.P. Wright, O.W.; N.P. Wright, Examining Surgeon.
Number of members, 37. Two members have died within thirty days, and their families
received their beneficiary of $2,000.
The present officers are: T.H. Wright, P.M.W.; J. Wade Gardner, M.W.; W.O. Mead, G.F.;
W.C. Holsapple, O.; O.Q. McNeil, Recorder; Jacob H. Donovan, G.; D.D.K. Holly, Fin.;
Joseph L. English, Receiver; L. Samuels, I.W.; Charles Gaubatz, O.W.; John Seevers,
Med. Ex.
The lodge is in a flourishing condition and contemplate the erection of a hall the present year.

George Frank Gouley Chapter, R.A.M.

George Frank Gouley Chapter, R.A.M., was organized January 14, 1876. The first officers
were:  W.H. Stone, H.P.; S.S. Burdett, K.; A.F. Wyckoff, S.; T.B. Sutherland, Treasurer;
Edwin Mason, Secretary; J.C. McFarlane, C.H.; A.M. Ferguson, P.S.; R.C. Neeley, R.A.C.;
W.F. McCalley, G.M. 3d Vail; Christopher Shoe, G.M. 2d Vail; W.E. Shelton, G.M. 1st Vail;
William M. Prier, Guard.
The present officers are: W.H. Stone, H.P.; H.W. Grantley, K.; N.S. Gardner, S.; C. Shoe,
Treasurer; Joseph Klein, Secretary; A. Naylor, C.H.; William F. McCalley, P.S.; Ezra
Clark, R.A.C.; A.H. Butler, G.M. 3d Vail; F. Hoffstrom, G.M. 2d Vail; J.C. McFarlane,
G.M. 1st Vail; William M. Prier, Guard. Number of members, 35.

HOREB Chapter No. 47, R.A.M.

HOREB Chapter No. 47, R.A.M., Osceola, Missouri, was organized April 3, 1868, under
dispensation, and instituted by Dr. D.C. McNeil, P.H.P., by authority of G.H.P. of Missouri.
The following were the officers and members: E.P. Bartlett, M.E.H.P.; T.B. Sutherland, E.K.;
J.W. Gardner, E.S.; S.S. Burdett, C.H.; W.D. Grayham, P.S.; Elias Disney, R.A.C.; J.H.
Thomas, M. 3d V.; W.M. Cox, M. 2d V.; J.P. Landes, M. 1st V.; W.O. Mead, Secretary;
B.L. Dawson, Guard. Since this chapter has been formed, two others have been formed.

Lodge No. 366, I.O.O.F.

Charter was granted May 19, 1877, and was instituted by George McKeen, of St. Louis,
Missouri, with the following charter members: G.H. Whitaker, N.G.; Thomas Streiff,
Secretary, W.O. Mead, T.
The present officers are: G.W. John, N.G.; V.W. Pyatt, V.G.; J.W. Wakeman, Secretary;
Jasper Talbot, P.S.; J.W. Wakeman, Treasurer; Thomas Streiff, R.S.; W.R. Vannice, L.S.;
J.B. Nuckles, W.; E.M. Pyle, C.; George Markey, R.S.S.; J.B. Egger, L.S.S.
Amount paid for charitable purposes, $1,000; cash on hand, in bonds and securities and
paraphernalia, $1,100. Present membership, fifty-six.

Minehaha Lodge, No. 411, I.O.G.T.

Lodge, No. 411 was organized April 26, 1880, by Elder Daniel K. Shields, with sixty
charter members. Its first officers were: N.B. McNemer, L.D.; Dr. W.E. Shelton,
W.C.T.; Nettie Tuttle, W.V.T.; C.O. Hedrick, C.; F.H. Miller, R.S.; Anna Donohue, A.S.;
Sarah Adams, F.S.; A.D. Foreman, Treasurer; James Wakeman, M.; I.L. King, D.M.;
W.B. Teller, I.S.G.; Anna Vannice, O.S.G.; Mrs. H.C. Sloss, R.H.S.; Mrs. Fannie Neeley,
Its present officers, February 1, 1883, are: Dr. M.B. Kinchelo, L.D.; J.A. Moor, W.C.T.;
Retta Adams, W.V.T.; Rev. T.G. Wood, C.; O.C. Beach, R.S.; Mollie Wolverton, A.S.;
Angie Garner, F.S.; E.H. Adams, Treasurer; Theodore Morgan, M.; Lillie Wood, D.M.;
Etta Ingalls, I.S.G.; H.B. Johns, O.S.G.; Eddie Allen, R.H.S.; C. Clark, L.H.S.
The present membership is seventy and their meetings are held weekly.

Osceola Lodge No. 65, I.O.O.F.

Osceola Lodge No. 65, I.O.O.F. was first instituted October 21, 1853. Its hall and papers were
destroyed by fire in 1861, when Osceola was burned and the charter reclaimed July 2, 1867.
The charter members were Lawrence Lewis, W.B. Murray, John J. Scott, William M. Cox,
William H. Scobey, Francis M. Coe.
The first officers were: John J. Scott, N.G.; William H. Scobey, V.G.; William M. Cox,
Secretary; and L. Lewis, Treasurer.
The present membership is thirty, and the officers are: W.C. Holsapple, N.G.; John Severs, V.G.;
W.A. Daniels, Secretary; and Joseph L. English, Treasurer.

St. Clair Lodge, No. 104, A.O.U.W.

Lodge No. 104 was organized February 6, 1879, with the following as charter members and
first officers: Joseph Reid, P.M.W.; N.S. Gardner, M.W.; L.A. Williams, O.; C.F. Myers,
Recorder; W.E. Shelton, F.; John F. Boyd, R.; D.E. Wyckoff, G.; M.E. Witter, G.F.;
William Vannice, I.W.; Geo. Markey, O.W.; Dr. W.E. Shelton, M.E.
It numbers at present over fifty members, has had but two deaths since its organization and
is in fine financial condition.
The present officers are:  E. Krom, M.W.; A.E. Page, P.M.W.; E.M. Pyle, Recorder; W.D.
Clark, R.; E.M. Pyle, F.; L.A. Williams, O.; R.L. Booth, G.F.; James Wyckoff, G.;
A. Black, O.W.; Joseph Reid, I.W.; Dr. W.E. Shelton, M.E.