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Located in Speedwell Township


From St. Clair County Library Files:
The original town of Tiffin was at the confluence of Little Clear Creek and Big Clear Creek, several miles north of the present town of Tiffin.
From the “History of Henry and St. Clair Counties we learned that Tiffin was the only village and post office in Speedwell Township.
At that time, Clear Creek was a large stream and there was a mill known as Pape’s Mill owned by Gideon Pape. He owned the land and put up the first store in 1876. In July 1876 the first post office in Speedwell Township was established and Gideon Pape was Postmaster. Old Tiffin later became known as Pape.


Missouri Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1881:
Tiffin – On Clear Creek, in Speedwell Township, St. Clair County, twenty miles south west of Osceola (county seat court house), and ten east of Schell City, its shipping point on the M.K. & T. Ry. (Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway). Population, 35. Mail stage to Schell City and Roscoe
tri-weekly; fare 50 cents to either. Gideon Pape, postmaster.


History of St. Clair Co., Missouri 1883:
Pape, earlier known as Pape’s Mill, Gordon Pape owned the land on Clear Creek near Tiffin, and put up the first store in connection with the mill in 1876. In July of the same year, the first post office in Speedwell Township was established, with Gideon Pape as post master, keeping the place at his store. The town was surveyed and platted in April 1878 by Ralph C. Bowler, county surveyor.