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Missouri History Encyclopedia, 1901:
Sac River has its beginning in the East Fork, which rises in Green County, and the West Fork in Lawrence County, uniting in one stream which flows one hundred fifty miles through Cedar and St. Clair Counties into the Osage.


Missouri History Encyclopedia, 1901:
The Osage River enters the central west and flows eastwardly to Osceola and thence to the northeast. Its principal tributary is Sac River, which enters the county near the central south and discharges into the Osage near Osceola. The Osage receives Big Monegaw Creek from the northwest, the Peshaw, or Big Clear Creek from the south west, and Little Weaubleau Creek from the southeast. Coon and Brush Creeks flow into Sac River from the southeast. There are numerous fine springs, the most noted of which are the Monegaw Springs.