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Coon Creek - Settlement

Location: Allenís Prairie, Doyal Township


History of St. Clair Co., pp. 1052, 1053:

Coon Creek Settlement, Doyal Township: Allen's Prairie - Mr. Reuben S. Nance, the first surveyor of the county came in the spring of 1835. He started the second or third store in the county, whether before Calvin
Waldo's (q.v.) or not, is hard to say. Waldo was in full blast in June, 1836, and Nance purchased two bills of goods in St. Louis, one on April 4, 1836, and one on April 5, the following day, and he opened a store on Coon Creek on the arrival of these goods. The time of arrival is not known ... Clary (not otherwise identified) clerked for him the same year, for in November, 1836, Clardy went to St. Louis, and there settled or paid all of Nance's purchases up to that date. In 1837 it became Nancy & Clardy, and continued until 1839. Nancy settled on Section 34. John Goots started a horse mill about a mile from Coon Creek, on Section 20, soon after he came.


St. Clair county History, pages 1052, 1053:

COON CREEK SETTLEMENT - In the Coon Creek Settlement were Joseph Ebenezer, William Gash and Thomas Piper in 1834. Joseph Culbertson in 1835. F. Delozier, wife and three children in 1834. Joe Culbertson settled on section 15 and Thomas Piper on section 26. Daniel Brandt, Ben Sams and Nicholas Miner. Brandt settled on section 32. Burdet on same section. William Culbertson on section 33. Nance first on section 28 and others on section 32. John Culbertson on section 27, the latter, however, did not come until 1837 and his father, William, came with him.
The Culbertsons came from Marion County, Missouri. John Goots came in 1837 and made section 20 his home. James Gardner, from Virginia, settled on section 29 in 1838. William Gash first settled on section 36 and remained one year. He, then, settled on section ?? in 1834. It was on this section that the first county and circuit court was held in St. Clair County. The Waldos settled on Sac river. James A Eads and Filmore Thompson came in 1840, the former settling on section 17 and the latter on 30.
These were the early settlers of Doyal Township and quite a number of them have made history.