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Doyal Township

History of St. Clair County, Missouri, 1883:
Doyal Township is the creation of the new organization law of 1872, but its territory has been there all the time. It is in fact about the oldest settled township in the county, and can date back to 1832 and 1833. The first election ever held in St. Clair County was held in this township on October 24, 1835, and was for a justice of the peace. The election was held at the house of Daniel Waldo, on section eight. Waldo owned land on section twelve and thirteen, across the river but his cabin was in Doyal on section eight.
William Gash, another early settler in the township, first settled on section thirty-six and remained one year; then settled on section twenty-eight in 1834. It was on this section that the first county and circuit court was held in St. Clair County, March 29, 1841.
Doyal Township was established June 5, 1872, “being all of Congressional Township number 37 of Range 25, and Township 37 of Range 26 east of Sac River, excepting Section No. six, Township 37, of Range 25”.


St. Clair County, MO History, 1883, pages 956-957:
The first water mill was put up in 1841 on the Sac River, southwest from Osceola about ten miles. It was known for miles around by the name of Ritchie Mill. It was, with one exception, the only mill of the kind in the county for several years. It had two runs of burrs and did a good business.
The next mill that is remembered was put up in 1845. James Gardner, one of the first Justices of Peace in the county, erected a mill on Weaubleau Creek in Polk Township. It was a grist and saw mill and had an extensive patronage, especially east and south. The mill stood for about ten years when high water carried it off.
In 1867, a practical mechanic and miller by the name of A.M. Fuqua settled in the county. He was the builder of nearly every mill in the county from that day to this. He is now a prominent citizen of Osceola and the proprietor of one and joint proprietor with his son in the two mills located in the county seat.
The Wagner Mill was built in 1867 with two runs of burrs.
Mr. Brown erected a mill the same year on the Osage near where the present flouring mills stand. It was taken down and moved to the Sac to saw the lumber for the $6000 bridge across that historic stream. From there it went to Vernon county, then back to Sac River and finally found a resting place at Osceola as property of Mr. Fuqua. A saw and grist mill was put up in 1869 with two runs of burrs.
One of these mills. before the war, was owned by James Talley, on the Osage, at Talley Bend.
Samuel Martin put up a mill on the Weaubleau in 1873 in the corner of Doyal township and it was kept running for four years. It was then sold and taken to Roscoe.


St. Clair Co., MO History 1883:
In Osage Township, lead indications are more numerous than in any other section of the county, although both Collins and Doyal claim to possess this metal in large quantities.